Timeline Adventure Challenge – Gen 1 – Gen 5

Main Rules | Gen 6 – 10

Updated: 7/28/21

Note on Lots: I will be building pre-built lots and putting them on the gallery with the tag “#timelineadventure” as I work through the challenge myself. My sims Origin tag is IllusoryThrall, feel free to toss me a follow. I will link each generation’s pre-built lots in boxes like this on this page for each generation – so if you’re not a builder, you can still easily play this challenge. I will eventually get to building lots for all generations, but for now it’s just the first few generations that I have completed. All lots mentioned on these pages are CC-free and playable! Also, if you build a lot that qualifies as those two things and want it included in these lists, please just drop me a comment here or a message at IllusoryThrall on the sims forums, I will check it out and add it if it fits!

Gen 1: A Fruitful Beginning (Stone Age)

You and your partner are the first sims created. You live in the wilderness and have to build your own shelter. You live off the land and care for the plentiful children you have produced. Life is hard but there is a sort of peace to it. You live day to day, saving the profits you have made from fishing, scavenging and gardening. Your goal is to set the foundation for your children and their children.

Town: Sulani (Mua Pel’am District)

Lot traits: Great Soil, Homey, and Oceanic Paradise (if you choose that lot) – depending on which lot you choose.

Lot challenges: Off The Grid, and either Creepy Crawlies, Volcanic Activity, or Cursed (depends on lot)

Traits for male sim: Child of the Islands, Self-assured, Loves the outdoors

Aspiration: Angling Ace

Career: None

Traits for female sim: Cheerful, Family-Oriented, Jealous

Aspiration: Freelance Botanist

Career: None

Holidays: None (except for the minor ones that pop up)

Gen 1 Goals & Rules:

  • Skills that must be maxed out: Fishing, Gardening, Handiness, and Parenting. This does not have to be all on one sim, the skills can be divided up between your two founders.
  • Save as much money as possible from your skills.
  • Build a small “hut” as your home base with the money you earn – pick one of the three lots available. Alternately, download one of the three houses I link below, and start your family there.
  • Have as many children as possible. The goal is to populate the world.
  • No marriage – not a thing yet.
  • Complete each sims’ aspirations.
  • No School for children or teens – you must cancel out this interaction to keep them at home.
  • Teens are old enough to move out to another lot in your home district if you wish – build them a small hut to live in there.
  • The founding sims must die when the heir is a teenager, and the first part of the next generation starts after you’ve managed to kill your founders. Which child is heir, however, is your choice – so you can wait as long as you want, saving money for the next home before moving. Also, killing your founders should be done as quickly as possible so you have enough time as a teenager to get your next goals done (The next generation starts when your heir moves out as a teenager). Have a teenaged sibling stay behind with the rest of your siblings and take your parents’ graves/urns with you.
  • Must always “Try for Baby” instead of Woohoo. (No birth control in the Stone Age). No pregnancy tests, either.
  • If you have built a pool (hot springs) and/or a beach in Sulani for this generation, these are the only places your sims can visit. Remember, they can be built either in the commercial district in Sulani, or in the District you start with.
  • You should be able to catch all 20 fish types while staying in Sulani. However, if you need to get the plants for the cowplant, and haven’t caught a berry, you are allowed to visit Magnolia Blossom lot (should be empty) to acquire the plants necessary – but only for that. (Remember, this must be done during springtime to get the plants if you have seasons.)
  • Your heir’s traits will be: Perfectionist, Outgoing, Creative; aspiration will be Curator.

