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Play-testing Switch Five – Extreme – Part 2

Switch Five Rules

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Above: meet Connor officially. On that note – status update – at this point I am in the last apartment, and at level 7 in the politics career with Devin. This post will chronicle the rest of Switch Five for the Ritchies. We start with Devin’s Adult birthday.

A shot of the progress on the apartment, Connor’s back, and the fact that Anvi is pregnant again.

The layout of the apartment. I figure this will be the final shape of the penthouse, but it’s not. Also, not too long after this, we have the value part of the challenge completed.

Meet Jeffrey, Connor’s little brother.

Out getting friends and votes for Devin’s career:

…And his aspiration. Complete!

Connor grows up.

….And so does Jeffrey.

Connor working on his first aspiration:

… And finished.

Someone’s home from work… (side note: if you’re paying attention, this is where you note that I’ve moved around the layout of the penthouse, more on that later)

…And career portion of the challenge complete.

I use a total of two sleep replacer potions to get Connor to all four of his aspirations as a child, but as it turns out, I get them done with, like, two days remaining, so I probably didn’t need to.

A dark shot of the Oasis Springs Park’s Monkey Bars.

…And Aspiration two complete:

Jeffrey Grows up:

Something else Devin’s been working at on the side of his career:

At least it was another source of income, and something else for him to do instead of sitting around doing nothing:

And this shot… is Connor in bear form finishing up his …

… third aspiration. Wonder what everyone thought of him running around making friends while he was a bear. Also, of note: this is my least favorite child aspiration. This is one of the few times I’ve completed it without cheating to get past it. (Yep, I hate it THAT much)..

Someone else home from work with…

… a very big promotion. Way to go, Anvi!

Working on mental skill, must mean that….

…. this is the final child aspiration that Connor “needed”. I use quotes because he didn’t really need them, it just gave me something to do.. and it will help with the next Switch.

… This is where I officially show why I changed the layout.. I gave them a pool and a basketball hoop. This is Anvi on AI mode being the first to christen the pool.

Excuse the outline on the chair.. this is Connor growing up to Teen.

And another important birthday:

… He doesn’t look too happy about it.

Anvi’s turn…

Then Jeffrey’s…

.. He reminds me a lot of his dad, Devin.

… And on this note… Challenge complete. Congrats on reaching Young Adulthood, Connor.

Devin’s final stats:

And here’s what I had leftover in the bank.

The final value of the apartment:

And the final layout:

And that’s officially the end of Switch Five Extreme difficulty testing. The whole thing works. After testing the Normal Difficulty (with the other branch of Politics career), I will officially publish Switch Five… a year late.. but I figured it was about time to go ahead and get it done.

Of note: I specifically didn’t work on skills that would help me earn money on my next Switch, even though, I, obviously, know where the Switch is going next, but I wanted to make it a tougher challenge. I did, however, set him up with traits pointing towards Writing, as you’ll see at the beginning of the next Switch.

To finish off the post, here’s the lot I created for the Gym lot in Uptown. I made an Experimental Kitchen with a red theme. It’s fully tested, and seems to work out well.

Switch Five Rules

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Play-testing Switch Five – Extreme – Part 1

Switch Five Rules

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Of note: Being that a year had passed since I started testing this Switch, I restarted testing from the beginning, so this is technically the second time play-testing this Switch. I did not, however, finish the test run on Extreme, or even start it on Normal… and I had no desire to try to sort through screenshots from a year ago, hence re-starting testing. I also don’t take much in the way of screenshots, choosing to just commemorate milestones, so this may be the only post on this difficulty (don’t worry, it’s not…. lol)

First, I build a spa on the newly opened Planet Honey Pop lot (actually, that’s not completely true, it took me a few days to build it because I forgot to initially.. it just fits better in this post at the beginning.)

Second, we check in on our heir from the last house, Devin Ritchie.

…And we’re back to 0 simoleons. Not as scary a prospect as it once was after doing a lot of Drifting and Switch testing, but it’s still a bit daunting.

First thing I do is get a job in Politics, which nets me some money, but not much. The game shows me that it’s two days until the first day of work.. which is nothing I want to wait for…. so I send Devin out fishing.

After some fishing, his social need is tanked, so I decide it’s time to get him a mate. I look through his social panel from when he was a child/teen.. and pick a girl. Her name is Anvi Basu, and she’s into art.. which is perfect for me, so it’s another income towards goals.

