Thrall’s Master Simmer

Welcome to my attempt at my Master Simmer Challenge!

First of all, welcome to my new challenge!! I’ve been looking for a “do everything” challenge for The Sims 4, and have been working on one save with just that intention… but I’ve been increasingly disappointed that the challenges I was trying to mash together just didn’t follow what I was hoping to do. So.. when in doubt.. write a new challenge. And that’s just what I did. I could have used my old save, but for some reason, my sim didn’t trigger the achievement she should have, and the whole save in general was annoying me.. so I’m starting over. My old save wasn’t blogged, but I feel like I’ll enjoy it more if I blog it, so here we go. This is a brand new save for me, made on the heels of publishing my Master Simmer Challenge. It sounded like so much fun, I had to get one started right away.

Generation 1: Brayden and Heidi

Generation 2: Aiden, Brock, and Maren

Generation 3: Brent and Brynn

Game Information and Links:

Challenge Rules:


  • My Goal Sheet – spoilers here on how I’m doing, but feel free to check up on me!

Mods in use:

  • None

Drifter Challenge Modifications/Exceptions and my reasoning:

  • None currently, I hope to follow the rules as closely as possible.