My Favorite Saves

We all have them. Those saves you just keep coming back to for no reason. They’re not for a challenge, they aren’t likely to net you new achievements, you’re not writing a story… – basically, they serve no real purpose. But you just can’t stop going back to play them. Perhaps the save was started to test out a new expansion pack or town (which is where mine usually come from), or maybe you just decided to create a family just to play one day.

While I was going through my uploaded memories and my screenshot directory while catching up on my challenge blogs, I kept running across pictures from these other random saves, and reliving the memories. Which got me to thinking… perhaps they would make interesting blog posts. So, the idea for picture galleries of these saves was born. The first one I posted was one of my longest-running “random saves” families, the Syuns. Often they annoy me. There’s so many pets and things going on in the household, it’s nearly impossible to get any sort of achievement-hunting done, and gameplay for each sim-day takes forever… but I keep coming back to it. And I have no idea why. 🙂 Sometimes I spend inordinate amounts of time just designing their home and it ends up being quite a showpiece, and sometimes I just keep playing them as sims – just for the random fun of it.

All that being said, I’ll collect a list of these families here, and link to the posts about each one, adding to it as I go. Obviously, this is a secondary priority to blogging about my challenge saves, so there’s no telling when they’ll be posted, but I will keep adding to this section! They’re listed in no particular order, although I will probably move them up in the list when I get posts about them written. I will also get greeting card pics from each family and post them on this page, as well as perhaps shots of their homes and a little blurb about them and their history. I figure the “complete” list will give you guys something to look forward to as I work on the site. Enjoy!

  • The Syun Family (Starlight Shores)

This family was one of the first families I made when Showtime came out, just testing and learning about the new town and careers. As I mentioned above, it’s a rather complex family, and it usually takes quite a lot of time to play with all the people and pets all having to be cared for. Their home has become one of my prides and joys, and I have become rather attached to them over time.

LinksMeet The Syuns!

  • Foreshadowed Sunset (Bridgeport Band)
  • Tanner Wild Horse Adoption Agency (Appaloosa Plains)
  • The Ravels (Twinbrook)
  • Hill Paint Farm (Appaloosa Plains)
  • The Fox Family (Appaloosa Plains)
  • The Beach Bunnies (Sunlit Tides/moved to Isla Paradiso)
  • The Futurama Family (Lunar Lakes/The Future)
  • The Costa Family (Monte Vista)
  • The Mithrilen Family (Dragon Valley)
  • Gothic Vampires (Midnight Hollow)
  • Lurlene & Larry (Lucky Palms)
  • Imaginary Friends (Aurora Skies)
  • Viking Werewolves (Vargfjell – downloaded town)
  • The Explorers (Island Paradise)

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