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List of things to complete:


  1. Careers
    • (Listed below, there are more careers than there are achievements.)
  2. Player Feats
    • Discover 10 Aliens (Get to Work)
    • Have sims Abducted 3 times (Get to Work)
    • Host at least 50 or better social events
    • Visit 25 different lots
    • Gain 1500 Simstagram followers (Cats & Dogs)
    • Complete 100 whims
    • Have a full eight sim household
    • Have a family of 8 ghosts at one time
    • Kill off 10 of your sims via unnatural causes
  3. Relationships
    • Woohoo in a rocket ship Brayden and Heidi Gen 1
    • Befriend the Grim Reaper
    • Have had 20 marriages
    • Have a sim “first kiss” three times at a single social event
    • Make 20 BFFs with non-player sims
    • Woohoo with 50 unique non-player sims
  4. Sim Feats
    • Have a sim stay awake for 24 straight sim hours
    • Have a sim get in and out of all primary emotional states within 24 hours
    • Have a single sim outlive 5 spouses
    • Have a single sim listen to all radio stations and watch all TV channels in the base game
    • Have an alien in disguise marry a sim without them knowing their secret (Get to Work)
    • Have a sim do nothing social for 24 hours
    • Have a sim become both max thin and fat within a lifetime
    • Have a sim age up
    • Have a sim complete 10 whims at a single social event
    • Have a sim complete 5 aspirations
    • Have a sim bowl a perfect 10 frame game of all strikes on the Bowling Lane (Bowling Night)
    • Have a sim consume every type of toxic plant (Outdoor Retreat)
    • Play a sim from birth to natural death
    • Have a sim with 12 or more traits
    • Have a sim give birth to triplets
    • Woohoo with a ghost
  5. Skills & Crafting
    • (Skills are listed below, again there are more skills than achievements.)
    • Mix 100 drinks
    • Unlock a new plant type through grafting
  6. Wealth & Collecting
    • Collect all 21 insects and 5 new fish in Granite Falls (Outdoor Retreat)
    • Complete all BASE GAME collections. (Will get this done while completing the full collections listed below)
    • Harvest 50 wild plants
    • Gain 1 million Simoleons in a single household


  1. Animal:
    • Friend of the Animals
  2. Athletic:
    • Body Builder
  3. Creativity:
    • Bestselling Author Brayden Gen 1
    • Musical Genius
    • Master Actor (Get Famous)
    • Painter Extraordinaire
  4. Deviance:
    • Chief of Mischief
    • Public Enemy
  5. Family:
    • Big Happy Family
    • Super Parent (Parenthood)
    • Successful Lineage
    • Vampire Family (Vampires)
  6. Food:
    • Grilled Cheese (hidden aspiration)
    • Master Chef Brock Savage Gen 2
    • Master Mixologist
  7. Fortune:
    • Fabulously Wealthy
    • Mansion Baron
  8. Knowledge
    • Archaeology Scholar (Jungle Adventures)
    • Computer Whiz
    • Master Vampire (Vampires)
    • Nerd Brain
    • Renaissance Sim
    • Spellcraft & Sorcery (Realm of Magic)
    • Academic (Discover University)
  9. Location:
    • City Native (City Living) Heidi Gen 1
    • Strangerville Mystery (StrangerVille)
    • Beach Life (Island Living)
  10. Love:
    • Serial Romantic
    • Soulmate
  11. Nature:
    • Angling Ace
    • Freelance Botanist
    • Jungle Explorer (Jungle Adventures)
    • Outdoor Enthusiast (Outdoor Retreat)
    • The Curator
    • Purveyor of Potions (Realm of Magic)
  12. Popularity:
    • Friend of the World
    • Good Vampire (Vampires)
    • Joke Star Brynn Gen 3
    • Leader of the Pack (Get Together)
    • World-Famous Celebrity (Get Famous)
    • Party Animal
  13. Child Aspirations:
    • Artistic Prodigy
    • Rambunctious Scamp
    • Social Butterfly
    • Whiz Kid


