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Drifter Challenge House 007 Part 2 Chapter 1

House 007 Part 1 Day 9 < | >

First thing.. we check on the goals for this part of house 007:

House 007 Part 2 Building Goals: 
Have a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom (minimum) house worth at least 40k
House 007 Part 2 Generational Goals: 
Complete the Soulmate Aspiration
Have a Young Adult heir

Second, we have some set up to do:

They’re now back in their house…

And the options are set to aging again.

Third, let’s check on our Playable/Main sim – Ariana:

And we’re ready to go. Being that we start right after the party in part 1.. it’s 9:30 pm and both of them are feeling pretty good. That’s not going to last forever.

I have them become best friends.. but I hold off on the wedding.. because, for a change, I’d like to give my sims a real wedding… I think. We’ll see how long that resolve lasts. (it lasts)

The very first day takes forever. There’s nothing to harvest, and no money for anything.. so I spend the day inviting over the Part 1 contestants and telling them Ariana wants to “just be friends”.. that way it’s not awkward later on. At least, I hope that’s how it works out.

What are these filthy sims so happy about?

Finally having a bed to woohoo in! (And yes, I actually took a picture of a non-try-for-baby-woohoo.. but that bed was a major milestone in drifter land.. lol)

Gardening together. At this point, I just had whatever planted that I’d found, not the best (for money making) ones.

Two things.. finally having enough crysanthemums to plant… and WOOT! Shower, toilet, and sink! We’re living the high life now!

See? .. For some reason, the beginning of this house really seems to be moving in slow motion.

More family gardening…

Hark! A house! .. Sorta.

..Okay, that’s a little better. At least it looks like a house now.

… And it begins. Yay for handiness skill!

The part I hate of gardening.. the interminable evolving.

We have a little nest egg saved up.. it’s time for their wedding!

Aww.. they’re so cute!

The guests are mostly milling about .. for some reason they don’t like the chairs I set out. Oh well. Pooh on them. (If you’re looking carefully at this pic.. there’s two things I’d like to point out. One, the cake is already ready (Ariana made one, not the caterer).. and that most the guests are past house members during the contest. Remember? I told them I didn’t want to be romantic anymore.

Such a pretty place for a wedding.

<cheers>!!! Time for cake.

… She looks so excited, right? (not)

Aww… and they didn’t even smear it over each other’s faces. I always thought that was the best part of weddings.

Notice Vincent lurking? Apparently this made him upset.. and Sean, too. Clearly they were hoping she was kidding about the “just be friends” thing.

Vincent being a creeper again. Oh and see this mixologist? I had to hire him separately, the first one I hired with the party never showed up. Waste of money!

.. Vincent is still creeping. But the wedded couple is so cute! (And yay for fancy flaming drink!)

Cousin Cole is clapping because they’re kissing? Not really, but it looks like he wants to!

Then my camera is rudely zoomed away…..

Oh no… not Kelsie!

Everyone (except Trent if you look closely.. he was napping on a bench by this point of the party) has to come watch.

And they stay to mourn for Kelsie.. who they’ve probably never met. Where’d Grim go?

Drinking. Seems fitting.

… Here’s when I noticed.. Grim leaves puddles like the ghosts do. Too funny.. and they’re completely black, too.

Even the entertainment and mixologist and caterer (useless caterer..) are over there mourning.

Finally.. everyone’s back to work. See that caterer in the background?? She’s just NOW making a cake. Fail.

A perfect wedding.. despite Kelsie. My first one!

Back to gardening and saving money.

I was so annoyed at her having this two day sadness I had her take a moodlet solver. Trent (because he was sleeping, I guess) didn’t get the moodlet, so he felt just fine! I had to make the sad go away!

Time for the first date as a married couple.. we send them off to the diner. And .. wouldn’t you know it..

… but they have admirers. Sigh. I finally use the “go away” mean moodlet so they can stop making the conversation awkward. We’re TRYING to have a DATE here, dudes.


.. Per her wishes!

.. Nice moodlet!

Early one morning the two of them find their new toys. An easel for Ariana (I got tired of her having nothing to do but stand around when she’s done collecting and gardening.. but I didn’t want to have her gone for a job.) .. and a handiness bench for Trent. Don’t know whether I can sell what it makes, but it’ll at least give him something to DO rather than go nap on a bench. Oh, and by this point, I’d bought them a better bed, in the hopes that he’d forsake his bench. (he did.. eventually)

Wonder if he remembers what those roses meant in Part 1? I sure do!

Second date.. sent them to Ice 9 (the club I built in house 6)..

.. So the lot traits are helping the conversation.

Vincent is there again.. but at least this time he’s ignoring them instead of creeping.

After the date goals are over, I have them dance for a while.. then send them home.

Another couple days of saving money.. and I had around 7.5 k.. garden is now making 2.5k+ per harvest, and it’ll only get better.. so I figured I’m pretty much set on getting funds .. and I’m far enough along in the aspiration… so..

Yep! Trying for baby! I’m going to leave you here.. make you wonder if they’re preggo or not.

Oh, and why am I saving up? Because I built a shell I want to just plop down on the lot for them soon as they can afford it. (It’s about 25k) .. and this is what it looks like. I had a heck of a time trying to figure out what I was going to do with this house, I really had no ideas.. so I did a google search for colonial houses, and picked the picture of one that I liked the best. I got pretty close to what it looked like, too.

See you next time for the baby(ies?)!! – I did buy her the fertile trait!

House 007 Part 1 Day 9 < | >

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Drifter Challenge House 007 Part 1 – Day 9

House 007 Part 1 – Day 8 < | > House 007 Part 2 Chapter 1

Today’s goals:

House 007 Part One Day 9:
2PM: Schedule a party on the home lot
When party ends: Evict the contestant with the lowest relationship 
score then offer the final contestant a rose, ask to be boyfriend, 
then propose to them.
When this is done: Pause game play and move to part 2 of house 007

Again, we’re to follow Ariana’s whims. I’m happy to say this is the last day of Part 1. Now we just have to get a winner. The two contestants are completely tied up at this point, so it’ll be interesting to see how the day plays out.

We start out the day with more ghost watching.

Ever feel really creeped out when you wake up? … Crying Taylor decides this is the bed to cry in…

I laughed really hard when I realized Taylor’s watching the Sims of the Dead zombie movie. Too funny.

Vincent is first up with some pressing business for the bathroom – then he heads for breakfast.

Aww.. Taylor.. you broke it.. what are you still doing out at 6:20 in the morning!?

