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Island Spirits – Chapter Three

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The very first thing Utel did upon waking up was to start planting her garden. As sure as Nork was that they were going to get kicked out of the village, was as sure as she was that they would be staying. She had faith in her vision. And her vision told her this is where she would live and raise her children. To do that, she would need a steady stock of food. The best way to achieve that, as far as she knew, was a garden that would produce all year round. The plants she had collected on the trip were a good starts, but she would need others as the seasons progressed.

Nork awoke feeling every bit of dirt from their long trek sticking to him uncomfortably… and his first thought was to follow the sound of rushing water to get clean. He found a waterfall, and gratefully washed himself until the grime from the journey was gone and he finally felt fresh and clean again. Then, he stood around for a moment, deciding what to do. Being as worried as he was about getting them kicked out of the village, he decided to go join the fishermen that the chief had mentioned for the day.

The Fishermen turned out to be a bunch of jovial fellows, who were more than willing to have Nork join them for the day. In fact, they welcomed him wholeheartedly to the village, which made Nork feel ever so much more welcome.

They showed him some of the best fishing locations around, and they caught a decent haul to feed the village, along with just enough for Nork to take home a fish or two to his hut for dinner. (He had been quick to say he didn’t need more, because his traveling companion wouldn’t eat fish – which ensured several rounds of hilarity with the men.) He said farewell to Brak, Dhok, and Tik, and headed back to his camp.

The sun was setting by the time be got home, and Utel was apparently already asleep, so he built a fire as quietly as he could and cooked his well-earned dinner. He was afraid to do too much to make this a home just yet, but, with Utel’s efforts at gardening, it was clearly already looking like a decent homestead.

In the morning, Utel work up early to take care of her plants. And then she had a thought. They would do so much better in better soil than the sandy beach soil. Perhaps Nork was handy with tools and could make her some raised garden beds? She was more than willing to get good jungle soil from the areas around the beach and move it to their garden, but she had to have a way to keep it here. So, she brought her idea to Nork.

Nork, who was feeling magnanimous after a good sleep and a great day yesterday, agreed to try. He built himself a workbench and started working immediately. He then pointed out the waterfall, trying not to wrinkle his nose too much and offend the stinky Utel.

Utel, of course, knew very well where the waterfall was, but she wasn’t going to tell Nork that. She went and washed up, then spent some time catching frogs and playing in the water. It was a glorious day, and she couldn’t see any reason to not celebrate it.

On the way back, she found some trash on the beach and quickly cleaned it up. She believed in keeping her environment clean – even if it wasn’t at her homestead.

Nork was taking a break for lunch when she returned, and had already made great progress on building planter beds for her garden. Utel thanked him profusely, and offered him some herbs to make his fish taste better.

Warily, he sprinkled some on the fish while it was cooking, and immediately a mouthwatering aroma filled the area. His eyes lit up, and Utel could see her gift was more than payment enough for the garden boxes. The rest of the day was spent in companionable silence, Nork working on boxes, and Utel filling the ones he’d built and transplanting the plants into their new homes.

By the end of the day, they were both exhausted, but happy with the work they had done, and Utel couldn’t help but give Nork a big hug for all he had done. He was surprised, but, amazingly, not upset about her intrusion into his personal space. Both headed to bed full, tired, and content.. a recipe for a good night’s sleep.

The next morning, Nork surprised Utel with a Bee Box. He’d even found a hive and managed to transplant them into the box already. This would mean her plants would thrive.

Utel couldn’t help it. She jumped excitedly into Nork’s arms to thank him for his hard work.. and then wondered if he had held her close that long on purpose.

Not long after breakfast, Chief Guar and Saelua stopped by with good news. The chief had had a meeting with his elders, and after watching Nork and Utel’s work ethics and efforts to make a home, the elders had decided that Nork and Utel were more than welcome to join the tribe officially. A ceremony was planned for a few nights from then, and they were strongly cautioned to attend in their best clothes.

