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Tails of Sulani – Chapter 2 Interlude 1 – Kali’s Dilemma

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Generation Two: Brown

Appearance: Brown hair, unkempt clothing style
Traits: Loves Outdoors, Loner, Child of the Island
Aspiration: Beach Life
Occupation: Conservationist
House Goal: 20,000 worth

Kali’s Dilemma

Dear Diary:

I don’t know how to write in one of these things. Mama said she uses hers to tell about her day and her feelings, but that just seems weird to me. I guess I’ll just have to try it, though.

So here goes nothing. Today, I went to school. Then I came home and played in the old dollhouse. It wasn’t much fun by myself, so I went outside.

I decided if nobody was around, I’d play in Daddy’s fish pond. I pretended I was a pirate.

I started to get a bad feeling.

Then, a big scary arm came out and tried to get me. I yelled to abandon ship and ran back inside.

Maybe taking a bath would be safer.

I wasn’t going to admit my fear about going back outside, so I played in the toy box for a while.

Then, Daddy helped me with my homework.


Okay, this isn’t working. I’m not very good at this. I keep trying, hoping I’ll get better at it, but it’s hard. I just don’t know what to say. And I need to.. know what to say.

Because I have to grow up to be like Mama. She says I’m the heir to the family legacy. Which is hard to understand. All I know is: when I grow up, I’ll have to leave home.

I mean, I’ll still be in Sulani, but I’ll have to be on my own. Mama said it’ll be hard, but that I’ll do just fine. I’m not so sure. I don’t think I want to be… an heir.

I don’t want to be alone, and I really don’t want to grow up. I wish I had a choice, but Mama says since I’m the first girl, that’s what I was born to do. She did it, and so did Grandma. It’s what our family does. I don’t know why, but we have to. I snuck upstairs last night and looked at an old photo album of my Great-Grandma. The one who found out how to be a mermaid in a scary cave.

She had come from somewhere else, and was brave enough to start over when she was still just a teenager. I don’t know how she did it, and I really don’t know if I’m brave enough. I mean, if a pretend sea monster can make me afraid of Daddy’s fish pond… how can I be the heir??

Oops. Daddy says it’s bedtime, so I have to go, Diary. I guess I’ll write more tomorrow. Mama says that practice will help, like it does with my violin. But I’m not sure I believe her.

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Tails of Sulani – Chapter 2.10 – Days Gone By

Chapter 2.9 | Rules for this challenge | Chapter 2 Interlude 1

Generation Two: Brown

Appearance: Brown hair, unkempt clothing style
Traits: Loves Outdoors, Loner, Child of the Island
Aspiration: Beach Life
Occupation: Conservationist
House Goal: 20,000 worth

Days Gone By

It’s another beautiful day in Sulani, and with Kali big enough to watch her brother and sister, Aleki and I are once again able to have a leisurely morning swim out by our dock. Kali has her breakfast, and is all ready to go to school when we get back. We give her a hug goodbye and head inside to get back to being parents of two little ones.

After Kali gets home from school, she does her homework and then plops down at her beloved activity table. Since I’m working on my last point of Logic for work, I’m close enough to her that we can sit and chat.

While I’m studying, though, my phone rings. It’s Austen, and he has more bad news. Meilani miscarried again, and this time the doctors said they should simply stop trying. Austen agrees, I mean, they’re not getting any younger – but it doesn’t lessen the blow of losing yet another baby. I decide Kali has enough to worry about, so I don’t tell her the news, but I save it to tell Alexi later.

After what must be one of the fastest aspiration finishes ever, Kali decides she now wants to be a Whiz kid, so I spend what’s left of the evening reading to her and teaching her to play chess.

Unbeknownst to either Aleki or I, Maricela ages up all by herself upstairs and wanders around, checking out her new territory. Not finding anyone to play with up there, though, she quickly gets bored of it, and ends up alerting us to her presence with a temper tantrum that would wake the Kraken.

The week goes on, with Aleki taking his “Zen” moments at his water garden as often as he can, and both of us playing tag-team on the parenting. I tell you what, things can get pretty crazy with three kids around a house.

With Aleki’s aspiration being Mansion Baron, he’s up to the part where he’s supposed to own more Art. So he spends a few days working on actual paintings instead of commissions for other people. He turns out some pretty good stuff, but nothing worth even close to what he can make with commissions. They do add a nice “feel” to the house, though, as we hang them up here and there.

Maricela is quite a troublemaker, and got into the flour while I was making Jayce’s birthday cake. We planned to invite the family over for his party, but it ended up that a good portion of the family couldn’t make it.

…. Which made Jayce very sad.

Dinner at the party was a little subdued, and I quickly shuffled everyone off home and told Jayce he should check upstairs… It didn’t take him long to discover that we’d made some purchases.

One of the rooms was now decked out just for him – and it even had room for some pets. Kali grudgingly agreed to share her art bench with her brother, because apparently he grew up with the Art Lover trait as well, and seemed to want to be just like his big sister.

The other nice thing is that we’d finally been able to afford fixtures in the upstairs bathroom – so there was no racing down the stairs in the early morning hours for anyone in the family. (Which, in my opinion, is a good thing – we don’t need anyone falling down the stairs!)

However, those furniture upgrades weren’t cheap, and Aleki has been working day and night on commissions to pay for them. Pair that with trying to keep up with a constantly naughty toddler, and neither Aleki or the toddler seemed to be getting enough rest.

I quickly stepped in and put Mari to bed, and sent Aleki to bed, too. The paintings could wait for tomorrow.

I still visit with Squirt as much as I possibly can, and she’s always glad to hear little tidbits about my family life. As she says, the life of the “two legs” (us) is particularly interesting, because she couldn’t imagine not being in the ocean all the time. She was also happy to hear of my major promotion to the top of my career… now I’m the boss around work, and I can dictate even more conservation efforts around the islands.