Breakfast with a ghost?

Then Taylor finally leaves at 7 AM.

Trent gets up about 7:30, and I simultaneously notice that the stereo is broken. Fixed! Both contestants seem to be in a good mood – both are inspired. .. Wait.. there’s a broken shower, too. Sigh. Well we know what Taylor was up to all night.

By the time Ariana gets up, the two boys are having a conversation in the kitchen. On opposite ends of the island.. nice, guys.

While Ariana eats, Trent comes up with a big hug for her.

And Vincent’s watching Roaring Vice… he must like that movie, because I know he’s already seen it!

Her romantic trait makes her flirty .. and she wants to be funny with Vincent and do something romantic. A dirty joke works for both.. then she wants to kiss someone, kiss Vincent, and woohoo with someone.

Trent is.. walking around in the gym.

Make out with Vincent and Hug someone. By this time her “flirty” mood changes to “very flirty” and “woohoo someone” turns into “hot tub woohoo” .. isn’t that where we had all those problems already?? Well.. we queue it up. Hopefully this works out!

Trent is standing just on the other side of the wall, making me nervous. Then he finally decides to go watch the big screen.

At least this time the woohoo was great.. and they didn’t get caught. (Still an hour and a half until party time.. and Ariana seems to have run out of wishes. She wants to take a cold shower, watch romantic TV.. and buy a toy. We nix the toy buying and “be friendly with Vincent” pops up. We fulfill that.. and “woohoo with Vincent” is next. Really? we just did that?!

Well, I send them off to take care of that whim, watching carefully.. as Trent goes back in to watch another movie. He’s obsessed. With the two of them flirty and he just happy.. this is going to be one interesting party. I fear it could go south rather quickly.. but how is the question. After the woohoo, she wants to compliment Vincent, then “get to know” him. Sweetie, I think you know him well enough already!

Anyway.. it’s party time.. I choose a black and white bash. Haven’t done more than one or two of these, and never been too successful at it, so that should be interesting. I thought a formal party would be fun for the end of this, though.. so here goes nothing!

First thing we do is have two sims play chess.. and she wants to flirt with Vincent. And Trent walks in on them… making it an awkward encounter.

There’s a goal to make Zebra Fizzes so I go order some of those.. and find out the Mixologist is Kelsie! Aww.. that’s awesome. Then Vincent takes a negative hit in the relationship department when Trent autonomously blows her a kiss.

And again. Poor Vincent. I knew somethings like this was going to happen, I just figured it would be Trent that took the hits.

Turns out.. Trent is sick, too. And is striped like a Zebra.. so does that count as black and white? LOL. The only thing I don’t manage to get for the party goals is “make shrimp cocktail” .. the caterer seems to be missing.. and there’s no way Ariana can make that. So we go without. It’ll still be a silver party. Vincent has to go to the bathroom, so he leaves Trent and Ariana alone in the dining room for a bit. I find it funny that she’s still wishing for Vincent through all this.. now she wants to “flirt with Vincent”. I’m not sure he’s up for that, sweetie. But I’ll try when he’s done in the bathroom!

Aha.. found the caterer. Not doing her job, of course.

I flirt with Vincent.. and Trent sees. So Trent takes a hit, too. And the whims dry up.

Caterer still not doing her job. She didn’t cook a single thing for the entire party. Why did I hire her?

All she wants is to not be sick using tea. So I go make her a cup of tea.

Trent is now sad, too… so romance with him might be rather difficult.

Then she wants to cloudgaze with Vincent. Okay then. It’s not going to repair the relationship, though.

.. And then I notice that the party ended. Time for scoring.

It’s obvious just by looking at the relationship panel who won. And it’s totally NOT who I expected!!

After kicking out Vincent (who leaves past a half-dead garden… sorry, plants, it was a weekend and I couldn’t take care of you!!)

I get the two of them “in the mood” with a couple of flirts… and…

I offer the final rose to Trent, who accepts.. he looks so happy! She rolls an “embrace Vincent” which I nix.. and then.. I can’t believe it.. but she starts rolling wants for Trent! She wants to woohoo with him and chat with him. Locking those in, I quickly finish out this part of the house.

Ask for boyfriend.. accepted.

Propose (I am so not sure this will work)…

…it’s a yes!

And that.. my friend, ends Part 1 of House 007.. see you in part 2!


House 007 Part 1 – Day 8 < | > House 007 Part 2 Chapter 1

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Drifter Challenge House 007 Part 1 – Day 8

House 007 Part 1 – Day 7 < | > House 007 Part 1 Day 9

Today’s goals:

House 007 Part One Day 8:
6PM: The last contestant leaves to go on a scored date with the 
main sim to any available travel location.
When date ends: Offer a rose to the contestant that attended and
return home
11PM: Evict the contestant with the lowest relationship score
12AM: Bedtime

Again, we’re to follow Ariana’s whims…. and today’s date is for Vincent, so she should be happy about that. Today is also the last date before tomorrow’s final party. (in other words, we’re almost done!)

Before we do anything else, we have a bit of ghost-watching to do:

Talking to the plants.. they’ve probably felt really neglected.

… And again with the teapot. Silly ghostie.

Vincent is first awake and he heads straight for breakfast. Sean is up right after him and follows suit.

Trent is last but not least, and is in a far better mood today, it seems. We’ll have to wait to see if that lasts. Oh, wait! Trent feels dizzy.. the poor guy is sick.

While Ariana gets her morning shower, the boys chat, dance, and watch TV.. not necessarily in that order. Then, it’s breakfast time for her.

Trent sure loves those fishies.

Ariana wants to compliment someone and then hug.. and tell a joke. Sorta plain jane whims there.. but that’s probably a good idea in this house. (Things are pretty volatile with the relationships up so high.. one wrong move could easily tip the scales.)

Another hug, while Vincent plays games..

..and Trent is again watching a movie in the theater.

After some chatting, she rolls a whim to “get flirty” .. so I send her and Vincent (who she was already chatting to) outside to talk. Hopefully the other two are too busy to get involved!

They quickly get flirty (Vincent first, then Ariana) and she immediately rolls a whim to woohoo with him. Already? .. Okay then.

Then she wants to be funny to him. Can do! Then she keeps wanting to donate to charity. Boring. LOL.. and she wants a cold shower? Who wants that?! She’s so weird sometimes.

