Windenburg Index

Index of Families

Currently played families in Windenburg: 14 | Total Sims: 43

(Updated 2/4/20)

Welcome to Windenburg! EA describes this neighborhood as “Take ye olde deep breath and enjoy the mountain air. This green, expansive playground has it all; lush countryside, serene and rocky island cliffs, a quaint village with remnants of the old world all nestled around the modern shore side business center.” We’ll see how well that describes this as I play the EA families one after another. Here I list all the stories sorted first by the order I play them in.

See Windenburg’s Tour to find information on each lot.


Founder: Mila Munch. This family is as they were created by EA.


Founders: Salim Benali and Maaike Haas. I paired up single Benali with one of the Windenburg residents, Haas.


Founders: Ned Whalen and Sierra Moss


Founders: Dominic and Moira Fyres.  This family is as they were created by EA. Siobhan has moved out to the city.


Founders: Paolo Rocca and Eva Capriciosa. These two are from the Partihaus household and I thought they might do well still paired up.


Founders: Marcus Flex and Princess Ess.  This is Marcus, from the Partihaus family. .. And I gave him a chance to find love with a “captive” audience.. lets see if i get lucky this time…


Founders: George Rivers and Sophia Jordan. Both of these are from base game PR presentations, brought together by me.

The Runaways

No founders, this is a household of eight teenagers. Two are from the Get Famous Trailer Cast household and I thought they would appreciate being with some of their peers. The other six are from the Backyard Stuff household “Chill Out with Friends”.

Behr-Le Chien

Founders: Joaquin Le Chien and Candy Behr.  One of these is from the Bro household, the other is part of a sister duo from Windenburg.


Founders: Bjorn and Clara Bjergsen. This family is as they were created by EA.

De Reve-Sinclair

Founders: Scrubs de Reve and Serena Sinclair. These are two PR sims. De Reve is from Get to work, Sinclair from the Spa Essentials pack.


Founder: Jacques Villareal. This family is as they were created by EA.


Founders: Meaghan Ford and Ernesto Veleta. Meaghan is from Movie Hangout Stuff, while is from the Get Together expansion.


Founders: Sergio Romeo and Liberty Lee. This is the other member of the Bro household from Windenburg, and the last Roomie from Willow Creek.