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Bundles From Sixam – Chapter 4

Chapter 3 | Chapter 5

Kids Count:
4 Young Adult (moved out)
0 Teenager
2 Child
1 Toddlers
2 Babies

Toddlers making a mess is pretty much Malakai’s life …  but as the challenge goes – so far, so good. Time to get some more babies on the way, since we have room in the house. But – first, we have to get to night time for the abduction. 

Wait.. what? Helping toddlers skill appears to be broken since the latest patch. Adults and teens simply walk away instead of continuing to teach now. 😦 I hope they fix it soon…

So poor Dana is left to her own devices to learn her skills.

It’s Monday, so bills are due. And apparently, I had a book to publish from last gaming session. Spoiler: It’s the only thing published this whole chapter. Not doing so hot on the writing career, there, buddy….

I finally remember to stock the fish tank I bought them.

Malakai, honey, that REALLY doesn’t look like a safe way to make chicken stir fry.

Socializing with the kiddos during dinner. Carson is so adorable.

Cora, getting some project help from Dad. After finishing it, Cora then goes to help Carson out.. while Dad is busy.

(Busy getting abducted…) I love how the neighbors are completely unconcerned.

Apparently in addition to getting abducted, the aliens also showed up en masse – and this one decides modern dollhouses are on his hit list.

Ooh! That tell-tale glow.. there’s baby(S?) on the way!

Oops.. baby birthday time. Carson is busy with the dollhouse, but Malakai is on his way.

First baby…

Hi there, cutie!

… And his brother.

They’re pretty much identical, so we’ll just be calling them “the twins” from now until they hit child stage…. lol.

Aww. Dana likes having another toddler in the house.

Too bad it’s not for long, because it’s her birthday. Not sure why I didn’t age her up sooner, because she had all skills at 3+ for a while now.

Evil, huh? … Interesting.

She doesn’t look all that evil to me!

Her disguise is really cute, though. I think she’s my favorite kid so far.

… Peace and quiet for a night. Everyone is in bed!!

Before school, I notice that both kids have “A”s, so I go to age them up.

Cora goes first. And.. um… sweetie.. you can’t be a Vampire. Nice thought, though.

I get her her teen job right away (which doesn’t seem to impress her).

Then, I age up her twin.

… Who is REALLY not in the mood, apparently. (Confessions: I also forget to get him his teen job. Which I don’t figure out until getting him his Young Adult job.)

I send the newly “minted” teens to do their homework. And this is where they decide to do it??

Yep.. babies are definitely on the way… and Malakai is struggling big-time to keep up with the household. (Or maybe that’s me…)

Clam chowder for dinner. Ignore the nasty plates. They get cleaned up. Eventually.

Carson and Dana having a chat. Such cute little aliens!

Carson helps alleviate the hectic nature of the house by helping out a little – even though he’s really sad from a mood he’s in. He’ll survive.

I get everyone in bed… only to have Malakai go into labor. Twin girls, this time.

Malakai, you don’t get to complain about being tired when you’re the one who kept getting out of bed on your own.

I convince Carson that his level 3 skill for school will be Fitness. He’s not happy about it. And Dana really seems to love interacting with the twins. Every time I’m not telling her to do something, I find her chatting to one or the other.

I get Cora helping out. Or, at least she was helping out. The phone distracted her. Typical teenager.

Carson.. please don’t burn the house down. (I pause and quickly add in the above fire alarm, just in case…)

I guess that counter can get cleaned later… LOL.

More stinky toddlers. It’s never-ending.

But at least they all seem to sleep through the night.

Malakai gets everyone into bed and asleep….

… Then he’s down for the count. Poor guy. I quickly get him into bed, too.

Wait. WHAT?!

Silly aliens… the house is full, we don’t need to be abducted! Plus, the babies are crying, so we had to wake up Cora to take care of them!!

While he’s gone, the girls’ birthday shows up, so I have Cora “do the honors”.

Another independent one? … Erm.. Okay.

