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Thrall’s May Shell Challenge

Found this Shell Challenge on the gallery, and decided to really give myself a challenge to use the windows, doors, furnishings, decor, etc.. that I never use in my “normal” builds. This took hours to do.. and I didn’t move a single exterior wall from what was given to me by the challenger. However, it turned out amazing. Despite the fact that I used things from a crazy amount of sets, somehow it all seems to fit together and make a really livable house. I put this in it’s own post because it’s such a detailed build that I took a ton of pictures.

Fully redesigned with no moving of outdoor walls. I challenged myself to use things I never use.. windows, furnishings, decor, etc. Fully furnished and ready for play, designed for a family of four with a cat. Very detailed decor in every room. Basic colors with accents added for interest. Looks like a house you could live in. #MayShellChallenge #julie1112#NoCC #Shell #Challenge


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Three New Builds

Designed two of these for my #buildapack challenge. All are fully furnished, ready to play, and CC-free. Gallery links included. The third was a build challenge that I came a bit late to, so I wasn’t judged, but I liked the way it turned out enough to upload.

Toddler Mania

This was a fun one. I tried to design it for as much functionality as decent design. I think the backyard/play area was the most fun part of the build.

Designed for the Toddler Stuff pack. Ready for a toddler mania challenge with room for seven toddlers and one adult. Great playroom and fun backyard, packed with stuff for the kiddos. There’s even a small study for the caregiver to get away for a few minutes. I tried to use as few packs as possible. NO CC! Built for my #buildapack challenge. #toddlerstuff #nocc


The Shelter Modern Home

I love the way this house turned out, even though it’s not a color scheme I would usually ever gravitate towards. It’s a perfect family home for a small lot, and it’s fully furnished and ready to play. Designed for my #buildapack Challenge, it’s designed for base game, Outdoor Retreat (columns), + Get Together content. And that’s it. NO CC! Also, it’s beautifully detailed in the decor, so it truly looks like a real home. #modern #teal #nocc


Modern Shell Challenge

This one isn’t from one of my own shells, but rather taking someone else’s shell and making a house from it. Wasn’t allowed to move or delete exterior walls, but I moved one interior wall to make room for a door. I went with a very modern, black and white theme, and I like the way it turned out.

A bit late, but uploading it anyway. I went a completely different direction and had fun with some more modern styles. No CC, fully furnished and ready for a family of four. Enjoy! #SimsieChallenge


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New Get Famous House

Built a new house for a sim for Get Famous pack.

Victorian Green

This lot used to be a lovely little town home, but in the last few years after the fires it has been a vacant lot. Rebuilt in a Victorian style, with an unfurnished basement. Everything else is furnished and ready for occupancy. NO CC. No particular theme, was just trying to make a nice house for an up and coming singer. #getfamous


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Three More New Builds

Designed these for my #buildapack challenge. All are fully furnished, ready to play, and CC-free. Gallery links included.

New Mission Mansion

One of my best builds/furnishes ever. Lots of pictures included to show details. The Get Together pack usage is just for the columns, but I couldn’t find columns that worked better. Jungle Adventures is a must, as most of the furnishings are from that… and the whole build is designed to showcase it. Unbelievably, the house is only worth 164k, so bills will be affordable, too.

Incredibly detailed Spanish mansion build, focusing on the Jungle Adventures pack. Fully furnished and decorated with minimal pack use and no CC. Two story living room with balcony upstairs. Expansive master bedroom and bath, kid’s and toddler’s rooms, and a playroom. Greenhouse and pool in back deck. Adobe/Mission exterior. Built for my #buildapack challenge. #spanish #mission #jungleadventures #adobe


Crazy Cat Lady Bungalow

I think the title pretty much says it all. Designed in pink shades to highlight the My First Pet Pack as well as the feline side of Cats VS Dogs. Decorated for a crazy cat lady and her seven cats right on the wharf in Brindleton Bay. Passers-by will love the painstakingly placed flower baskets. Built for my #buildapack challenge. #crazycatlady #pink #bungalow #feline #cat


Tudor Family Home

Three bedroom 2.5 bath Tudor-styled home. Features the Get Together pack, and has a greenhouse, patio BBQ area and pool. Downstairs formal dining room, study, living room, kitchen with breakfast nook, and nicely appointed foyer. Upstairs has a playroom, two baths and three full bedrooms. Built for my #buildapack challenge. #tudor #gettogether #pool #greenhouse


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More Shells

So I’ve built another 5 shells, putting me up to 15 total to decorate. A good number. Decided it was time to take a break from building to furnish some houses and possibly do some actual game play.. so I’ll post these five before I dive into the rest of things.