  1. Astronaut:
    • Space Ranger
    • Interstellar Smuggler
  2. Athlete:
    • Professional Athlete
    • Body Builder
  3. Business:
    • Investor
    • Management
  4. Conservationist: (Island Living)
    • Environmental Manager
    • Marine Biologist
  5. Criminal:
    • Boss
    • Oracle
  6. Critic: (City Living)
    • Art  Heidi Gen 1
    • Food
  7. Culinary:
    • Chef Brock Gen 2
    • Mixologist
  8. Education (Discover University)
    • Administrative
    • Professor
  9. Engineering (Discover University)
    • Computer
    • Mechanical
  10. Entertainer:
    • Musician
    • Comedian Brynn Gen 3
  11. Freelancer
    • Writer
    • Painter
    • Programmer
    • Fashion Photographer (Moschino Stuff Pack)
  12. Gardener: (Seasons)
    • Botanist
    • Florist
  13. Law (Discover University)
    • Judge
    • Private Attorney
  14. Military: (StrangerVille)
    • Officer
    • Covert Operator
  15. Painter:
    • Master of the Real Maren Gen 2
    • Patron of the Arts
  16. Politician: (City Living)
    • Charity Organizer
    • Politician
  17. Professions:
    • Actor (Get Famous)
    • Detective (Get to Work)
    • Doctor (Get to Work)
    • Scientist (Get to Work)
  18. Secret Agent:
    • Diamond Agent
    • Villain
  19. Self-Employed
    • Bakery owner (Get to Work)
    • Retail Shop owner (Get to Work) Brent Gen 3
    • Restaurant owner (Dining Out)
    • Veterinarian (Cats & Dogs)
  20. Social Media: (City Living)
    • Internet Personality
    • Public Relations
  21. Style Influencer:
    • Trend Setter
    • Stylist Aiden Gen 2
  22. Tech Guru:
    • Start up
    • eSport Gamer
  23. Writer:
    • Author Brayden Gen 1
    • Journalist
  24. Part Time Careers:
    • Babysitter
    • Fast Food Employee
    • Manual Labor
    • Retail Employee
    • Barista
    • Lifeguard (Island Living)
    • Fishing (Island Living)
    • Diver (Island Living)
  25. Teen/Child Careers:
    • Scouts (Seasons)


  1. Frogs
  2. Plants
  3. MySims Trophies Complete.. Gen 1
  4. Crystals
  5. Metals
  6. Elements
  7. Postcards
  8. Fossils
  9. Microscope Prints
  10. Space Prints
  11. Aliens
  12. Space Rocks
  13. Fish
  14. Geodes (Get to Work)
  15. Insects
  16. Easter Eggs
  17. Experimental Food Photos (Dining Out)
  18. Voidcritters (Parenthood)
  19. Snow Globes (City Living) Complete.. Gen 1
  20. Magic Beans (optional, since it’s not always active)
  21. Holiday Cracker Plushies (Seasons)
  22. City Posters (City Living) Complete – Gen 1
  23. Feathers (Cats & Dogs)
  24. Sugar Skulls (optional, since it’s not always active)
  25. Ancient Omiscan Artifacts (Jungle Adventures)
  26. Omiscan Treasures (Jungle Adventures)
  27. Positivity Posters (optional, since it’s not always active)
  28. Seashells (Island Living)
  29. Buried Treasure (Island Living)
  30. Underwater Photos (Island Living – not an actual collection, but worth collecting anyway. There’s 10 of them.)
  31. Magical Artifacts (Realm of Magic)

Holiday Traditions: (Seasons)

(Have had at least one holiday with each and complete the tradition with a sim that likes that tradition during said holiday.)

  1. Air Grievances
  2. Appreciate and Object
  3. Art & Music Spirit
  4. Attend Holiday Ceremony
  5. Baking
  6. Bar-B-Que
  7. Cleaning
  8. Countdown to midnight
  9. Decorate
  10. Drinking
  11. Egg Hunt
  12. Exercise
  13. Fasting
  14. Father Winter
  15. Festive Lighting
  16. Festive Spirit
  17. Fighting
  18. Fire
  19. Fireworks
  20. Flower Bunny
  21. Games
  22. Gardening
  23. Give Flowers
  24. Give Gifts
  25. Go on a date
  26. Go on a Vacation or Travel
  27. Grand Meal
  28. Holiday Gnomes
  29. Invite Guests
  30. Light Kinara
  31. Light Menorah
  32. Make Resolutions
  33. Mischief Spirit
  34. Open Presents
  35. Party Spirit
  36. Polar Bear Plunge
  37. Remembrance
  38. Romantic Spirit
  39. Spooky Spirit
  40. Sports TV
  41. Streaking
  42. Tell Stories
  43. Thankful Spirit
  44. Trick or Treat
  45. Watch Romantic TV
  46. Water Fun
  47. Wear Costumes

Lot Traits:

  1. Bracing Breezes
  2. Breeding Ground
  3. Cat Hangout
  4. Celebrity Home (Get Famous)
  5. Chef’s Kitchen
  6. Child’s Play
  7. Clothing Optional
  8. Convivial
  9. Creepy Crawlies
  10. Cursed
  11. Dog Hangout (Cats & Dogs)
  12. Fast Internet
  13. Filthy
  14. Gnomes Gen 1 930 Medina Studios
  15. Good Schools
  16. Great Acoustics
  17. Great Soil
  18. Gremlins
  19. Grody
  20. Haunted
  21. Home Studio
  22. Homey
  23. Island Spirits (Island Living)
  24. Mean Vibe
  25. Natural Light
  26. Off-The-Grid
  27. On a Dark Ley Line (Vampires)
  28. On a Ley Line
  29. Party Place
  30. Peace and Quiet
  31. Penny Pixies Gen 1 930 Medina Studios
  32. Private Dwelling
  33. Quake Zone
  34. Registered Vampire Lair (Vampires)
  35. Romantic Aura
  36. Science Lair
  37. Study Spot (Discover University)
  38. Sunny Aspect
  39. University Student Hang Out (Discover University)
  40. Teen Neighborhood
  41. Training Ground (Cats & Dogs)
  42. Vampire Nexus (Vampires)
  43. Volcanic Activity (Island Living)