Hi Freya! Skinny little thing. I swear I didn’t starve her!

So we now have three independent toddlers in the house at once. Weird.

Another skinny toddler. Don’t worry, we’ll fix that soon. LOL.

Malakai arrives home, dazed and dirty, but not really worse for the wear. He should be used to this stuff, now, right?

The kids get home from school on Monday…

… Only to leave me still waiting. Carson won’t be the heir, so he’s not staying (since he has little brothers).. and he didn’t get to his “A” – so we have to get through another day with the teens. It’s my own fault, though. I didn’t notice Carson hadn’t gotten to his level 3 skill, so he couldn’t get that grade up – and he would have if that last sliver of skill had been gotten.

The girls are impossible to tell apart, too. But they’re definitely troublemakers.

More toddler baths.

Cora doesn’t need to do her project for her grade, but it kept her out of trouble for the afternoon.

Carson, on the other hand, gets his Fitness skill point and goes to eat upstairs. Oh.. and toddler down!! Someone didn’t make it to bed.

The race for that last skill point to level 3 so they can age up. Somehow both are stuck on potty skill, because Malakai won’t help them learn due to that annoying glitch.

The kids get home from school…

.. And it’s time for the teens to move on.

Well, after Malakai celebrates his Adult birthday.

.. And the teens get their fun up. They were both pretty much in the red, and I felt bad about kicking them out like that.

Cora goes first…

… And manages to get one of the new traits. Nice. I remember to get her the correct job.

Carson’s turn….

Somehow that mess of traits seems appropriate. A snobby, self-assured, foodie Chef. Hm.

He gets his job, too.. and then I kick the two of them out.

Bye Carson!

Bye Cora! … And sorry it’s in the middle of a Blizzard. I’m sure you’ll be fine. 😉

The girls cheer on their brother and Dana.. it’s just so cute! Then, I send the boys upstairs to finish their potty skills.

Ernesto is the last one to get to Happy Toddler – while his brother gets a bath. Ernesto seems pretty happy about the whole thing, and is jumping up and down and cheering. Too cute!

Ernesto goes first – because he was the first born.

An alien from the islands, huh? Interesting.


… and Post. Love the sunglasses. It fits his trait. (Otherwise, I’d probably take them off.. lol)

And lastly – Eduardo.

.. Is a geek. Nice. Seems appropriate for an alien.

“Hi Everyone! I’m all grown up now!”

… and so much for re-using that cake. Sigh. Alright, I guess you guys deserve cake. But then the rest goes in the trash! *grin*

And that’s where I leave you. I was going to quit when the babies were born, but I didn’t have enough pictures. Then I had trouble finding another stopping place.. so I ended up with too many pictures, instead. Next time we play this save – first order of business will be to get more babies on the way since we have room again. Meanwhile, we’ve successfully raised 6 kids so far. Not bad for only chapter 4!

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Bundles From Sixam – Chapter 3

Chapter 2 | Chapter 4

Kids Count:
0 Young Adult (moved out)
4 Teenager
0 Child
2 Toddlers
1 Babies

Well, here we go again. And we start with a completely full house. Joy. The very first thing I do is spend some time on upgrading the house, giving them more room. Despite being four floors, we just really don’t have a lot of living space. So I do what I can to fix that.

Also: I move the garden to a more convenient location, because right now – that’s what’s bringing in the most cash. Malakai just never has enough time to write so that will bring in money.

Not a huge amount of changes to the dining room, but that rug really helps the room out.

Here’s where the bulk of the changes went. I expanded the floor significantly, and really did some work on the decor.

Moved some stuff around down here, and gave them a rug and some fluffy pillows to sit on.

And.. with all that.. it was finally time to play.

When I loaded up this save, nearly everyone was absolutely tanked on fun, so I try to get that fixed asap.

Then, the toddlers needed feeding. And Teens needed skill points for their “A” so I can get them out of the house.

Homework and cake. As you do.