How about this one… watch romance TV. Can do that one… which starts up a conversation with Trent and Sean. I try to keep cancelling the autonomous romantic socials that keep popping up.. but I’m sure I’m going to miss one and there’s going to be heck to pay if I do… So far so good. We let her take a potty break before the date.. but I have a feeling getting Vincent alone to ask him is going to be tough.

Then, inexplicably, the other two leave Vincent alone in the family room. Score! Bonus..

…she wants to make out with him. Okay then.

What are the other two doing? Well, Sean is watching the cooking show on the big screen.. he has watched so much of it he’s now level 2 of cooking. Silly guy. Trent is.. heading to chat with Sean. Good, they’re both occupied.

Time to ask for the date.. and it seems Vincent is complaining of a fever. LOL Too bad, it’s your turn now! As I had planned earlier, I’m sending them to the Von Haunt Estate.. another place I haven’t really been to.

They need to sit and chat.. and looks like the closest place to do that is in the maze.. so I do some chatting, then head for the maze.

Vincent apparently knows a shortcut, because he has to wait on Ariana for a while.

She wants to “Get to know” Vincent. With both bars completely full, you would think she already knows enough! We oblige her anyway.. and then she needs to do joking and deep conversations for the date.. those done, she rolls whims for hugging someone and woohooing in a bush.. and just woohoo in general. Guess she knows what she wants! (She’s also nauseous from being sick, apparently. Poor thing.)

Birdies fly out of the bush when you climb in.. I never noticed that before!


Hug for whim time… She’s already on a date and she rolls “schedule a date” right after the hug. She’s clearly confused. Cue date spam..

Then she’s all “embrace Vincent,” “Make out with Vincent”, and my favorite “Do something Romantic.” This date is taking forever! She runs out of whims for Vincent and starts hoping to buy toys and schedule another date. Then it’s “ask someone to go steady” .. sorry, no can do, Ariana.

Then, finally, the date is pretty much over so I offer the rose and start working our way out of this crazy maze.

(At least the ghosts didn’t bother us way out here!) Another legendary date!

Scoring.. doesn’t take a rocket scientist.. there’s one clear loser.

Sorry Sean.. 😦 But the other two are completely tied. Something’s going to have to happen tomorrow to change that or they’ll go into the end tied.. and I don’t know what happens then!

I kick Sean out, sadly… and wonder what will happen tomorrow.

Vincent is.. AGAIN in Ariana’s bed. He clearly thinks he’s won. We make him go to his bed. Bedtime for everyone!

.. Except Taylor.

Bye Sean!

House 007 Part 1 – Day 7 < | > House 007 Part 1 Day 9

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Drifter Challenge House 007 Part 1 – Day 7

House 007 Part 1 – Day 6 < | > House 007 Part 1 Day 8

Today’s goals:

House 007 Part One Day 7:
6PM: The second contestant leaves to go on a scored date with the 
main sim to any available travel location.
When date ends: Offer a rose to the contestant that attended and
return home
12AM: Bedtime

Again, we’re to follow Ariana’s whims.

Trent is, again, the first one up, and he’s Angry. He immediately starts his day by kicking the trash can..

… and just walking away like nothing is wrong.

Then he goes to get a drink. Drinking away your problems, huh, Trent? He follows that up with taking the cup upstairs to wash it and use the bathroom. Then he takes a bath.. I must be bored because I’m literally just following him around the house.

Yay! Vincent’s up and is eating breakfast. He looks exhausted, but he’s not. He does like to complain about the mess that the kitchen is in, though. Trent comes stomping in with trash.. and I check, and it looks like he just picked up the pile outside and left the trash can lying there.

Then all the boys pitch in and get the kitchen in order.

*shocked face* Trent literally just took the food out from under Sean’s hand and walked off with it to eat it. I didn’t even know sims could steal food! LOL!

(And don’t worry about Sean, he headed back to the fridge to get something else.)

Trent spends his breakfast time  complaining/sniping at his friends because he’s angry. I’m afraid to know what those relationships are going to look like by the end of the day.

I finally get Ariana up and have her take care of needs. She starts out the day with wanting to “kiss someone” and “kiss Vincent.” Sigh.. here we go again! Meanwhile, the boys are having a conversation in the kitchen.

Trent goes to watch TV, Vincent to watch the fish, and Sean goes to hug Vincent (while thinking about Trent?).. weird interaction, but okay….

Vincent then goes to chat with Trent, who has some moodlets over-riding the anger for a while, and is happy to converse… looks like they’re talking about vacuum cleaners. (I have a private chuckle seeing the same maid as was horrified at the hot tub woohoo from yesterday is here today again.)

With all the ghosties using the tea brewer, it’s all stinky, so while she eats I have her empty it. Now the fun begins. I try “calling over” Vincent to see if he’ll leave his conversation with Trent so I can isolate him for his morning kiss. No need to antagonize Trent further. It works!

Kissin’ in the kitchen. Now she wants to make out with Vincent and schedule a date. I lock both in.. because both are possible. Now to try to find a room where other guys aren’t at.

Sean and Trent are talking/drinking in the “family room,” and I figure upstairs is probably a good bet. Better than outside, at least.

I have them make out.. and then she wants to cloudgaze with him.

Okay.. easy enough.

(Trent is in the movie theater.. apparently he liked that from yesterday.. )

…and Sean is monopolizing the TV in the family room. “Ask Vincent to be Boyfriend” no.. no can do. Flirt is next.

And that I can do. Then she wants to woohoo with him. Sigh.. isn’t that what started all the trouble yesterday?

.. Okay okay.. here goes nothing. (It’s really disconcerting to do a “woohoo with and see three possibilities. Clearly my sims lean toward monogamy under my control.) Luckily, the other two seem pretty occupied.

The next whim is be friendly with Vincent. She sure likes this guy, I’m tellin’ ya. And then the same thing again. I have her “talk about dreams” and her thought bubble is a grave? That’s a little creepy.


Then, like the previous days, we hit a dry spell. I’m afraid to have them all get together for an activity because it’s likely to go all wrong. (By this point, they ALL have high romantic relationships with her! Trent, currently has the lowest, and I think I’m going to have him be the date today.) Finally a flirt with Vincent pops up and we can do that.

I find Trent cleaning up the broken dishwasher’s mess.. so I quickly replace said dishwasher… and decide it’s his turn to chat with her.

I have them chat…

…then start flirting.. all the while carefully watching the door for other folk. Man, this sneaking around thing is stressful!

Sean.. is still watching Cooking channel.. which I find funny. And Vincent decides to go hug him.