I invite her over to our very humble abode and set out to woo her.

First kiss!

… Turns out I moved too fast, and the proposal is rejected. So the next day, after a lot of collecting in the neighborhood (since I don’t have enough money to travel) and fishing, I find her walking around and try again.  Success!

… And she’s moved in. Yay. Now I can have her paint while Devin works on his Politician career.

By this point, this is what the apartment looks like. Just enough furniture to get by.

I found this screenshot hilarious.. There’s a protest in the neighborhood that Devin didn’t even start.. and even the Living Statue is in on it.

.. Time to move on. Final value and age.

And a little tour:

This is what we were able to afford in the next apartment: In other words.. not much. A bathroom, a partial kitchen, a bed and an easel. Oh, and a few walls and doorways.

Progress: a dining table.

More progress:

And later, time to move: (literally, on sim-week later)

House Tour: I took a bunch of photos, because I really liked the way this one turned out.

First shot in the next place is apparently a birthday.

And, I figure it’s about time to start a family, so here’s the “guess what?” shot.

And.. it is only 8 days on this apartment before I initiate the final move.

House Tour: (And yes, that’s baby boy, Connor, in the first shot.)

On that note…. Moving on to part two.

Switch Five Rules

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Play-testing Switch Five – Normal – Part 2

Switch Five Rules

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First… let’s check where we are on goals:

  • Career: level 9
  • Apartment value: complete – worth k, but I will probably add more to it as I go on playing
  • Heir: toddler age

And.. Back to work. We start out with Kamryn aging to Adult.

..And Vivaan painting up a storm.

.. To finish his aspiration. Good job!

This is Kamryn getting the last of her 20k worth of donations for her final promotion. That was a lot of work. But strangely easier than the Social Media career.

A baby brother or sister for Selina is on the way!

And no more toddler days for Selina. What a cutie.

Meet Emma… even though you can’t tell what they look like from the baby stage.

Yep.. I put in a sauna.. and Vivaan loves it. So he’s helping Selina with her school project while in his spiffy towel… nothing weird there. LOL!

There. Now we can see what Emma looks like. Although it looks like she’s sorta grumpy about aging up.

Career maxed! Yay. Now all I have to do is get Selina aged up and I’m finished with this Switch.

I found this screenie hilarious. It looks like Darth Vader is coming out of the space jungle gym.. and if you look closely, you can see Boba Fett playing on his phone by the road. Apparently “Club Cosplay” is in full swing at Oasis Springs Park.

I didn’t get a lot of pictures of Selina working through her aspirations, but I did remember to document that she has them before she aged to teen.

A very tired Kamryn walking around with Mac and Cheese..

.. Must mean she maxed cooking.

Little Emma isn’t so little anymore. Love the tiara.

And this marks when Selina finishes her final aspiration.


.. Just in time to age up to teen.

Don’t mind the eyes closed. She’s very pretty, I think. Mom in the background is cheering in her PJ’s.

Trying to get Selina points for her “A” without making the next Switch too easy. (Actually, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a nightmare, but I wanted to start it as if I didn’t know what it was.. you know, to simulate people who avoid spoilers while playing the challenge.)

Emma is the only one who seems to like the pool when I forget to pay attention to what she’s doing.

.. And sleeping in the hot tub, too.

Selina decides to steal dad’s easel… aww kitty painting.

Happy birthday Vivaan.

.. Welcome to elderhood.

Selina stole the easel again… but this time Dad decided on his own to go mentor her. Not a bad idea, there, Dad.

… These two seem almost inseparable.

… And little Emma is sleeping in the hot tub again. Good grief.

.. So I wake her up and set all of them to doing school projects.

.. Happy birthday Kamryn.

.. Old age for you, too, huh?

Shortly after, Emma ages out of her tiara.

.. Into who knows what to call this hairstyle….?

All four of them eating at the same time. I took a picture because it happens so very rarely, it was worth noting.

I get a notice about Vivaan’s age, so I hurry up and take a shot of his traits.

.. Just in time, too.

Being that Selina is going to age into Young Adult the very next day, I tried to plead for all I was worth, but Grimmy wasn’t having any of it.

… So it’s a very very sad teenager who ages up to start her own Switch.

Kamryn’s Final stats:

See? She’s sad too.

Apartment value ..

And screenshots.

We’ll see you in the next switch!