Trying to get the toddlers to “Happy Toddler” so I can age them up. Spoiler: It doesn’t happen until their actual birthday, but I do eventually get them there.

Coming home from school with no fun and skills needing to be built = workout dance video.

Yup, it’s Monday, alright. Project day.

I finally do some minor upgrades to the “front lawn”.. now I can SEE them out there.

First project done!

… Last project done! (And bills paid.)

Finally. No more baby to wrestle with.

Aww.. Hi Dana!

Toddler crazy day. Two of them are hungry.. and the third is getting into trouble. Way to go, Carson.

Carson complains about being filthy to younger sister Dana. Well, if you hadn’t been in the toilet for a half hour!!!

Homework party!

Happy birthday, twins. Cora ages up first. And, as I said earlier, it took me all 7 days to get both to happy toddler. grr. I’m losing my touch!

Gloomy. Hrm. Okay.


She’s so cute!!

Go Carson!


Pre-disguise. Also: why is it ALWAYS thunderstorming in this save?

OMG. I can’t even with the sunglasses. SO CUTE!

Carson immediately endears himself by cleaning off the table.

Three of the four teens come home with “A”s, so I age up the first twins.

This is what Ariel rolls.

I give her her conservationist career…

And Kick her out.

This is when I realize it’s a good thing I’m kicking the oldest teens out – because the kids don’t have beds assigned yet!

So, without further ado, I hurry up and age up Allie.

.. Had to drag her out of the pool to do it.. but she’s gorgeous.

Bye, Allie! I manage to forget to give her her job.. and have to go do it before I go back to playing. Spoiler: this is not the only time I do that this update.

These alien kids are just so cute. And yes, it’s raining. AGAIN.

It’s that time again, Malakai. Sorry. We have room for more kids now!

Have I mentioned how much I love these money trash cans in this save? I don’t think I’ve used them much before this. But they’re SO helpful.

Wait.. it’s actually sunny? What?! .. And notice the birthday cake? It’s the next day, and Bridget finally got her “A” – so it’s time to send them off.

Brielle goes first. In the middle of the craziness.

Oh yeah, that reminds me. Because she’s child of the ocean.. she gets upset when she eats fish. Which I thought was a cute touch.

Bridget’s turn. And it’s no less hectic. Also: Malakai can FLY!

Not a bad trait mix.

Bye girls! (I then realize I had, once again, forgotten to give one of them their career.. and .. once again, I have to go fix it before continuing.

Well, Malakai, looks like your alien abduction was successful again. Dana is unimpressed.

Malakai looks insanely pleased with himself, considering his youngest is running around buck naked in the same room.

There’s that baby bump!

Bathtime for Dana.

Some family time with the kids.

Carson is the first to find the monkey bars I put where the garden used to be.

Wait.. that bed can break?? Hrm. Interesting.

Toddler is the only one up, and serves herself dinner in the middle of the night. I then put her back to bed.

A bright happy morning. Perfect time to go into labor.

Malakai does not look happy with twins. Me, either. I was hoping for triplets. But twins will work.

LOL. See you next time!

Chapter 2 | Chapter 4

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Bundles From Sixam – Chapter 2

Chapter 1 | Chapter 3

Kids Count:
0 Young Adult (moved out)
0 Teenager
4 Child
0 Toddlers
2 Babies

One thing I forgot to do in my first post, is show you guys the towns I spent so much time on. My sims will only be able to travel to these two worlds when out of disguise, and most of the venues they’ll be using are in these two areas. The houses in oasis springs are built by anchesenamon, who did a whole alien themed neighborhood there, and I took the houses and ran with the theme for the Newcrest neighborhood. A couple of the Newcrest homes/ venues are built by me, or at the very least, edited to be what I needed. One build in particular I spent a lot of time on is the pool venue in the far left of the map.

Anyway, that being said… off we go. I load in to babies already, even though I think I had saved when Malakai was still pregnant. Remind me not to save on a pregnant sim again. Or, at least, I don’t remember the babies being born…. although they’re both named with “C” names, so maybe I did name them. I just don’t have pictures from it.

