Updated 10/9/2022
(Base game + Island Living necessary, all other packs are optional)

This challenge, like my Apartment Switch Challenge, is based in one expansion. the full version (below) uses traits and jobs from other expansions, but I was careful to include directions for replacing the traits or jobs if you don’t have those packs. At it’s heart, this is a story of a family that starts from a single female human sim who has a dream to be a mermaid and pass on her legacy. It’s based on a Matriarchy line, but I suppose you could change it to all males if you really wanted. Each generation is based on a color, and starts completely over on a new lot in Sulani. Eventually, your whole Sulani town will be filled with houses you built over the course of the challenge. The fun part about this challenge, is that not only do you have different goals for each challenge, it gets just a little bit harder each generation. It is actually an 11 generation challenge, because there’s a Generation Zero – which is the human sim who has to find out how to become a mermaid.

I found this challenge on the forums originally, and these are my version of the rules. If you want to see what exactly I changed, you can find that on my Tails of Sulani page. On this page, I won’t be outlining my changes, just the rules I’m using for my challenge, so it’s easier to read for those who might want to try the challenge on their own.

  • When starting, bulldoze all but community lots (this will leave you eleven lots – just enough for building all of your generations’ houses.)
  • Travel to other worlds strictly forbidden. (except for job-related travel and hospital/vet clinic visits)
  • Always use Matriarchal Lines (all heirs must be female) (if you want you CAN change this to all Patriarchal Lines (male), but stay consistent)
  • Must start out with nothing for each generation – use the money 0 cheat to accomplish this.
  • No human babies can be heir – only mermaids
  • No cheats allowed (this does not include the money 0 cheat for the beginning on each generation, or the move objects cheat when building.)
  • All aspiration rewards are allowed, including potion of youth
  • You must finish their Career AND aspiration in order to complete the challenge (saving a backup at the beginning of each generation is recommended)
  • Teens can’t have jobs at any time. After school activities are okay.
  • I suggest not taking the teenagers to high school. (High School Years Pack) The next heir doesn’t take over until Young Adult, so you should be focused on the matriarch until the next one takes over. Obviously, this rule is ONLY a suggestion. Feel free to make your own choice.
  • NO other occults. That means: no Aliens, Werewolves, Vampires, and Spellcasters can join the legacy. (Unless you cure them first..?)
  • Weddings can be done in any way you see fit (or not at all?)
  • All generations must live on and build their own separate lot IN SULANI.

Generation Zero: Beige – Starts with a HUMAN Sim

Appearance: Dark Blonde Hair, poor clothing style
Traits: Slob, Childish, Clumsy
Aspiration: Pick whatever you’d like. (Your goal this generation is only to become a Mermaid and have your Mermaid heir) – you fail this generation and must start over If you can’t become a mermaid by the time you hit elder – remember, you can use youth potions to give you more time. (In other words, you do NOT have to complete the aspiration to complete this generation.)
Occupation: Part Time Jobs ONLY
House Goal: None
Lot Trait: Off the Grid

Generation One: Black

Appearance: Black hair, siren-like clothing style
Traits: Evil, Non Committal, Kleptomaniac
Aspiration: Renaissance Sim
Occupation: Collector/Random careers of choice (do not have to get to top of career to finish this generation)
House Goal: 10,000 worth

Generation Two: Brown

Appearance: Brown hair, unkempt clothing style
Traits: Loves Outdoors, Loner, Child of the Island
Aspiration: Beach Life
Occupation: Conservationist
House Goal: 20,000 worth

Generation Three: Red

Appearance: Red hair, Scandalous clothing style
Traits: Romantic, Hot Headed, Art Lover
Aspiration: Serial Romantic
Occupation: Art Critic (Painter if you don’t have City Living)
House Goal: 30,000 worth

Generation Four: Orange

Appearance: Orange hair, Island clothing style
Traits: Foodie, Good, Active
Aspiration: Friend of the World
Occupation: Lifeguard
House Goal: 40,000 worth

Generation Five: Yellow

Appearance: Yellow hair, Cute clothing style
Traits: Creative, Ambitious, Cheerful
Aspiration: Musical Genius
Occupation: Diver
House Goal: 50,000 worth

Generation Six: Green

Appearance: Mint or Green hair, Earthy clothing style
Traits: Jealous, Materialistic, Vegetarian
Aspiration: Freelance Botanist
Occupation: Gardener (if you don’t have Seasons, just make money via gardening)
House Goal: 60,000 worth

Generation Seven: Blue

Appearance: Blue hair, elegant clothing style
Traits: Gloomy, Self-Assured, Child of the Sea
Aspiration: Fishing Ace
Occupation: Fishing
House Goal: 70,000 worth

Generation Eight: Purple

Appearance: Purple hair, athletic clothing style
Traits: Perfectionist, Family Oriented, Neat
Aspiration: Super Parent (or Big Happy Family if you don’t have Parenthood)
Occupation: Odd Jobs (Remember, you can also make money in non-Career ways!)
House Goal: 80,000 worth

Generation Nine: Pink

Appearance: Pink hair, cute clothing style
Traits: Music Lover, Unflirty (or Loner without City Living), Dance Machine (or Active without Get Together)
Aspiration: Soulmate (or) Master Actress (if you have Get Famous)
Occupation: Entertainer (or) Actress (if you have Get Famous) (remember- travel to Del Sol is okay if it’s for work)
House Goal: 90,000 worth

Generation Ten: Prism/Rainbow

Appearance: White or light grey hair, stunning clothing style
Traits: Geek, Genius, Active
Aspiration: Nerd Brain
Occupation: Astronaut
House Goal: 100,000 worth (if you want a real challenge, go for Mansion Baron aspiration, too, and get the 350k house worth)

Challenge ends when your final heir hits Young Adult Stage. Congratulations!