Mom stopped over to see the kids the day after the birthday party, and our little Charmer Mari was more than happy to try to monopolize all of her visiting time.

We didn’t much mind, though, because it’s so cute watching them play together.

Mom helped me tuck in our littlest monster, and then we were able to have a real talk about Dad. We both missed him terribly, but life goes on – and I expressed just how glad I was that she was still around. At least my kids would get to know one grandparent!

“Hammy” – as Jayce has named his new pet – has turned out to be a really cute family addition, and we practically fight over who’s going to take care of him next. He certainly isn’t lacking for attention, and his cage is always pristine.

Mari is slowly learning to talk, even if she’d much rather be making messes. I don’t remember either of my other kids being quite as rowdy as she is.

Every time we turn around, there’s another mess in the making. I swear, I might as well just leave the mop and bucket out – but then, they’d probably turn into her playthings, too. I even caught her playing in the toilet, of all things, the other day. What a mess that was!

Now that work is so much less stressful, I’ve taken up a new hobby. I bought myself a Diving Camera, and have started taking pictures of the deep ecosystems in our islands. It takes time to get good photos, but I’ve found my photography has definitely been improving with the practice.

The pictures that I don’t sell to the local galleries have gone up in our bedroom, giving us a daily (well, nightly) reminder of just how precious the life around us is.

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Tails of Sulani – Chapter 2.9 – Highs and Lows

Chapter 2.8 | Rules for this challenge | Chapter 2.10

Generation Two: Brown

Appearance: Brown hair, unkempt clothing style
Traits: Loves Outdoors, Loner, Child of the Island
Aspiration: Beach Life
Occupation: Conservationist
House Goal: 20,000 worth

Highs and Lows

Have I mentioned lately how much I love Sulani? Every day I notice something else that I hadn’t noticed before, and the sheer beauty of nature around me takes my breath away. I mean, I’m glad I no longer live right under the volcano – like I did growing up – but I’m still close enough to my parents that it’s a short swim across the water.

Today was Kali’s first day of school, and she ran off past the new windows with as much glee as I’ve ever seen for someone who was going to school for the day.

Oh, did I mention the new windows? Yeah, I found some windows on sale at the local hardware store that really open up the house, and with Alexi’s newest big commission, we decided to splurge. Again. I know, it’s hard to save when I’m constantly spending more money, but lately it seems so easy to make that money back that upgrading the house for our growing family was an easy option.

Alexi is still such a big help around the house – even in the face of the fact that he manages to find the time to do at least one commission every other day or so. And those commissions aren’t just asking for a simple logo anymore. They want the “real” stuff. Luckily, Alexi is talented enough to do just that.

Kali arrived home from school humming to herself, and immediately sat down to do her homework. After I picked my jaw up off the floor, I went over to help her on her math, but she insisted the rest she could do on her own. Which left me some down time to recover after working all day. With the baby due soon, I knew we were going to need my paycheck, and my boss was nice enough to give me easy tasks, so it was okay.

After her homework was done, Kali spent the rest of the evening playing with her toys for her aspiration – which reminded me that I needed to get back to work on mine. Maybe I could find time this weekend. If the baby came first, that is.

Speaking of commissions, Alexi got another big one today, and he’s had his head in that Sketchpad of his whether he’s actually working on it or not. By bedtime he’d still only gotten one of the Environmental Sketches done, and the client had furiously sent it back. I had a feeling it was going to be a long couple of days for him.

I went to bed early – but I wasn’t asleep long. I knew what was wrong immediately, and Alexi dropped everything to come support me. Granted, his version of support was dancing around in the corner panicking, but at least he tried.

Before long, our third baby, Maricela arrived. Kali seemed determined to be the best big sister she possibly could be, and continued to do her homework without complaint, and even helped out around the house. Alexi said she even begged to have him show her how to start the washer to do her laundry so I wouldn’t have to!

I do have to wonder what Kali’s been writing about in her journal, though, because she always looks so serious when she’s doing it. I’m careful to give her her “space”, though, and despite the temptation, I haven’t pulled the journal out from under the mattress I know she stashes it under.

Poor Alexi has been trying to do everything lately. He’s up late with our newest daughter, and still one of the first ones up in the morning to work on his commissions. He did finally get that last big one completed, although I could have sworn I heard him cursing about difficult clients under his breath.

Mom.. I love you dearly, but you sure can pick a doozey of a time to stop by. The kitchen sink had broken, as well as the toilet, so I was far too busy to do anything more than say hello.

Kali stepped in, however, and spent some time with an adoring grandmother while eating her dinner. I’d made veggie chili that night, and Mom swore that’s why she had swum all the way across the water to come visit. I laughed and made sure she had a bowl of her own before she left for the evening.

Before bed, Kali did some more to hang on the fridge – I swear, we’ve nearly run out of room! She’s turning out to have her father’s talent, it seems. We’ll see what she does with it as she grows up.

Since Maricela came right on time, and I said I’d work on my aspiration over the weekend – I did just that. I had to explore the cave that I’ve heard so many stories about from my mother. Apparently my grandmother found the gift of our tails there, and I have to admit, I’d been curious to really have a look around. I was also supposed to find some buried treasure, so I had plans to go buy some dive equipment to look for it later.

Kali had her first violin lesson this weekend, too… and it may not sound great now, but she sure is determined. She’s also smart enough to only practice when the babies aren’t sleeping, which I heartily approve of.

The house had another major upgrade, too. The balcony over the fish pond got turned into a media room. I have plenty of space now to store any shells or treasure I find. Granted, I found that one treasure in the cave, not by diving, but I was sure I could find more. Now that we were comfortable financially, I would definitely be able to keep the shells and stuff I found instead of selling it instantly.