Saelua had other news. She had had another vision regarding Utel.. and this one showed her very pregnant, and very happy. At first, Utel laughed, but Saelua assured her that Nork was the man she should pursue for the strongest child. And Utel definitely wanted her child to be strong and capable. After some thought, Utel decided there was nothing to lose by at least trying a couple times. If the vision was true, the seed would be laid easily, right?

So, after the chief and the mystic left, Utel propsitioned Nork. Being a red-blooded male, he wasn’t about to refuse her, either…

… So the courtship began in earnest.

Once they were both exhausted, Nork dug up a pit for cooking in, and Utel prepared a feast of island vegetables to celebrate their acceptance to the village. It took a while to cook.. but by the time it was done, even Nork couldn’t resist the smells coming from the cooking pit.

Nork tried to remain taciturn, but it was hard when the food was this good. They both ate off of white shells that Saelua had brought them, and thoroughly enjoyed every bit of the meal. Then, they retired for the evening.

A day or two went by, and they finally fell into a companionable rhythm. Nork would go fish with his buddies, Utel would garden. Saelua had brought some more plants for her to add to her garden, and it was growing fabulously. Already she was starting to get some decent harvests.

And even more important.. her belly was growing. Sealua hadn’t been kidding when she said Nork was the strong male Utel needed to choose. There was now a baby on the way – even more reason for Utel to be glad for the official ceremony to bring them into the tribe.

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Island Spirits – Chapter Two

Chapter One | Island Spirits Welcome page | Chapter Three

Nork’s feet hurt. He was tired of following Utel through the wilderness. A chance to stop and rest sounded perfect, and as they arrived, the two of them parted wordlessly to go about their own business. Utel went off on her search for plants (At least, that’s what Nork figured she was doing…) and he set up the camp and got out his fishing gear.

He grumbled inwardly about having to set up the camp by himself, but his highest priority was his growling stomach.. so fishing it was. He fished… and fished… and fished.

For a while, all he caught was weeds. At least he was spared the humiliation of Utel laughing at him over it. She still had yet to reappear.

In fact, she didn’t come back until he had gotten so desperate he was catching frogs for bait. Of course, she laughed at him and offered him some of her infernal strawberries. He refused on principle, and went back to fishing.

The shadows were long by the time he had finally caught a fish big enough to be worth eating, and he sat down wearily to cook it.


Utel wisely left Nork alone, feeling that he was as prickly as the cactus they’d passed in the desert. She felt much better herself – refreshed, even, after paddling about the stream for a bit to get clean and taking care of other business in a handy bush. She worried about her strawberry supply lasting for the whole journey, but she’d seen some bushes with almost ripe berries on them – perhaps they would be ready to pick tomorrow.

Leaving Nork to his hard-won fish, Utel turned in for the night.

The next morning, she was up early in the rain. She played happily for a minute or two, then went about her morning business. She had berries to pick. Sure enough the bushes she’d seen had ripened overnight, and there were some flowers and herbs to pick, too. She wasn’t sure if they had medical applications, but she dutifully picked them anyway, planning to experiment with them once they had arrived at their new home. It was afternoon by the time she finished, and headed back to the camp.


Nork was fuming. The rain was incessant, and had made catching a fish for breakfast way less than fun. And where had Utel been off to all day? He had had to tend the fire in the rain and try to catch his breakfast all at the same time. He thought tending fire was a woman’s job, beneath him… but he needed that fire for when he caught fish.. so he tended it all the same.

After finally catching a fish, he sat down, ate it, and continued to tend the stupid fire in the stupid rain. Waiting for Utel. By the time she came back, Nork was utterly done. Done with the rain, done with this place.

“We GO.” Nork said simply, putting out the fire in one dash of water and beginning to pack up camp. Luckily, Utel said nothing, just pitched in to take the tent down and get the fire to a transportable state.


They walked in silence for the rest of the day, watching as the trees slowly grew taller and covered in vines. Utel was fascinated by the plant life, but she didn’t see much that she could harvest, so most of it she left alone.

Before long, the trees utterly dwarfed them. Utel scavenged for some rock crystals, never knowing what they might be useful for, and felt very small indeed.

