Trying out a new theme…

Decided I’d spent long enough on that dark/light theme (been using it since 2014!) .. so I’m trying out another one. Haven’t decided 100% whether I like it or not, but I’m giving it a go. It seems easier to get around, and there are less columns to fuss with. Tell me what you think.. keep it or go back to the old one? (Yay, I did manage to keep the horsies, though! Falconvale lives on a little bit with that header!) Bonus: I could add purple background to this one, it’s my favorite color!


100 Posts!

100 Posts!

I just hit 100 posts on this blog!  Had to cheer for it and mention it.. because that’s just awesome. Here’s to many more!

Just getting back into Sims 3…

After quite a while of messing around in Sims 4 (and a brand new computer when my old one crashed), I’ve finally decided to put some time into Sims 3 again. Whether I can get any of my old saves up and working is another story entirely. I have started a new Apocalypse challenge, though, so that might make it’s way on here. Unfortunately, Sims 3 is as buggy as ever, and insists on crashing for me every few hours. Very annoying since I’m running a basically vanilla game (no stuff packs, and only the towns installed)… which may also preclude getting any of my old saves up and working. Part of the reason I stopped was frustration at Spectres not working out like I wanted it to.. so I may not ever get back to it. Which may require a redesign of this website… but one day at a time.

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The Sims 4!! (And some history)

Oh, yes.. it’s coming. And am I ever excited about it. It has completely revitalized my Sims addiction, and I’ve been closely following it’s developments. (Mostly via SimsVip) I know a lot of people have been very polarized about it, many people are saying they’re not going to switch, they don’t like the changes, they don’t like the things that have been cut from the game.. etc etc. However, being the computer/game geek that I am, I have a bit of a unique perspective on those things. I know that changes are often good for a game series. Historically, the Sims base games have always been very bare-bones. In fact, it took me a rather long time to switch from Sims 2 to 3 just because I was waiting for more features to be added. In some ways, I regret missing the early days of 3.. but in others, it worked out. Every time Sims gets updated, there are things I have missed from the previous incarnations, but on the whole, the changes each time they upgrade the game have been extremely positive. So.. I’m ALL for this new iteration of the series. I know pools and toddlers aren’t in the base game.. and there’s no work or school lots.. and there’s going to be more loading screens with a less open world. Although I am disappointed with these (mostly about the toddlers and lack of work lots), I am very interested to see where it’s going. The new Create A Sim features and abilities look amazing.. and the Build Mode upgrades… WOW! – look amazing. I can’t WAIT to build houses with these new tools! The graphics look great, and I am SO very happy about the changes they’re making to build mode. There is absolutely NO WAY that I will not be getting Sims 4 and playing it! That being said, I have no plans to be completely switching from Sims 3 to 4 initially… as I already mentioned, the base game is usually pretty vanilla.. and I really like having lots and lots of options available during play, so I won’t be doing a final switch to 4 until more expansions are out. Which means I will still have plenty of time to play (and hopefully finish) my challenges in Sims 3 before I make an ultimate switch to 4. (Which is good news for anyone who likes the stories – including me!)

Some History

Sims 1

Yes, I started playing Sims way back with the first one… and I was hooked nearly right away. I still have the whole game, including all expansions, installed on my computer.. and I even occasionally load it up and play a bit! 🙂 Most of the time back then, my time was spent building houses and neighborhoods, but I did play with the simmies quite a bit too. I have lots of fond memories of the first game, and my addiction to the series has only grown since then!

Things I miss:

  • Magic Town!!!!  Man, that place was the very best. The magic system really was quite a challenge! There was so very much flavor involved with the town, and having a completely separate “MagiCoins” currency was a fun idea. This is what I usually go back to Sims 1 to play – just to mess around. I loved the baby daffodil-munching dragons, and all the work involved in getting spell reagents… and the HUGE amount of work needed to actually purchase a Magic Town home.
  • Superstar. Cliche, but I really liked it. The way you did the different careers were really interesting, in my opinion, and it completely over-rode my dislike of everything celebrity and “fashionable” in today’s culture.
  • Pet Shows. Seriously, those were fun. The Unleashed pack really did add quite a lot to the game, and all the different things you could do with the little furry creatures was a lot of fun.
  • Bella Goth. (Enough said.. lol)

Things I DON’T miss:

  • Kids never aging up. This annoyed me no end. Really, I utterly hated the never-ending or progressing way the game handled.
  • The graphics. Boy, does that game look dated now! 🙂
Sims 2

I was all-in on this game right away. I bought it right after it came out, and I really never looked back (except for the occasional re-visit to magic town).

