Master Simmer Challenge

Goal Sets | Cheat Sheet

Updated through the release of Bust the Dust Kit 3/6/21
Hidden Achievements added to “cheat sheet” 8/10/20

*Note: This challenge is complete-able even if you’re missing expansions,
I have the Goal Sets all marked by expansion,
simply exclude the ones that you don’t own the expansion for.*

This challenge is all about doing everything – and I mean EVERYTHING – in the game of Sims 4. It’s based off of the Absolute Master and the Achiever challenges, neither of which have been updated for the current expansions. The only thing I don’t require is finishing ALL achievements and collecting ALL pet Traits. I will list them in case you want to collect them, but they are completely optional to get. Some achievements are really buggy – in particular, the legacy ones, so I’m not including them. Also, this is NOT played on a “point system”, that would be way too complicated. The ultimate goal is to get it done in 26 generations… but it may be more depending on how you pace yourselves. (Update after Eco Lifestyle: With 80 goal sets if you have all expansions, I’ve been informed it IS still mathematically possible to get this challenge done in 26 generations, but it would be a VERY difficult challenge.)

Additionally, there are two ways to play this challenge. Both use the same starting method, below the rules and tips and tricks on this page.

  1. Goal Sets For those who want to have a blueprint of what to follow for each generation, pick two sets (for a married couple) or one set (for a single) per generation. If you elect to move in another adult, you can pick another set for them, but remember the more sets you pick, the more difficult the generation will be. Also, always make sure to leave room for your heir. The only house where you can kick someone out that you moved in is the “Ghostliness” set house.
  2. Freeform – You can play just using the Cheat Sheet I posted, crossing off each thing as you complete it, but it won’t be as fun of a challenge, and you’ll be missing out on the goals I have listed in the Goal Sets page.


  • All sims must be made by you. (with the exception of heirs) Downloading a sim or marrying a townie runs the risk of getting someone with a high skill or high paying job, and this challenge is all about doing it yourself. So when your sim is ready to marry, go into edit household, and make a new sim to marry – your choice. The exception to this rule is pets. Since they don’t gain skills, they can be either created or adopted straight from game menus or from being a stray.
  • Aliens, Mermaids, Spellcasters, and Vampires ARE allowed, but, again, have to be made yourself.
  • If you move in an adult to help, they, too, must be made by you, and cannot be kicked out once moved in. You move someone in, you’re stuck with them. So remember to leave room for the heir. (Exception: the “Ghostliness” set.) The only way more room will be made is a non-heir sibling hitting young adult and moving out, or a death in the family.
  • One set per adult sim. That’s why this is a challenge to get it done on time.
  • No setting new adult sims to anything but “Roommate”. If you want to marry them, you’ll have to do it the “hard” way.
  • Adopting pets at any point in the challenge is okay, but again, just be aware of your space requirements for an heir.
  • Heir must be made by woohoo or adoption, but when adopting, only pick the babies. No toddlers or children. Equal opportunity baby making for same sex couples. Also, you do NOT have to be married to have an heir. It just reduces the number of careers/traits/aspirations you can get done for that generation, so marriage is in your best interest as a simmer.
  • NO Money cheats. Playing the lottery is okay, however.
  • The ONLY cheats allowed are moveobjects and resetsim for if you have a sim that gets stuck.
  • All things available to be bought for aspiration points are fair game – if you earn the points, you deserve to spend them!
  • Game should be set to “Normal” life length, Show Whims, full autonomy, auto age (yes), auto age unplayed sims (checked) and fill empty homes. Maximum Sim count is up to you and what your game can handle.
  • Seasons should be set to seven days, with rain and thunderstorms, and snow and blizzards. Temperature effects on sims checked.
  • The Get Famous option should NOT be checked. You can decide to opt out when you get them in game.
  • Non-heir children should be moved out of the house via household management when they hit Young Adult. (In other words, they can’t be used to complete anything but child or teen goals.)
  • Aging up a sim early is okay so long as that sim has all it’s goals complete. i.e. children/teens have an “A” in school, toddlers are at max skills.. you get the idea.
  • Only sims living in your house count for checking off traits used. If you woohoo/try for baby with a non-household sim (which is allowed, and CAN count for an heir), that non-household sim cannot be used for his traits unless you marry him in. Babies had by non-household female sims can only count as heirs if said female is married in, you can’t go break up her home and take the baby. That’s just rude. 😉
  • No BUYDEBUG cheat, you’ll have to find your collectibles on your own.
  • Collections can be completed over multiple generations, so setting up some sort of display area for them is recommended. That way they can be passed down generation to generation easily. Just remember to take them with you if you move in household inventory.
  • If you have a business one generation (Vet Clinic, Restaurant, Bakery, Retail store), you must sell it again at the end of the generation. You’ll get your money out of it, but it won’t carry over still making funds to another generation.
  • You can play this challenge without having all of the expansions – just ignore the goals that are related to that expansion.
  • Feel free to make use of the Tiny Living expansion pack whenever you feel like it. I wasn’t able to come up with a goal set for it, because that pack seems very build-oriented, and this is a play-oriented challenge.