The stopped for the night deep in the forest. There wasn’t a fishing area to be seen, and Nork, who was still out of sorts from the constant rain at the meadow, had to partake of some of her precious stock of berries. His grouchiness made for a long night, but a short morning as they made quick work of picking up their camp and moving on.

Finally, they came across another fishing area, and while they didn’t want to stop for the night yet, Nork insisted he be given time to get a “proper meal.” So Utel set up the fire and waited.

Luckily, the fish were plentiful and Nork had no trouble catching a decent sized fish. Neither had ever seen a fish like it – but it was certainly food. Nork cooked it, ate it, and then helped dismantle the fire so they could move on.

The deeper they went into this jungle, the more perilous the way became. There were many sorts of creatures the like of which they had never seen before. Bright green snakes, strange hooting creatures hanging from the trees, and the feeling of predators lurking around every corner.

Neither dared to stop long enough to do more than eat a few berries and continue. After a particularly scary near miss with a black jungle cat, they decided walking through the night was the best course of action, and Nork made makeshift spears for protection, and on they trudged.

At another point, Nork got attacked by spiders, and got a couple nasty bites. Utel worried about them, but hoped the town mystic would have some sort of medicine to help him out. Nork didn’t like being worried over, of course, so he brushed aside her concern, and on they walked into the lightening sky.

The longer the walk, the shorter the trees… and slowly, the terrain underfoot turned to sand. Soft, lush beach sand like Utel remembered from her dream. Somehow, without missing a beat, she knew exactly where to go… and they emerged from their jungle trek nearly on top of the mystic’s hut.

Saelua was thrilled to see them, and hustled them to her warm fire to hear the tale of their journey. Upon seeing Nork’s spider bites, she tsked to herself, and went into her hut for a while. She came out with food for both of them, and herbs to put on Nork’s wounds. They all ate peacefully, relating the tale of their trek as they ate. Uacro played not far from them, pretending he wasn’t interested, but Utel could tell the boy caught every word. This was a story of adventure he would surely embellish and tell all his island friends. Utel smiled to herself just thinking about it.

After eating, Saelua took them through the village, up a hill, to meet the chief. They needed his permission before actually joining the tribe or even camping in the area.

The chief’s name was Guar Doknen, and he seemed reluctant to let them stay. However, he did see the wisdom in allowing them to at least set up camp on a nearby island, and gave them directions to find it. He also told Nork where he could find the village fishing camp, should he want to help out in the morning in return for the Chief letting them camp here.

It was dark before they got to the camping place Guar had mentioned, and they quickly set up camp and went to sleep. It had been an EXHAUSTING journey. One they were glad to have over. Now they just had to make sure they were accepted into this tribe.. but only good skills and personalities would do that.. and right now, their only skill left was in falling asleep. Perhaps tomorrow would be better. Utel had faith that Saelua also would put in a good word for them, and that things would turn out well.. while Nork saw the more pessimistic side, and was sure they would be out on their rumps by morning. Figures, Utel thought. That’s Nork for you. She chuckled to herself, and slid into a dreamless, deep, restful sleep.

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New Posting Schedule

I’ve decided to start a new posting schedule. Since I have seven stories (currently), it’s perfect to focus on one of them per day. In a perfect world, I’ll be able to get more than one post out of a play session and get a couple of these stories moving along a little bit faster (Stories in question: townie rotation for SURE, the Master Simmer since it’s 26+ generations, and the Ramblers, again, because there’s so many generations to go still.)

On another note, I’ll be taking a “break” the first week of every month for building challenges, and to pull out my Settlers challenge I have on hiatus. (That will start next month) This month, the “break week” is more getting caught up on my Tails of Sulani story, because I’ve played way ahead of where I’ve posted and need the catch-up time. In other words, expect this full schedule to start next Monday. *grin*

Just for informative purposes, I will also be posting this schedule on my “home” page, so it’s easily accessible and you can see what’s coming.