Finally, we get another whim pop up.. and of course, it’s to talk with Vincent.

Then she wants to flirt with him.. sigh.. not here, you silly man! I have them go to the dining room next door. Sean still seems oblivious… and Trent is watching another movie. (Actually, it looks like the same one he was watching earlier. haha.)

Vincent autonomously kisses her (luckily the other guys are still preoccupied!)… and it’s getting to be time for the date.. so I break off the conversation with Vincent and go to track down Trent. Vincent immediately runs to.. some basketball. Okay then.

Trent is accepting her flirts, so I figure the date should be a “go” today (as opposed to what happened yesterday!).. so we talk for a few more minutes before asking at 6 PM as per the rules. I send them to the Ancient Ruins. I don’t think I’ve actually been there before in game, so this should be fun. First thing I do is look around. There’s a couple of benches, a bonfire.. and a bush. We’re set. LOL.

And nobody is going to interrupt us here! If Trent is to stand a chance against Vincent’s max relationship, he’s going to have to really accept everything for this date.

One of the tasks has to be “get playful” .. sigh this could be difficult. But we’ll try! She also rolls a whim to woohoo in the okay then. He just doesn’t seem to want to get playful.

Once it gets dark, other people start showing up, but we’re still going for the bush woohoo. They’ll just have to deal. LOL! (One of them is Thomas! haha)

Then he has to pee, so we let him use the bush for that.. and I go start up the bonfire.

.. And have them “dance together”. I continue to try to get him in a playful mood, but he just seems stuck on flirty. Finally, I give up.. and he goes to take a nap on a bench. Poor guy, he’s been up since ten til 6AM. The whole thing ends after that with a “legendary” date, and I send them home.

Oops.. almost forgot the rose! (again)

THEN they can go home. I send everyone to bed.. right as a ghost pops in. Who is it?


Guys, I have no idea how this is going to end, because both Trent and Vincent have both bars completely full. What happens if there’s a tie?! I guess we’ll just have to see!

House 007 Part 1 – Day 6 < | > House 007 Part 1 Day 8

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Drifter Challenge House 007 Part 1 – Day 6

House 007 Part 1 – Day 5 < | > House 007 Part 1 Day 7

Today’s goals:

House 007 Part One Day 6:
6PM: The first contestant leaves to go on a scored date with the 
main sim to any available travel location.
When date ends: Offer a rose to the contestant that attended and
return home
12AM: Bedtime

Again, we’re to follow Ariana’s whims… they’ll probably all be for Vincent. (lol)

First off.. we see Taylor is still around.. and See? My ghosts love the tea brewer.

Trent is, again, the earliest up.. and also sad.

Bonus: Fat Grim is headed to go fishing again. He really likes fishing in my game!

Sean and Vincent are up next, and Vincent is apparently sad, too.

Then, to make matters worse, Vincent walks in on Sean in the bathroom (c’mon guys, there’s four full bathrooms in this house, you can find an empty one, easy.) So the one person who was happy is now embarrassed.

Luckily, Ariana sleeps through the whole thing. I finally have her get up and make her breakfast (since the fridge is empty again.. guess I’ll call in a caterer.)

While Ariana has breakfast, Sean is dancing (apparently his bubble bath over-rode the embarrassed moodlet),

….and the other two are still sad pandas. (But at least Trent is being a useful sad panda!)

The caterer is being particularly useful (not).

Then I catch an autonomous hug out behind the monster of a house… aww.

So I decide it’s a gorgeous morning, they’re all going swimming. (Since this pool has had a total of I think 3 sims in it ever.. )

That lasts all of about two seconds. They all jump in, then leave. Sigh. Okay, fine, I’m following wishes. She wants to hug someone. The last person out of the pool was Trent, so he gets the hug.

Now she’s wishing for Vincent again. Make out with and flirt with. Since he’s sad that’s going to be a tough one, but we’ll try.

Try to cheer up works.. and he’s automatically flirty. So we get both of her whims done.. now she wants to be friendly with him. And donate to charity…. haha.

Then she wants to kiss him. okay…. Then, it’s a dry spell for wants for the guys. So I send her down to dance with everyone.

.. Next it’s “cloudgaze with Vincent” .. Which is rudely interrupted (so I can’t get a picture) by one of the service sims acting inappropriately. Who knows what they did, I certainly didn’t see it. Now she wants to woohoo with Vincent and do something romantic. So I try to get him alone.

I manage to get him alone, and send them to woohoo in the hot tub. Unfortunately, the man-maid saw the whole thing because he was leaving for the day then. I laughed way too hard at it. But he looked mortified.

Then Trent walked out. ARGH. Juggling boys is NOT my cup of tea, I’m learning. She gets a “caught with another” moodlet and is VERY embarrassed… Which is not a good thing, so I try to alleviate it as much as possible before date time. .. And Trent slaps her.. that’s not a social I’ve seen before and I completely miss taking a screenshot. The funniest part of the whole thing?

Apparently the woohoo was awful.

…So it’s time for the date.. and I decide to pick the one with the lowest relationship. More because the first guy on the relationship bar is still (and will be for a while) sad. Sean, at least, seems like he’s in a good mood (although I catch him crying at “Simder” .. lol)  …. Even worse, he turns her down! Guess it’s a group outing then!

He’s all embarrassed, so I invite him to cloudgaze. Maybe that will over-ride it. No such luck.

Finally, his embarrassed moodlet wears off. Her whims are for Vincent, and he’s not even here! So we’ll just try to be romantic… in a low-key sort of way.

It’s an hour late, but she’s wishing for a date.. so I go ahead and ask. Success.

… But he’s gotta pee. This day is just a comedy of errors! I let him take a minute.. and keep cancelling her “go flirt with him” autonomous actions.

Eventually, the date is at golden, and she has one whim slot that keeps re-rolling romantic whims. She even gets one (eventually) that says “make out with Sean.” .. then flirt with Sean. Finally. Whims that don’t revolve around Vincent.

Both of them are exhausted, so I send them home. Turns out I forgot the rose.

I make up for this with a quick rose before they crash.

Trent.. is Very Angry from jealousy. So he stomps his way to bed. (A little late.. I got hung up at the date since it started late…) I change around the rooms a bit, let each of the three finalists their own room… And that’s the end of the night. Sorta anti-climactic after all the fireworks today. And no ghosts were out… so, we’ll see you tomorrow!