Lucky Green House

One of my favorite colors is green.. and I’ve looked at this color window and trim so many times in the past and thought about using it for a house, but never gotten around to it. It’s another Victorian shell, and I decided after building it that green flooring on the porches was just too much, so I changed it and took new photos. I’m not sure I like the color on the chimney, so that may change, but other than that it’s a nice house.

Toddler Mania House

Designed for a toddler challenge and to highlight the toddler stuff, this is one floor for a reason. With 7 toddlers and one caregiver, it would just be NUTS to try to have stairs, too. So Ranch-style house it is. The backyard is huge to allow for the big toddler jungle gym… which is lots of fun.

Backyard Fun House

Designed for the backyard fun pack, which is nicely colorful, I finally found a house I could use these teal windows on. I haven’t 100% decided if I like the siding color.. that may change to be something brighter.. but the house itself is pretty cool. Built in the colonial style with lots of columns. I may add columns and a roof to the front upper balcony to highlight the style a bit more.

Tranquility Pool House

Initially I built it and then forgot to take pictures. Had to go back in game and get them. Designed to highlight the Spa Day pack, it’s got a huge pool house and pool. This roof was particularly tough to figure out, but it turned out better than I expected. Had to reverse the floor plans to allow for the corner lot, and I like the result, but it made mirroring the picture hard.

Craftsman Bungalow

This house was really hard to take pictures of on this lot. Too many trees nearby. A fourth picture is added after I put in the greenhouse.

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So, as some of you know.. I’ve been on a roll building. And building.. and building.. and building. Decorating and furnishing.. not so much. But I sure have house shells a-plenty. Some are farther along than others, some even have landscaping, one has one entire floor furnished and an empty upstairs. Anyway. I wanted to collect my thoughts a little, and list them all here.. sort of as a preview for what’s going to be decorated and uploaded soon.

If you have a favorite you want to see finished before the others, comment and let me know and I’ll move it to the top of the list. Right now the list is pretty random, I’m just decorating as I get inspired.

Imps Place Vampire Lair

This one has been re-done at least three times already. I won’t bother posting the old versions, as they’re just .. bad. I will add a teaser photo of the beginnings of the dungeon (it’s not completed yet).

New Mission Mansion

This is probably one of my favorites of all of these builds. It’s also currently the closest to being done. (It’s the one mentioned above with the floor furnished). So this will probably be the first one uploaded. Providing the inspiration for the upstairs hits me, of course.

On a side note, it’s also probably taken the most time out of all of these. The upstairs had to be redone several times before I finally approved, and the roofline took forever to get just right.

Tudor Family Home

This was a fun build. As the first Tudor I’d ever built, it was a bit challenging, but luckily the floorplan I had found was pretty accurate and translated well. Of note: the second floor of the front is supposed to be stone, too, it’s been fixed since these photos.

Beach Bum

That was the only name I could think up on the fly. Should be easy to decorate, except for the fact I have no idea what to do with the garage. Maybe turn it into a basketball court…?

Luxury Party House

This one has had the roof changed in color since this photo. It was too bland, so it’s now a darker orange/sandish color. I plan to decorated this one based around the Lux Party Stuff Pack, since I NEVER use that pack.. and I had to find a house that had a spare room large enough to serve as a party room. Also of note: I just figured out how to do skylights, so I will probably be adding a few for architectural interest, since for some reason this house seems terribly plain. to me.