Generation 1 Lots:
(these have been updated, there are also older versions on the gallery)
Stone Age Starter Hut
Caldera Stone Age Camp
Key Point Stone Age Camp
Tangled Hot Springs (Pool)
Stone Age Lagoon Beach (Beach)

Community Lots Unlocked after Gen 1: Generic (example: temples) and the “hidden” lot Forgotten Grotto by the Desert Bloom lot. Prior to playing the next generation, build a “Temple” (generic) in the Desert Bloom Lot (or use the one linked below)

Gen 2 Part 1: Building The First Civilization (Early Bronze age 3000 BCE)

You left the islands after the death of your parents, leaving your siblings behind and carrying your parents’ ashes with you during your travels. You traveled far in your grief, hoping to find a better way of life. Eventually, you settle in the desert. You begin carving and building furniture and selling what you make for a profit. Soon, however, you realize this small village holds little for you, and it is time to leave your ghosts behind.

Town: Oasis Springs (Bedrock Strait District)

Lot traits: Homey, Great Soil

Lot Challenges: Off the Grid, Quake Zone

Holiday: Every Sunday you must go to the temple to leave offerings to the gods (Use the seasons calendar and create a holiday on each Sunday with the attend holiday ceremony tradition)

Traits: Perfectionist, Outgoing, Creative

Aspiration: The Curator (Need not be completed – remember you only have a two week period of time for this part)

Career: Must use the woodworking table to build item to make a profit by using the street sales tables that come with City Living, Jungle Adventures, or Eco Lifestyle. Get at least 20,000 simoleons total in profits from your woodworking. Gardening, fishing and collecting are acceptable means of money making as well – so long as your total earnings are at least 20,000.

Gen 2 Part 1 Goals & Rules:

  • Collect as many items as you can, and sell them via the table.
  • Use the woodworking table to build items to sell – small statues can be sold via the table, furniture must be sold out of family inventory.
  • Max Handiness on your main sim.
  • Build a thatched hut to use as your home.
  • No School for teens – you must cancel out this interaction to keep them at home.
  • Part 1 ends when your heir (from gen 1) ages into a young adult.
  • Leave your parents’ graves behind at the home you made.
  • Optional suggestion: Make a family with a teen of the opposite sex as your heir to live at the Bronze Age Home (or in your district somewhere) and use them as your spouse to be, take them with you when you move to Part 2.

Generation 2 Part 1 Lots:
(these have been updated, there are also older versions on the gallery)
Small Bronze Age Home (for single sims)
Large Bronze Age Home (for families)
Tiny Bronze Age Home (for townies)
Bronze Age Llama Temple (Generic)
Sandtrap Flat Hot Springs (Pool)

Commercial unlocks after Part 1: the National Park in Granite Falls. Not all national parks are unlocked, just this one. Feel free to edit it to decorate better for the times. Also, build yourself a campsite in Granite Falls so you can visit the park to get ingredients for your concoctions.

Gen 2 Part 2: Healing the Pharaohs (Ancient Egypt – Middle Kingdom – 2055 BCE – 1786 BCE)

When you became an adult, you moved from your small village to a land more populated, and tried to find a place for yourself in this world. You started a family and proceeded to make a name for yourself here, not as a carpenter, but instead establishing your family as local healers, known for your plants and your knowledge.

Town: Oasis Springs (Acquisition Butte)

Lot traits: Great Soil, Homey

Lot Challenges: Off the Grid

Holidays: None – worship the many deities from home.

Traits: Perfectionist, Outgoing, Creative

Aspiration: Outdoor Enthusiast

Career: Use the street sales tables that come with City Living, Jungle Adventures, or Eco Lifestyle to sell Herbalism concoctions. Gardening, fishing and collecting are acceptable means of money making as well.

