Mermaid Legacy Challenge

Updated 3/29/21 – I had a request to make this base game + Island Living compatible,
so there are now options for that.

I found this challenge on the forums originally, and these are my version of the rules. If you want to see what exactly I changed, you can find that on my Tails of Sulani page. On this page, I won’t be outlining my changes, just the rules I’m using for my challenge, so it’s easier to read for those who might want to try the challenge on their own.

  • When starting, bulldoze all but community lots (this will leave you eleven lots – just enough for building all of your generations’ houses.)
  • Travel to other worlds strictly forbidden. (except for job-related travel and hospital/vet clinic visits)
  • Always use Matriarchal Lines (all heirs must be female) (if you want you CAN change this to all Patriarchal Lines (male), but stay consistent)
  • Must start out with nothing for each generation – use the money 0 cheat to accomplish this.
  • No human babies can be heir – only mermaids
  • No cheats allowed (this does not include the money 0 cheat for the beginning on each generation, or the move objects cheat when building.)
  • All aspiration rewards are allowed, including potion of youth
  • You must finish their Career AND aspiration in order to complete the challenge (saving a backup at the beginning of each generation is recommended)
  • Teens can’t have jobs at any time.
  • All generations must live on and build their own separate lot.

Generation Zero: Beige – Starts with a HUMAN Sim

Appearance: Dark Blonde Hair, poor clothing style
Traits: Slob, Childish, Clumsy
Aspiration: Pick whatever you’d like. (Your goal this generation is only to become a Mermaid and have your Mermaid heir) – you fail this generation and must start over If you can’t become a mermaid by the time you hit elder – remember, you can use youth potions to give you more time. (In other words, you do NOT have to complete the aspiration to complete this generation.)
Occupation: Part Time Jobs ONLY
House Goal: None
Lot Trait: Off the Grid

Generation One: Black

Appearance: Black hair, siren-like clothing style
Traits: Evil, Non Committal, Kleptomaniac
Aspiration: Renaissance Sim
Occupation: Collector/Random careers of choice (do not have to get to top of career to finish this generation)
House Goal: 10,000 worth

Generation Two: Brown

Appearance: Brown hair, unkempt clothing style
Traits: Loves Outdoors, Loner, Child of the Island
Aspiration: Beach Life
Occupation: Conservationist
House Goal: 20,000 worth

Generation Three: Red

Appearance: Red hair, Scandalous clothing style
Traits: Romantic, Hot Headed, Art Lover
Aspiration: Serial Romantic
Occupation: Art Critic (Painter if you don’t have City Living)
House Goal: 30,000 worth

Generation Four: Orange

Appearance: Orange hair, Island clothing style
Traits: Foodie, Good, Active
Aspiration: Friend of the World
Occupation: Lifeguard
House Goal: 40,000 worth

Generation Five: Yellow

Appearance: Yellow hair, Cute clothing style
Traits: Creative, Ambitious, Cheerful
Aspiration: Musical Genius
Occupation: Diver
House Goal: 50,000 worth

Generation Six: Green

Appearance: Mint or Green hair, Earthy clothing style
Traits: Jealous, Materialistic, Vegetarian
Aspiration: The Perfect Garden
Occupation: Gardener (if you don’t have Seasons, just make money via gardening)
House Goal: 60,000 worth

Generation Seven: Blue

Appearance: Blue hair, elegant clothing style
Traits: Gloomy, Self-Assured, Child of the Sea
Aspiration: Fishing Ace
Occupation: Fishing
House Goal: 70,000 worth

Generation Eight: Purple

Appearance: Purple hair, athletic clothing style
Traits: Perfectionist, Family Oriented, Neat
Aspiration: Super Parent (or Big Happy Family if you don’t have Parenthood)
Occupation: Odd Jobs (Remember, you can also make money in non-Career ways!)
House Goal: 80,000 worth

Generation Nine: Pink

Appearance: Pink hair, cute clothing style
Traits: Music Lover, Unflirty (or Loner without City Living), Dance Machine (or Active without Get Together)
Aspiration: Soulmate (or) Master Actress (if you have Get Famous)
Occupation: Entertainer (or) Actress (if you have Get Famous)
House Goal: 90,000 worth

Generation Ten: Prism/Rainbow

Appearance: White or light grey hair, stunning clothing style
Traits: Geek, Genius, Active
Aspiration: Nerd Brain
Occupation: Astronaut
House Goal: 100,000 worth (if you want a real challenge, go for Mansion Baron aspiration, too, and get the 350k house worth)

Challenge ends when your final heir hits Young Adult Stage. Congratulations!