Tails of Sulani

Welcome to “Tails of Sulani” – A Mermaid Legacy

I found this challenge on the forums.. and am going to tweak it a little to fit what I think it ought to be… but here’s how I plan to “test” the mermaids…. Which is necessary for updating my other challenges.

Game Information and Links:

Challenge Rules:

Anything crossed out or in italics are changes from me. Then the bulleted lists in between each generation are where my linked chapters will be.

I have made this challenge in hype for the new expansion pack, Island Living.

🧜‍♀️Mermaid Legacy Challenge!🧜‍♀️

* When starting, bulldoze all but community lots (this will leave you eleven lots – just enough for building all of your generations’ houses.)
* Travel to other worlds strictly forbidden. (except for job-related travel and hospital/vet clinic visits)
* 🧜‍♀️Matriarch must be a mermaid and a female Always use Matriarchal Lines
* 🏳️Must start out with nothing for each generation
* 👩‍👧‍👦Must only have only two children at a time, and they can only age up once they have an A grade
* 🔙If a child ends up being a human you must restart No human babies can be heir
* 🚫No cheats allowed
* All aspiration rewards are allowed, including potion of youth
* 🏄‍♀️You must finish their occupation in order to complete the challenge
* 💼 Careers are allowed!
* ❌Children/teens can’t have jobs
* 🎉Once you have done all the generations you have completed the challenge!
* 👧The heir of the next generation is the first female (mermaid) born in the family
* All generations must live on and build their own separate lot.

Generation Zero: Beige – Starts with a HUMAN Sim

Appearance: Dark Blonde Hair, poor clothing style
Traits: Slob, Childish, Clumsy
Aspiration: Pick whatever you’d like. (Your goal this generation is only to become a Mermaid and have your Mermaid heir) – you fail this generation and must start over If you can’t become a mermaid by the time you hit elder – remember, you can use youth potions to give you more time.
Occupation: Part Time Jobs ONLY
House Goal: None
Lot Trait: Off the Grid

Generation One: Black

Appearance: Black hair, siren-like clothing style
Traits: Evil, Non Committal, Kleptomaniac
Aspiration: Renaissance Sim
Occupation: Collector/Random careers of choice
House Goal: 10,000 worth

Generation Two: Brown

Appearance: Brown hair, unkempt clothing style
Traits: Loves Outdoors, Loner, Child of the Island
Aspiration: Beach Life
Occupation: Conservationist
House Goal: 20,000 worth

❤️Generation One Three: Red❤️

Appearance: Red hair, Scandalous clothing style
Traits: Romantic, Hot Headed, Art Lover
Aspiration: Beach Life Serial Romantic
Occupation: Conservationist Art Critic
House Goal: 30,000 worth

  • Chapter 3.1

🧡Generation Two Four: Orange🧡

Appearance: Orange hair, Scandalous Island clothing style
Traits: Evil Foodie, Romantic Good, Glutton
Aspiration: Serial Romantic Friend of the World
Occupation: Fisherwoman Lifeguard
House Goal: 40,000 worth

  • Chapter 4.1

💛Generation Three Five: Yellow💛

Appearance: Yellow hair, Cute clothing style
Traits: Clumsy Creative, Ambitious, Loner Cheerful
Aspiration: Musical Genius
Occupation: Diver
House Goal: 50,000 worth

  • Chapter 5.1

💚Generation Four Six: Green💚

Appearance: Mint or Green hair, Earthy clothing style
Traits: Jealous, Materialistic, Vegetarian
Aspiration: The Perfect Garden
Occupation: Gardener
House Goal: 60,000 worth

  • Chapter 6.1

💙Generation Five Seven: Blue💙

Appearance: Blue hair, elegant clothing style
Traits: Gloomy, Perfectionist Self-Assured, Family Oriented Child of the Sea
Aspiration: Super Parent Fishing Ace
Occupation: Odd Jobs and Fishing
House Goal: 70,000 worth

  • Chapter 7.1

💜Generation Six Eight: Purple💜

Appearance: Purple hair, athletic clothing style
Traits: Genius Perfectionist, Non Committal Family Oriented, Dance Machine Neat
Aspiration: Renaissance Sim Super Parent
Occupation: Collector Odd Jobs
House Goal: 80,000 worth

  • Chapter 8.1

💓Generation Seven Nine: Pink💓

Appearance: Pink hair, cute clothing style
Traits: Neat Music Lover, Unflirty, Goofball Dance Machine
Aspiration: Soulmate/Master Actress
Occupation: Author Entertainer/Actress
House Goal: 90,000 worth

  • Chapter 9.1

🌈Generation Eight Ten: Prism🌈

Appearance: White or light grey hair, stunning clothing style
Traits: Music Lover Geek, Natural Singer Genius, Active
Aspiration: Fabulously Wealthy Nerd Brain
Occupation: Painter Astronaut
House Goal: 100,000 worth

  • Chapter 10.1

🎊🎉That’s it! You’ve completed the challenge! Congratulations! 🎉🎊

🔱Once you have done this you are absolute ruler of the sea and the stars! 🔱