Falcon Apocalypse

Welcome to the Falcon Apocalypse

As of 8/4/2016, I’m restarting this and am enjoying it immensely. I started with University, and rolled a 6, so I chose Military (Technology Degree).


My founder is Rebecca Falcon – Ambitious, Workaholic, Slob, Athletic, Family oriented, and Handy (from graduating). I have elected NOT to blog the university part and only a little bit from lifting Military and Hopelessness. The real challenge starts when you start the family, anyway!


Her mate is Tiberius (Willard) – Ambitious, Computer Whiz, Good, Socially Awkward, and Handy. He rolled a three, so I chose Education for him (despite him having the politics LTW).

Everyone else will be introduced in the story.

Story Chapters:

Game Information and Links:

Challenge Rules:

Mods in use:

  • None at this time

World:  Twinbrook – came with the Ambitions expansion

Start and exceptions:

  • Took an “easy” start at University, brought a bed, tv, and computer home from college as my three items.

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