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That’s Life! – Chapter 1.3

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So.. last time, we got the family off to a good start with two toddlers. This time – hopefully we get at least one of those toddlers grown up – The one that’s stinky in the above pic… Cyan. Also, I apologize for lack of pics .. they were being pretty boring this week.

His sister, Oceana, is not due to age up for a while, and definitely not during the week. She’s also decided to become a sand castle architect. Only she’s not very good at it yet.

She is so darn cute, though. She’s already my favorite of the two, so her sitting on this little poof so adorably isn’t hurting her case for heir at all.

It occurs to me that this particular placement of the slide is.. well.. dangerous is the word I think I’d use. I move it.

This was completely autonomous, and so cute. I love these kiddie pools.

Amaranthe is working on her charisma for a promotion in the painting career.. Hawea is desperately trying to stop the flood of water from the broken shower. It doesn’t seem to be working.

Proof that I remembered to put in a second toddler bed, since we clearly needed one.

Cyan and his sister having a chat. Both parents were busy, so they had time to occupy themselves.

Amaranthe picks up the “emotional bomb” quirk from fame and failing to get pregnant for the FOURTH time in a row.

I quickly get rid of that quirk. Yuck.

And the very next try – success. And yes, Hawea did forget to pick up his parts after repairing the shower.

However, he had to go to the library to research on their computers for his job.. so he had priorities. I’ve had him working from home all week, since the toddlers always need attention.

It’s apparently Love Day – so I have Amaranthe meet him at the bar on the way home for a date. Legendary, too.

He comes home and is clearly over the whole potty training thing. Can’t say as I blame him. But at least Cyan is done with potty training, now.

Just in time, too!!

Happy Birthday, Cyan! (I don’t know why Amaranthe doesn’t look pregnant yet – she is..)

He rolled Vegetarian. Oh, no. I almost immediately forget and have him eat meat. two meals in a row. I have a feeling these will not be the only meals I forget, unless I can remember to have Mom cook only vegetarian food from now on.

Aw, he’s a cutie. But that Vegetarian trait – almost disqualifies him from being an heir in my book. We’ll see what his sister gets.

Calling off for Family Leave in her third trimester. Which means I’m waiting to save and post this until after the baby arrives.

I’ve discovered this raises parenting skill quite nicely, so Oceana has been able to swim quite a bit. Also: note all the bottles on the floor behind the pool.

I don’t know why, but random villagers keep showing up and making the anti-stress serum from Outdoor Retreat Herbalism. They have not been invited over, nor are they giving the serums to us. They’re still marked as being owned. Very weird. Never had that happen before. I can use them, though.. so I guess we’ll start using them.

Oceana, leaving her mark on the end of the week. She’s now at Happy Toddler levels, and has three days still til her Birthday. And she did most of it on her own. Who knows, she might even get Top Notch Toddler!

And.. the reason I was waiting. Meet Teal, the new little boy in the family. I manage to get him born after an annoying hospital glitch that left Amaranthe stuck for hours. Sending her “home” triggered another hospital popup.. so I sent her alone that time, since joining her most definitely didn’t work. We’ll have to wait until next time to see what little Teal looks like, though, because I’m already past the end of their sim-week. See you next time!

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That’s Life! – Chapter 1.2

Chapter 1.1 | Chapter 1.3

So.. last time, we married an Island elemental, just like I had planned, and upgraded the house with the proceeds. This time.. I plan to get the family started.

Amaranthe goes off to work, while Hawea get started on his work duties (tutoring).

After finishing that, I am at a loss of what else to do with him, so I figure he’s going to need some logic for his work… (or I think that’s what he’ll need?)… so I buy him a chess set and let him get started on that.

Amaranthe comes home from work and makes some salad for dinner for the two of them, paints a little….. then …

Try for Baby time!! *crossing fingers*

Success! Let’s hope it’s not twins.

Breakfast. I guess Hawea is into salads? That night, we hold the featured image’s Kava party – and I only get a Silver. Sigh… These Kava parties will be the death of me. It also leads to the next picture…

… Hawea’s first major household chore. Hey, someone has to be in charge of handiness!

We take them to the hospital for the big event…

.. And, predictably, Hawea freaks out while she’s in the machine. I can’t really blame him, because it looks horrifying.

Our first born is a boy… but we’ll see about the heir thing. Nowhere in the rules do I see it saying the first born has to be the heir. However, we go with the color  theme for gen 2 for naming.