Switch Five Rules

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Play-testing Switch Five – Normal – Part 1

Switch Five Rules

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We start by looking at Kamryn Nash’s starting stats:

Starting mood:

And back to 0 simoleons.

.. At least for a little while. I find her a mate quickly, and get them together.

If nothing else, he’ll definitely help with the bills. He wants to be a painter.. which I’m perfectly happy with.

Congrats, you two!

Vivaan’s traits at move-in.

And we have a surprise guest shortly after they get married… a vampire! Eeks!

Poor Vivaan…

Guess he’ll have to sleep that one out.

And this is me.. figuring out that busking really doesn’t make much money. Oh well.. I tried. It gave Kamryn something to do in between days of work.

… At least someone tipped!

And.. done with the first apartment.

That didn’t take long at all!

Apartment pics:

And here’s what they were able to afford upon move-in. Not much.. but as I’ve already figured out.. sims don’t really need a whole lot to live on. At least.. they don’t when that’s all they can afford!

Working from home in this Political career is an interesting prospect. It’s always sending her to do speeches and murals everywhere. I don’t use the work at home as much this time around as I have on previous switches.

Apartment two…

(Somehow I forgot to take the age photo.. but it wasn’t long as you’ll see.) Meanwhile.. a kid’s bedroom for the non-existent kid..

And some more random house photos. I really liked the way this one turned out, even if I wasn’t 100% in love with the way the rooms were portioned out. I did, as you can see, end up adding/moving walls around a little bit so the place made more sense.

And here’s what they got in the next apartment. A good bed was high priority, because it gives them more time during the day to work on other things.. like making money.

Within a couple days, I had a decent kitchen started.. and Vivaan’s easel had found it’s home up there in the corner.

A bird’s eye view of the apartment with all the flooring and wall coverings picked out. Still a lot of furniture we’re missing.. but that’s okay for now.

Kamryn’s busy making friends…

So she finishes her first adult aspiration…

The “creativity room” with some more furnishings. I went with a color scheme I’ve never tried before, and, while it’s really not my color, I ended up really happy with how the apartment turned out.

Most of the living area is furnished now… I LOVE that fish coffee table from the small pets pack. So cool, I want one in my house!

Vivaan painting things.. always …

.. And this is the result:

Apartment three is done. I have to say, I was sad to leave this one behind.. but onward and upward!

Time’s a-wasting!

Apartment photos:

… And there was a lot that needed doing in the next penthouse. It took me quite a while to come up with a wall configuration I could live with – while still keeping the integrity of the initial apartment. This is the second floor that I added…

.. And I left the downstairs mostly open like it started out to be.

..Wouldn’t you know it.. first night in the new apartment. *facepalm* See ya in a few, there, Kamryn.

The next night…

Wait… AGAIN!?

Poor Kamryn…

.. But at least the try for baby worked out. The heir is officially on it’s way.

More speeches in Uptown..

And Vivaan’s visit to the local museum…

.. Poor Vivaan ages up when he gets home from work because I forgot about him. Sorry, buddy.

Here’s when I decided to add a third floor..

… I think it looks good.

.. Meet Selina!!

And with that.. time for a break. See you next time!

Switch Five Rules

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Announcing My New Project

With Seasons coming out and all the fun holidays we’re going to have, I decided it’s high time for me to re-start my Townie Rotation. I had one going when Sims 4 first came out, but I added too many sims and got bogged down. Then, when I tried to go back to it, I discovered I remembered little to nothing from each family. So this time, I’m blogging it. Whether anyone reads it or not is another question.. I’m doing it mostly for myself – as a reference should I ever have to take another break from sims.. so I can come back at any time and know what was going on.

I am currently setting up the pages for Lot information and the Family Indexes (Treat these like a table of contents) for each neighborhood. Three done, 5 to go. I plan on starting play either June 22 or 23rd (right after seasons launches). For more information, see the > Main Page < for my Townie Rotation.

Other than that, I also am hoping to have Switch Five out prior to the seasons launch date, and perhaps Switch Six (the last one) as well. That way I can concentrate on other things. I also have finally decided (I think) not to restart my current Drifter save, the Ramblers, in favor of just keeping going. To that extent, I’m going to try to have the current house (006) done and published by the time seasons hits.

In other words, I have lots to do and under two weeks in which to do it.

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Play-Testing Switch Four – Normal – Part 2

Switch Four Rules

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Welcome back to the Nashes’ trip through Switch Four. When we left them, they had just moved into apartment three and were basically living on the lawn.

