Brindleton Bay Tour


Tour of Lots

Welcome to Brindleton Bay! EA describes this neighborhood as “Tucked away on the eastern seaboard. Brindleton Bay has acquired a reputation for its citizens’ absolute obsession with all things feline and canine. Enjoy the coastal views, the rich maritime history, and all your new four-legged neighbors!” We’ll see how well that describes this as I play the EA families here one after another. Here I give a picture and EA’s description of each lot, as well as what family (if any) currently lives there. They are arranged in the order I’ll play them in.

See Oasis Spring’s Index of Families to find each family’s story.

Residential Lots

It’s a Good House

“A series of renovations have restored this mid-century house to its former glory. All houses are good houses, but this one is especially good. ”

No lot traits assigned, and currently home to the Hecking family.

Domus Familiaris

“A charmingly classic home steps away from the heart of Sable Square, Domus Familiaris is the ideal abode for a new family moving to the Bay.”

No lot traits assigned, and currently home to the Giordano family.

Sporting Space

“Central and affordable, this property is just waiting to be developed.” Downloaded a house to replace empty lot.

No lot traits assigned, and currently home to the Santos-Shane family.

Brindleton Bay Cottage

Lot Traits: Cat Hangout, Dog Hangout, Homey. Currently home to Bhatia-Anello family.

Brindleton Bay Starter

No Lot Traits assigned, currently home to the Flynn-Brownstien family.

Chateau Frise

“With gorgeous porches, a backyard swimming pool, and a phenomenal view of the Brindleton Light, this Dutch colonial is one of the most admired properties in the Bay. ”

No lot traits assigned, and currently home to the Delgato family.

Bedlington Boathouse

“Tucked away between the expensive mansions of Cavalier Cove is this humble little cottage. Nothing says “beach access” like living right on the beach! ”

No lot traits assigned, and currently home to the Guerra-Lewis family.

Hound’s Head

“The largest property in Brindleton Bay- and with its very own private beach – Hound’s Head has housed a variety of rich and powerful pets (and their owners) through the ages.”

No lot traits assigned, and currently home to the Get Famous family.

Brindleton Bay House Reno

Lot Traits: Teen Hangout, Chef’s Kitchen, Good Schools. Currently home to the Climates family.

Catscratch Cottage

“Smackdab in the middle of Whiskerman’s Wharf, this modest home is absolutely perfect for someone who can’t get enough of the frenetic felines that hang out by the docks. ”

Lot Traits: Cat Hangout, and currently home to the Lynx-Bae family.

Ragdoll Refurb

“Once a part of the pet food cannery next door, this warehouse has since been converted into a stellar two-story home.”

No lot traits assigned, and currently home to the Hite-Blast family.

Commercial/Park Lots

Pupperstone Park (Park)

“Featuring a playground for their two-legged kids and an obstacle course for their four-legged ones, it’s no wonder Brindletonians spend so many of their afternoons in this quaint public park.”

Lot Traits: Dog Friendly.

Brindleton Pawspital (Vet Clinic)

“This state-of-the-art facility offers the very best in pet care for your sick barker or meower. Rumor has it the owner is preparing for retirement soon and is interested in selling the place to a young aspiring vet. ”

No lot traits.

Club Calico (Lounge)

“Previously an exclusive yacht club for only the richest citizens of Brindleton Bay, a recent decree by Mayor Whiskers opened up this pool and wedding locale for public use. ”

No lot traits.

Salty Paws Saloon (Bar)

“From sailors to spaniels to Scottish folds, the Salty Paws Saloon is a neighborhood staple and a favorite hangout spot for locals, human or otherwise.”

Lot Traits: Cat Hangout.

Deadgrass Discoveries (Museum)

“After almost two centuries as the lighthouse keeper’s private home, this property was converted into a museum chronicling the Bay’s interesting maritime history when a new automated system was installed in the Brindleton Light. “

No lot traits.