Exploring History Challenge – Main Rules

Updated: 7/12/20

Note from Thrall: I made significant changes to the following set of rules, including some format changing to make it easier to read, as well as adding four .. er.. lots of generations (One of which is based on the Eco Lifestyle Pack), and support for Discover University.

Note on Lots: I will be building pre-built lots and putting them on the gallery with the tag “#exploringhistory” as I work through the challenge myself. I will link each generation’s pre-built lots in boxes on each generation – so if you’re not a builder, you can still easily play this challenge. I will eventually get to building lots for all generations, but for now it’s just the first few. All lots mentioned on these pages are CC-free and playable! Also, if you build a lot that qualifies as those two things and want it included in these lists, please just drop me a comment or a message at IllusoryThrall on the sims forums, I will check it out and add it if it fits!

This challenge was originally an 18 generation legacy called Through the Ages designed by erica180 at https://erica180.livejournal.com/361.html. It was based of off Lilsimsie’s Not So Berry Challenge mixed with Cloudseekers (I think they are the author-if not, I apologize) History Challenge.

To start: Demolish all lots in all worlds (or find a save file that has already done that) except for the ones listed in red below. You will rebuild the world as you go. Each generation will have set of rules that will need to be followed. The goal of the challenge is to start at the beginning of time and move to the end of it-hopefully saving the world in the process. (LOTS TO LEAVE UN-BULLDOZED, but locked until told you’re allowed to visit in the rules: (Windenburg) Von Haunt Estate, Ancient Ruins, The Bluffs, (StrangerVille) The Secret Lab, (Britechester) All of Foxbury and Britechester Universities (Gibbs Hill can be deleted), (Evergreen Harbor) Leave the three community spaces alone, (Granite Falls) Granite Falls National Forest, (Selvadorada) Belomisia Trailhead.) Everything else can go so you can rebuild.

Overall rules:

  • In CAS, create a male and female sims to start. See the first generation rules for their traits and aspirations.
  • Before placing the sims, build Sulani up to be a tropical wilderness. Do not place any shelter. They must build one on their own. (Unless you take the option of using one of the lots I built as your starter lot.)
  • Money cheats are completely outlawed in this challenge, unless it’s to *reduce* your funds, not raise them. All other cheats (other than reset sim and move objects) are also outlawed.
  • Any of your children can be heirs. Look at the top part of the next generation to determine what traits they will need (you don’t need to “spoil” it by reading the whole generation if you don’t want.) However, if your heir is female, she must take the last name of her husband up until generation 14 (WWI). After that, a female heir can keep her maiden name if she so chooses.
  • On the generations where your child cannot go to grade school (the first few generations) – I was informed that Social Services could take them away if they don’t get their grades up. However, there are a few ways around this. 1. Download MCCC and have the kids “quit” school. 2. Cheat them up a grade level so it’s not a problem. (Use the careers.promote gradeschool cheat) 3. have them take their vacation days they get (3 of them) towards the end of their school days while you wait for them to age up. 4. Wait and hope they age up before they get taken.
  • Each generation will has specific towns you must live in and certain lot traits each “house” must have – pay attention to these and don’t forget to add them.
  • Each generation will have specific holidays – all other “major” holidays must be deleted from the calendar. The daily minor holidays that pop up (ex: new skill day, neighborhood brawl, talk like a pirate day, etc.) are allowed to be left if you wish. This counts for all generations.
  • Each generation will have specific traits, aspirations, careers (or no career), and skills listed. Each must be maxed to “pass” that generation unless specifically stated.
  • If you do NOT finish the goals by the time your chosen heir, you must replay that generation (or have another “heir” and give yourself more time). Saving a backup save at the beginning of each generation is highly recommended.
  • No mods that help with game play. However, CC is allowed and encouraged to get a “historical” feel to your challenge.
  • All expansion packs are recommended. However, if there is a certain pack that is needed for a generation, you can skip that generation or adjust the goals as you see fit. Feel free to customize this legacy any way you want.
  • Discover University: Can attend University starting in the Regency period (gen 11), but must study from home – with the exception of WW1 (gen 14), The Great Depression (gen 16), and WW2 (gen 17). There is one generation that you will be living in Britechester, but I’ll leave you to find that out on your own.
  • Tiny Living: No Tiny homes until the modern era. Tiny homes are about reducing your footprint for the environment, and that wasn’t a thing back then.
  • No travel to lots other than your home lot until that type of commercial lot or un-bulldozed lot listed above has been unlocked.
  • Feel free to update your commercial lots once each has been unlocked as you progress through the ages, to make them fit the time period. (also: remember this may mean moving the lot to a new area since travel to other towns and districts is restricted until specifically unlocked.)
  • The only Lots types that start out as unlocked are the Pool (think hot springs, etc.) and the Beach (Sulani only)
  • Unless specifically mentioned or designated as “commercial districts”, don’t build lots in other Districts than the one you have listed for that generation. The designated commercial districts are as follows: Crawdad Quarter in Willow Creek, Mirage Canyon in Oasis Springs, Magnolia Promenade, Lykke Center in Windenburg, Deadgrass Isle in Brindleton Bay, and Starlight Boulevard in Del Sol Valley. These districts are designed for you to put your commercial venues (once unlocked) in.
  • Travel to areas other than your home district and the local commercial district is restricted until Generation 5 (Vikings) unless specifically mentioned. I.E. If your home district is in Oasis Springs, no traveling to Willow Creek or any other town. Similarly, travel to the “destination worlds” (Granite Falls and Selvadorada) is locked until mentioned.
  • This challenge is meant to be a fun way to learn about history, not a rules-and-restriction heavy challenge, so I don’t actually restrict the items you can use – but use your head. If they didn’t have something back then, maybe your sims shouldn’t have it, either.

Moving from Generation to Generation: Use the phone, select “Move Household”, then move the entire household to the next lot. When prompted, click to sell all furnishings. Move to the next house/lot and hit pause as soon as you load. Go back into Manage World, and click “Manage Households”. Choose the family in question, and click the button with the two arrows – to transfer sims. Create a new household on the right and move all but your heir to this house, leaving the money alone. This will prompt you to create a new household with no funds. Say yes. This will leave your heir alone in their new home with all the work you’ve done intact. One further note: if you’re like me, you don’t want to leave your old family “high and dry” as the saying goes. Take your relatives, and Move them back into the old home. While moving, it will show that you can’t afford to move them in. Fix this by opening the cheat code window, typing in “testingcheats on” then “freerealestate on” – and wa-lah, the lot will be purchase-able. Once they’re all settled back at home, turn cheats back off with “testingcheats off”, save as (so you leave yourself a backup save in case you need to replay the generation) and load up your heir’s household. You’re now ready to play. This seems like a lot of trouble, I know, but NOT doing this will make the challenge next to impossible to play… so just trust me on this.

Generation Rules:

(These are split up for two reasons: one, they weren’t all ready to publish at the same time, and two, it’ll help those who want to avoid as many spoilers of what’s to come as much as possible)

  • Generations 1-5 (Stone Age – Viking Times)
  • Generations 6-10 (Medieval – Georgian Era) – Still in testing
  • Generations 11-15 (Regency Era – 1920s) – Still in testing
  • Generations 16-20 (1930s-1970s) – Still in testing
  • Generations 21-25 (1980s- 2005s) – Still in testing
  • Generations 26-30 (2010s-The Aftermath) – Still in testing