After a while, I start finishing rooms.. this is Bridgette’s office.

The kitchen:

Jaiden is definitely level 7 in his job, and not getting any younger, so I try for baby.

Success! The heir is on it’s way.

Bridgette hard at work on her programming. Hacking doesn’t make money, but at least it makes some!

Jaiden working at writing. He hasn’t needed it for career leveling for a while, but it brings in money.. which is much appreciated.

.. And this. Yay Jaiden!

The completed dining room.

Breakfast time.

Aww look at that nooboo belly!

Still working on programming..

Way to go Bridgette!

Poor thing is huge.. I hope it’s not twins!

Meet their daughter, Kamryn!

Happy Birthday Bridgette!

Yep.. as soon as Kamryn grows up, we’re moving… I found this apartment configuration very hard to take up photos of, so I just include the overhead photo.

She’s all grown up, so it’s time to move on…

Oops.. looks like Jaiden’s first thing when we get to the new apartment will be making a cake for his birthday, too.

Jaiden’s at level 8 with a lot of stuff to do for his next promotion.

Here’s what I could afford in the shell of their next home (The “cheapest” “penthouse” (it’s really more of a house than a penthouse, but whatever.)

As you can see, they haven’t really got much. Pretty bare.

As promised, Jaiden’s birthday.

.. Still programming.

Hooray for Bridgette.. now hacking can really make some money.

Jaiden talking to himself for Charisma…

.. And it finally pays off.

Hey.. don’t give me that look. You were the ones who wished to “try for baby”.. I just did what you wanted.

Level 10! Way to go Jaiden! I found this branch of the social media career to be pretty easy, really. Much easier than the other branch, that’s for sure.

Time for Kamryn to grow up!

What a cutie!

Meet Brice!

Aspiration #1 complete..

Aspiration # 2 complete..

A dark photo…

..That commemorates Aspiration # 3!

And.. finally…

Aspiration # 4. All child aspirations complete for Kamryn.

And now for Jaiden…

Who finally finishes his Bestselling Author aspiration.

Brice ages up alone because I forgot to make him a cake.. sorry, buddy.

Luckily, however, I don’t forget Kamryn’s too.

… Oh boy does she need a run through CAS. LOL.

First time trying out the new school projects (most of the time, I’m playing games/challenges where I can only control one sim, which usually means I can’t do the projects.)

And a bunch of birthdays:

Why’s Bridgette look so happy?

She’s finally level 10 in her career!

.. More school projects.

.. And more birthdays.

Yup, that last one was Kamryn aging up to Young adult .. which means all my goals for this Switch are complete. Now to wrap up with Jaiden’s ending stats.

And the final house value: (I could have added more, I just didn’t feel like it.. lol. My goal was getting through this generation ASAP so I could start testing switch five.)

I’m not bothering with a house tour, since I didn’t do much to the actual shell, but here’s a couple cutaway shots to show the finished product.

See you in Switch Five!

Switch Four Rules

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Play-Testing Switch Four – Extreme – Part 2

Switch Four Rules

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Welcome back to the Ritchies’ trip through Switch Four. I left you hanging on an empty lot. As you can see, that’s no longer the case. Because I had quite a lot saved up, and moving in only costs 9k, I had some 67k to spend building a shell and picking out some starter furniture. As I mentioned, as soon as I saw the blank lot my mind achieved the same state.. blank. Being that this is a downtown house, I wanted a modern look to it.. and I can only think of one even close to modern house I’ve built in all of my sims career. Not a style I gravitate towards.. so I googled images of modern homes.. picked one I thought I might be able to duplicate.. and started building. A lot of trial and error later, we finished on the above house. Yes, I even did some minor landscaping because matching that was a key part of matching the photo. Being that I don’t want to mess with photo permissions and all that, I’m not showing the photo, but it’s pretty close. Partitioning the inside out into rooms.. was interesting.. and I ended up with a large portion of the downstairs that I had no idea what to do with. I think I’ll end up putting a pool there. Mostly, I went with an open plan. The wall configuration is also subject to change.. but here’s what I have so far:

As you can see, the downstairs is pretty bare. I also had to scale the left side of the house out from the inspiration picture, simply because there just wasn’t enough room for bedrooms and the hall with it scaled like the photo. I like it so far.. we’ll see how it goes, though. As-is it’s looking like a 2 bedroom 2 bath with a very open plan and a pool downstairs. I just have the very basics in for now, I’ll furnish as the heir, Devin, grows up.