Things I miss:

  • Open For Business expansion – there were so many things you could do with this, and it was ALWAYS a big challenge. I thought it really stepped up the difficulty factor, as well as just being plain fun to actually own the city’s stores and lots and stuff.
  • Strangetown – enough said. I think I actually ended up playing here more than Pleasantville. For some reason, I was never able to get into Veronaville or the other towns.
  • Apartments – again, ’nuff said. It made building ye olde trailer park so much easier, and moving out sims SO much cheaper.
  • Sims 2 aging – other sims not aging when I’m playing one family. Sims 3 is so much harder to keep tabs on what is happening in the rest of the town..
  • More alien babies!
  • The University system was so much better in Sims 2. Having to go multiple times in 3 is annoying (although getting multiple degrees is nice)
  • Freetime Hobby system and clubs – those were fun, and being able to skill up in them was so much better than the way sims 3 does toy making and such.
  • Sims being able to have different types of sickness and die from them. (Kill the sims and collect different ghosts was SO much fun in 2! – not so much fun in sims 3, playable ghosts make weird noises and move SO slowly!)

Things I DON’T miss:

  • The weird good/bad/nuetral witch thing. It was so hard to switch between, and the constant glowy-ness always bugged me to no end.
  • Trying to find the count or countess to turn into a vampire. It always took forever!!
  • Sims 2 aging – just to be wishy washy.. in some ways I don’t miss having to play all the families in a rotation, it’s nice to have the rest of the town just keep rolling on.
  • The “chemistry” system… it just never made sense in the coding as to which sim would like which. At it’s heart, it was nice to have attractions to other sims.. but, jeez.. be consistent!
  • Not being able to control the pets.
Sims 3

It took me a really long time to switch to Sims 3. Partially because of budget, and partially because I really liked Sims 2, and wasn’t ready to switch to a game with less options and freedom. However, once I switched, I never looked back. There are simply so very many things to do in 3!

Things I love:

  • Controlling the pets
  • The very open world
  • Being able to control what sims do at work
  • Profession jobs and self-employment!
  • Horses!! (and minor pets) – you can practically make a zoo now! (and yay! unicorns!)
  • Supernatural’s ability to make starting sims be .. well, supernatural. (although I hate that not all of the supernaturals can be gotten this way, ie aliens, mermaids, plantsims, imaginary friends
  • Gnome collecting! (although why is it so tough?!)
  • World Adventures travelling and Tomb-hunting.
  • Scuba Diving and boats.
  • SO many different career choices!
  • The immense variety of being supernatural – every type of sim is very different!
  • Lots of different skills to work on!

Things I DON’T love:

  • Into The Future and the early expansions having no achievements.
  • Lag. Nuff said.
  • Load times. Again, enough said.
  • Glitches, crashing, and bugs.
  • SimPort is great… when it works. But it doesn’t work very often.
  • Being able to play as a ghost and bring sims back is great, but WHY do ghosts move like snails?!?!
  • Not being able to make the “cultural” or “hidden” traits be given to new sims.
  • Sim routing at buildings – it makes for pile-ups at the school and university classes.
  • Many of the skills are not integrated very well into careers.

Bloopers page published!

Bloopers page published!

Just for laughs, I tossed up a page of bloopers, glitches, cute and funny screenshots I found in and amongst my screenshots and memories. Everyone always needs a chuckle.. so why keep these gems for myself?! Each photo (or series of photos) has a description of what happened, and what game it was in, etc. I’ll probably add to it in time when I get more, but those are definitely the best screenshots I have now! 🙂 The link is in the top of page menu under “Fun Stuff”, the left side menu under “Ze Miscellany”, or >> here <<.  Enjoy!!

I also posted an intro page for my favorite save photo galleries, also in those menus. or >> here <<.

Homepage updated!

