Brindleton Bay Index


Index of Families

Currently played families in Brindleton Bay: 5 | Total Sims: 13

(Updated 6/21/18)

Welcome to Brindleton Bay! EA describes this neighborhood as “Tucked away on the eastern seaboard. Brindleton Bay has acquired a reputation for its citizens’ absolute obsession with all things feline and canine. Enjoy the coastal views, the rich maritime history, and all your new four-legged neighbors!” We’ll see how well that describes this as I play the EA families one after another. Here I list all the stories sorted first by the order I play them in.

See Brindleton Bay’s Tour to find information on each lot.


Founders: Brent and Brant Hecking. This family is as they were created by EA.


Founders: Jay Bhatia and Kyra Anello. Officially released sims for the Cats & Dogs pack.


Founders: Dylan Flynn and Miriam Brownstien. This family is made up of the Brownstien family from the Cats & Dogs gallery download and the Flynn family from Parenting official gallery sims.


Founders: Justin and Supriya Delgato. This family is starting out as-is.


Founder: Catarina Lynx.  This family is as created by EA.