Monday – Thrall’s Master Simmer Play & post 1
Tuesday – Tails of Sulani (Mermaid Legacy) Play & Post / Townie Rotation post 1
Wednesday – The Ramblers (Drifter Challenge) Play & Post 1
Thursday – Those Crazy Irish (ISBI) Play & Post / Townie Rotation post 2
Friday – Island Spirits (Sulani History Challenge) Play & Post / Master Simmer post 2
Saturday – Townie Rotation Play & Post 3 / Ramblers post 2
Sunday – Foreshadowed Sunset (Vampire Lineage) Play & Post

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Island Spirits – Chapter One

Prologue | Island Spirits Welcome page | Chapter Two

Nork was annoyed. Then again, when was Nork not annoyed today. Why had he agreed to this silly Journey? And with such a disagreeable female as Utel. He’d never really liked her, preferring the company of the other females of the village… the ones that didn’t talk back. After the brutal winter in the village, though, there weren’t many of those left. Nork had been raised to trust completely in the village mystic, so when she said go.. he went. He should have changed his mind at the last minute, though, when he found out the vision that was sending him on this quest wasn’t actually the mystic’s vision. How could he trust Utel’s vision? She wasn’t a mystic by any stretch of the imagination. Active, yes – Outgoing and friendly, yes .. but she didn’t even eat fish! How was she going to survive a long journey without eating meat? .. And what if they got lost? She’d never even left the village to hunt – for obvious reasons. Nork was utterly filled with doubt.

And now he had to deal with her stopping at every harvest-able plant on the way. They were NEVER going to make it there at this rate. She had mentioned an Oasis they could camp for the night in – but he was sure she’d never actually been there. His urgings for speed, though, fell on deaf ears when he tried mentioning them, so finally he just shut his mouth and trudged on.

Deep in his heart, he knew his village was doomed – so there was little point in turning back. If this journey didn’t work, there was nothing to go back to. The mystic was right in one thing – the future lived elsewhere. Nork just didn’t want to have to follow this particular female to find it.


How had she gotten stuck with Nork? The strongest in the village? You mean the dumbest. She’s seen bags of rocks that were brighter. He was even complaining every time she stopped to harvest more food. Wasn’t he hungry, too? Having a garden ready to plant when they arrived was important for their survival, yet he seemed to be in such a hurry that food wasn’t on his mind at all.

At least he wasn’t trying to lead. He didn’t know where he was going, but she did. She felt confident, and full of hope. Their new home would be amazing. A paradise full of food and friendly faces. She couldn’t wait to get there, but the mystic had said the journey was as important as the destination. She didn’t understand why, but she had faith that the mystic was correct.

The day crept past in hostile silence, one harvest-able plant at a time, but by the time the sun was still in the sky, they had made it to the Oasis, and Utel had a healthy feast for dinner with a stockpile of vegetables and some herbs to plant when they arrived at their new home. Utel happily set up camp while Nork, seeming exhausted, set up his fishing pole and tried dejectedly to catch a fish for his dinner. Why he wouldn’t even consider sharing her strawberries and carrots, she didn’t know, but he had definitely turned up his nose to her produce.

Utel went to fetch clean water and to take a bathroom break in a nearby bush, glad to leave the grumpy Nork behind. He was apparently a better fisherman than she had given him credit for, however, because by the time she returned, he was proudly grilling his fish on a stick.


Nork grilled his mouth-watering dinner happily, wondering where Utel had wandered off to. She was probably hunting down more of her stupid plants.

When she returned with kindling, however, Nork tried to re-evaluate his new partner. Maybe she wasn’t the brightest, but at least she was easy on the eyes.

He surreptitiously watched her poke at the fire with a stick, and tried not to laugh too hard when she managed to catch her stick on fire.

By the time his fish was done, the silence had been broken, and they chatted cheerfully about the hope both were finally feeling, with full bellies and a safe camp. Maybe things weren’t going to be too bad.

The next morning, Nork caught another fish, roasted it, and had most of it eaten before Utel had hardly even risen for the day.

He thought to scold her for her laziness, but instead he put out the fire and helped her break camp, packing things securely away for the day’s trek. He felt filthy and the day’s sun was already scorching, but there was still a long way to go.