That night.. I try again.. and finally get a gold Kava party, although Amaranthe has to bow out in the middle of it to take care of the baby.

With that part of her aspiration done, the next day we get to beach hunting for seashells.

.. And grilling. This is going to take a while.

Poor Hawea is trying to take care of the baby as much as possible as well as working towards promotions as much as possible… and he’s paying the price.

We, however, do have another nooboo on the way. *wink* I did say I was going to work on the family!

A busy Winterfest, with Amaranthe doing housework, and Hawea working on his Research and Debate skill – which is apparently the skill needed for Education. Joy.

Cyan grows up.. and he’s SO cute! But then, I say that about all toddlers.

Clingy. Goodie.

He does NOT look happy to be getting potty trained. LOL. Do you see that glare?!

He does look appropriately shocked when his mother taps out early for the night. Although, I think he’s actually playing with his grilled cheese, splattering it everywhere. Because that’s what toddlers DO!! (I have a toddler and a toddler to be as a niece and nephew. I know these things.. lol)

Hawea tries to put Cyan to bed.. and poor tyke doesn’t quite make it. Although, actually, he does… he just then gets out of bed so he can pass out. WTG sims. Thank goodness this isn’t an ISBI.

Amaranthe looks confused about her hubby bringing a book to the delivery room. I kinda of agree with her. It’s pretty silly… because he then puts it down on the counter and then and ONLY then does he do the father panicking thing.

Second baby is a little girl, who I name Oceana.

I just love little Cyan’s facial expressions. He has the biggest eyes!

New year’s .. and both make resolutions for promotions.. and then watch some TV together.

The midnight fireworks signal bedtime for everyone (although, thankfully, the toddler was already in bed before the TV watching.)

Hawea is – once again – in charge of baby care to get his parenting skill up for his Super Parent aspiration, while Amaranthe works on her own aspiration.

.. And with this picture.. that’s a finished aspiration for Amaranthe! .. Wonder if I should pick her a new one?

Hawea scolds Cyan for making a mess that I told him to make so he can get closer to his aspiration.. and I feel a little mean for doing it that way.

.. Oceana ages up adorable, and the dreaded hospital gown bug strikes poor Amaranthe. Every time she goes outside, she spins into the gown. It’s kinda annoying.

.. But at least Oceana got Charmer. Could have been a lot worse!

With that, I figure I’m at a good stopping spot.. so we’ll see you next time!  Oh yeah, I have also remembered to deduct 2000 simoleons from their bank to “pay” for the kids as per the rules. I just forgot to mention it until now.

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That’s Life! – Chapter 1.1

Welcome/Contents/Links | Chapter 1.2

I’m a big fan of board games in general, so when I found the Board Game challenge, I was immediately interested. Finding a Sims 4 version a bit later, was all the incentive I needed.

So it begins. I started it a while ago, and took a few pictures. I was on a tear of starting new things, and getting to a point where I was bored of Sims. I was hoping starting some new stuff would mean I didn’t need a break, but it didn’t happen. I saved the pictures and the save, however, with every intention to come back to it when my interest in Sims came back. Well, it’s back.. and it’s time to get to work on this.

Before we start, I need to introduce our founder.

Amaranthe Brinson

Oh, and if you can’t tell, the color theme for this generation is purple. Which is great, because it’s one of my favorite colors!

…And so this is where the story starts.

Amaranthe starts out in the painting career.. and I work her so hard she has to watch her tiny TV almost every day after work. She meets several islanders at the welcome party (shown in the featured picture) .. and ends up trying a couple Kava parties, but has no luck (yet) at getting the gold she needs for her aspiration.

Her first “summon Island Elementals” pays off, and she finds one of them who seems to have some nice looks, as well as decent traits. Score!

Every spare second is spent painting. Since we have to PAY to have kids.. and a honeymoon, every dime is appreciated.

Hawea (the Island Elemental I’m trying to woo..) .. invites us to the Spice festival. So of course, we drop the painting and go.

Another shot of ghostly Stargazing.

Luckily the Spice fest has food, because poor Amaranthe was starving. Dunno about Hawea, though. Do ghosts like tofu dogs??

Such a fun, colorful place to be. We remember to harvest the plants for possible cash inflow, and try out the bubble blower.

After buying our required festival shirt for the event, we sit and chat until her energy run out.. and send her home.

Looks like such a peaceful place to have a bath. Which is good, because she doesn’t own a shower – yet.

Hawea invites us out to the lounge for the evening, and it happens to be Neighborhood Brawl day… So we find someone to fight.