House 007 Part 1 – Day 5 < | > House 007 Part 1 Day 7

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Drifter Challenge House 007 Part 1 – Day 5

House 007 Part 1 – Day 4 < | > House 007 Part 1 Day 6

Today’s goals:

House 007 Part One Day 5:
2PM: the three losing fishing competition participants go on a 
group outing with main sim.
6PM: Return home
11PM: Evict the contestant with the lowest relationship status
12AM: Bedtime

Again, we’re to follow Ariana’s whims… which is always interesting, I’m finding.

The losing fishers are Jeffrey, Vincent, and Sean… so that’s who gets to go on the outing today.

Vincent wakes up at 6, terribly sad… and all I could think was “Oh, here we go again.”

The other three guys wake up and start their days..

…the last to get up is Trent, who is sad yet again.

Since she still wants to be flirty, I have her watch the romance channel while eating her breakfast. Then she wants to watch the world culture network.. so I change the channel.

Then let’s get to know Vincent. Again? This guy is a whim magnet.

We plant a kiss on him as well.

Then she wants to embrace him. Can do.

Do something romantic.. and woohoo Vincent. Well then, she’s not beating around the bush today, is she? I send them to the sauna.

Now she wants to cloudgaze with him and make out with him. Geeze, girl.. make up your mind.. friendly or more than friends.

After making out, she wants to be friendly to Vincent and hug someone. Guess we can do that at the same time.

Then she wants to compliment him. Apparently all of her whims today are for Vincent! (I found it absolutely hilarious that she complimented his outfit when he was still in a towel.. I laughed way too hard at it.)

At this point, she needed a bathroom break. Badly. And it was almost time for the outing. I let the fact that she was pretty hungry, too, dictate where the date would happen, and sent them back to the restaurant. That worked out really well last time. I would have picked someplace else, but she was hungry!

While she took her potty break, I checked on the other guys. Vincent had decided to play chess with his flirty self.. (and I managed to forget to take a picture!)

Jeffrey was flirty for who knows what reason. (aha.. watching romance TV .. while standing up.. grr.. so annoying.)

Trent was heading to the workout room to dance.

.. while Sean was already there.

Time for the outing!

We sit down at the table, I order for everyone.. Fizzy Fruity Drinks and Steaks for everyone.. yum. (Doesn’t help that I’m hungry right now.. lol …)

And at the beginning of the conversation, I quickly sneak in a flirt for Vincent.

Now she wants to woohoo him (can’t, no bush here.) and be friendly to him. You DO know there’s other people here, too, Ariana??!

Then she starts rolling wants for buying toys. So I have her talk to the lowest relationship guy there – Jeffrey. Gotta give the poor guy a chance, right? A couple socials and they’re good friends finally. (the other two are up where Best friends could happen if I was allowed to use it.)

Lots of socials and a meal later.. They all look pretty even.

Per her whim, I give Jeffrey a hug, since she didn’t say which one….

And it’s time to head home. No rose for today, thank goodness, I wouldn’t know which one to choose! Scoring will happen soon enough tonight. I dread someone else going home.

We get home… to find Ariana mourning someone. Great. Just what I need, another sad sim! (Trent is STILL sad.) Now she still wants to woohoo Vincent, and be romantic with someone. So I’ll try to track down Vincent.

He’s showering, but I nix that idea by asking for woohoo.

Now she wants to flirt with.. guess who? Vincent. She has a one track mind…

Then hug and embrace him. Sigh. Next? A “kiss someone” .. you mean I can pick anyone?! Sean has the lowest score at the moment, we’ll see if he’ll accept a kiss. Turns out he was busy watching the cooking channel. Yep! Accepted. I was sneaky and waited for Vincent to leave the room (poor guy needed a shower badly).

And she’s right back to dreaming of Vincent. Or at the very least, getting whims for him. She wants to compliment him and make out with him. Before the conversation ends with Sean, however, he tries to do something romantic and Ariana completely rejects him, so he takes a hit on the romance bar.

So I take care of the friendly stuff then get them to make out again.. and Trent walks in on them. *Facepalm* Somehow, he doesn’t take a hit in the relationship or get sad again (I have no idea how!)

And now she wants to be friendly with Vincent. She clearly has chosen HER favorite. Then she wants to flirt with someone.. and that time did tick off Trent.

At this point.. I realize everyone is in the same room. Why not start another dance party? Oh.. then I thought of the Movie Theater room I have set up in the house (and have never used!) .. Let’s do that!

Of course nobody bothers sitting down. Until I make them. I have them watch Roaring Vice .. it’s one of my faves.

Halfway through the movie someone flirts with Ariana and Trent takes another hit. Since Jeffrey is the one who got embarrassed, I’m going to go out on a limb and say it was him.

Then, Vincent got sad too. What a complicated mess of things!

After the movie, I send everyone to go dance again. One by one, they all headed off to bed….

…it was then I noticed something that made me really laugh. Vincent chose to sleep in Ariana’s double bed!! I felt bad, but when “bed time” comes around, I’ll be kicking him out to go back to his bed. He hasn’t won yet!

I left everyone sleep.. Ariana needed a shower and potty break anyway. Then it was time for scoring.

And believe it or not I came up with an exact tie. How in the.. ?!? Now what. Tried doing “confess attraction” with both of them (ticking off Trent again) .. both accepted.. and they’re still dead even.

I thought about asking Vihisha what she would do.. but I want to keep playing. So, …Fine. I’ll come up with a tie breaker. The loser of the very last competition goes home. Which means .. goodbye Jeffrey.

He seems to be okay with it on the household screen..

Poor guy can’t catch a break. While I go to kick him out, he gets scared by a ghostly Taylor!

Bye! (It totally looks like Taylor is showing him the door, doesn’t it?)

Off topic bonus.. my ghosts LOVE the tea machine. All of them do something with it whenever they come out. It’s too funny.

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Drifter Challenge House 007 Part 1 – Day 4

House 007 Part 1 – Day 3 < | > House 007 Part 1 Day 5

Today’s goals:

House 007 Part One Day 4:
8AM: Fishing contest
10AM: End of fishing contest
4PM: The contestant who won the fishing contest goes on a scored 
date with the main sim to any available travel location.
When date ends: offer rose to the contestant in attendance and 
return home.
12AM: bedtime

Again, we’re to follow Ariana’s whims.

Ooh! Say hi to Mika. She gets herself some tea and then leaves it on the counter. Thanks, Mika.

Trent wakes up with his jealousy moodlet, so he’s sad for the day. (Unless of course I can get him to cheer up)

The rest of the boys slowly wake up and start attending to their needs.