Everyone had to admit, though, that the new “media room” and the windows really helped put the house together. Plus, I had another reason for actually buying a TV.

Sunday dawned with huge rainclouds in the sky, and there was trouble in the breeze. Jayce was getting into mischief while Alexi was trying to work, and I was so busy with Maricela I couldn’t really step in and help.

Then Dad called, right when I was finally free to doze off on the deck for the final step of my aspiration. I smiled and had to take some time to chat, despite the fact that it would eat into my naptime. He gabbed about all sorts of things, and I tried to keep up with him – but as usual, I was thoroughly left behind by the time the conversation was over. I laughed, then sat down for my nap – no matter how short it would be.

My nap was just long enough to count for finishing my aspiration, and then I was back to work, being a super mom. Alexi had been working all morning on another tough commission, so he had passed out on the couch, and someone had to watch the babies.

Kali and I had a quiet dinner while he rested.. and then cleaned up the dishes. .. Then we all ran upstairs, because it was time for the countdown.

We had all made our resolutions, and to my surprise, the babies slept through the entire countdown.. but it was not to be as happy an end to the year as we all expected. Just as the ball dropped in San Myshuno, all of our phones started ringing at the same time. We all shared a sober look, because that was never a good thing.

To my horror, despite the fact I had just talked to him and he had been his typical high energy self, my father had passed away. My brother had had to make the phone call, because Mom was beside herself with grief.

I threw myself into Alexi’s arms with the confetti from the holiday still raining down on our heads. He caught me, and held me tight for a long moment before something occurred to me.

Poor Kali was standing there all alone, as devastated as the rest of us. I quickly scooped her up in my arms and held her tight. It was going to be a long week – but at least Jayce was too young to feel much of the pain. Granted, he was going to pick up on the emotion from the rest of us, but he wasn’t going to understand or remember it. I couldn’t say the same for Kali. This was a day none of us would soon forget.

It was terribly late by the time I’d gotten Kali calmed down enough to go to bed, and she was mostly asleep by the time I even got the blankets pulled up. I gave her a kiss, then checked in on Jayce downstairs before curling up next to Alexi and listened to the crickets outside. I’m not sure I ever actually fell asleep that night – but I do know I watched the sun rise over Mari’s crib and remembered my Dad.

(A/N: This is the second time this legacy I’ve been moved close to tears by my little pixel mermaids. You will be missed, Rangi.. you will be missed. I had taken this screenshot of Corina swimming earlier in the evening’s play session, but I felt it was more appropriate to use it to close the post. Enjoy, and see you next time!)

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Tails of Sulani – Chapter 2.8 – A Crazy Holiday

Chapter 2.7 | Rules for this challenge | Chapter 2.9

Generation Two: Brown

Appearance: Brown hair, unkempt clothing style
Traits: Loves Outdoors, Loner, Child of the Island
Aspiration: Beach Life
Occupation: Conservationist
House Goal: 20,000 worth

A Crazy Holiday

Winterfest dawned with some huge changes. First of all.. we had STAIRS! The house upgrade that I mentioned planning for was complete – or, mostly so. The building was done, at least, but there were some glaring things missing – like furniture. All our funds had gone into the building, though, so we were going to need to spend some time saving to finish out the furnishings. But, first, I’ll give you a little tour of the changes:

Alexi’s office was expanded, so it wasn’t just a glorified closet anymore, and he had room to store some of his artwork, too.

The deck overlooking the ocean was official – you can see we moved the Master Bedroom upstairs, as well. And yes, it’s pouring – the weather for Winterfest isn’t exactly ideal – but this is Sulani, and winter means storms.

The front of the house also got a major upgrade with another deck – this time, overlooking Alexi’s beloved water garden.

And, finally, we had a major surprise for Kali. Today was her birthday, and we’d set up a room of her very own upstairs. She even had her first journal, sitting on her desk, waiting for her first words.

Apparently, Kali had forgotten it was Winterfest, too, and squealed in joy to find the tree had been moved into the living room before she got up.

Before long, Jaye was up, too, and Alexi watched both the kids, who were thoroughly excited for the day – while I worked on yet another surprise in the kitchen.

When the surprise cake was ready, I called Kali, and she came running.

We all gathered around Kali’s Strawberry cake and sang the birthday song as Kali blew out the candles. She got them on the first try, too!

Then, because it was her birthday, Kali and I cut a couple thick slices of cake and sat down while she chatted excitedly about school starting tomorrow. I have to say, her new wardrobe looked great on her, and I was glad to see her growing up. She had gained the Art Lover trait, and I couldn’t wait for her to find her Winterfest gift!

Kali offered to clean up the dishes, since she could actually reach the sink now – and I tried not to watch for broken dishes while she worked. I swear, the sponge is as big as she is!

Then, I brought out the decorations for the tree, and we all started working on setting it up. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Jayce eyeing the vase on the shelves, and quickly found something else for him to do.

Finally, he settled down and sat quietly while we finished the tree and I scattered the presents around the base of it.

Because it was her birthday, we let Kali go first. Jayce was impatient, but was more than happy to “help” with the ribbons and discarded wrapping paper.

Then, it was Jayce’s turn, and he was immediately captivated with the action figure in his present… which gave us time to set up Kali’s present in the new activity room.

Of course, she had to try out the art table immediately, and Alexi shuffled Jacye off to his room so he wouldn’t interfere.

This gave me a chance to take a much-needed nap in the middle of the day.

By nightfall, the kids were still busy with their gifts – and I woke up to give Alexi some time to go feed his fish. We had installed lights in the garden, luckily, and it looked amazing at night, now.