Devin always seems to be angry for one reason or another. Spare me the woes of an overly independent toddler! LOL

A masterpiece..

And Tricia completes her fifth aspiration.

I always have to laugh when they come home in weird outfits from a work promotion.

Devin, being independent as usual.. wanted to get his own lunch.

Live streaming for more followers.

Happy birthday, Tricia!

.. And Happy birthday to Devin, too!

He’s so proud to be a kid, now.

He’s got a best friend for his social aspiration, now.

And I forgot someone’s birthday. Sorry, Tracy.

Lots of work….

… But it’s worth it…

… Because now he’s got a long life ahead of him.

Poor little Devin. I worked him so hard.

… Getting to this aspiration.

I’m busy trying to get Tricia angry for one of her work at home tasks.. and the person she invited over died from being too angry without Tricia even getting the slightest bit angry. Sigh. That task took forever.

… Busy working on the physical aspiration for Devin.

Coming home from work one day gives Tricia enough money to get this aspiration complete.

I have them working on physical tasks to take up time. There’s only so much I can do getting Tricia ready for work. She doesn’t work that often, so it’s taking a long time to get her her promotions.

A dark photo, but one that signifies…

.. Devin getting his second aspiration. Two more to go.

..Working on the next aspiration…

… still working. At least this house has a nice view being right on the water.

I bought some wellness items for something for something for them to do. It keeps them out of trouble.

And the final picture of Devin playing chess..

… Because he finished his third aspiration!

Tricia taking care of her family..

.. And getting a maxed skill at the same time.

… Just barely in the nick of time…

… he got the fourth aspiration.

.. And it’s birthday time.

Never tried the friend of the world aspiration.. so I figure it gives me something to do other than the next Switch.

.. And he grew up cute! Yay!

Dark photo.. but..

he’s now max in his career! Way to go, Tracy!

This is me giving Tricia something else to do…

.. And another maxed skill!

Yay for birthday!

.. She’s growing old gracefully.

Another weird outfit?

… Finally got her career goal complete. For some reason, I found this side of the Social Media career much much harder to max, but at least I got it done.

Another birthday… Tracy is now an elder. (Don’t mind the dirty counter..)

Devin is making his own birthday cake. Over the last few days, I did some work on his aspiration, but mostly just wasted time getting to his birthday.

…. And time’s up!

Doesn’t he look proud of himself?

And now.. Tricia’s final stats:

… Nice… five maxed skills.

.. And just barely in time.

I didn’t really push for money, because they didn’t really need it, but here’s what they had at the end. And a quick house tour:

Goal(s) complete! See you in Switch Five!

Switch Four Rules

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Play-Testing Switch Four – Extreme – Part 1

Switch Four Rules

Back to Switch 3 Part 3 < | > To Part Two

First we check on our heir:

Since we already have a boyfriend.. we need to earn some money fairly quickly so he has a bed for him and we can move him in.

Turns out that missing trait is active. Definitely still an okay trait mix. Since he’s a key holder, he spends a lot of time over at our apartment, so we have plenty of social time before we can move him in. My first priority was getting a computer.. then a bed and bathroom so we can move Tracy in. With the posters, and the song she licensed right away, it doesn’t take too long.

I was able to afford the basics.. but lights were going to take a while more. Also note that Tricia is sick and “wearing” stripes.

Making out for a whim..

.. Then proposing.. it’s a yes! Hooray!

I finally am able to afford lights. Pretty sparse apartment so far, huh? At least they have the basics.

Romance Festival comes around, and I switch her back to the City Native aspiration to get the “kiss someone at the romance festival” checked off as well as harvesting the flowers that are always there.. they’re good to sell.

Most of my time is spent either fixing things from the gremlins or feverishly working to earn followers so she can get some promotions. It’s hard to get them initially and takes a lot of spamming computer actions. Tracy has a job in the Athletic career, but I still haven’t decided whether to leave him in it or switch him to painting. Depends on how things go in the next apartment, I guess. With the income from her licensed lyric, posters, and job promotions, I manage to scrape enough to build in the apartment and furnish it to value. I apparently was so busy trying to earn money and followers that I didn’t get around to taking many pictures. So here’s their crappy apartment pics:

Just enough to make it through. I didn’t buy a workout machine because of the basketball hoop outside. For the next apartment I’ll need to buy one for Tracy, though.

