Strangerville Index

Index of Families

Currently played families in Strangerville: 4 | Total Sims: 9

(Updated 6/10/19)

Welcome to Strangerville! EA describes this neighborhood as “A densely populated city brimming with opportunities to make it big! If you can make it in Del Sol Valley you can make it anywhere. From the lavish living in The Pinnacles to the booming nightlife of Starlight Boulevard this world has everything going for it.” We’ll see how well that describes this as I play the EA families one after another. Here I list all the stories sorted first by the order I play them in.

See Strangerville’s Tour to find information on each lot.


Founders: Ted and Meredith Roswell. This family is as she was created by EA.

Eclectic Arts Household

Founders: Leslie Holland, Alice Martin, and Mark Eggleston. This family is as they were created by EA.


Founders: Dylan and Jess Sigworth. This family is as she was created by EA.


Founder: George Cahill. This family is as he was created by EA.