Trent seems to cheer up while cleaning up the dishes…?

Then, the fishing competition starts.

We have a three way tie at the halfway point, and shortly after…

… Jeffrey is the first one to quit fishing, having caught absolutely nothing.

The three way tie fishes for another hour as per rules.

At the end of that hour, Trent has an apple, a fish, and an upgrade part, totaling 100 simoleons worth.

Sean just has his one fish, totaling 7 simoleons.

Vincent also just has his 7 simoleon fish. So Trent wins by a landslide.

Feeling bad for Trent, as soon as everyone is back home, I try to cheer him up. It works! Usually it doesn’t work for me, so this is a nice change.

Soon as I’ve got that done, I see about her other whims. She wants to kiss someone and  get to know Vincent. Since we’re already talking to Trent, we give him the kiss and then head off to find Vincent. (she rolls a second “get to know” Vincent after the kiss.. LOL)

We “get to know” Vincent for both of her whims… Make out with Vincent and “do something romantic” show up.

Can do!  …Then two flirt with Vincents. I’m starting to see a pattern.

Meanwhile, Trent is cooking. Thank god he chose a salad.

Jeffrey’s eating… and Sean is listening to music.

Then she wants to hug someone and watch romance on the TV. Watch world culture network… then some random fitness ones that we cancel. Fine. I’ll find someone to hug. Sean has the lowest relationship, so we’ll go hug him.

Schedule a date pops up. We’ll do that in a bit, there Ariana. And donate to a charity… repeatedly. So I give up on re-rolling stuff and put everyone into a group for some dancing.

While dancing, I see a bunch of notices about all the guys getting to be good friends, which I find hilarious. There’s also some romance minuses, but from what I didn’t see.

Date accepted. I decide to head to the Bluffs.

She wants immediately to become flirty and get to know Trent. Both of which I can work on. Too bad he’s once again Sad…?! Try to cheer up fails.. so let’s try getting to know him. Now she wants to woohoo with him. That’s going to be tough with him being upset and all. But we’ll work on it.

Flirt rejected.. let’s try something else. Maybe I can get him to be playful with joking and then work our way to romance? Flirt rejected again. Hmm…

I finally get him flirting .. things are looking GREAT!

Then suddenly he’s back to being sad and pushes her away. 😦 I’m so shocked that I miss the actual push in the screenshot.

The date meter wants us to sit and talk.. so I go do that, trying very slowly to work my way back to a nice conversation. Finally, I get him back to playful, then flirty..

and before things change again, I have her ask to woohoo in the friendly neighborhood bush.

As they’re woohooing the date ends.

So as soon as they’re back out, I give him the rose and hightail it home. By this point, they’re both filthy from frolicking in the bush.. lol.. so going home is high on the list of priorities.

At this point, she still wants to be flirty (she never got that far on the date.. lol) and kiss someone. First, though.. shower and bed. We’ll get to those tomorrow. Everyone tucks themselves in while Ariana finishes her midnight snack and goes to bed.


Meanwhile, Jennie is out. She’ll keep the house safe while everyone sleeps.

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Drifter Challenge House 007 Part 1 – Day 3

House 007 Part 1 – Day 2 < | > House 007 Part 1 Day 4

Today’s goals:

House 007 Part One Day 3:
2 PM: The two painting competition winners go on a group outing
5 PM: The person on this outing with the highest relationship is
offered a rose
6 PM: Return home
11 PM: Evict the contestant with the lowest relationship
12 AM: Bedtime

Again, we’re to follow Ariana’s whims.

Taylor sighting!


Thomas and Trent (today’s group outing contestants) are up at 4:30.. why, I couldn’t tell you.. but I foresee they’re going to be tired later!

Cleaning house..
Watching TV…
Eating breakfast…

Finally, all the boys are up and taking care of their needs.

03-04-17_9-30-37-am 03-04-17_9-30-51-am

Ariana wakes up and takes a shower and bathroom break. I notice two things. First, Sean has a “drifting love” moodlet, and second – the fridge is completely empty. I have Ariana hire a caterer to fill up the fridge, but there’s very little I can do for Sean. Ariana eats a snack then starts in on following her whims. First thing she wants to do is chat with Vincent and hug someone. Then she rolls “tell a joke” so I figure we can do all those things pretty easily.


Vincent is in a conversation with Jeffrey.. and Ariana rolls a want to kiss Vincent. I don’t think this is going to go well.. but she wants to, so ok. (We nixed a “ask to be boyfriend” want for Vincent before this one popped up.)

03-04-17_9-38-04-am 03-04-17_9-38-24-am

Yet another want for a kiss.. and a want to woohoo Vincent shows up. Here goes nothing.. it’s not like this conversation wasn’t really strange already!


We just have time for her last two whims before the outing: get to know Vincent and be friendly with Vincent. A “get to know” interaction solves both.


Time for the outing! I’m going to send them to my nightclub.

Get to know Trent and flirt with Trent show up, so we start out with those.


Next it’s “hug” and “kiss” so we work our way up to a first kiss with him.

03-04-17_9-58-34-am 03-04-17_10-00-19-am

A want to Woohoo shows up, but I neglected to put a bush down here, so we’ll skip it for now. Then she wants to dance to the DJ so I have them “dance together”.


I found it funny that most the “people” here are ghosts..


A want to do something romantic comes up and I decide to have her do that with Thomas so he isn’t left out.

03-04-17_10-05-02-am 03-04-17_10-09-44-am

Eventually, she’s back to wishing for Trent, so we go get her flirt on with him. Thomas heads to the bathroom.


Then we hit a dry spell on wants.. nothing is do-able. After some more dancing and talking, it’s time for the score.


Checking the relationships, Trent comes out a slight, but clear winner.. so we offer him a rose in an already Awkward conversation.


Rose is accepted, then time is up so I send everyone home.


She still has her want to woohoo with Trent.. so I send her over for a couple of flirts.. and wouldn’t you know it, but now she wants to woohoo in the hot tub. We’ll give it a go! Soon as they finish the hot tub woohoo, Trent gets a drifting love moodlet. Sims logic – go figure.


She also has two “get to know” Vincent whims, so let’s do those. Embrace and make out.

03-04-17_10-24-44-am 03-04-17_10-26-32-am

Can do. Another dry spell on wants, so I send her off to talk to someone other than Trent and Vincent!


Time to score again.

