Falconvale (retired 8/2012)

Welcome to Falconvale!

Play notes:  Falconvale is played based on the “Nothing is Free” Challenge Rules, which are found here on ModtheSims.com.  It’s the brainchild of the brilliant Avalikia, and basically takes the old Build a City Challenge for Sims 2, and makes it more suited for the Sims 3 playstyle.  There have been other “morphs” of the BACC for Sims 3, but most simply take the old rules and plop them onto the Sims 3 game engine – which isn’t the same style of gameplay at all… and to play the Sims 2 style you need extensive mods to change the aging and gameplay style back to the sims 2.. which seems sorta silly to me.  This Challenge seems to be the best way to run BACC for the Sims 3 game engine, and I fell in love with the challenge as soon as I read it.  That being said.. welcome to Falconvale.

History of Falconvale

Falconvale began as a dream by our one and only Jessilyn Falcon.  She grew up in Sunset Valley, and after tragically losing both her parents in her early teens, she was moved from one place to another.  She grew to crave solitude, and a place for her own… and to hate Sunset Valley.  Once deemed “grown up” by the system that tried to raise her, she wanted to rid herself of the town as a whole – but moving to someplace established seemed completely pointless.  So, deciding that the best things in life are the ones you work for.. she set out to create the perfect life for herself.  And the perfect town.  Someplace.. simpler.. and friendlier.  What was the purpose of a town anyway?  Shouldn’t it be a collection of friends that all want to live there?  .. of course it should.  So, with this crusade stuck in her head, young Jessi set out to make dream a reality.

Getting the permission to move to the middle of nowhere turned out to be the easy part.  Building the town … or, rather, getting the town to grow .. became a daily challenge.  But I digress.  This story has already been told.  So, without Further Adieu ..

The Falconvale Story

More About Falconvale

Technical Specs of Falconvale

The game is played on Sims 3, on a user-created world known as “Sunset Valley 2”.  It has base game spawners, and is compatible with a base game (no expansions) as far as I know.  (found here)  However, any lots I build for Falconvale will use expansion packs.  My game currently has ALL expansion packs up to and including the new Showtime pack.  I also have all “Stuff” packs, and a good portion of the the stuff sold off the Sims3 Store.  I truly dislike using custom content, however, so you are unlikely to find it in any of my lots.  Falconvale being what it is, I AM using a few mods – mostly Twallin’s mods – like Master Controller, etc.. but they are used on a VERY limited basis.  Mainly it’s used to bypass Sims 3’s system of limiting household size.  Also, I have restricted some things from happening in the game for a “reality” touch – vampire spawning, celebrity status, that sort of thing.  I also use the “Story Progression” mod so I can keep a closer eye on what else is going on in the town, and the “Mover” mod so I can better regulate how money is split when folk move to their own lot.  The challenge is fairly strict on what can and can’t be done, and I’m trying to follow it at closely as possible, so check out the rules on modthesims if you’re curious.  (here)

Wild horses at Falconvale Falls Wildlife Refuge (fishing hole lot)

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