  1. Active
  2. Ambitious Brayden Gen 1
  3. Art Lover Heidi Gen 1
  4. Bookworm
  5. Bro
  6. Cat Lover (Cats & Dogs)
  7. Cheerful Heidi Gen 1
  8. Childish
  9. Child of the Islands (Island Living)
  10. Child of the Ocean (Island Living)
  11. Clumsy Brayden Gen 1
  12. Creative Heidi Gen 1
  13. Dance Machine (Get Together)
  14. Dog Lover (Cats & Dogs)
  15. Evil
  16. Family Oriented Brock Savage Gen 2
  17. Foodie Brock Savage Gen 2
  18. Geek
  19. Genius
  20. Gloomy
  21. Glutton
  22. Good Brent Ireland Gen 3
  23. Goofball
  24. Hates Children
  25. Hot-Headed
  26. Insane/Erratic
  27. Insider (Get Together)
  28. Jealous
  29. Kleptomaniac
  30. Lazy
  31. Loner
  32. Loves Outdoors
  33. Materialistic Brayden Gen 1
  34. Mean
  35. Music Lover
  36. Neat Maren Brink Gen 2
  37. Non-Committal
  38. Outgoing Aiden Ireland Gen 2
  39. Paranoid (StrangerVille)
  40. Perfectionist Maren Brink Gen 2
  41. Romantic
  42. Self-Absorbed (Get Famous)
  43. Self-Assured Brent Ireland Gen 3
  44. Slob
  45. Snob
  46. Squeamish (Outdoor Retreat)
  47. Unflirty (City Living)
  48. Vegetarian (City Living)


  1. Acting (Get Famous)
  2. Archaeology (Jungle Adventures)
  3. Baking (Get to Work)
  4. Bowling (Bowling Night)
  5. Charisma
  6. Comedy Gen 3 Brynn
  7. Cooking Gen 2 Brock
  8. Gourmet Cooking Gen 2 Brock
  9. Dancing (Get Together)
  10. DJ Mixing (Get Together)
  11. Fishing
  12. Fitness
  13. Flower Arranging (Seasons)
  14. Gardening
  15. Guitar
  16. Handiness
  17. Herbalism (Outdoor Retreat)
  18. Logic
  19. Media Production (Get Famous)
  20. Mischief
  21. Mixology
  22. Painting Gen 1 Heidi
  23. Parenting (Parenthood)
  24. Pet Training (Cats & Dogs)
  25. Photography
  26. Piano
  27. Pipe Organ (Vampires)
  28. Programming
  29. Research & Debate (Discover University)
  30. Robotics (Discover University)
  31. Rocket Science
  32. Selvadoradian Culture (Jungle Adventures)
  33. Singing (City Living)
  34. Vampire Lore (Vampires)
  35. Veterinarian (Cats & Dogs)
  36. Video Gaming
  37. Violin
  38. Wellness (Spa Day)
  39. Writing Brayden Gen 1

Social Events:

Each Social Event must be completed once at Bronze, once at Silver, and once at Gold to count.

  1. Spooky Party
  2. Incognito Costume Party
  3. Fan Meet and Greet
  4. House Party
  5. Black and White Bash
  6. Toddler Play Date
  7. Dinner Party
  8. Birthday Party
  9. Weenie Roast
  10. Wedding
  11. Date Bronze complete Gen 1
  12. Kava Party (Island Living)

Death Types: (optional)

  1. Old Age
  2. Overexertion
  3. Fire
  4. Drowning
  5. Starvation
  6. Electrocution
  7. Cow Plant
  8. Sauna – (Spa Day)
  9. Pufferfish – (City Living)
  10. Wishing Well – (Romantic Garden)
  11. Sunlight – (Vampires)
  12. Poison (Jungle Adventures)
  13. Insects (Jungle Adventures)
  14. Extreme Heat/Cold – (Seasons)
  15. Lightning – (Seasons)
  16. Rabid Rodent Fever – (My First Pet)
  17. Anger (Emotional Death)
  18. Embarrassment (Emotional Death)
  19. Laughter (Emotional Death)
  20. Spellcaster Overload (Realm of Magic)
  21. Death by Murphy Bed (Tiny Living)

Pet Traits: (optional) (Cats & Dogs)


  1. Affectionate
  2. Aloof
  3. Clever
  4. Curious
  5. Fluffy
  6. Free Spirit
  7. Friendly
  8. Frisky
  9. Glutton
  10. Lazy
  11. Mischievious
  12. Playful
  13. Prowler
  14. Skittish
  15. Spoiled
  16. Talkative
  17. Territorial