Vincent 4 + 4 = 8
Sean 3 + 1 = 4
Trent 3 + 3 = 6
Jeffrey 2 + 1 = 3
Thomas 1 + 2 = 3

With a tie for the lowest, I’m torn about what to do. Both say “Romantic Interest” so that’s no help, either. I base the “leave” vote on the fact that she’s currently socializing with Jeffrey, therefore her relationship with him is higher after the socialization.


So, that leaves Thomas out in the cold. Sorry, Thomas. I have her “just be friends” with him before he leaves. Bye Thomas!

Bonus: Hi Mika!!


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Drifter Challenge House 007 Part 1 – Day 2

House 007 Part 1 – Day 1 < | > House 007 Part 1 – Day 3

Today’s goals:

House 007 Part One Day 2:
8 AM: Painting competition
2 PM: Group Outing with the four lowest painters
5 PM: Give a rose to the contestant with the highest relationship 
on this outing
6 PM: return home
Kick out one contender (lowest relationship score on outing)
12 AM: Bedtime

Again, we follow Ariana’s whims. But before we get started.. It’s ghost watching time.


At least he’s being useful.


Bye Trace!

There’s a little activity in the house before the painting competition, but not much.


Thomas elects for an early morning workout, while the other few souls up are seeing about breakfast.

At 8 AM, everyone except Ariana wakes up as if on cue. Most are hungry.. but they’re going to have to wait for food. As per instructions, every contestant is sent to an easel (unlocking the studio door first, of course).


Everyone seems to really be taking this seriously, and working really hard on their small classic paintings.


I send Ariana to go get breakfast. Never know when she’ll get another chance to eat, and she doesn’t exactly have to supervise the boys. That would just be weird.


The painting continues.

One by one, they finish their paintings and head off to take care of other needs, mostly hunger or pee. Sean beelines for the TV.

neilpaint seanpaint jeffreypaint trentpaint thomaspaintvincentpaint

Vincent takes his time and is the only one to hit painting level 2 during his painting session.


Totaling up the paintings.. We have a tie that must go into a paint-off. Sean and Trent tie for second place, and since I need to know who’s second vs who’s third, I send them back to paint again.


Ariana rolls up a completely unreal want.. deciding she suddenly wants a boyfriend. No. Just no ….and then she goes to prune the bonsai tree. (making herself focused, of all things.)


I send the two boys off for the painting competition round 2.


Then, she wants to get to know Vincent. That I can do.

Kiss someone? I don’t think her relationship is high enough to even attempt it with anyone… She just keeps rolling wishes for the dart board and the foosball tables. (Finally, I delete them so she can start having whims for the boys. I am eventually left wondering why I did that.. lol.. so much chaos….)


I decide to have everyone dance together. Since it’s an activity everyone can do together.


Sean loses the painting competitions which means that Sean, Neil, Vincent, and Jeffrey are the sims to go on today’s outing, Thomas and Trent go on tomorrow’s.


In the intervening time before the outing, I have them dancing and chatting with as many of them as is possible.


The outing.. Ariana calls for transportation.. again, it’s Sean, Neil, Vincent, and Jeffrey.. and I send them to the Drifter restaurant I built (and recently upgraded to allow for bigger parties of sims to visit).


I have a heck of a time trying to get all of them sitting at the same table.


Everyone keeps wandering off to go to the bathroom.


I order for the table.. roast chicken and root beer floats. sounds good to me (except for the root beer, I only like root beer in candy form.. lol)


Eventually, I do get them all sitting at the same table. We were even given a patio table, which is a first for me at this restaurant, and it makes for some really nice screenshots.


Anyone who reads my “Travelers” blog will laugh because this lady in the pinkish shirt shows up at the table and stays for a while, just like the paparazzi showed up at the Traveler’s table.


The order seems to take forever to arrive, though, and I end up wondering if I’ll have to give the rose before it even arrives. Finally, it does.. thirty minutes before it’s time for the rose. I score the date while letting them finish their meal.



Vincent 4 = 4
Sean 3 + 2 = 5
Jeffrey 2 + 1 = 3
Neil 2 = 2


(Neil also has a “just friends” listed in his relationship panel for some reason) In the end, it’s no surprise to me that Sean wins, as she has had a whim to make out with him all day.


Rose accepted!


Since she has a want to kiss someone and that option is actually available, I go ahead and indulge her in her whim. Kiss accepted! (somehow I missed the actual kiss, but I got the big heart afterwards.)


I send all the boys back home, but Ariana has to use the restroom first.. otherwise there’s going to be an accident!


Turns out I also forgot to pay the bill. (I’m so not good at the restaurant thing in game yet), but luckily they charged us anyway.


Due to the “make out with Sean” whim I mentioned, I try to get him on a couch and get the option available.. and success!

She now wants to hug someone and flirt with Vincent. Make up your mind, girl!


So we head over to do that. He’s in the movie theater, so the pics are dark.. but he accepts a flirt (still no pink bar though!) and the hug she wants. Now she wants to kiss someone again. So we flirt again.. and that’s accepted. Pink bar appears!


One more flirt and the “kiss” option appears. Success! Now she wants to “do something romantic”.. perhaps we should pick someone else. Oh, and “be friendly” with Sean. One thing at a time.


It’s about now I remember I forgot to kick Neil out, so I go do that really quick before anything else happens to make me forget.


Done. I head over to the guy with the lowest relationship and no pink bar for her “want to do something romantic” (by this point, there’s only one person in the household that she doesn’t have a pink bar with!) Which he refuses. Then accepts? I am so confused.. but he now has a pink bar too.


Wants: make out with Vincent and be friendly with Sean. We choose to do the Sean one first. She also wants to give him a hug… so we do that too.


And “Get to know Vincent” appears. So we’re off to find Vincent again. Get to know complete, “donation to a charity” appears and I get rid of it.


Since you can’t make out until First Kiss is complete, we do that (I just realize she got two “first kisses” on Vincent for some reason… She wants to schedule a date. A little late in the evening for that, sweetie. We bypass that one too.


The closest place to sit down is the garden bench so I send them out there to try for the “make out” session she wants. She also wants to flirt with someone, so that’ll work for that too.


After making out with Vincent, she wants to flirt with him. So we do that too in the few minutes we have left until bedtime.


Then she wants to hug someone and .. buy a toy!? *face palm* Ariana, what the heck. You’re about five hundred steps ahead of the game.


Five minutes left.. “Kiss someone” and “kiss Vincent” .. okay.

Time for bed. Ariana is pretty exhausted by this point.. and so am I. What a day!