As the day passed, they got closer and closer to the mountains. The baked desert ground slowly gave way to cool, refreshing grass beneath their feet. Utel wasn’t even stopping for produce – perhaps because there really wasn’t any in this desert.

By the time they arrived at a suitable camp, both were miserable, and the companionable silence had stretched thin again. They put up their tent, built a fire, and both split up to take care of business.

Nork’s first task  was to take a bath in the stream, then find another area where he hadn’t scared off all the fish to find some dinner. He was starving. Perhaps Utel’s idea to carry food with her wasn’t the worst idea in the world. He fished as the sun went down, hoping to catch something large enough to fill his belly. Her idea may not be too bad, but he wasn’t about to admit it to her, and he was even less inclined to ask to share her vegetables.

Utel, meanwhile, had mostly filled her belly, and, out of pure curiosity, was roasting some juicy beetles she had caught to see how they would taste. She quickly found out that they didn’t agree with her stomach, and she had a couple more berries while she waited for Nork to reappear.

It was completely dark by the time he had returned with a fish, and he sat miserably down by the fire to roast it. Before long, he had managed to catch both his fish – and himself – on fire. Utel splashed him with water, and they both ran to the nearby stream to wash off.. and poor Nork had to admit her strawberries weren’t too bad after all.

Breakfast consisted of veggies and fish, although Utel wisely passed on the fish. They packed camp in near silence, and headed off before the sun had completely risen.


The forest and the terrain seemed nearly impassable at times during the day, and the sun was frustratingly absent behind the trees. Utel was nearly at her wit’s end by the time they found a lush meadow, and she finally could again see where they were going. With the plentiful fishing, and things to harvest, both agreed to spend a bit of time here, resting for the next leg of their journey.

Prologue | Island Spirits Welcome page | Chapter Two

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Island Spirits – Prologue

Island Spirits Welcome page | Chapter One

The air was crisp and clean, and smelled like salt. It left Utel very confused, because the air where she lived was hot, heavy, and full of desert dust. She opened her eyes and immediately knew she was somewhere else. The trees looked similar, being the palm trees she was used to… but everything else was different. There was lush vegetation everywhere, a virtual paradise. Birds sang from the trees in hope, and there were signs of animals aplenty. Following the sound of rushing water, Utel rounded a corner to stop and stare.

Now this was something she had never seen. Water pounded down over a cliff face, crystal clear and bountiful. The sounds of fish playing in the resulting roil of water was intriguing and made her stomach growl. It had been a long time since she’d had a succulent fish, living off scraps of drying vegetation in the desert and whatever the aging hunters of her village could bring in. Which wasn’t much. It had been a particularly brutal cold season, taking the lives of many of the village’s most vital and healthy people.. leaving nothing but skeletons where there had been a prosperous village.

Pushing these thoughts our of her head, and refusing to wonder at her good luck, Utel thanked the Watcher and hurriedly stripped down to her skin and waded into the cool water. She avoided the deep areas instinctively, never having learned to swim, and sidled up to the falling water, letting it run down her body and wash the constant dirt away. The water was so powerful it nearly hurt, but the sensation of being clean for once was so amazing that she welcomed the small pain.

Heading back to the bank of the water, she suddenly realized she was not alone. She was not worried about modesty, for that was never something she’d worried about in her short life with a closely-knit family that lived practically on top of each other in small caves in the desert. However, she did not know this Sim’s intentions, so she was immediately wary, and she dropped to a defensive crouch, squinting her eyes to focus on the woman that stood on the other bank past the spray of the salty water.

The woman was old, but healthy, and looked well-fed. She spoke something, but Utel had to shake her head, unable to understand a word the woman said. The woman tried again, then pantomimed eating something, pointing at Utel and motioning for her to follow her. Finally understanding, and not feeling in any danger, Utel gathered up her filthy wrap and followed the woman warily into the underbrush.