  1. Active
  2. Adventurous
  3. Aggressive
  4. Couch Potato
  5. Friendly
  6. Glutton
  7. Hairy
  8. Hunter
  9. Independent
  10. Jumpy
  11. Loyal
  12. Playful
  13. Sleuth
  14. Smart
  15. Stubborn
  16. Troublemaker
  17. Vocal

Base Game Cooking Recipes:

Fridge/Oven Recipes:

  • Garden Salad (Fridge Only)
  • Grilled Cheese
  • White Cake
  • Chocolate Cake
  • Scrambled Eggs
  • Mac and Cheese
  • Eggs and Toast
  • Chips and Salsa
  • BLT
  • Fish Tacos
  • High Energy Protein Plate – (Requires “Energized” Emotion)
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Pancakes
  • Pan Fried Tilapia
  • Silly Gummy Bear Pancakes – (Requires “Playful” Emotion)
  • Flirty Heart Cookies – (Requires “Flirty” Emotion)
  • Spaghetti
  • Strawberry Cake
  • Angry Flaming Spaghetti – (Requires “Angry” Emotion)
  • French Toast
  • Fish and Chips
  • (Sim’s Name) Signature Cake– (Requires Level 6 in the Culinary Career – Culinary Branch)
  • Chili
  • Blue Confetti Cake
  • Blackened Bass
  • Omelet
  • Apple Pie
  • Cioppino
  • Chicken Stir Fry
  • Tuna Casserole
  • Roast Chicken

Outdoor Grill Recipes:

  • Hamburgers
  • Hot Dogs
  • Tofu Dogs
  • Veggie Burger
  • Chicken Sandwich
  • Steak

Base Game Gourmet Cooking Recipes:

Fridge/Oven Recipes:

  • Garlic Noodles
  • Black and White Cake
  • Pasta Primavera
  • Fruit and Yogurt Parfait – (Fridge Only)
  • Caprese Salad – (Fridge Only)
  • Butternut Gnocchi
  • Chicken Saltimbocca
  • Herb-Crusted Salmon
  • Spinach Fritatta
  • Prosciutto-Wrapped Asparagus
  • Tiered Cake
  • SimCity Cheesecake
  • Rack of Lamb
  • Lobster Tortellini
  • Lobster Thermidor
  • Monte Cristo Sandwich
  • Trout Meuniere
  • Baked Alaska

Adult Goals:

Set #1 – Author Gen 1 – Brayden Ireland

Get to Level 10 in the Writer career (Author)
Master the Writing Skill
Complete the Bestselling Author Aspiration
Write at least 2 Excellent Books in Every Genre
Write 5 Books of Life and Bind Them to Sims

Set #2 – Journalist

Get to Level 10 in the Writer career (Journalist)
Master the Writing Skill
Write Articles About 20 Sims
Make 20 Friends

Set #3 – Patron of the Arts

Get to Level 10 in the Painting Career (Patron of the Arts)
Master the Painting Skill
Complete the Painter Extraordinaire Aspiration
Decorate with At Least One of Each Painting Type
Decorate with At Least One of Each Emotional Painting
Get a Deal from the Agent at Least 10 Times

Set #4 – Master of the Real Gen 2 – Maren Brink

Get to Level 10 in the Painting Career (Master of the Real)
Master the Painting Skill
Master the Photography Skill
Take and display 25 Perfect Quality Photos

Set #5 – Botanist

Get to Level 10 in the Gardener Career (Botanist) (Seasons)
Complete the Freelance Botanist Aspiration
Master the Gardening Skill
Collect all plants (except flowers and granite falls herbs) for your garden (The UFO plant is optional, simply because it’s so hard to get.. you will need it for the achievement, though.)
Grow a Cowplant and keep it alive until the end of the generation (does not need to be the same Cowplant you started with)
Have at least 5 Perfect Plants
Splice a plant to get a new type of plant

Set #6 – Florist (Seasons)

Get to Level 10 in the Gardener Career (Florist)
Master the Gardening Skill
Master the Flower Arranging skill
Collect all flowers for your garden
Make and display at least “good” versions of all Flower Arrangements possible

Set #7 – Ichthyologist

Master the Fishing Skill
Get to level 3 of the Fishing Career (Island Living)
Complete the Angling Ace Aspiration
Complete the Fish collection
Visit and fish from all three hidden locations: Sylvan Falls, Forgotten Grotto, and the Deep Woods (they do NOT have to opened this generation, they could have been opened by another generation previously) (Deep Woods is Outdoor Retreat)
Mount and Display one fish of each type

Set #8 – Herbalist (Outdoor Retreat)

Complete the Outdoor Enthusiast Aspiration
Master the Herbalism skill
Complete the Insect collection
Find and Identify all herb plants from Granite Falls for your garden
Go camping at least 5 times
Create All Herbalism Recipes in Perfect Quality
Consume every type of toxic plant