Only level 5, but she’s close to a promotion, so it won’t take long to get to 6. Here’s what I was able to afford in apartment two:

Not much! But at least the basics.

It’s at about this time that I notice Tracy is one of those bugged immortal sims. I try out the traits.remove_trait on the three traits that he could have: isWeirdo, isCityRepair, or isStatueBusker. The statue busker one fixes him and I have to cheer. First time I’ve been able to fix one of these sims. He’s now seven days behind her on aging.. but at least he’s aging.

A semi dark breakfast in their new apartment.. if you can call it that.. since there’s no walls yet.

Since she’s set on the next promotion, I buy her an easel to earn a little money on her days off. Since she’s already at level 5 painting skill from murals as a teenager, it makes money pretty quickly.

Tracy talking to himself in the mirror for a promotion. He needs Charisma. By this point, I’ve figured I might as well keep him in the job he’s in instead of changing.

Working out at the gym for his aspiration (I changed it from Friend of the World – there’s no way I’m working on that while trying to do this challenge, too!)

I finally am able to afford walls and paint and flooring.. so here’s what we’ve got so far:

I will probably convert the workout room/study/studio to a living room before moving out.

More painting. I’d like them to move on pretty quickly. At least, it would be nice. I’m worried about the haunted trait bringing more broken appliances. I take photos as I finish rooms this time around.. so here’s the kitchen and the kid’s room:

We’re moving out in the morning.. and we get our first ghost.

She’s mean to them, but thankfully doesn’t break anything that I’ll have to fix before moving (I like to have the apartments in clean, working order when I leave. Here’s the bedroom (not trying for baby.. just happened to be getting their fun up before bedtime while taking pictures) and the living room (converted from the workout room) and bathroom:

And finally, the layout picture:

That was fast.

She’s at level 6 now! And here’s what we were able to afford in the next apartment. Based on size alone we’ll probably be here for a while, and the kid(s) will likely be born here. It’s a huge place!

Several days later, I’ve gotten the framework of the apartment done and even painted walls and floors.. and it’s mostly furnished.. so I take the plunge.

What plunge? That baby one. 🙂

Successful on the first try!

No ghosts, but things still break. Sigh.

I remember to take a picture on the way back from the museum for her aspiration.

Welcome baby boy Devin! I was sorta hoping for twins, but a single is just fine. I can always have another if I feel like it later.

Such a great place to paint from.. and you choose to paint THAT.

At least you’re done skilling the painting now. More masterpieces to come!

And that’s what I was waiting for before moving. Devin grew up adorable. But then, toddlers are always adorable. Cue apartment spam:

And because I forgot to get the layout shot I had to go back in game:

I like the way it turned out.

Just about to get out of level seven…. And this is what I move into:

Hooray? I immediately draw a complete blank. So here’s where I leave you for part 1. I’ll post the rest of testing after I’m back from vacation (April 1st).

Switch Four Rules

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Play-Testing Switch Four – Normal – Part 1

Switch Four Rules

Back to Switch 3 Part 3

Welcome back to the Nashes. First off.. let’s meet our heir. I took him on a trip through CAS because I hated his clothes.

That being hungry makes the first day rather interesting..

And back to zero funds! With that.. we’re ready to go!


He looks awful happy to be able to buy food. Luckily the posters were already spawned, and we were able to get those and the snow globes.

We also meet a couple of eligible females…

…but I figured let’s check out ones we knew from when we were a kid. I really like Bridgette, here.. and she’s got good traits.

Seriously, she’s adorable. Then I remember the teen I almost got Jaiden together with and her very expressive face, and I invite her over next.

Turns out Ainsley aged up into the “unflirty” trait.. not exactly high on my list of desirable traits.

After spending the rest of the evening at the library raising up our writing skill and getting some followers on his brand new social media account.. he comes home to crash on the only furniture in his apartment. A decent bed. Not great .. just decent.

Bright and early the next morning, luckily the food stall is open .. and we order the next meal he hasn’t learned yet.

…Turns out it’s a bit more than Jaiden bargained for.

After work he needs fun, and I figure basketball for a fit sim like him… so he goes and tosses a few balls at the hoop.

… I had no idea that was a thing. OMG… I laughed so hard I nearly cried. (and yes, I am easily amused by my sims!)