Gen 2 Part 2 Goals & Rules:

  • Skills to max: Cooking, Gardening, Wellness, Herbalism. These can be spread out between your main sim and their spouse.
  • Marry and start a family – you must have at least two children.
  • Spouses cannot bring money into the family. You must take away whatever they bring in.
  • Must always “Try for Baby”. Birth control is not a thing yet. No pregnancy tests, either.
  • Using bricks instead of stone or wood for your house is now okay.
  • The temple you have built for last generation can be visited and decorated for the Egyptian time period, but it wasn’t a place for the “masses” to worship, but rather a “home” for the gods.
  • No School for all teens or girls of any age – you must cancel out this interaction to keep them at home. Child Boys, however, are allowed to attend school starting in this generation. Girls were taught at home by their mothers.
  • Optional: Move in a sim of your choice to be your servant, and build them a servants’ quarters on your lot.
  • Again, teens are old enough to move out on their own so long as you build them a home. The generation ends when your heir moves out – whether they’re teen or young adult, it’s your choice.
  • Your heir’s traits will be: Ambitious, Snob, Genius; aspiration is Fabulously Wealthy

Generation 2 Part 2 Lots:
(these have been updated, there are also older versions on the gallery)
Lower Class Egyptian Home
Upper Class Egyptian Home
Egyptian Temple & Town (Generic or residential)
Early Civilization Camp (Rental)
Early Civilization Forest (National Park)

Community Lots Unlocked after Gen 2: Retail and Gym – also you are now able to visit Windenburg’s The Bluffs for while you live in Windenburg. It is not necessary to build either commercial venue before playing, but feel free to add in a Gym (or “military training” lot) to the Crumbling Isle, near where your home is. Another suggestion would be a temple.

Gen 3: Wealth of the Gods (Ancient Greek & Roman times – 800 BCE – 476 AD)

When you came of age, your family expected you to carry on living as they had; healing and selling your cures. However, you were a dreamer and wanted to expand on your parent’s way of life. You moved, bought a plot of land, started growing beautiful flowers, opening your own flower shop.

Town: Windenburg (The Crumbling Isle)

Lot traits: Homey, Great Soil, Convivial

Lot Challenges: Off the Grid


  • Spring: All Fools Day – Mischief Spirit, Drinking and Party Spirit
  • Summer: Festival of Remembrance – Remembrance, Tell Stories, Fire, Thankful Spirit
  • Fall: The Harvest – Drinking (can be done by proposing a toast as a friendly action – do not need a bar), Fire, Art and Music Spirit, Barbeque (can’t do grand meal without an oven)
  • Winter: Winter Solstice – Festive lighting, Give gifts, Barbeque, Light Menorah or Kinara

Traits: Outgoing, Snob, Genius

Aspiration: Fabulously Wealthy

Career: Sell your Flower Arrangements. (If you don’t have Get to Work or hate Retail like I do, just using a yard sale table works – in fact, because you can mark up to 300% on a yard table, it often works BETTER than a retail store. However, if you want to open a full store, feel free!)

Gen 3 Goals & Rules:

  • You have the option of using Roman or Greek architecture and styling when building and dressing your sims.
  • Optional: Open a store in order to make money (unless you don’t have Get to Work). Place this store in either Magnolia Promenade or the Crumbling Isle near your home (your choice – but Crumbling Isle would be easier to fit to the time period). Suggestion: Keep the store small!
  • NPC’s such as maids and butlers are now unlocked and can be used at your discretion.
  • Optional: Move in a sim of your choice to be your servant, and build them a servants’ quarters on your lot.
  • Max the Charisma and Flower Arranging skills on your main sim.
  • Tips for making money with Flowers: once you get to level 7, you will start seeing Masterpieces. Sell these on a table for 300% markup, and you’ll be rich. Also: “scenting” your flower arrangements with bluebell means that the flowers won’t decay and you can sell them at your leisure.
  • Spouses cannot bring in money.
  • Have at least one child.
  • Must always “Try for Baby”. Birth control is not a thing yet. No pregnancy tests, either.
  • School is now allowed for all children and teens. (Although it was usually segregated, by the Roman Empire, girls were now allowed to go to school.)
  • Teens can still move out on their own, but will forfeit the ability to go to school if they move out early.
  • Next generation starts as soon as your teen or young adult moves out.
  • Your heir’s traits will be: Insider, Kleptomaniac, and Lazy; aspiration will be Leader of the Pack, and your heir must be male.