They came out onto an expanse of water and sand like Utel had never seen. A large wooden craft of some kind was tethered to a tree that was clearly heavy with mouth watering coconuts, and Utel briefly wondered if the wooden monstrosity was a way to get the food down. She was quickly dissuaded of this thought, as the woman climbed INTO the wooden shell and motioned Utel to do the same. Utel did so, carefully, and with no small amount of fear, but the woman ignored her unease and simply untied the rope and used a wooden stick with a flat end to push away from the shore. Utel squeaked in fear and distress, but again, the woman smiled gently and she confidently moved the craft away from the sandy shore.

Gripping the sides of the shell tightly, Utel watched in utter horror as they moved farther and farther into the water, but still the old woman showed no fear. The flat of the stick she held slapped the water rhythmically as they slid seemingly effortlessly through the impossibly blue water. Slowly, Utel’s curiosity got the better of her and she peered over the edge of the shell, wondering at the amount of fish and colorful life she saw under the surface of the water. Surely, she had died and gone to the afterlife, to be where food was bountiful and within reach. Before Utel could really form much else of a thought, the woman paddled around a corner and a small hut came into view.

Utel looked in consternation, wondering what held the little structure up. Just then, a young boy ran out of the opening of the hut, waving excitedly and calling, again in a language Utel couldn’t understand. The woman tied the boat up to the wood that ran it’s way around the strange man-made cave, and confidently exited the wooden craft, making her way towards the beach. Utel looked around in confusion, wondering what she was supposed to do, then the old woman motioned for her to follow her, and Utel finally understood. She slipped over the edge of the rocking shell, and waded towards the shore.

The boy greeted the woman enthusiastically with a hug, then warily peered around her skirts at the new addition to the beach. Feeling more than a bit confused still, Utel motioned to her chest and simply said her name. “Utel.” Then she motioned towards the pair standing in front of her. Both replied with sounds like Utel had never heard before, and she shook her head in confusion, trying to say her name slower to them, in the hopes that they would understand to say whatever they had said slower.

“UUU-aaa–crooww” the boy said, pointing to himself, then pointed at the woman and said slowly, “Saaaaeee-luuuu-aaa”. Utel tried making those sounds, pointing at each in turn, and the boy nodded enthusiastically.

After several more repeats of halting introductions, the boy turned to the woman and babbled incoherently in their language for a moment, before motioning both to follow them towards a steaming pit on the beach. The woman reached the pit first, and pulled the leaves back to release mouth-watering smells such as Utel had never beheld before. Nearly weak with hunger, she knelt down beside the pit, and took the trencher of food she was offered in utter gratitude.

For a while, the only sound was of the three of them eating, although the boy couldn’t seem to keep his eyes off of Utel in his curiosity. At the end of the meal, he collected the wooden trenchers and headed off towards the water, clearly intending to clean them up.

The old woman grunted, said something approximating Utel’s name, and motioned for her to follow her into the man-made cave. Utel followed, gasping at the array of dried herbs and plants hung up from the hut’s windows. Never had she seen such bounty, and she couldn’t identify a single plant. Slowly, it dawned on her that this woman must be a mystic or shaman to have such knowledge of plants. The woman lit a bit of leaf, wafting the powerful smell over both of them, and indicating that Utel should breathe deeply.

Utel started to feel a bit woozy, and quickly sat down in front of the woman, fearing for her balance. The woman indicated she should breathe deeply again, and Utel did, wondering if it was the smoke that was making her feel wobbly.

“There, there, dear.” the woman said, and Utel looked at her in consternation. “Can you understand me now?” the woman asked, and Utel nodded mutely, her eyes wide in wonder. How did the woman suddenly know how to speak her language??

“You’ve come a long way, Utel.” the woman said, her voice deep and powerful. “And you have a far longer way to go.”

“What?” Utel asked in confusion, wondering if she was hearing things.

“You must not be confused. You’re having a vision, dearie. You must hear me and understand, or your very life is at stake.”

Utel looked at the woman, wide-eyed and mute, trying desperately to understand.