Apparently ghosts don’t do karaoke .. but Amaranthe is game to try it.

.. Really? doing your uni homework at a lounge?? .. I mean.. multitasking.. I guess?

There’s so much going on in this screenshot I don’t even know where to start. There’s the guy on the microphone, reciting sonnets to… no one. The celebrity watching us fighting with a ghost… and the chick in the swimsuit who could give a rat’s rear end as to anything going on. And still.. how exactly do you get in a position in a fight to have your feet that far in the air?? .. and Still win the fight. I’m confused.

After the next night’s (mostly failed) Kava party (that I apparently got no pictures of).. this lady just wouldn’t leave. I couldn’t ask her to, and she just spent the whole night/morning at our house.. chatting, cleaning house, and generally making herself an annoyance. Although the house cleaning was okay. I didn’t have to clean up after the party, at least.

We summon Island Elementals, ask for judgement.. and get in a flirty mood. Perfect. Soon as we’re allowed, we give him a key to our place.. and start the flirt train.

Luckily, he’s into us. (I also chuckle, because his mood shows as “hysterical” .. and all I could think was “Well at least ghosts can’t die…”

Success! Hey, Mikie, I think he really likes us!

Well.. at least I thought he did…. what’s with the meteor?!

… Are you saying we’re “hot stuff”??  (Couldn’t help it. Sorry. =P)

This was happening while I was getting a notice that above meteor had started a fire on our lot. And that Amaranthe discovered the fire. I’m not sure how… because to my eyes, she was definitely too busy to notice a fire on the lot…  Oh.. and ALSO while this was happening, Caleb Vatore (Vampire townie) showed up at the door.. knocked, then promptly let himself in to take a hot bath in our bathtub. While the fire was raging. I send her to put out the fire, and by that time, Caleb was done with his spa night and had left, so I never got a picture. I was laughing so hard I was nearly crying, though.

Love Day.. and Hawea invites us to Center Park in Myshuno (what is his deal with the city??) for a real date. While we’re at work. So did we leave work early? .. Of course!

While on the date, we get the relationship bar high enough to ask him to move in.. and somehow, he turns human when he does so. Not going to complain, but it was still weird. Oh yeah.. as soon as he moves in, Amaranthe asks him to marry her. He agrees… which is awesome.

And I was right about his traits. He’s a perfect partner for a founder. He wants to be a dad!

I send them immediately to get married.

… And they kiss to the sound of rockets going off.

… Another successful courtship completed.

As per the rules, I immediately send them on a honeymoon. The rules don’t specifically say how LONG it has to be, though, so I pick an ambiguous 3 day stretch.. and I pack her easel, because there’s not much to do in Granite Falls.

Well, other than the obvious honeymoon things. And eating.

Well, I guess a figure painting is appropriate. Since you now have a model to paint…

Working on our cooking skill. There’s no oven in this house, though, so we safely make salads instead of braving the campfire outside.

.. Unexpectedly, it’s Harvestfest.. and Hawea immediately ticks off a gnome. Who breaks everything. So Amaranthe gets some handiness. And we pick up all the seeds that the gnome that Amaranthe succeeded in pleasing drops for us… then promptly sell the gnomes. Hey, money is tight, alright? (well, no I guess it’s not. We got 20k for moving Hawea in… but still. We have to move after this generation, so I better start saving!! I briefly considered getting rid of the money he moved in with.. but there’s nothing in the rules about it.. so I ended up keeping it.)

Hawea keeps distracting her from painting, so I send him out to get fish for dinner. Spoiler alert: he only catches a couple of coolers and some weeds…. so no to the fish dinner.

Then, I notice that Hawea is definitely looking a bit worse for wear. Apparently standing out in the cold fishing most the night was a bad call on my part.

… So we let him pester Amaranthe while painting for a while.

… Great. Amaranthe is now sick, too. What a fabulous honeymoon. I finally decide to send them home half a day early, because they’re both dazed and miserable. We remember to pack the easel.

First thing we do when we get home: get Hawea a job. Due to his love of kids, and rather ambiguous trait set, we have him pick up an Education career. Plus, it’s still new to me.. so that’s cool.

I then decide I’ve had enough playing for one night.. and decide to upgrade their home before I quit. I spend about half their money, but I like the results.

I also buy them a “real” bed – or at least a better one, but I forgot to get a picture of that.

… And it leaves us with enough room to start a family. Which we’ll do next time. Meanwhile, we’ve made a good start to Generation One! See you next time!

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