I made my last grilled meal for my aspiration – a special Fruit Cobbler for Winterfest, and everyone rushed to be the first to get a slice.

The merry sounds of laughter drew everyone outside to meet Father Winter – who had showed up in his swimwear, much to everyone’s surprise!

He quickly added some presents to the pile under the tree, and went back outside to hand out the rest of the gifts.

Kali’s gift was a new virtuoso violin, and I quickly made notes to sign her up for lessons.

Alexi hadn’t expected a gift of his own, but Father Winter insisted.. and I think he was really excited by the gift….

… because he immediately went to set it up in his office. Now that his painting skill was getting so good, I should have thought to get him a real easel myself! After we tucked Jayce in, I sent Alexi to the kitchen for yet another surprise.

I’d made him a decadent coconut cake – his favorite – for his birthday, and we had a quiet celebration downstairs. Wow, it still feels weird to call this the “downstairs” – it’s just been “home” for so long, and it’s not like the house I grew up in ever had stairs. We were really moving up in the world!

Alexi was exhausted, since he hadn’t had a nap, so I offered to tuck in Kali in her brand new room, and she was asleep practically before I could pull the covers up. It had been a long, busy day… and I stumbled off to the downstairs bathroom – since the upstairs one didn’t have any fixtures yet – then practically crawled back up the stairs to my nice soft, familiar bed. Even with the nap, the new life in me sapped most of my energy, and bedtime was always the best time of the day. Any day now, however, our new baby would arrive… and I was so excited to meet them!

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Tails of Sulani – Chapter 2.7 – The Big News

Chapter 2.6 | Rules for this challenge | Chapter 2.8

Generation Two: Brown

Appearance: Brown hair, unkempt clothing style
Traits: Loves Outdoors, Loner, Child of the Island
Aspiration: Beach Life
Occupation: Conservationist
House Goal: 20,000 worth

The Big News

Waking up to a dirty toddler is never fun, but waking up to someone else taking care of it .. well, let’s just say, it’s much better. This pregnancy was harder on me than I remember the last two being – at least, it sure was in these first few weeks. I’ve had trouble sleeping, and I’ve been pretty sick, too, so Alexi has been (thankfully) taking up the slack. Having two toddlers and a baby on the way made for a crazy house.

We had really lucked out on Jayce – he was so Independent, he tended to almost take care of himself. He was often content just to play by himself in the kid’s room.

Kali, however, was still our little troublemaker. She took constant care and attention – but she was getting better behaved as she grew up, luckily. Don’t tell Alexi I said this – but she’s still my favorite. I love her spirit – she reminds me a bit of me.

After Alexi pointing out that the sink was filthy after he’d given Jayce his bath, I decided something needed to be done about it. And I really wasn’t feeling up to cleaning it. So I spent the extra time needed to install some auto cleaning hardware on most of the bathroom appliances. Apparently, I needed to fix the toilet while I was at it! The kids were curious about all the noise I was making – and they both came toddling in to see if they could “help”.

Noticing that I was foot-deep in a pile of laundry, Alexi went and cleaned up the whole house of it and started the Washer. Which left me trying to upgrade a sink and watching two kids at the same time.

Later, though, Alexi gave me some time to go “hydrate my scales”, and I happened upon a dolphin. I remembered hearing stories of my grandmother and a dolphin she had befriended – so I spent some time to get to know this blue dolphin.

After a little while, we were great friends, and she had told me her name was Squirt. She let me rub her belly, and we splashed playfully until her pod showed up and she swam off to be with them.

On the way home, I found some turtles, and stopped to watch them. I wondered if any of them were the baby turtles I had observed earlier in the year. They were gorgeous, though, and seemed to all be healthy, which made my heart glad.

Alexi and the kids were playing happily when I got home, although my “mommy sense” told me the little tummies were going to be hungry soon – so I let them play and headed for the back deck.

I still needed a couple of grilled meals for my aspiration, after all.. and for some reason, I was craving baked potatoes. I covered them with cheese and bacon and the entire family enjoyed the treat.

Days passed, and, to my excitement, I started feeling the little mermaid or merman inside really starting to “swim around”. I showed Kali and Jayce – who, predictably, had completely different reactions. Jayce could have cared less for the most part, whereas Kali had to ask a million questions – with the most prominent one being “Does this one have to be a little brother, too??” I stifled a laugh and told her we’d just have to wait and see!

Kali had finally succeeded at her potty training lessons, although being the one who usually cleaned out the potty made me slightly ambivalent about the whole process. At least I wasn’t still changing a million diapers, I guess. Those got to be expensive.

Alexi still spent time working on commissions for clients, and his painting skills were really getting quite impressive. I tried to give him some kid-free time to work in his office each day, but sometimes they escaped and toddled off to try to find where he’d gone to.

My parents, and brother and sister in law made an excuse of bringing us some good island food to come over, and it was great to see them.

I kept the kids occupied while he and the rest of the adults had dinner. Kali and Jayce had already eaten, so keeping them out from underfoot was the best thing to do.

Everyone sounded like they had a great time, however, from what I could hear from the kid’s room.

When my Dad came back to check on us, it gave me a chance to tell him the news about the new family addition. Apparently Mom overheard, and soon they were both in the kid’s room with me, chatting excitedly about another new grandkid. Before long, I had to shoo them out to put the other two grand-kids to bed, though.

Alexi was multi-tasking and trying to finish up a commission that was due in the morning, but he did tell me later that after my announcement, that the conversation hadn’t strayed very far from talk of the new arrival.

I tucked Jayce into bed and read Kali her nightly story, watching her little eyes try to stay open until the end of the book. She didn’t quite make it, as usual, and I smiled and gave her a soft kiss before sneaking out of the room to get some sleep myself.