Bonus: there’s a ghost out. Hi Taylor! We’ll leave everyone here sleeping (No idea when or where Neil exited, I missed it in all the hullabaloo. And I just learned that apparently hullabaloo is in the dictionary. Who knew.)

See you next time!

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Drifter Challenge House 007 Part 1 – Day 1

House 007 Contestant Bios < | > House 007 Part One Day 2

Today’s goals:

House 007 Part One Day 1: (Meet N' Greet)
Before 4pm: Perform one Flirty interaction with each Contestant
4 PM: Schedule a party
11 PM: Give a rose to the contestant with the highest relationship 
12 PM: Bedtime
Kick out one contender (lowest score)

Gameplay is to follow Ariana’s whims and wishes.. so this should be interesting. Not a game play style I’m very good at. Before doing anything else, I pause, set up the game options, and change a few things in the house (double beds to single beds, adding a sprinkler system.. you know, the important things.) Shown here:

02-17-17_10-15-52-pm 02-17-17_10-17-58-pm

Also, I locked the “extra master bedroom” (the greenish one at the left of the above screenshot) and replaced the office archway/doors with actual doors that I could lock so the guys don’t all head off and do their own thing. After another save and backup just to be safe.. We’re off.

The day for Ariana and her contestants starts at 8:30 AM (I was very excited about getting her aged so she had called off school for the day)… so I have a lot of time to be following her around and paying attention to her wishes. I foresee a lot of pausing the game so I don’t get overwhelmed.

She starts off wanting to play the violin (from being sad), wanting to talk to Vincent, and wanting to embrace someone. Hold on a minute there, sweetie.. you have to get to know them first before springing that on someone! I plan to do five friendly actions with each contestant and then the one flirt. Best laid plans and all that.


Trent was first, because he’s on the household bar first…. and he accepted all chats and the flirt! .. Which quickly made both of them flirty.


He seems pretty happy with himself. So, per her whims, I gave him an embrace – also accepted.



Sean was next, and happened to be standing in an awkward place right behind Vincent – making photo taking tough.. thanks, buddy.


All accepted, including the flirt.. now he’s flirty, too. LOL. And immediately, she wants to schedule a date. I think I’ll bypass that as I’m still working on getting everyone their flirt.


Thomas was next.. and was actually standing in an easier place to take pictures at. All accepted, no flirty this time though. (Apparently I missed the flirt photo.)


Vincent was next, and whim achieved to chat with him. Flirt accepted, both got flirty. This is going to be interesting… lol. Now she wants to kiss someone and watch romance TV… the kiss someone we’ll try… no option for it, though.. so perhaps not. (Another missed shot.)


After a quick potty break for poor Ariana, we search out Levi. He’s busy watching the fish on the other side of the house. All accepted, and another flirty sim in the house. haha.



Neil is busy hiding in bed because he chose to visit the family graveyard.. so he’ll get skipped for now.


On to Jeffrey. And he’s busy talking to a bunch of other guys.. so this could get awkward.. but somehow doesn’t.


Another flirty sim.


Time to chase down Neil. Who is still sad.


Tried consoling him about death.. which he was ok with.. and the first flirt turned down from any of the guys.


Both are now embarrassed, and it’s 3:21.. so I finished just in time. Since she’s still talking to Neil, I have her tell her self-deprecating joke that she wants to him.

With our extra time before the party, I have her hire a maid. And a gardener. It’s 3:57.. close enough.


Let’s party! I choose a costume party.. because I’ve never done one in sims, and it sounds like good fun.


All seven are set up as guests, Ariana the host. Hired the obvious caterer and mixologist.. and here goes nothing.


Haha! Hotdogs galore! (Ariana and three others, plus two clowns and two grim reapers.) I get rid of several impossible wants, and she’s back to wanting to flirt with Vincent.


First, we start with talking about costumes for the party. We’ll track him down in a minute.


Bonus… the Caterer is cute!


When we finally get down to the kitchen and Vincent, he accepts the flirt. Then she wants to tell a successful joke.. and since Sean’s right there in the conversation, he gets the joke.




Thomas for some reason changes out of his costume, but I can still compliment him on it. One less hotdog in the house, I guess. Someone.. I don’t catch who.. sends her a blown kiss which she accepts.


And it’s officially the biggest conversation I’ve ever had in Sims. Jeffrey refuses a compliment on his costume.. so there goes that relationship. hehe.


And, right on cue.. the dishwasher breaks… so I replace it. (hey no stabbing guests with forks Ariana!)


She wants to become playful, so we work on that. Then a wish for a flirt goes awry and half the conversation turns flirty.. which, is understandably awkward.


I send Ariana to order the second Buffalo Wing Tea for the party.. and hope other people get drinks, too. (They do..)


Hey, you’re not supposed to be chatting with the help!


Mixologist showing off.


Party turns out to be .. bronze.


Thomas gets embarrassed by being caught dreaming big on the outside basketball court.. which I found really funny since it was the caterer that found him.



Trent 7 + 1 = 8
Vincent 6 = 6
Sean 5 + 2 = 7
Thomas 4 = 4
Neil 3 = 3
Levi 2 = 2
Jeffrey 1 + 1 = 2

Since there was a tie for last place (I honestly couldn’t tell you there was any difference in their relationship bars.. I made a tie breaker of who would accept a low level flirt. Jeffrey accepted…


Levi refused. Tie broken, Levi has to go home. At least I did have a clear winner: Trent.

02-17-17_11-51-49-pm 02-17-17_11-51-58-pm

I had to wake him up to give him his rose, though. He graciously accepted.. and I set about getting Ariana ready for bed since it was 12:14 by the time I managed to track Trent down for his rose. (He insisted on going all the way across the house.)

Ariana gratefully took another bathroom break and a shower, and was in bed just after 1 AM. Not a bad day!


However, it was time to evict Levi. Sad to see him go! I set him to unplayed and left him in household management, maybe I’ll see him walking by in game sometime!

House 007 Part One Day 1: (Meet N' Greet)
Before 4pm: Perform one Flirty interaction with each Contestant - 
4 PM: Schedule a party - complete
11 PM: Give a rose to the contestant with the highest relationship -
Vincent, complete
12 PM: Bedtime - complete
Kick out one contender.. Levi, complete.


When I went back in game, I had to laugh… Jeffrey felt the need to be the sim to kick out Levi from sleeping inappropriately.


Bye, Levi..


Bonus 2: Trace decided this would be a good time to haunt.

House 007 Contestant Bios < | > House 007 Part One Day 2