Magnolia Promenade Tour

Tour of Lots

Welcome to Oasis Springs! EA describes this neighborhood as “An oasis nestled in the austere beauty of the western desert, this haven of eclectic culture is fringed by countless soaring palms, and lent vibrant color through impossibly lush landscaping. Oasis Springs offers relaxing retreats from the sun to any traveler who discovers it.” We’ll see how well that describes this as I play the EA families here one after another. Here I give a picture and EA’s description of each lot, as well as what family (if any) currently lives there. They are arranged in the order I’ll play them in.

Commercial Lots

Preeminent Domain

(Empty Lot)

The Roadstead (Retail)

Paddywack’s Emporium (Retail)

JF&S Clothiers (Retail)