Just a quick aside that I just updated the “Home” page of this blog with lots more information. Added a list of current projects, challenges, and planned challenges, as well as a couple notes on plans regarding the soon-upcoming Sims 4. (58 days!!)

Also, I just posted a new chapter for Spectres, and am working on another now!

I’ve also done a re-vamp of the site menus, and added navigation links to the challenge blog chapters, so it’s easier to move around the blog. 🙂 Plus, there’s now a “featured posts” section on the top of the homepage where I’ll keep the newest chapters of each challenge, and any highlighted posts!

New To-Do List:

  • Catch up on Spectres before I let myself play it – 7 of 26 days played blogged currently.
  • Catch up on the ISBI Challenge blogging – week 4 day 5 played currently, and barely any blogged. Yikes!.
  • Catch up on Castaway Shores blogging – 3 of 13 days played blogged currently.
  • Post Introduction to fave saves, and pages/pictures for Fox, Bunnies, Costas, Hills, Ravel, and Futurama.
  • Post funny and fave photos page.
  • Introduce and blog Falcon Apocalypse.
  • Post some on my Gardener, Supernatural Orphanage, and Gnomely challenges.
  • Finally finish posting wave 1 lots for Sunset Valley Remodel. (2 of 7 complete)
  • Sims 3 Achievements! 137 left to get…
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Meet the Syuns!

Being that I’ve been going through my screenshots and memories, it suddenly occurred to me that I have a whole lot of pictures of saves that – for whatever reason – I just haven’t been able to let go of, even though they serve no “real” purpose. Sure, they might occasionally pick up an achievement, but they’re not for any challenge or .. well, anything other than randomly playing sims for fun. –And some of them have stuck around for ages before getting dumped for whatever reason – or haven’t gotten put away at all! One such household is the Syun family, who have been around since shortly after Showtime came out. They were (I think) the second family I played, the first one created in the Starlight Shores Showtime world.. and they have somehow struck my fancy, and I just keep coming back to them. It started out pretty small: the dad, Xueiliang (since I don’t have sims up, I’m not entirely sure that’s how it’s spelled.. I’ll fix it later if I’m wrong..) .. who wishes to be a chef.., the mom, MeiRan (means beautiful orchid in korean), an acrobat, the daughter (started as a child), Danika, and the son, Jaysun, who started as a toddler. Things have changed since then.. but those four are all still around. Being that this particular save has been around since 3/12, some of the screenies aren’t the best quality, but oh well! I’m (obviously) not going to post all the ones I have, but I’ll try to pick and choose the best shots and memorable moments for this family.

Anyway, here’s some pics!

The first shot I have of “The Beautiful Orchid”, MeiRan, performing for tips.

Xue, signing up for the Culinary career.

.. Then, I adopted two cats and a dog. Squiggles and Lady (destined to be mates), and Dracca the dog. First thing off, Danika picked up fleas from Lady.. and so began Dani’s obsession with animals! (sorry this pic is dark!)

Then, Lady passed on her fleas to poor Dracca…

And Jaysun got potty trained!

Here’s a shot of Mei with Jaysun:

And Xue with Dracca:

Mei getting strong and a promotion to boot:

And at her very first audition for a gig:

Then, I got tired of that dinky starter house, cheated for funds, and moved them to a nice house on the other side of town… which they’re still living in (although I did move the house to a bigger lot in the last couple weeks.. the house still has the same general shape, although the decor has been upgraded a time or two, and after the lot move, a barn was built). Here’s Xue holding Squiggles (the male cat) halfway between the new kitchen and living rooms.

With their Asian theme, I put a martial arts academy in town, and sent Mei to learn SimFu:

Followed rather shortly by their first burgular:

Mei gets promoted again in their garage/ laundry/workout room:

Xue fixing the invariable toilet clog:

Yet another broken toilet, this time in the upstairs bath:

Mei’s first excellent gig:

Xue teaches Dracca to sit:

Jaysun, now a child, has an accident… lol! (guess that potty training needs a refresher course!)

Xue in the kitchen hitting level 5 cooking:

Mei becomes a celebrity:

Then gets another promotion:

And, finally, Lady and Squiggles are expecting!

..That’s all for this post – but never fear, there will be more!