Chapter 2.6 | Rules for this challenge | Chapter 2.8

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Tails of Sulani – Chapter 2.6 – New Babies

Chapter 2.5 | Rules for this challenge | Chapter 2.7

Generation Two: Brown

Appearance: Brown hair, unkempt clothing style
Traits: Loves Outdoors, Loner, Child of the Island
Aspiration: Beach Life
Occupation: Conservationist
House Goal: 20,000 worth

New Babies

I woke up the next morning to a disaster area. How could one little party make such a mess? Sighing, I got down to work. Humming softly to myself, I gathered up the dishes and cups and carefully carried them all to the sink. Perhaps we needed to invest some money in a dishwasher if we were going to continue with the family parties! I couldn’t regret the mess, however, because seeing all my family was such a precious thing. I was glad we had managed to remain a close family. Even Tevin and his son had managed to make the party – all the way from San Myshuno!

In the other room, I could hear Kali playing quietly, and Aleki soothing baby Jayce, who was up yet again. Oh – and speaking of Jayce – it’s his birthday today – which is exciting news!

Finally, everything was all cleaned up and we all gathered around to wish baby Jayce a happy birthday. He grew up very Independent, and insisted on taking his first steps all by himself.

Having a little brother that was big enough to actually have a conversation with and play with thrilled little Kali. She spent the rest of the morning completely monopolizing poor Jayce’s time.

Finally, Aleki managed to distract her long enough for me to spend some time with my little boy.

Potty training was the first order of business – it’s never too early to start with a toddler. I’m not sure Jayce quite understands the concept, however, but at least we tried. Then, we played some shape games with his toddler blocks, hoping to raise his thinking skill enough to forestall nightmares. We’ll see if it worked!

Once my babies were down for their afternoon nap, I took some time on my day off to go see the baby turtles being born. It was good to get back into the ocean again and let my scales hydrate a bit.

I was not the only person here to see the turtles, and before I knew it, there was a crowd hanging around the roped-off turtle lanes. I heard people ooo-ing and aahh-ing over the little ones, but my conservationist self decided I ought to Survey the scene thoroughly to make sure the baby turtles were happy, healthy, and headed right for the ocean as they should be.

I was apparently, not the only one studying them, either. I didn’t recognize the woman, but she was clearly doing some research, as well.

While I was gone, Aleki did some work on his newest commission.

Kali had woken up, upset about a broken dollhouse – and she took comfort from ol’ Blarffy while Aleki fixed it. After the dollhouse was back in good condition again, he was able to get her back asleep, and spend some time actually painting for the commission.

He watched over our babies while working, and apparently that was really inspiring, because the first two paintings were accepted right away. The third, however,  took several tries to get “just right” for the client. Once it was done, however, he managed to get a nearly 5,000 simoleon paycheck! Definitely good money – but we would need it – because having kids is not cheap, let me tell you.

Speaking of money, it was definitely Monday, because the bills arrived right on time. By the time we got around to paying them, I was home and taking a short nap until the toddlers woke up.

Later that night, Aleki and I took some time for ourselves after putting the kids to bed. Dinner had been a feast of grilled fish I’d prepared – fresh caught from our fish traps – and it had been excellent.

Don’t worry – we locked the bedroom door, just in case!

… And it was a good thing we did, because Jayce was apparently up and wandering around the house. I suspect he was admiring the angelfish in our new saltwater aquarium.

A few mornings later, I had a sneaking suspicion our late night romp had borne fruit, so I took a pregnancy test. Sure enough… we were expecting .. AGAIN!

I went to wake Aleki to tell him the news, and I think he could tell right away by the silly grin on my face.

He laughed almost until he cried, then fretted a bit about the fact that it was so soon – but I convinced him this was a good thing as Aleki and I checked on the kids and headed to bed ourselves.

We were definitely going to have to start drafting plans for a bigger house, though, because we barely had enough room for the two toddlers as it was! The higher commissions from Aleki’s Freelancing job were definitely going to come in handy, after all! I drifted off to sleep thinking about possible designs and maybe even a balcony overlooking the water….

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Tails of Sulani – Chapter 2.5 – A House Party

Chapter 2.4 | Rules for this challenge | Chapter 2.6

Generation Two: Brown

Appearance: Brown hair, unkempt clothing style
Traits: Loves Outdoors, Loner, Child of the Island
Aspiration: Beach Life
Occupation: Conservationist
House Goal: 20,000 worth

A House Party

(A/N: Welcome to Simnano 2020! I’ll be alternating posting days with this story and my Ramblers family, and aiming for at least 25,000 words for the month. I had so much fun last year I had to enter this year, as well. I’ve been looking forward to it since last year. This is the story I used last year, so it only made sense to use it again this year and get a little farther along in my challenge. Oh, and a note on the challenge, She’s at level 8 in her career, and on the last part of Beach Life aspiration. The house is way over value, too, so I don’t have to worry about that. Things are going well!)

The new baby, Jayce, was keeping us up at all hours. Aleki was so helpful, often being the one to get up with him while I made sure Kali was asleep in the next room. However, I still had big plans to invite the whole family over for a house party tonight, no matter how little sleep I was running on.

While stocking up the fridge for the party, I swear I saw a Freezer Bunny in there, but I managed to convince myself I was just really tired. Babies are hard work!

I finished stocking up the fridge and making breakfast, while Aleki finished connecting our new Washing Machine. Now that we had two kids, there was no way I had time to spend all day at that darn washtub anymore.

After installing it, he started our very first load of laundry in it.. and amazingly, everything worked smoothly. We had debated a while, but decided we liked the way the outside wash line dried the clothes, so we hadn’t bought a Dryer, too. Also eliminated the possibility of fire, which I’d heard was a terrifying possibility with that particular appliance.