Tips & Tricks:

  • Created sims DO NOT need to be random rolled on, you can pick what you want (or need, for the list). Random rolling will make the challenge more difficult, but you CAN do it if you want to.
  • Using an A-Z naming scheme for your kids is recommended. The first generation would get “A” names, the second “B” names, etc. Not required, obviously, but definitely recommended because it helps to keep track of where you are in the challenge. If you go over 26 generations, simply start back at “A”.
  • Order of completing things is totally up to you, but I do suggest something that makes a lot of money for the first generation or two – painting, writing, gardening, fishing.
  • When doing the eight ghost household, at least one of them must be resurrected when it’s complete to continue on the challenge and one kicked out to allow for an heir. (Unless you kick out a ghost after completion and adopt.)
  • Always check festivals for collectibles. Often, there are rare plants you can’t easily get elsewhere.
  • Make use of the hidden areas (Sylvan Glade and Forgotten Grotto.. and the Deep Woods)
  • Remember that some aspirations require you to live in a certain place, ex. living in an apartment for the City Native aspiration.
  • Google is your friend. If you don’t know how to do something, look it up. I know I had to do a lot of research just writing this challenge, and playing it will require quite a bit more.
  • Downloading lots is okay, as is moving into furnished homes. This isn’t designed as a building challenge, rather it’s a game play challenge, so feel free to do what you need as to house. I would recommend against CC, and forbid anything that makes game play easier, but cosmetic stuff is fine.
  • If you have packs like Bust the Dust or Eco Living, feel free to disable the packs until you’re working on that goal set. There is no need to have them on for the whole challenge!

Getting Started:

  1. Create your one or two starting sims in CAS, what they are is your choice. See Tips and Tricks.
  2. Start with the money you have available to your sims when they start. Doesn’t matter where. When/if you want to move, you must do so with the funds you’ve earned and anything you get from selling your current furniture, if you don’t want to take it with you. Also, moving must be done with the in-game “Move” option on the phone, not from Manage Worlds.
  3. Bulldoze Magnolia Promenade to make room for your retail spots, and it’ll probably be easier to get started on veterinarian career if you bulldoze the vet clinic at the start of your “vet” generation and rebuild it on that generation. This is another reason we sell it after the generation, so it will keep working without glitches for any pets you adopt later. (Although you’re also welcome to build a second vet clinic instead of bulldozing the existing one.)
  4. Make sure to put in a lounge or bar with a bowling alley, and an experimental food restaurant (unless you plan to build one yourself).
  5. A spa of some type is another good addition to somewhere in the world (Since there aren’t any in the world automatically)
  6. Pick your goal sets if you’re playing with them (One idea is to roll a random number generator for them), or simply decide what to work on this generation if you’re playing freeform.
  7. Start playing!
  8. To choose an heir, do whatever you’d like to. Roll a dice, pick the one you like best, pick the best traits (if you’re rolling traits), whatever. This isn’t a random legacy. 🙂

Goal Sets | Cheat Sheet

33 thoughts on “Master Simmer Challenge

  1. This looks like a lot of fun. I started playing it the other day and the founder+spouse are almost finished with their goals.

  2. I’m so happy that you have updated this challenge! I took the liberty of copying/pasting both the goal sets and the Cheat Sheet sections into google docs and made check boxes for the goals. Thought I would share it here in case anyone else wanted to use it.
    Cheat Sheet:
    Goal Sets:

    Also, in doing this, I noticed that you have a goal numbering error (you made 2 goal 57’s).

    1. Thanks for catching that! I’ll fix it right away.

      Also, thanks for the google doc idea. I’ve never messed with them, so it didn’t occur to me to make checklists. If you don’t mind, I’ll link to those from my pages so it’s easier for people to find?

  3. I just started playing and it’s a great challenge! I noticed under child goals you have all of the Voidcritter goals marked as Parenthood but I think they are actually Kids Room Stuff.

  4. I am on the second generation now! I like this better than some of the other legacy/completion challenges I have played. I noticed under goal set #61 you have the pumpkin carving goal and the gold spooky party goal listed as seasons but I think they are actually spooky stuff.

  5. Also I just noticed that this main page says it is updated through Tiny Living, but the goal sets page says it is updated through Discover University and none of the goal sets use Tiny Living (there are 77 on the page I am seeing). I can see in the rules on this page it says one of them does use Tiny Living. I tried refreshing the goal sets page but nothing changed. However, I can see that you did change the child goals to say Kids Room Stuff (thanks!). I just really like the Tiny Living pack so I was curious about it.

    1. I added this to both the main page and the goal sets page: “Feel free to make use of the Tiny Living expansion pack whenever you feel like it. I wasn’t able to come up with a goal set for it, because that pack seems very build-oriented, and this is a play-oriented challenge.” Originally, I had intended to add a Tiny Living Goal set, but I couldn’t come up with one that wasn’t build-oriented, so I ditched the idea.