A shot of the re-done with skylights product. MUCH better. *grin*

The Shelter

A fun build, but a challenge to get just right.

Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous

That’s sort of the working title for this one. Don’t ask how long it took to build. Or what on earth I’m going to do with the rest of the lot. The greenhouse is due for some expansion.. and landscaping. Beyond that, I have no idea. The interior will take forever to decorate. There’s also a basement with a full butler suite… because you’re going to need one in this house.

Crazy Cat Lady Bungalow

Pretty self-explanatory. Will be focused around the “my first pet” pack and .. well, being a crazy cat lady. Obviously designed for a single sim and lots of cats.

Castle Tower Tudor House

This is a house my hubby picked out for me to build. I ended up adding a few interest features and changing around the floorplan a bit. It’s also been fully landscaped since these photos.

House of Many Roofs

Also known as the Victorian Monster. Another house my hubby picked. Both titles are accurate. Also: I tried to put this house on the umbrage manor lot, but for some reason the outdoor lighting was being weird. Never seen that happen before, but the whole lot looked like I was seeing it through a green filter. Really wanted it on the bigger lot, but I couldn’t get good pics of it, so I moved it back to parkshore. I repaired my game, so maybe that’ll fix it when I get back in? (Spoiler: it doesn’t.)

I have another five lots picked out to build, then I’m going to settle in to decorating for a while. I’ve definitely got my work cut out for me, though!

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Another three builds uploaded

Designed these for my #buildapack challenge. All are fully furnished, ready to play, and CC-free. Gallery links included.

White Gables Parenthood

Fully decorated, themed for the Parenthood pack. If you like blue, you’ll love this house. Full kitchen, dining, laundry room, living with fireplace, study, 3 bedrooms and 1.5 baths. Perfect for a growing family. Designed for my #buildapack challenge with minimal pack usage. #parenthood


Winterfest Cabin

Season’s Greetings with a cabin! Fully decorated for Christmas/Winterfest, and ready for your family to celebrate. Could easily be converted into a rental cabin for Granite Falls. Loft construction inside… small but perfectly livable. Built for my #buildapack challenge. #winterfest #christmas #holiday #cabin #outdoorretreat


Schoolhouse Gardens

And I saved the best for last…

Old-fashioned Victorian decorated in period furnishings and without modern conveniences. Designed around the Romantic Gardens Stuff Pack, this has an extensive formal gardens with gazebo and fountain. Fully decorated without CC, and with using as few packs as possible while keeping with the Victorian theme. Built for my #buildapack challenge. #romanticgardens #victorian #gardens #formalgardens #oldfashioned


Some close ups in the garden..

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Three of my new builds

Designed these for my #buildapack challenge. All are fully furnished, ready to play, and CC-free. Gallery links included.

Rough N Ready 4 Seasons

A gorgeous house designed with minimal pack usage and no CC. The outside may be a little plain, but the inside is definitely not. Built for my #buildapack challenge. Themed furnishings mostly from seasons, but a few things from the laundry pack and a couple wall pieces from parenthood. Plenty of room for a growing family on a small lot, from the downstairs family room to the lovely front sunroom and the greenhouse in the back.


Spooky Day Manor

This is probably my favorite build.. ever. I love the way it turned out.

Impressive manor home themed for Vampire or eccentric mortal alike. Bathroom for each bedroom and a half bath on the ground floor. Fully furnished with minimal pack usage and no CC. Built for my #buildapack challenge. #spookystuff #vampires #vampire Basement holds some coffins for extra bedrooms. Re-uploaded to get rid of the toddler pack requirement. Silly toy box.


Glass Gardens Laboratory

Crazy house that initially was dubbed the “minigolf house” for all the grass patios. Modern style, designed to highlight the Get To Work pack. Full Laboratory, alien garden, cowplant, Infinity pools, Greenhouse area, living room, kitchen, dining, library, bedrooms, patio workout and BBQ areas, and spot for the obligatory cat. Bonus alien containment cell in the basement. No CC, but moveobjects was used for decorating. Built for my #buildapack challenge. #laboratory #scientist #alien #gettowork