Generation 3 Lots:
Ancient Greek Home
Ancient Greek Agora (Retail – Partially Furnished)
Ancient Greek Gymnasium (Gym)
Ancient Greek Temple (Generic)
Roman Villa (Designed for the main family)
Roman Apartments (Designed as neighborhood flavor, or for townies)
Roman Temple / Gym / Bath (Pool, Gym, or Generic – your choice)
Roman Forum (Retail)
Roman Colosseum 50×50 / Lg Lot Roman Colosseum (Gym)

Community Lots Unlocked after this generation: Bar (or Tavern/Inn), Lounge (for the purpose of this challenge, I’m basically defining this as a bar with music) Before playing, I build at the very least a Bar (or Tavern) and/or Lounge in the Finchwick commercial area or your home district. Hide the technology items that would not have existed in an inaccessible room to fulfill the requirements for the lot. Also: build or download some homes or a village to “raid”.

Gen 4: Pillage and Plunder (Vikings vs Anglo-Saxons 425 AD – 1066 AD)

From a young age, you always felt that the world owed you, not the other way around. You didn’t want to create and have to work for your money like your parents did, but instead, wanted to take what was rightfully already yours. When you left home, you chose to migrate north, joining a settlement of fierce warriors. You learn to take what you want and who you want whenever you want. You become a leader of your very own Viking tribe and build a life for yourself far away from your homeland, causing mayhem wherever you go.

Town: Henford-on-Bagley (The Bramblewood)

Lot traits: Mean Vibe, Bracing Breezes, Homey

Lot Challenges: Off the Grid, Gremlins


  • Late Spring: Ostara – Go on a Date, Romantic Spirit, Give Flowers
  • Early Summer: Walpurgis – Grand Meal (or Barbeque), Remembrance, Party Spirit, Fire, Spooky Spirit
  • Midsummer: Midsummer – Fighting, Fire, Air Grievances, Grand Meal (or Barbeque)
  • Mid-Fall: Harvestfest (Lithasblot) – Fire, Party Spirit, Grand Meal (or Barbeque), Gardening
  • Beginning of Winter: Winternights – Grand Meal (or Barbeque), Make Resolutions, Thankful Spirit, Remembrance, Party Spirit
  • Late Winter: Yule – Give Gifts, Grand Meal (or Barbeque), Festive Spirit, Festive Lighting

Traits: Insider, Kleptomaniac, Lazy

Aspiration: Leader of the Pack

Career: None. You steal everything. (and should have enough money to make it through the generation without working. If you need extra funds, gardening should suffice.)

Gen 4 Goals:

  • You may use NPC’s like maids and butlers as servants.
  • Optional: Move in a sim of your choice to be your servant, and build them a servants’ quarters on your lot.
  • Max the Fitness, Gardening and Mischief skills. These can be split up between your main sim and their spouse (but not any other family members).
  • If your main sim moved out of your parent’s home as a teen, they cannot go to school anymore once moved out.
  • Must kidnap a bride. (Find a very pretty female sim, move them into your household and marry her.) If your main sim moved out as a teen, they can kidnap and get married before Young Adult. (To “Kidnap”: have testingcheats on, visit the lot the bride lives at and shift click them, then choose “Add to Family”. It will be up to you as the player to get your sim and their kidnapped bride to fall in love. No cheating!
  • Spouses cannot bring in money.
  • Use the club feature to make your own Viking tribe. The tavern you placed will count as your club hangout, and choose things like being friendly to other club members, playing any games your tavern has, drinking bar drinks, and maybe mischief or fighting as activities. I will warn you, unless you have a club member living in the “raid” village, you cannot set that place as a club hangout or gathering place.
  • Have a bonfire on your lot or at a location for holidays – many feasts were celebrated around a fire, and the lighting and dousing of fires was a huge part of their culture.
  • Have at least 8 enemies.
  • Have at least one child.
  • Must always “Try for Baby”. Birth control is not a thing yet. No pregnancy tests, either.
  • Have a bad relationship with whichever child you chose as the heir. (You expect too much of them.)
  • When the heir is a teen, both you and your spouse must die in battle. The next generation starts then (yes, your heir will be again moving out as a teen!) Simulate this by either killing them off with a Cowplant or other method, or use a mod.
  • Your heir’s traits will be: Foodie, Childish, Gloomy; aspiration will be Spellcraft and Sorcery.