We ate a quiet breakfast together while the kids were still asleep, and I headed outside to do some chores while Aleki watched the sleeping babies.

It was a great day for putting the laundry out, luckily, so I got that done, and then went to check on the fish traps. Again, there was plenty to sell and new fish to bait the hooks with.

On the way back inside, I couldn’t resist stopping to finish my beach-combing aspiration. Now I just needed to do some major outdoor grilling – so I was looking forward to trying out our new grill for the party tonight.

The rest of the morning practically flew by once Kali and Jayce woke up. There were diapers to change, bottles to warm up, and potty training to be worked on. Kali was really a great kid, though, and she was so independent that she liked to do most things on her own. When she went down for her afternoon nap, Aleki and I took some time to work on my Logic skill and play a game or two of chess. It was a lot of fun.

Then it was Aleki’s turn for outdoor chores. We had decided it was a good time to spend the 1000 simoleons on getting some cleaner snails for his Koi Garden, so he carefully introduced them, and we hoped that the fish didn’t eat all of the snails before they were able to do their job.

Lastly, he took down the laundry and put it away, while I made all the phone calls inviting the family over for dinner.

After making the phone calls, I finished final preparations by firing up the grill…

.. And making some Kava for the adults. This party was going to be Epic.

As people started to arrive, I chatted with my sister in law, Meilani about our kids and how much fun parenting was (most of the time).

My nephew, Barry, was here, and chatted happily with Aleki while Kali looked on.

By the time everyone arrived, our house was utterly full. Kali seemed to think the party had been thrown for her, and she went around meeting and charming everyone. She wasn’t quite big enough to join in on the conversation, but I have to give her credit for trying.

It was so good to see my Mom and Dad again – it felt like it had been forever, and I was well aware that time with them around was definitely limited.

The advantage to having a family party – usually there’s people willing to help clean up. This is Grayson, Kaleb’s son (my cousin). They grow up so fast!

Kaci and Barry (my brother’s kids) found the playroom, and Meilani kept them occupied while the adults chatted in our new living room.

There were a couple heated games of chess between my parents, and plenty of food for everyone.

By the end of the night, when everyone headed home, even the kids were willing to practically fall into bed. But I think everyone had had a good time, at least. Which was the important part. I slept while I could, knowing Jayce would probably be up before long.

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Tails of Sulani – Chapter 2.4 – A Family Grows

Chapter 2.3 | Rules for this challenge | Chapter 2.5

Generation Two: Brown

Appearance: Brown hair, unkempt clothing style
Traits: Loves Outdoors, Loner, Child of the Island
Aspiration: Beach Life
Occupation: Conservationist
House Goal: 20,000 worth

A Family Grows

Since Kali was born, I’ve been so busy I’ve barely had time to socialize, so when Mom and Dad came over for a visit and brought an island feast, I was overjoyed. I’m so glad my parents are around to see their grandkids growing.

We spent an enjoyable evening together, and I think they really liked getting to meet Kali. For a change, she was well-behaved and barely cried all night.

The next day, however, it was back to the grind of being a parent. The laundry line broke, so I was outside fixing it when a storm blew in. It quickly went from just rain into a real Monsoon, and I hurried back indoor.

Luckily, Aleki didn’t have to go meet any clients while it was storming, and was able to do all his work from home. We’ve really both been working hard to make money for another expansion to the house. With Kali growing up soon, we’ll need the extra room.

I’ve been slacking on my aspiration – which is currently to do a lot of beach-combing and grilling, so after the storm passed, I spent some time digging in the sand. Didn’t find much in the dark, though, so I’ll have to do some more in the coming days while I’m out surveying the land for work. Needing to grill stuff is another reason we’re upgrading the house – we’ll finally be getting a real deck to relax on by the ocean!

Kali had her birthday, and grew up to be a real silly girl. She seems to be getting into everything at once, and I wonder how my parents made it through the toddler stages. I’ll be glad when I’m not chasing her around the house anymore. … Or do you always end up chasing your kids, I wonder?

Parenting is a never-ending task, it seems.. and keeping up with the household chores just makes each day exhausting. I count myself lucky that we finally are getting a bigger house, but taking care of it is seeming like a monumental task.

Kali is progressing quickly in her skills, though. She loves playing with blocks, and the dollhouse we got her seems to be one of her favorite toys. I read her to sleep each night, and Aleki comes in to give her a goodnight kiss, too.

Speaking of Aleki, we take what time we can together, and he’s really been an amazing partner. He seems to always be there when I need him, and he tries to help around the house as much as he can.

I’ve been feeling sick to my stomach lately, though, which means more cleaning.. but it could also mean something else. I steel myself for what the reaction might be… and I go to tell Aleki.

“Guess what?”

Aleki was concerned that it seems like we JUST had Kali, and he knows we’ll have to deal with two toddlers at once, but he was excited at the same time. The prospect of a new baby keeps me with a smile on my face – despite the fact that I seem to be far more sick this pregnancy than I was the last time.

With the big expansion to the house, We also ordered a fish pond built for Aleki. He’s really been working hard, getting commissions on almost a daily basis, sometimes more than one a day, and I decided that he deserved a treat just for him. When the pond was finally done, he was overjoyed to stock it full of Koi fish. He spent hours in the pet store picking out just the right one – while I tried wrangling Kali away from the hamsters and small pets.

Speaking of his work, he’s really been doing well. His commissions are often more than a couple thousand dollars, which means neither of us are really worrying about being able to pay the bills and take care of our growing family. That really takes a load off of our shoulders, and is MUCH appreciated.