We’ll introduce Carson and Cora just the same. Carson is our first possibility for an heir, which is nice. Although I doubt he’ll be the one to take over – we have lots of babies still to go.

Malakai tries taking a break to get some “fun” in – by watching the Cooking channel – but it doesn’t last long. At this point, his fun is almost always in the red. Poor guy. I feel bad for him.

It’s here that I notice two things. One – our plants are alive again. I think I replanted them? Or maybe it was miraculous spontaneous regeneration? And Two – somehow this room doesn’t register as being “outside” because the “roof” – the floor above – doesn’t cover all the tiles. So he’s freaking out about the lightning storm while being “inside”. I fix that.

Ariel having breakfast.

And this is Allie, Brielle, and Bridget gathering around the TV. At least one of them is doing something productive.

Homework party!

It’s here that I realize that Brielle (this one) and her twin, Bridget, look very much alike. (Oh and yeah, it’s definitely Monday. Project day.)

Aww.. Malakai loves all his kids.

Ariel again, this time doing her weekly project.

Allie with her precious hat, having breakfast.

Carson aged up into the Silly trait.

Cora aged into the Angelic. Also, she’s the tubby one.


Dance-off! Carson’s the one on the left.

Working on Cora’s thinking skill.

Carson playing with the modern dollhouse. I love all of the dollhouse interactions. So cute.

Yep, it’s that time again. We have an extra spot in the household.. so we might as well try to fill it.

All the kids get along so well, it’s really cool. I never have to worry about their social need.

Breakfast! (And Stinky toddlers…)

Malakai, that’s really not helpful … you’re splashing it EVERYWHERE.

Proof: I do bathe the toddlers. They just get stinky again SO fast!

Aha!! I caught it this time. Glowy tummy means we have another nooboo incoming!

With all four of the kids having A’s, it’s time to start aging them up. Apparently, if I’d been watching closer, I would have already aged them up… but, I was a bad watcher, and didn’t notice.

I messed up and accidentally rolled for an adult job, because teens can’t do the dive job, so I just gave her a lifeguard one.

So pretty!

And now it’s Allie’s turn. While Ariel does her homework, of course.

Interesting trait mix.. it should be fun to see what she gets when she gets past teen.

I have both girls get their lifeguard jobs, then send them off to start working on skills.

I buy a workout machine… they need fitness for their job, and couldn’t hurt them to lose some weight, either. I clearly need to start making salads for my sims.

Off for a jog… gotta get those skill points!

Carson: “Daddy? What’s wrong?”

Malakai: “Curse the Watcher, I am having weird tummy aches AGAIN.”

I wait until the next day to age up the teens.. and wouldn’t you know it, someone stole some of the cake, so I have to make an entire new one. So here’s Brielle, finally getting her cake.

I missed the screenshot for some reason, but that’s what she rolled. (And .. sorry, love, but you will have to deal without being a vampire. LOL)

She’s absolutely stunning, though.

Bridget’s turn!

Oh, finally. some nice traits. And with painting as her aspiration, maybe she’ll be able to get us some simoleons. Since Malakai NEVER has time to write!

I immediately buy her an easel and put her to work.

One filthy toddler.. being helped by big sis..

.. While the other one eats. And complains about lack of bath. Sigh. I am really not handling toddler skills well this time, or they would already be kids!

See, Malakai? Pregnancy isn’t forever. It just feels like it.

Another baby girl! Welcome, Dana.

AWW. Such a cute family. They may be very hard to play with all the kids.. but they really are adorable together. Any way, see you next time!