Set #9 – Collector

Complete the Curator Aspiration
Complete and display at least 3 collections from the following: Frogs, MySims Trophies, Metals, Crystals, Elements, & Fossils (more is better!)
Breed frogs at least 20 times
Harvest at least 50 wild plants

Set #10 – Space Ranger

Get to Level 10 of the Astronaut Career (Space Ranger)
Complete the Nerd Brain Aspiration
Master the Fitness Skill
Master the Rocket Science Skill
Build a Rocket (Apollo Rocketship)
Add all Rocket Science Upgrades to your Rocket
Go on at least 20 Space Missions

Set #11 – Interstellar Smuggler

Get to Level 10 of the Astronaut Career (Interstellar Smuggler)
Master the Fitness Skill
Master the Rocket Science Skill
Build a Rocket (Retro Rocketship)
Complete 2 collections: Space Rocks and Aliens

Set #12 – Professional Athlete

Get to level 10 of the Athletic Career (Professional Athlete)
Master the Fitness Skill
Study Opponents at least 20 times

Set #13 – Body Builder

Get to level 10 of the Athletic Career (Body Builder)
Master the Fitness Skill
Complete the Bodybuilder Aspiration
Become both max thin and fat within your sim’s lifetime (Can use the aspirations purchases to complete this)

Set #14 – Investor

Get to level 10 of the Business Career (Investor)
Complete the Fabulously Wealthy Aspiration
Complete the Mansion Baron Aspiration
Master the Logic Skill
Research Stocks at least 20 times

Set #15 – Management

Get to level 10 of the Business Career (Management)
Master the Charisma Skill
Make at least 20 Business Calls

Set #16 – Retail Mogul (Get to Work) Gen 3 – Brent Ireland

Own a Retail Store worth at least 100,000 simoleons
Have 3 top level employees
Have Spent 10,000 on Retail Perks

Set #17 – Boss

Get to Level 10 in the Criminal Career (Boss)
Master the Mischief Skill
Complete the Public Enemy Aspiration
Have 30 Enemies

Set #18 – Oracle

Get to level 10 in the Criminal Career (Oracle)
Master the Programming Skill
Master the Mischief Skill
Complete the Master of Mischief Skill
Wreck Up 5 Houses Using the Tormentor Trait
Successfully Use All Voodoo Interactions at Least Once

Set #19 – Art Critic (City Living) Gen 1 Heidi Ireland

Get to level 10 of the Critic career (Art Critic)
Complete and Display the Snow Globes and City Posters Collection
Perform as a statue for at least two hours
Complete the City Native aspiration
Win a Karaoke Contest
Have level 10 Singing skill
Travel to all festivals at least once

Set #20 – Food Critic (City Living)

Get to level 10 of the Critic career
Earn the Spice Hound trait
Earn the Chopstic Savvy trait
Learn all recipes and cook each in excellent quality
Eat a pufferfish nigiri and survive
Complete the Grilled Cheese aspiration

Set #21 – Chef Gen 2 Brock Savage

Get to Level 10 of the Culinary Career (Chef)
Master the Cooking Skill
Master the Gourmet Cooking Skill
Complete the Master Chef Aspiration
Cook All Base Game Recipes in Excellent Quality (Except Ambrosia & Grilled Salmon)

Set #22 – Restauranteur (Get to Work)

Own a 5-star Restaurant on a Lot Worth at Least 100,000 Simoleons
Create all Experimental Foods
Complete the Experimental Food Photo Collection

Set #23 – The Next Great Baker (Get to Work)

Get to Level 10 in the Baking Skill
Bake All Baking Recipes at Least Once (this includes those in the fridge and the cupcake machine)
Run a Successful Bakery on a lot worth at Least 100,000 Simoleons
Own and use a Cupcake Machine

Set #24 – Mixologist

Master the Mixology Skill
Complete the Master Mixologist Aspiration
Create All Base Game Drinks in Excellent Quality
Mix at least 100 drinks

Set #25 – Musician

Get to Level 10 in the Entertainer Career (Musician)
Complete the Musical Genius Aspiration
Master the Guitar Skill
Perform Excellent Guitar Song at a Gold Level Party 2 Times
Master the Violin Skill
Perform Excellent Violin Song at a Gold Level Party 2 Times
Master the Piano Skill
Perform Excellent Piano Song at a Gold Level Party 2 Times
Master the Media Production Skill (Get Famous)
Produce 5 songs using the Mixmaster Station (Get Famous)
Sign to a music label (Get Famous)

Set #26 – Comedian Gen 3 – Brynn Miles

Get to Level 10 in the Entertainer Career (Comedian)
Master the Charisma Skill
Master the Comedy Skill
Complete the Joke Star Aspiration
Have 10 Perfect Comedy Routines
Have 3 Perfect Long Comedy Routines
Perform a Perfect Comedy Routine at a Gold Level Party 2 Times

Set #27 – Freelancer #1 – Writer

Rank up as a Freelancer – Writer
Master the Writing Skill
Complete the Postcard collection