“You are still in your dry homeland, you are merely asleep.. but before you wake you must hear me. Find a strong warrior to accompany you – and pack all your things. You must walk many days to get to where I am. Follow the mountains into the trees, until the trees start to thin. You will find a grassy clearing with plentiful fish, but you must not stop there long. The trees will become thick again, and very tall. Make your way ever on, until the water is clear and you can see the smoking mountain. Beside the mountain, you will find your new home. And me. I will be there too, and I will help you and your warrior find a new village that will welcome your youthful energy.”

Utel shook her head in confusion, but the woman merely repeated her directions, then slowly motioned Utel to lay down on a pile of furs nearby.

Unable to speak for her exhaustion, Utel complied, and laid down, soon drifting into a deep sleep.

When Utel next awoke, she looked around in fear… for once again, she was in her small cave in the desert, and she had nearly slept so long the fire was out. In panic, she built the fire back up, then squatted next to the flames pensively. Clearly she had dreamed, but never had she had such a vivid dream. Peering outside, the early rays of another scorching day were coming over the horizon, and Utel made up her mind. She quickly packed her small store of personal things, and headed towards the main cave.

She found the mystic mixing some sort of concoction in a bowl in the back of the main cave, and she approached her warily, not wanting to distract her from her task.

“Utel, I expected you this morning.” the ancient woman said quietly, looking up to see if anyone else was in hearing distance. “You’ve had quite a night, I think.”

Utel nodded, wondering how on Earth the mystic knew the things she clearly knew.

“I think you should follow your heart, Utel” the woman said, motioning to the bundle of personal things she carried. “You have far to go, and not much time to travel the distance. This tribe is dying, Utel. You are young, you are strong, you need a tribe that can appreciate you. Take Nork.”

“Nork?” Utel said, wrinkling her nose. “Why Nork?” she asked, thinking of the selfish young man the mystic indicated.

“Because he is the strongest. The rest are needed here. Nork will make a good protector, a good father for your young.” the mystic continued, completely ignoring Utel’s sudden protests. She patted Utel’s shoulder, and placed a small packet of medicinal herbs in her hand. “For your journey. It’s the last I have left, and you may need the medicine on your way. You must not argue, you don’t have time. Go. Pack the rest of your camp. I will get Nork.”

Utel, struggling to understand exactly what was happening, took the herbs and returned to her small cave, packing up her shelter and what she would need to start a fire. She packed all her survival tools, and shouldered her packs confidently, returning to the main cave where the mystic waited with Nork, who was similarly burdened, and looking no more pleased than Utel felt.

“Utel, you know the way.” the mystic said. “Do not waver from your path. You will know where to camp each night if you search your heart. Now I must go tend to the chieftain. His days are numbered, and I must ease his passing.


“Can you believe this?” Nork finally said as they watched the old woman toddle away. “Traveling so far on just the mystic’s vision??”

“It wasn’t the mystic’s vision.” muttered Utel… and she quickly turned and walked away. Towards the mountains in the distance. She knew of an oasis halfway there, but they would need to travel quickly in the day’s heat to reach it before nightfall. And arguing about it with Nork was definitely not high on her list of priorities at the moment. For now, she felt sure of her future. She didn’t know why.. but she did. And she wanted to get back to her dream. Back to Uacro and Saelua. And all that food. If traveling with this man was the Watcher’s will.. who was she to argue. Arguing took too much energy, anyway, and she would need all of that for this journey. She could hear Nork complaining behind her, but she didn’t slow her walk. She had too far to go. If he was coming, so be it. If not, she would go alone. It did not matter to her.

Author’s Note: This is the start of my Sulani History Challenge. I’m not sure exactly where all this backstory came from… I just sat down and started writing. But that’s the way all good stories start, right? I hope you liked the start of this, and I hope the rest of the story is as good as the beginning of this is! My intention was to just start in on the challenge and let the story happen, but for some reason I started writing this prologue, and .. well, it’s here now. So here it will stay. Enjoy!