Giving up on the basketball thing (fun is WAY too slow on that!) I send him back to the library, and this time remember to take a picture. Turns out some reading club is there monopolizing the books.. good thing I don’t need books. Just this handy dandy computer… I get him enough skill points and followers to be primed for a promotion the next day.. because we seriously could use the money.

Point in fact… we’re showering at the gym because we can’t afford a shower.

I decide to take the plunge with Bridgette. They seem to have quite a spark between them, because it was crazy easy to get the romance going.

Bridgette is at work…. and look.. we can’t afford a shower, but we do have a computer.. and our first dirty dish.

The romance festival just happens to be this evening, so while waiting for her to get home from work, we ask the guru what she thinks about the match.

Ha! Nice! I’ve only gotten negative responses before this. .. With this knowledge and Bridgette finally home from work… I have Jaiden pop the question.

They’re so happy! It’s just too cute. Since there’s that handy arch right there… we have a heat of the moment wedding and get to watch fireworks.

And with that.. I can officially introduce Bridgette. They’ve actually known each other since they were kids.. they just never got to be friends until they were adults.

Fun fact: she moved in with her $1 homework from grade school still in her pocket.

The next day before work I send her out poster hunting.. and spend that $1 on the fountain.. hey it made her happy!

And I find out what the catch is with this apartment. When the Gremlins attack.. they break EVERYTHING. Not just random things.. no.. EVERY SINGLE THING that can be broke, is broken. She gets through fixing the bathroom fixtures we’ve finally just been able to afford (and are already broken).. and I send her to fix the oven. So far so good….

ZZZZT! .. guess the fridge and the computer are just going to stay broken for a while because we can’t afford to pay a repairman. Finally, after Jaiden gets home from work, they can afford a repairman.. who doesn’t show up, but the game says he did… nothing is fixed but I get charged anyway. ARGH.

I send them to bed… buy a second computer with his daily wages (he got a promotion, too)… and settle in to wait for morning. And…the Gremlins hit again. Two nights in a row. What the heck, game?!

So I’m watching them sleep after the Gremlins hit.. and a repairman just shows up randomly and start fixing stuff.. when I don’t really have the money to pay him. I swear I totally didn’t call him, he just showed up. He fixed everything, left with a nasty note about his missing $23 and that was that.

Hurry up and make money so the Gremlins don’t have time to come again!

… I end up getting enough money by hurrying them through money making stuffs (mostly work/promotions/posters.. and a keyboard Jaiden found in a snow globe box that was worth $900..? Didn’t know that was a thing!).. and I get them out of there before anymore mayhem happens.

Cue apartment spam. I like how it turned out.

Although looking back I should have updated the bedroom and bathroom walls.

Level 6 already! And this is what we’re able to afford in the next place.

With these walls so dark it’s hard to see, though… I might have to change those walls.

Our first ghost. Angry.. but somehow breaks nothing.

I hate needing charisma for his job. Such a useless skill, imo.

Now programming.. that’s useful. It even makes some decent money with hacking once you get high enough level in it.

The next ghost was not so kind…

.. so , since they’re still up, I send Bridgette over to fix it. Note that the shower behind her is floating.. it’s about to be broken too.

… Thanks, ghostie.

Ghost number 3 is again harmless. Another while of writing/programming/working… and I’m able to move them. I have a few snags while finishing the apartment, however, as I have to delete some counters in the kitchen to get back within value.

Those counters on the left get cut back due to funding, so this screenshot isn’t 100% accurate, I just forgot to take another one.

Still level 6.. but he’ll be level 7 by the next day, so that’s okay. Here’s what I was able to afford in the next apartment:

I.E. Not much. Had almost 10k but always needing two computers is a bit of a headache. Just about everything purchased will eventually need replacing to make value. Also note in the above photo I got rid of the third bedroom and turned it into two offices by taking a little space from the second bathroom. Being that this post is already pretty long, I’ll save the rest of apartment three for the next post! I’ll post the rest of testing after I’m back from vacation (April 1st).

Switch Four Rules

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Play-Testing Switch Three – Extreme – Part 3

Switch Three Rules

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Welcome back to the Ritchies’ attempt at Switch Three!

Both girls come home with A’s .. yay!

Which gives Brenna her aspiration.

Picture of stressed mom…

… Because she’s finally at level 10! Hooray, goal completed!

Didn’t know you could make a rack of lamb in sims… now I do, and it looks delicious.