  6. This is a really cool challenge! I stumbled across it while looking for some goals to keep me interested in doing a Pinstar Legacy challenge. I’m thinking about trying a combination of the two. I can leave the incompatible goals sets for after the tenth generation (if I ever make it that far) and I like really like the idea. Thank you for the awesome challenge! I’m definitely going to try it one way or another.

    1. I’m glad you found something that can keep you interested. That’s part of why I made it, the other part was because it’s so easy just to get in a “rut”, and I never do anything new in Sims. This is making me try new things and it’s lots of fun. Combining it with a legacy sounds like a great idea! Let me know if you decide to blog it, I’d love to read or look at pictures!

      1. I’ve started the challenge! I may blog it, I like the idea. I’m looking into how to go about it. The founder is working on #5 (Botanist) and her husband is working on #4 (Master of the Real). I made the husband and then randomly rolled his traits and aspiration to fit with the legacy challenge. I got very lucky: Master of the Real with Cheerful, Neat, and Bookworm.
        Compatibility wise the rules I’ve noted are:
        – I will be creating the spouses and randomly rolling traits and aspiration, then merging them into existing households. The current heir will then be able to meet and romance them in the world.
        – Seasons must be set to 7 days.
        – I can’t age sims up early. I have to wait for their birthday.

      2. Forgot one
        – Non-heir children should be moved out of the house via household management when they hit Young Adult.

  7. hey i’m a little late to this party but i love the idea of this challenge only… i suck major butt at making male sims. making a spouse for my female/gay sims is just gonna kill alot of the fun for me. can i use the legacyloves tag on the gallery? 99.9% of those sims are skillless, jobless and only made to be married into the original legacy challenge. anyway, thank you for another wonderful challenge. i can’t wait to start!

    1. As long as the sims you download are skill less and only have their normal starting traits, you should be fine. I state you need to make your own sims just because downloading sims can get you ones that are going to make the challenge no fun at all. However, if making sims really isn’t your thing, a vanilla sim will be just fine. Play the way that will be fun for you! If a rule really will break your fun, just break the rule. 🙂

  8. Hey there! I’ve been playing this challenge and really enjoy it so far. I’m about to transition to Gen 3 and have 2 questions. (1) For the Grilled Cheese goal set, is it actually possible to summon an Excellent grilled cheese? My sim can only summon Normal grilled cheese, even when Very Inspired. (2) For a non-heir sim, do we count just their Child & Teen traits or YA trait, too? I know I can’t use him for goals other than as a Child or Teen but wasn’t sure about his traits. Thanks!

    1. I changed the grilled cheese goal set to reflect the fact that summoned grilled cheese isn’t affected by quality. I would say “no” to counting spares’ traits, but this could be up to each player if you’d like. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you!

      1. No worries! Thanks for responding. I played other saves while I waited. Now I can count the grilled cheese goal set as complete. I won’t count traits for spare kids, just whatever child and teen goals they achieve. I see you added a note that we can turn off Eco Living when it’s not needed for a goal set. Good call! Living in San Myshuno was annoying because sims were always complaining about the air quality.

  9. Hey again! I’m working on Gen 4 and could use clarification on the 1st of the Child Goals. It says to have 2 Child sims in a single household complete all Child Aspirations. Is that between the 2 sims, or does each child have to complete all 4 aspirations?

    As I was poking around, I noticed you made some major updates. That’s a lot of work, so thank you! It took me a while to update my Excel spreadsheet, but I like having everything in one place. Just wanted to point out that the Landfill Lot trait should be moved to Lot Traits (instead of Traits). My list keeps getting longer, but this helps motivate me to try new things. I’m such a creature of habit otherwise. 😉

    1. that’s BOTH kids completing all 4 aspirations. It’s possible, I’ve done it. 🙂

      Thanks for the bit about the trait being in the wrong spot. I’ll fix it. 🙂 I will also be working on adding the newest pack after it launches on Tuesday. 🙂

      1. Thanks for the lightning-fast response! I had a feeling that’s what you meant. I’m always in such a rush to max their skills and age them up so I can move on to the next generation. Patience is not my strong suit. LOL. 🙂

        You’re very welcome for the tip. I can’t even imagine how complicated the next pack will make this challenge. I’m glad I caught up with what you’ve done so far because it’s a LOT already. I want to check off ALL the things (though Journey to Batuu and Paranormal aren’t my bag). Hope you enjoy the long weekend! 🙂

      2. You know, it’s perfectly okay to have things that just aren’t for you. I will probably get the Batuu goals done at some point, and I like the Paranormal, but I completely understand not being into them. Star Wars has never been my sort of thing, and in my opinion, it doesn’t belong in Sims. =P But that’s just my opinion. I got it anyway, because the build buy is good for other things.. but I’m not much for the gameplay.

      3. I totally agree. I finally finished updating my cheat sheet to cover all 4 generations and noticed that Morning Sim was missing from the Reward Traits (purchased). Perhaps you can add it when you next update the challenge. Thanks!

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