San Myshuno Tour

Tour of Lots

Welcome to San Myshuno! EA describes this neighborhood as “Welcome to the city! Every day is an adventure on the streets of San Myshuno. From the wild personalities you might run into on the streets to the element of surprise of stumbling across a festival in action, there’s something new to discover!” We’ll see how well that describes this as I play the EA families here one after another. Here I give a picture and EA’s description of each lot, as well as what family (if any) currently lives there. They are arranged in the order I’ll play them in.

See San Myshuno’s Index of Families to find each family’s story.

Apartments (Residential “Lots”)

Culpepper Apartments

17 Culpepper

“A snug apartment in the heart of the desirable Spice Market district.”

Lot Traits: Gremlins. Currently home to the Beaming-Khemlani family.

18 Culpepper

“Once home to a famous local Chef, legend holds that Puffer Fish Nigiri was invented in this very kitchen. Additionally, the dining room boasts brand new clean floors and fresh paint throughout.”

Lot Traits: Historical, Haunted. Currently home to the DuBros-LadyKiller family.

19 Culpepper

“A fixer-upper apartment with very reasonable rent and a spacious balcony.”

Lot Traits: Needs TLC. Currently home to the Foye-Derito family.

20 Culpepper

“A spacious brownstone apartment with bay windows, dockside views and open plan kitchen.”

Lot Traits: Chef’s Kitchen. Currently home to the Rasoya-Khalid family.

Jasmine Suites

2A Jasmine Suites

“A compact apartment with character in a family friendly neighborhood.”

Lot Traits: Good Schools, Romantic Aura. Currently home to the Bheeda family.

2B Jasmine Suites

“A charming family home overlooking the Spice Market’s famous festival square.”

Lot Traits: Good Schools, On the Ley Line. Currently home to the Ready-Stewart family.

The Old Salt House

“A sleek family home in a converted docklands building, The Old Salt House is a triumph of urban renewal.”

Lot Traits: Convivial. Currently home to the Mayer-Q family. This house is basically a regular house lot, the only one in San Myshuno.

Medina Studios

910 Medina Studios

“A cramped apartment with… personality that overlooks the Art Quarter’s lovely center plaza. The cozy kitchen is just big enough and the living room boasts a classic mauve carpet.”

Lot Traits: Needs TLC. Currently home to the VanNuys-Arriaga family.

920 Medina Studios

“It’s said a medium once lived in this spooky little place. Who knows what strange after effects may linger here…”

Lot Traits: Quiet, Haunted. Currently home to the Barde-Nym family.

930 Medina Studios

“Surprisingly cheap for its size, this fine old apartment is the most grand in the building.”

Lot Traits: Gnomes, Penny Pixies. Currently home to the Johnson-Fyres family.

Hakim House

121 Hakim House

“Though not the largest apartment in the building, the home studio and funky furnishings are certainly a desirable plus.”

Lot Traits: Home Studio. Currently home to the Jang family.

122 Hakim House

“Spacious and luxurious, this apartment also has a historical connection to a famous local artist.”

Lot Traits: Historical. Currently home to the Aguilar-Lovett family.

Fountainview Penthouse

“Boasting some of the finest views in the Arts Quarter, this penthouse is prime real estate indeed.”

Lot Traits: Great Soil, Natural Light. Currently home to the Wood-Green family.

Torendi Penthouse

1 Torendi Tower Penthouse

“This huge penthouse with a priceless view of the Fashion District has room for everything! With permits for complete interior remodeling, owners will be able to create the perfect home, no matter how grand their visions.”

Lot Traits: Party Place, Sunny Aspect. Currently home to the Cole-Harp family.


701 Zenview

“A snug multi-floor apartment with amazing balcony views of the Fashion District.”

Lot Traits: Quake Zone, Party Place. Currently home to the Kibo-Ojo family.

702 Zenview

“A highly modern two floor apartment in the heart of the Fashion District.”

Lot Traits: Quake Zone. Currently home to the Stiles-Raven family.

21 Chic Street

1310 21 Chic Street

“This quaint apartment’s generous windows are front-row seats for watching the city dwellers outside. This space makes perfect living quarters for a small group of roommates needing easy access to the center of the bustling city!”

Lot Traits: Lively Neighbors. Currently home to the DiAggro-St. Feu family.

1312 21 Chic Street

“The perfect starter apartment, this compact studio commands great views of the Fashion District.”

Lot Traits: Lively Neighbors. Currently home to the Richards-Pizzazz family.

1313 21 Chic Street

“This place is incredibly, suspiciously cheap. It’s like the Landlord can’t give it away…”

Lot Traits: Needs TLC. Currently home to the Fonseca-Tierra family.


888 Spire

“With commanding views of the bay, the secluded 888 Spire Apartments is perhaps the most prestigious apartment for rent in the entire city. One glimpse through the floor to ceiling windows and you’ll understand why.”

Lot Traits: Great Views. Currently home to the Thorn family.


VIII Landgraab

“While many are stunned by the panoramic vistas including a fantastic view of a helicopter landing pad, visitors will note the exclusive address and luxury walk-in closets as the prime qualities of this spacious residence.”

Lot Traits: Great View, Serviced Apartment. Currently home to the Jour-DeMure family.

IX Landgraab

“Though the exclusive address is reason enough to take this dazzling suite, the upper-level loft and floor to ceiling windows certainly add to the appeal.”

Lot Traits: Great View. Currently home to the Feng family.


1010 Alto

“A huge family home with luxury Chef’s kitchen, this apartment is the epitome of Uptown chic living.”

Lot Traits: Chef’s Kitchen. Currently home to the Alto-Dowd family.

1020 Alto

“Huge floor to ceiling windows combined with a beautiful feature fireplace and a striking view of the Spice Market neighborhood makes this apartment an unforgettable home.”

Lot Traits: Romantic Fireplace. Currently home to the Lobo-Faust family.

Commercial/Park Lots

Waterside Warble (Karaoke Bar)

“Constructed from a converted cannery, Waterside Warble’s original warehouse layout was the perfect canvas to section off some intimate karaoke rooms.”

Lot Traits: Party Place.

Casbah Gallery (Arts Center)

“This modern glass structure in the heart of the Arts Quarter is a chic destination for a date or a recreational day devoted to improving your artistic skills.”

Lot Traits: Great Acoustics, Natural Light.

Planet Honey Pop! (Karaoke Bar)

“Built in the center of the Fashion District, Planet Honey Pop! Karaoke Bar’s sprightly melodies are in perfect harmony with the songs of the metro train below.”

Lot Traits: Great Acoustics.

Skye Fitness (Gym)

“Skye Fitness Gym sits at the head of Uptown’s behemoth architectural complex. Enjoy breathtaking views of the city while shooting hoops on the gorgeous open-air basketball court.”

Lot Traits: Bracing Breezes.

Stargazer Lounge (Lounge)

“Rooftop party, anyone? This decadent penthouse property overlooking the city has arguably the best bird’s eye view of San Myshuno the market has to offer!”

Lot Traits: Romantic Aura.

Myshuno Meadows (Center Park)

“Surrounded by both trees and the cityscape, Myshuno Meadows is a great place for a relaxed wedding or outdoor birthday party. Centered on Barnabas Skye’s old Observatory, part of the area has been converted into an event space while still retaining the original telescope.”