Island Spirits Welcome page | Chapter One

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Sulani History Challenge – Prehistoric Sims

Island Spirits Main Page

I spent quite a lot of time getting ready for my history Challenge on Sulani, and literally built the whole world from scratch. Initially, I had planned to download some from gallery, but it didn’t turn out that way. I had the hardest time building the sims for this (creating sims is REALLY not my thing), but I got them all done and moved in. Now all I have to do is start playing!

Prehistoric Island Family

My prehistoric starter family for my History Challenge on Sulani. Being that prehistoric sims probably didn’t have different outfits for each thing, only the winter outfits are different. #prehistoric#islandliving #historychallenge


Island Chief’s Household

Chief Guar Doknen and his two wives – Skosel and Traikma. Each wife has a toddler by the chief. Designed for my Sulani History Challenge to be townies. #prehistoric #islandliving#historychallenge


Mystic & Son

Mystic and her son designed for my Sulani History Challenge. #prehistoric #islandliving#historychallenge


The Fishermen

Townies designed for my Sulani History Challenge, Prehistoric Era. #historychallenge #prehistoric#islandliving


Oha’nali Townies

Designed for my Sulani History Challenge, Prehistoric Era. #prehistoric #islandliving#historychallenge


Sand Bar Ladies

Prehistoric Townies designed for my Sulani History Challenge. #islandliving #historychallenge#prehistoric


Island Spirits Main Page

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Sulani History Challenge – Prehistoric Lots

Island Spirits Main Page

I have spent quite a lot of time getting ready for my history Challenge on Sulani, and I literally built the whole world from scratch. Initially, I had planned to download some of it from the gallery, but I ended up just taking inspiration from the gallery and then building my own. So, here’s the lots I built and their descriptions on the gallery. You know, just in case someone else wants to start a Sulani History Challenge and doesn’t feel like making town lots. Will also be publishing the Townies I made for the challenge, but I’ll put those in another post. I did leave quite a bit of the world blank, with the thought that things will get more built up as I play.

Llama Temple

National Park designed for my History Challenge in Sulani. Built for the Prehistoric/Stone Age era. #islandliving #jungleadventures #historychallenge#prehistoric


Ohan’ali Town

Townie Village designed for my History Challenge on Sulani. I took a bit of liberty by allowing them actual huts, being that I’m imagining an actual settlement my sims are moving to. Room for eight sims – one double bed, four single beds, one child bed and a toddler bed. #prehistoric #historychallenge#islandliving


Sand Bar Town

Townie Village (#2) designed for my History Challenge on Sulani. I took a bit of liberty by allowing them actual huts, being that I’m imagining an actual settlement my sims are moving to. Room for eight sims – one double bed, four single beds, one child bed and a toddler bed. This is a near duplicate of the other townie lot, but designed for the next lot over. #prehistoric #historychallenge#islandliving


Lagoon Beach

Beach designed for my History Challenge in Sulani. Minimum of furnishings, only liberty taken from the rules is the swingset. #prehistoric#historychallenge #islandliving


Chieftain’s Hut

Chieftain’s Hut, meeting room and ruined pool designed for my Prehistoric History Challenge in Sulani. Double bed, single bed, toddler bed, and bassinet. #prehistoric #islandliving#historychallenge


Mystic’s Hut

Designed as a mystic’s hut (with space for a second sim) for my History Challenge, Prehistoric era. Built on the Kin-Ship lot in Sulani. #prehistoric#islandliving #historychallenge


Tangled Hot Springs

Hot Springs/Pool Lot designed for my Prehistoric Sims in my History Challenge in Sulani. I had to use the bathroom fixtures to “finish” the lot, but the door could easily be locked so Sims can’t use it. #historychallenge #prehistoric #islandliving#jungleadventures


Fisherman’s Camp

Fisherman’s Camp Designed for my History Challenge in Sulani. Complies with Prehistoric/Stone Age requirements, intended for townies. #islandliving #historychallenge #offthegrid#prehistoric


Starting Prehistoric Camp

Starting camp for my Prehistoric History Challenge Sims. Complies with all rules. Built for the Admiral’s Wreckage lot in Sulani. #prehistoric#historychallenge #islandliving


Island Spirits Main Page