Harvestfest arrived with very little fanfare, and Aleki let me sleep in. I’ve been so tired, I really needed the break. When I did wake, it was midafternoon, and I found Kali and Aleki quietly playing in her room, trying very hard not to wake me. It was so sweet.

Aleki says his “Zen” moment every day is when he goes out to feed his new fish – and I can definitely see that he is glad for the opportunity to get out of the house.

The expansion was finished today, and both of us are overjoyed.

We now have a full dining room, and a living room to gather in with friends and family.

The kitchen, also, got a couple upgrades, and I have some upper cabinets to store things in, now.

I adore the new deck area, and I plan to have a house party over the weekend to invite the family to see our new house and .. well, just get together. It’s been a while, and I want to spend some time with them.

The house expansion was finished none too soon, because late that night I went into labor. With Kali asleep in the next room, we decided to do a home birth, and Aleki tried very hard (and unsuccessfully) not to panic.

Before long, though, our son Jayce was born… and both of us were thrilled to put him to bed for the night and get some more sleep ourselves.

Kali seems to like the house expansion as much as we do, and spends a lot of time wandering around the new room, curiously touching everything. Luckily, none of the new knick-knacks are breakable, and she’s been surprisingly gentle with them.

To top off the week, Aleki got a record commission of almost 4 thousand dollars! It was an amazing thing, and I’m so glad his talent is finally being really rewarded. With commissions like that, he’ll be able to spend less time working, and more time with the kids, which is never a bad thing.

(A/N: This family is too cute. They’re very close to each other, and seem to really enjoy spending time together. Both parents are doing well in their careers, and the house is WAY past the monetary goal for the generation. I just need a couple more promotions for Kimber, and to finish her aspiration, and then it’ll be all about raising the kids. Oh, one other note – I did give little Kali a makeover and change her hair color with thoughts to the next generation’s theme – red – so if you’re wondering where the red hair came from, that’s where. I will let Jacye grow up into whatever clothes and colors EA gives him, but it just made sense to start Kali’s theme early so that it won’t be a huge abrupt change in hair color when she grows up.) Lastly, this story was not only nominated for a golden plumbbob, but we won Best Legacy!

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Tails of Sulani – Chapter 2.3 – Life Cycles

Chapter 2.2 | Rules for this challenge | Chapter 2.4

Generation Two: Brown

Appearance: Brown hair, unkempt clothing style
Traits: Loves Outdoors, Loner, Child of the Island
Aspiration: Beach Life
Occupation: Conservationist
House Goal: 20,000 worth

Life Cycles

I start this entry with a heavy heart. A friend and co-worker, Wiki, has passed away. I just got the news this morning. Unable to get any more sleep after that phone call, I elected to get up early and do some household chores.

Washing laundry makes me wish I had an electric washer and dryer, but there are other needs that come before the “wants” – especially now that I’m pregnant.

The pregnancy, however, has been pretty rough, and I’ve been sick much of the time. Which means more chores to clean up the toilet. Just what I need.

Aleki has been doing really well at work, however, and has been getting better paying commissions, which is really wonderful. He really enjoys the work, even if going out to meet the clients can sometimes be very annoying and time consuming.

I’ve lately been working on my Logic skill, as getting another promotion is out of my reach until I gain another point in it. It’s hard to concentrate with the baby jumping around, though.

My brother, sister-in-law, and father stopped by to bring some nice island food for the fridge. Means that I have less cooking to do, which is good when the smells sometimes make me sick.

I took the opportunity to tell everyone the big news. My dad seemed overly happy to hear about another grandkid, and he promised to tell Mom as soon as he got home. My brother and Meilani, however, didn’t seem surprised, and I caught them sharing a secret smile. Makes me wonder if there will be more kids coming for them soon.

It sure was nice to spend some time with family, though, and it helped alleviate the sadness I felt about Wiki passing on.

Aleki has been so helpful around the house since I’ve been pregnant. I only hope it isn’t a phase .. and he keeps it up after the baby is born.

Aleki has won an award – and a promotion – for his hard work. Luckily, it even came with a bonus.. which means that the house expansion we’d been talking about can become a reality. Between his paychecks and mine we’ve been able to save up quite a bit.

So, I called the local construction company, and had them get busy. They assured me they could get everything we wanted done before the baby was born.

They were as good as their word, and before I knew it I had a REAL kitchen. With a stove and everything! I just needed to buy some stools to sit on at the counter, but that shouldn’t be tough.

We also had a real bedroom, too. With room for the baby’s bassinet. Finally, we also had a bathtub in the bathroom, too, and some upgraded plumbing, since our little mermaid would need baths. Just plopping him or her into the ocean wasn’t going to cut it, I knew.

I wasn’t able to do much in the way of work in these final days before the baby came, so I took some time off and worked on my Logic skill instead. I finally got to the point that I should get a promotion when I go back after the baby is born.

Aleki has been browsing parenting forums, and keeps coming in with all sorts of tips from them. I appreciate his willingness to learn, although I am doubtful all those tips will be useful once we get to the hands-on part of parenting.

Aleki was also the first one to try out the new stove, much to my horror. He claimed he was craving mac and cheese, and I had to tell him cravings aren’t really a “thing” for expectant dads like they are for pregnant moms.

Luckily, nothing bad happened, and we enjoyed a nice, actual “sit down” dinner for the first time. I was still determined to eventually get a real dining table like the one I grew up with, but a room for when the little one grew up was a more pressing need.

Speaking of the baby.. Aleki and I woke up in the night, and we just knew it was time. He, of course, panicked, and trundled me off to the hospital as fast as he could.

The Doctor seemed nice, and the check in procedure was quick, but poor Aleki couldn’t contain his nervousness. He ran around the hospital like a maniac, trying to make sure he didn’t miss anything.