Set #28 – Freelancer #2 – Artist

Rank up as a Freelancer – Artist
Master the Painting Skill

Set #29 – Freelancer #3 – Programmer

Rank up as a Freelancer – Programmer
Master the Programming skill

Set #30 – Officer (StrangerVille)

Get to Level 10 in the Military Career (Officer)
Master the Charisma skill
Spar with the dummy at least 20 times
Share War stories at least 5 times
Give orders or practice giving orders 5 times

Set #31 – Covert Operator (StrangerVille)

Get to Level 10 in the Military Career (Covert Operator)
Master the Logic Skill
Plant at least 10 bugs on sims and listen in on them

Set #32 – Charity Organizer (City Living)

Get to level 10 of the Politician career (Charity Organizer)
Master the Charisma skill
Collect 20,000 Simoleons in donations
Donate at least 5000 to Charity

Set #33 – Politician (City Living)

Get to level 10 of the Politician career (Politician)
Master the Charisma Skill
Make 10 Friends and 10 Enemies
Lead at least 10 protests
Secure 20 votes

Set #34 – Actor (Get Famous)

Get to level 10 of the Actor Career
Complete the Master Actor aspiration
Complete the World-Famous Celebrity aspiration
Finish at least 15 Gigs at the Gold level

Set #35 – Detective (Get to Work)

Get to Level 10 in the Detective Career
Listen to all radio stations and watch all TV channels in the base game
Solve 6 cases
Go on Patrol at least 5 times

Set #36 – Doctor (Get to Work)

Get to Level 10 in the Doctor Career
Deliver a baby
Successfully diagnose and treat at least 5 patients
Complete at least 3 surgeries
Get to Level 10 in the Wellness skill
Try Out All Massage Table Massages
Try Out All Hand and Foot Massages
Try Out the Sauna
Try Out All Mud and Soak Baths

Set #37 – Scientist (Get to Work)

Get to Level 10 in the Science Career
Invent all the Inventions
Have a Sim Get Pregnant from an Alien
Perform Every Possible Upgrade on an Invention
Complete and display at least 3 collections from the following: Elements, Geodes, Microscope Prints and Space Prints Collections
Visit Sixam at least twice
Make and display at least one of each non-tainted Serum

Set #38 – Diamond Agent

Get to Level 10 in the Secret Agent Career (Diamond Agent)
Master the Logic Skill

Set #39 – Villain

Get to Level 11 in the Secret Agent Career (Villain)
Master the Logic Skill

Set #40 – Veterinarian (Cats & Dogs)

Own a 5-star Vet Clinic on a Lot Worth at Least 100,000 Simoleons
Have All Vet Perks
Level 10 Veterinarian skill

Set #41 – Dog Trainer (Cats & Dogs)

Complete the Friend of the Animals aspiration
Have a pet with 1500 Simstagram followers
Level 5 Pet Training skill
Train one of your dogs with all tricks possible
Have one of your dogs have puppies

Set #42 – Crazy Cat Lady (Cats & Dogs)

Own a Woohoo Bush (cats will check this for feathers)
Complete the Feathers Collection
Have one of your cats have kittens

Set #43 – Internet Personality (City Living)

Get to level 10 of the Social Media career (Internet Personality)
Master the Media Production Skill
Produce 10 “good” videos using drones and the Video Station
Advertise Major Product 5 times
Have 25 Million followers

Set #44 – Public Relations (City Living)

Get to level 10 of the Social Media career (public Relations)
Make 20 Friends
Network with Journalists 10 times
Persuade 10 sims to do something (ex.: dress like a raccoon)

Set #45 – Trend Setter

Get to level 10 of the Style Influencer career (Trend Setter)
Make five female and five male trends

Set #46 – Stylist Gen 2 – Aiden Ireland

Get to level 10 of the Style Influencer career (Stylist)
Make over 15 sims

Set #47 – Start-up Entrepreneur

Get to level 10 of the Tech Guru Career (Start-up Entrepreneur)
Master the Programming Skill
Complete the Computer Whiz Aspiration

Set #48 – eSport Gamer

Get to level 10 of the Tech Guru Career (eSport Gamer)
Master the Video Gaming Skill
Win 5 Game Tournaments
Livestream 20 times

Set #49 – Hopeless Romantic

Complete the Soulmate Aspiration
Have a gold Wedding
Complete gold Dates for aspiration

Set #50 – Serial Romantic

Complete the Serial Romantic Aspiration
Have a sim “first kiss” three times at a single social event
Get married at least five times
Kill off at least five spouses (Method is up to you)
Be Divorced at least Once
Have 20 Romantic Interests at the Same Time
Woohoo with 50 unique non-player sims
Have at least one bronze wedding and one silver wedding

