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Index of Families

Currently played families in Oasis Springs: 16 | Total Sims: 50

(Updated 2/2/20)

Welcome to Oasis Springs! EA describes this neighborhood as “An oasis nestled in the austere beauty of the western desert, this haven of eclectic culture is fringed by countless soaring palms, and lent vibrant color through impossibly lush landscaping. Oasis Springs offers relaxing retreats from the sun to any traveler who discovers it.” We’ll see how well that describes this as I play the EA families one after another. Here I list all the stories sorted first by the order I play them in.

See Oasis Spring’s Tour to find information on each lot.


Founders: YiLong Zhao and Mei Ling Zhao. This family is as-is from a gallery download. They’re the official “Happy Lunar New Year” family. While they’re not for a specific pack, I felt I needed to include them to allow for some cultural diversity in the world.


Founders: Geoffrey and Nancy Landgraab. This family is as they were created by EA.


Founders: Beth McGinnis and Chad Lebouf. This family is from gallery downloads. Chad is from the “Game-Time” household released with City Living, while Beth is from the “Rockin’ Rollers” family that promoted Bowling Night.

Peterson-Chorduroy Foster Family

Founders: Lucille Peterson and Kev Chorduroy. This family is a fun mashup.. the last parenting kids, from the imagination duo, the Peterson Family from parenting, and a teen solo from parenting. Should keep this house busy! And the “dad” is from a father son duo from the backyard stuff pack.


Founders: Bennett Finley and Nataly McCloud. This family is from gallery downloads. The Bennett is one of three sims from “The Ascenders” family, which was to promote the Fitness Stuff pack, while Janie Johnston is from Discover University Squad.


Founders: Katrina Caliente (the mom) and Don Lothario. I split this family up to allow the girls to find their own families.


Founders: Steve Fogel and Nina Caliente.  Sister # 1 of the Calientes.


Founders: Johnny Zest and Stephen Bird.  Here’s my one exception to not making my own sims… Stephen was made by me in a homage to the first time I tried to do a Townie Rotation, in which Johnny accidentally married an alien without even me even knowing!


Founders: Bjorn Tu’Rock and Holly Vinedal. These two are both Sims base game PR sims, downloaded from the Gallery.


Founders: Glady’s Morse (who is still pouting that she’s not allowed to date 20 somethings in town.) and Chet Chorduroy (the grandpa for the crazy group in the big oasis spring Foster care home.)


Founders: Chuck Cenzo and Maya Riordan. These two are both Sims base game PR sims, downloaded from the Gallery.


Founders: Royal Orchid and Rose Lavender. These two were part of the Bouquet Squad household from Romantic Garden promos.


Founders: Zoe Patel and Mitchell Kalani. These two were in the Huntington household and wanted to strike out on their own – especially after Caliente sister # 2 showed up.


Founders: Jean Barnes and Mina Jeung. These two were both gallery downloads designed for the Movie Hangout pack.

The Boys

Founders: Dave Richardson, Chris Foley, and Wilson Luchador. These three are random leftovers from other packs. Luchador was a base game promo, Chris Foley was part of the “Malpractice” household that went with Get to Work, and Richardson was in the “Cop and Llama” household, which was also part of Get to Work.

Huntington III-Caliente

Founders: J Huntington III and Dina Caliente..  The other sim from the Huntington household, and the last Caliente Sister.