The machine made me nervous, being that it seemed very frightening, but the doctor was extremely calm and seemed competent.

Poor Aleki still hadn’t been able to calm down, as I strained to birth our firstborn.

It seemed like hours, but before long, the pain was over, and our little girl, Kali, was born. We proudly took her home, took care of her needs, and fell back into bed, exhausted.

To celebrate our new kitchen.. and the baby, we invited some island friends over for a Kava party. Everyone was amazed at how much the house had changed since I started with a one room hut, and the baby was cooed over by everyone. I got a gold award for the party, which helped my aspiration out, and everyone seemed to have a great time.

The party, once over, left me with a huge mess, however. Just what I needed. Aleki was more than happy to help clean up, however, and we got things back shipshape before you know it.

Kali has been a great baby, and we’ve both been thrilled to be able to work from home to watch her grow. Every day is something new with her, and just recently she’s even been starting to crawl. I suspect we’ll have a toddler before we know it.

Monday arrives with the bills, but they’re not a problem to be dreaded anymore, so I send off the check, and get back to my baby girl inside the house. Aleki is off meeting with a client, but nap-time gives me the moments I needed to check the fish traps, take some pictures of some turtles for work, and have time to do some chores, too. Life couldn’t be better for now.. even though I still miss Wiki!

(A/N: Sorry it’s been so long since I posted anything for these guys! Now that I’m back to playing, it shouldn’t be so long between posts anymore.)

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Tails of Sulani – Chapter 2.2 – Tying the Knot

Chapter 2.1 | Rules for this challenge | Chapter 2.3

Generation Two: Brown

Appearance: Brown hair, unkempt clothing style
Traits: Loves Outdoors, Loner, Child of the Island
Aspiration: Beach Life
Occupation: Conservationist
House Goal: 20,000 worth

Tying the Knot

Cleaning up the beach is a daily chore, but one that I enjoy doing. Work is going great, as well. I really enjoy the science aspect, as well as the conservation aspect – keeping my beloved islands in good shape.

After work, I spent some time playing in the waterfall. Although I did wonder where the other lady got a waterproof cell phone…?

With a promotion, I was able to afford an actual kitchen – or, at least the start of one. I decided to host another Kava party.

First task: making the Kava.

My new niece, Kacy, was one of the guests, as well as my parents and the rest of the family. Kaci is – quite simply – adorable. I can’t wait to have one of my own. I also had invited Aleki so he would have a chance to meet my family before our big day.

Grayson (Rarahu and Kaleb’s son) was in a mood, and his mother tried her best to calm him down. She had no luck, though, and she sent him outside to play in the sand on his own.

Aleki seemed to get along with everyone well enough, which made me really glad.

Meilani had left her newborn, Barry, at home with a sitter, which was probably for the best, because with the crowd in my tiny house, I think the poor thing would have been very overwhelmed.

I’ve started doing a lot of work from home, and they have me out surveying local flora and fauna.

Neighborhood brawl day was a good way to get out some aggression and I had a good time with it. I won most of my fights, but winning wasn’t exactly the point of the holiday.

Work required more logic skill, so I bought myself a chess set, and have been busy learning whenever I can. I love my open air windows, too, because I can be inside and still feel like I’m outside.

For one of my promotions, they gave me a conservationist’s canoe, and it now is moored proudly out by my fish traps – which, by the way, are a huge source of income. They’re always bringing in nice hauls.

Finally, I had a day off of work – and it was a gorgeous day. So I invited everyone out to Sand Simoleon Seafood to celebrate Aleki and I’s marriage. I’m particularly proud of the fact that I’d saved up enough money that I was able to have a “real” wedding, unlike my parent’s getting married by eloping.

Yay! Finally, my days alone are over with. These last few days have been so lonely while I waited for a day off to get married.. but all that is over now.

Barry, once again, was left at home, but Kaci was there again (making a mess, of course.. gotta love toddlers!) … and Meilani had to spend some time with her to keep her out of more trouble.

The restaurant made a gorgeous cake, and everyone enjoyed watching Aleki and I make the first cuts to it.

Then, the traditional sharing of the cake…. and the evening was a huge success. Everyone hung out for a while at the bar and around the bonfire. Aleki and I stayed for a while, then headed home for our first official night as a married couple.

Eating breakfast on the bed reminded me that a dining room table needed to be on my priority list, and we discussed possibilities for Aleki’s career, since he was unemployed. He wanted to do something that would allow him freedom to be outside like my job did for me.. and something that didn’t require punching a time clock. That was definitely going to take some research.

I found some invasive species that needed spraying on some local coconut trees, and I quickly took care of that, all the time wondering what Aleki was deciding. I had also given him his all-important mermadic kelp as I left to do some work around the island, so I was hoping he would take the plunge, as it were, and be a merman by the time I got home.

Aleki was as dedicated as I was to the island, and vowed to help me keep our beaches trash-free.

Finally, Aleki braved the kelp. Later, he told me that the taste of it was definitely not desirable… but the other results were.

He can now swim just like me! And what a beautiful tail he has!

By the time I got home, Aleki had decided on a career. He was a Freelance Digital Artist, so he could be his own boss… and so work when the money was needed. … Which it was. So, in other words, he was working on his first commission when I got home. My paycheck and another promotion allowed us the ability to buy him a computer and tablet that he would need for work.. and a slight upgrade to the home.

That night, we decided it was time…

… And our first try was successful. We have our first nooboo on the way!! Both of us are so excited to start a family, neither of us wanted to wait for very long. Being able to work from home for both of us was going to be so nice so that we can watch our baby grow up without the need for nannies. ….But that’s a little ahead of the game. First I have to HAVE the baby…. and that requires more waiting than I really want… but such is life, right?

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