Set #51 – Happy Family

Complete the Big Happy Family Aspiration
Complete the Successful Lineage Aspiration
Complete the Super Parent Aspiration (Parenthood)
(This would be a good one to get five aspirations on one sim – suggestions being Soulmate and Mansion Baron, which, by this point should auto-complete)
(Also, try to get the 12 traits on one sim during this set. Buy traits through aspiration rewards.)
Level 10 Parenting skill (Parenthood)
Have at least four kids

Set #52 – Friend of the World

Complete the Friend of the World Aspiration
Have 20 BFFs (non-player)

Set #53 – Party Animal

Complete the Party Animal Aspiration
Have a Gold Medal in All Available Social Event Types
Have a sim complete 10 whims at a single social event
Bowl a perfect 10 frame game of all strikes on the Bowling Lane (Bowling Night)
Master Bowling Skill (Bowling Night)

Set #54 – Insider (Get Together)

Complete the Leader of the Pack Aspiration
Take over a Club by either Turning Members Against the Leader or by Convincing the Leader to Step Down
Buy All the Club Perks (including the objects and CAS parts, even if you have no plans to use them) on a Club that either you start or has less than 100 perk points when you join.
Master the DJ Mixing Skill
Master the Dancing Skill
Earn 1,000 Simoleons from DJ Booth Tips
Upgrade a DJ Booth with All Upgrades
Perform All Dances in a Club

Set #55 – Handisim

Complete the Renaissance Sim Aspiration
Master the Handiness Skill
Create All Woodworking Objects in Excellent Quality (this includes Guitars and Violins, which require you to get to at least level 8 in the respective skills)
Upgrade 20 Objects
Decorate with 10 Woodworking Objects

Set #56 – StrangerVille Rescuer (StrangerVille)

Complete the StrangerVille Mystery aspiration
(Not doing any more recommendations to avoid spoilers here.)

Set #57 – Simmie Jones (Jungle Adventures)

Complete the Archaeology Scholar and Jungle Explorer aspirations
Complete the Ancient Omiscan Artifacts and Omiscan Treasures Collections
(While working on this one, my suggestion is to add a desk and computer to the main Market building in Selvadora, you’re probably going to need it to cure poisons.)
Master the Archaeology skill
Master the Selvadoradian Culture skill

Set #58 – Seasonal Sim (Seasons)

Swim while the weather is freezing
Max relationship with the bees
Became friends with Patchy, the Flower Bunny and Father Winter
Have at least 3 successful big holidays (which includes at least 4 traditions)
Have at least 5 successful mini-holiday (which includes 1 tradition)
Have a child with Father Winter
Complete each Holiday Tradition at least once
Complete the Easter Egg and the Holiday Cracker Plushies Collections

Set #59 – Dark Vampire (Vampires)

Become a vampire
Complete the Vampire Family aspiration
Complete the Master Vampire aspiration
Master the Pipe Organ skill
Take the Sleep of the Undead Weakness and Withered Stomach
Have at least one vampire and one human heir (to allow you to do whichever set you want next, the human heir may need to be adopted)

Set #60 – Good Vampire (Vampires)

(This is a good one to do right after set 58)
Become a Vampire
Complete the Good Vampire aspiration
Take the Guilty Drinker weakness
Cure your heir of Vampirism
Master the Vampire Lore skill

Set #61 – Ghostliness

Die by Any Method Except Old Age
Join the Household as a Ghost
Be Revived by Ambrosia
Throw a Gold Level Spooky Party (Seasons)
Carve Every Possible Pumpkin in Every Possible Color, and Preserve Them (the hardest pumpkin, as well as the Preserve interaction, are unlocked at Handiness level 5) (Seasons)
Be friends with the Grim Reaper
Have eight ghosts in the household at the same time (Use the “ask to move in” interaction, not the household management)
Resurrect at least one of them

Set #62 – Grilled Cheese (Hidden Aspiration)

Unlock the Grilled Cheese Aspiration
Paint at least 5 different grilled cheese paintings
Summon Excellent Grilled Cheese more than 10 times

Set #63 – Environmental Manager (Island Living)

Get to Level 10 of the Conservationist Career (Environmental Manager branch)
Prepare and Submit 10 Grant Applications
Get the Islands of Sulani to their most Pristine state (level 3)
Write 5 Conservation Papers
Shoot 5 Nature Documentaries
Complete and Display the Seashell Collection (by beach-combing)

Set #64 – Marine Biologist (Island Living)

Get to Level 10 of the Conservationist Career (Marine Biologist Branch)
Befriend the White Dolphin & Rename it.
Survey the Ocean Floor 10 times
Shoot 5 Nature Documentaries
Complete and Display the Buried Treasure Collection
Take and Display all 10 Underwater Photos

Set #65 – Mer-sim (Island Living)

Become a Mermaid using Mermadic Kelp
Befriend the Azure Dolphin & Rename it.
Collect, Mount (or Bowl), and Display all 14 new Island Living Fishes
Cast Siren’s Lullaby on 5 separate sims
Cast Siren’s Call twice
Summon an Ocean Threat
Call both a rainstorm and a thunderstorm
Have at least one Mermaid and one Human Heir

Set #66 – Part-Time Beach Bum (Island Living)

Get to Level 3 of the Diver Part-Time Career
Get to Level 3 of the Lifeguard Career
Patrol for Danger 10 Times
Complete the Beach Life Aspiration
Befriend a grey Dolphin & Rename it.