Gen 4 Lots:
Viking Longhouse + Bonfire (designed for your sims to live in, a chieftain’s house)
Viking Longhouse
Small Viking Longhouse
Viking Tavern (Bar)
Anglo-Saxon Village (residential lot to “raid”)

Community Lots Unlocked after this generation: Park, Restaurant (tavern)

Gen 5: Medieval Magic (Medieval/Middle Ages 1100-1300)

It is the time of castles, magic, and make-believe. You have always been fascinated with magic. You gained your powers after your family suddenly dies during a battle while you’re a teenager. You fall in love with the magic realm but you know magic is forbidden. You believe that you traded your parents’ life for this magical gift and it weighs heavily on your conscience. Because magic is forbidden, you and your spouse hide your powers and open a inn in a small town in order to make a living. Whether you use your powers for good or evil, that is up to you.

Town: Glimmerbrook

Lot traits: Chef’s Kitchen, Homey, Private Dwelling

Lot Challenges: Off the Grid


  • Early Spring: St. Valentines Day – Give Flowers, Go on a Date, Romantic Spirit
  • Late Spring: All Fool’s Day – Mischief Spirit, Wear Costumes, Party Spirit
  • Summer: Midsummer’s Eve – Art and Music Spirit, Drinking, Fire, Tell Stories
  • Fall: All Hallows Eve – Remembrance, Spooky Spirit, Fire, Grand Meal
  • Winter: Christmas – Give Gifts, Grand Meal, Festive Lighting, Festive Spirit, Attend Holiday Ceremony

Traits: Foodie, Childish, Gloomy

Aspiration: Spell-craft and Sorcery

Career: Own a restaurant

Gen 5 Goals:

  • Must become a spellcaster when your parents die and this generation starts.
  • No servants or services this generation.
  • Max the Baking, Cooking, and Mixology skills all on your main sim – yes, this means you WILL need to use one of the off-the-grid ovens this generation, as well as one of the bars. (Consequently, this will also be the first generation that aging up sims early is possible thanks to the oven. If this appeals to you, have at it!)
  • By this time, chess would probably have gotten to where you live, so feel free to start using it.
  • Learn all potion recipes with your main sim.
  • At least one branch of the three magic levels must be mastered with all spells learned on your main sim. (you can do all if you’re feeling ambitious).
  • Must marry a Spellcaster (or have your spouse become one).
  • Have at least one child after your spouse is also a Spellcaster (this will make your heir a Spellcaster as well).
  • Must always “Try for Baby”. Birth control is not a thing yet. No pregnancy tests, either.
  • From now on, kids must be young adult to move out and all generations end when your heir hits young adult unless specifically stated.
  • From this generation forward, spouses can now bring in money. This will be considered a dowry.
  • Your heir’s traits will be: Creative, Art Lover, Music Lover; aspiration will be Musical Genius.

Gen 5 Lots:
Medieval Spellcaster Home
Small Medieval Tavern V2 (Restaurant)
Large Medieval Tavern (Restaurant)
Medieval Chapel Park (Park)
Tiny Medieval Castle (residential, for townies)
Medieval Village (for townies, residential)
Medieval Lord’s Family V2 (townies)

Community Lots Unlocked after Gen 5: Cafes

Main Rules | Gen 6 – 10

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