I’m not sure when she got this.. so I’m adding it in here.. I think it was sometime around here, but I could definitely be wrong.

Happy Birthday Zayne! (Despite the fact that he looks like he’s got a duck face.)

At least he’s resigned to getting older!

Brenna works on her homework while Tricia works on her motor skill for the aspiration.


Mom working off a few extra pounds while Brenna eats dinner.

Playing a very buggy game of darts.. neither would stay playing for very long. I gave up.

They played topple the llama instead. And had a great time!

Working on that logic skill!

Getting the potions needed for the aspiration.

Another Aspiration complete!

Watching TV with Dad. I put some of the trains out in this room, with a thought that maybe Zayne likes model trains. A silly notion, but I kept the trains.

More homework.

Brenna getting her monkey bar crossings, while Tricia takes some time to play.

Good job Brenna!

That masterpiece was the last one needed..

Well done, Zayne!

As for the girls, Brenna got three aspirations done, and Tricia got all four. My second sim to do that.. both while testing Switch Three.

Please age up well….

Oh my gosh.. I love her. She’s absolutely perfect.

Brenna’s turn.

Awkward, skinny, and geeky. Sorta glad she’s not the heir!

Playing chess for logic points. I gave her the City Native aspiration, but at this point I hadn’t decided to actively pursue it… so I was just getting skill points for her school grade.

Brenna got the bodybuilder aspiration, so I send the two of them to the gym for her workout session.

Ordering food for City Native. Apparently she doesn’t seem to mind spicy food too much!

We spend some time going through her childhood friends, looking for a possible future husband material. No such luck with this one. So we start looking at the ones who haven’t aged to teen yet. (Nothing in the rules prevents me from aging up townies to match her age!)

This one goes first.. Tevin is his name.

Selfie pics.

And chatting. I’m not sure I like his traits though.. so we try another one.

This is Hayden. He’s an adorable child…

And a slightly awkward teen. We quickly nix that idea.


And homework. Yuck.

Brenna working out at home.

Tricia still working on logic because I’m bored. (LOL)

Then we go out meeting walker-by teens. This one is angry and we give up on him pretty quickly.

So we give a key to the best candidate we have so far. Plus, it fulfills her aspiration.

Dad filling the fridge and leveling his two cooking skills. He’s so close to having the skills needed to pass level 9 of his Chef career.. I just don’t know if he has the time.

Cookies! Everybody likes cookies.

This alerts me to another aspiration being finished..

By Alex coming home from work.

Well done! So that’s where all the money’s been coming from.

Setting off fireworks at the humor and hijinks festival.

A painting I’ve never seen.. it’s kinda interesting.

Ooops.. Sorry Alex. See that cake she’s baking? It was supposed to be her birthday cake, but apparently I was too late and she spun up all by herself.

Awww.. poor Zayne. No mastering the cook career for him.

I just thought it funny that Brenna and Grimm are standing in the same position.

Zayne’s final stats:

Level nine.. and ready to level with some more performance.

Tricia working on her Art center mural.

Grim is apparently into art, too?

Hi again Zayne!

We finally find a great potential mate.. one of Brenna’s friends from school. His name is Tracy, and I love his genetics. His traits are so-so (good and clumsy), but there’s definite sparks between the two of them.


They look so cute together, too.

Brenna and Alex having a chat.

Might as well learn to cook now… you’ll be using it enough later in life.

Oops.. cut your finger there, huh?  Hehe. Learning cooking stinks.

My first time having sims messing around in the closet.

Too cute.

Can you tell I like these two as a pair? I apparently took a ton of photos .. lol.

And that’s the other thing Tricia’s been doing other than spending time with her boyfriend….

Leveling Singing. She even has two choices of song to license for funds at the beginning of next Switch.

… And… It’s TIME!

Brenna goes first..

Then Tracy… then Tricia.

Happy birthday for everyone!

And final stats for the house: (Tricia’s will be shown at the beginning of next Switch, so I’ll leave them out here.)

She was certainly busy!

Goal complete..

Still lots of points left over…

Brenna’s stats

.. and points.

Since I forgot to get a shot of their family funds, here is what they’ve got.

Finally, some house shots. I didn’t take shots of some rooms because they’re small and tough to get shots of.

House value is above what it needs to be…. and that’s all she wrote. We’ll see you after Switch Four posts on 3/26!

Switch Three Rules

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