Set #67 – Freelance Fashion Photographer (Moschino Stuff Pack)

Rank up as a Freelancer – Programmer
Master the Photography skill
Hire 5 different Fashion Models
Earn the ClickShot P10 Mirrorless Camera (by maxing the Freelance Photographer performance meter)

Set #68 –  Master Spellcrafter (Realm of Magic)

Become a Spellcrafter (or be born one)
Complete the Spellcraft & Sorcery aspiration
Learn and cast all Practical Magic spells (9 spells)
Use the Rite of Ascension on another sim, turning them into a Spellcaster
Learn and cast all Mischief Magic spells (7 spells)
Learn and cast all Untamed Magic spells (8 spells)
Create a clone of yourself with the Duplicato Spell
Win 5 Duels for rewards (artifacts, ingredients, or knowledge – friendly duels don’t count)

Set #69 –  Alchemy Master (Realm of Magic)

Become a Spellcrafter (or be born one)
Complete the Purveyor of Potions aspiration
Learn and Mix each of the 15 potions (will require collecting all of the proper ingredients!)
Complete the Alchemy Perk Line

Set #70 (Bonus, optional?) –  Ancient Bloodline (Realm of Magic)

Earn the Ancient Bloodline Trait (will require at least third generation Spellcaster)
Complete the Magical Artifacts Collection
Collect all 11 Familiar Orbs

Set #71 – Education Administrator (Discover University)

Join the Brainiacs (if you attend Foxbury), Art Society (if you attend Britechester) and get to Rank 3
Get an Economics Degree (Distinguished available at Foxbury)
Get to Max Level (10) of the Administrative Education Career
Review 5 Budget Proposals

Set #72 – Professor (Discover University)

Join the Brainiacs (if you attend Foxbury), Art Society (if you attend Britechester) and get to Rank 3
Get an Psychology Degree (Distinguished available at Foxbury)
Write 5 Scholarly Papers
Write and publish at least 2 research papers (level 8 research and debate skill)
Get to Max Level (10) of the Professor (Education) Career

Set #73 – Computer Engineer (Discover University)

Get an Computer Science Degree (Distinguished available at Foxbury)
While at University, join the E-Sports Competitor after school activity and get to “Captain” rank
Craft Computer Glasses
Get to Max Level (10) of the Computer Engineer Career

Set #74 – Mechanical Engineer (Discover University)

Join the Bot Savants (if you go to Foxbury) and get to rank 3
Get an Physics Degree (Distinguished available at Foxbury)
Max the Robotics Skill
Craft all types of Bots – Cleaner, Gardening, Party, and Fixer
Craft and equip a Robo-Arm
Craft and equip a full Exomech Suit
Craft and activate a Servo
Get to Max Level (10) of the Mechanical Engineer Career

Set #75 – Judge (Discover University)

Join the Secret Society and get to rank 3 (either university)
Get a History Degree (Distinguished available at Britechester)
Make 5 Rulings
Get to Max Level (10) of the Judge (Law) Career

Set #76 – Private Attorney (Discover University)

Join the Debate Guild (if you go to Britechester) and get to rank 3
Get a Language and Literature Degree (Distinguished available at Britechester)
Obtain 5 new clients
Max the Research and Debate Skill
Have 2 Professional Debates (at a podium)
Get to Max Level (10) of the Private Attorney (Law) Career

Set #77 – All-Star Soccer Player* (Discover University)

*Could be combined with Set 12 or 13

Go to University and get a degree in Biology (Distinguished available at Foxbury University)
While at school, join the Soccer Team Player after school activity and get to “Playmaker” rank
Join either Foxbury Spirit Squad or Britechester Spirit Corps and get to rank 3 (Depending on which school you go to)
Get an Athletic Career job after graduation and get to max level

Teen Goals:

Have a Sim earn all positive Character Value traits
Get to level three in all Part-Time Careers (not on the same sim – and can be done as an Adult)
Reach Level 10 in the Scout career (Seasons)

Child Goals:

Have 2 Child Sims in a Single Household Complete All Child Aspirations
Have a Child Sim Collect All Voidcritters (Parenthood)
Have a Child Sim Collect All Limited Edition Voidcritters (Parenthood)
Have a Child Sim Collect All Voidcritters Without Buying Booster Packs or Using Previously Collected Cards (Parenthood)
Have a Child Sim Train a Voidcritter of Each Element to Level 10 (Parenthood)
Have a Child Sim Reach Level 10 in an Adult Skill

Toddler Goals:

Have a toddler earn the Top Notch Toddler trait by maxing all skills

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