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Bundles From Sixam – Chapter 1

Rules/Chapter List | Chapter 2

First off, the 100 baby challenge is one I’ve studiously avoided because it sounded like my worst nightmare. And yet, here I am. I had this idea to do an alien world, because I hardly ever play with aliens or the weird skin tones.. and I figured it was about time. So I spent DAYS researching the idea, putting together an alien – looking world for both Oasis Springs and Newcrest.. and setting up a rule set. However, I still didn’t even know whether what I wanted to do was even possible. But I had a great name for the project, and I was determined. So.. I let it sit for a while, and kept saying “I’ll get to it”.. and then I finally got brave enough to try. … And try.. And try.. and I could NOT get my alien male pregnant. After hours of loading and reloading a game, I finally gave up, near tears that my grand idea wasn’t going to pay off.

After letting myself “cool off” for a couple days, I decided to try it with a non-alien. And reloaded and loaded for quite a while.. still horribly frustrated. Then, just by CHANCE.. I happened to notice him complain about nooboos and have a glowy belly. And I realized my mistake. I was thinking he’d get a moodlet to confirm fairly early on… which is completely not the case. It takes 24 hours for a moodlet to show up. So I was reloading too soon.. and by not actually watching my sim closely, I had probably reloaded on a pregnant sim countless times.

Through all the frustration, I had meant to take pictures.. but it turned out I took very few. So we start out by 1, meeting our first “matriarch”.. and then seeing him pregnant. So, forgive the lack of pics.. but with all the loading – reloading mess, they just didn’t happen. Anyway. Meet Malakai Lucky.

He was made through a create a sim story, hence the sort of weird traits for a writer. He’s also not getting a job, because I found freelance writer career annoyed me. So he’s just going to write. At home.. all by his lonesome. He started out with above average funds, and with the ruleset I “created” (read: combined), he gets a 50,000 payment for his services, plus a 1,000 simoleon weekly stipend. So he was able to afford the “spaceship” home in the picture.. minus furniture. I bought what little furniture I could, and cheated to get the science satellite (since I’m doing this mod-less).. and got started. If you’re curious, the original house that it was built on is by Anchesenamon and is on the gallery, along with her entire Oasis Springs alien world that I downloaded. The Newcrest lots are mostly cobbled together futuristic lots, and a few venues I edited or put together to “fill out” the world. Whether I use all of them, is yet to be seen. I have intentions of playing the kids “rotation-style” when they move out, but we’ll see. Oh, and one final note: I do use loading and reloading to make sure he’s pregnant when I do his abductions, but I will not use it for cheating to avoid bad things happening. I figure it’s usually a one-try thing for female sims to get pregnant, so it makes sense for me to make it the same for him. Without the woohooing and wooing the “donors”, though, his fun need (& social) is perpetually tanked at the beginning, but that’s another story.

Oh yeah, and here’s the lot traits I’m using:

Anyway, my first action.. is to set off the satellite once an evening so his chance for abduction is at the “max”.

And here’s the glowy tummy. First picture is after the moodlet arrived, so he’s got a preggo belly, but I wanted to make absolutely SURE he was pregnant before starting to blog. At this point, I’m having a TERRIBLE time keeping his moods up and getting a lot of writing/gardening done to get a base of money started. His social and fun needs are always in the red, so he’s pretty miserable most the time.

And.. it’s D-Day. I’m thoroughly intrigued by the cool light animations on the floor while he’s giving birth.

Twins! Meet Ariel and Allie. And here’s where the fun begins.. and his social need finally is okay.. but now he’s completely exhausted all the time because he’s in a cheap bed.

Did I start the next pregnancy too soon?? .. Probably. But I did it anyway. Hindsight is 20/20 and all that.

In preparation for the toddlers to come, I buy him a mini kitchen. With what little funds we have.

And this is how he gets his sleep. Because by the time he gets to bed, one of them is crying again. Poor Malakai. He’s probably not feeling very “Lucky” anymore! (Yes, 80% of the twins’ first days were thunderstorms. I quickly discover that the house as it is is NOT going to work. It needs a roof.)

And here they are “grown up”. The little chubby aliens are SO adorable, and I’m immediately hooked.. which is why I got so very annoyed at the fact that every time I went to save, my game would completely crash. After four or five times of this in the space of a couple hours, and having to perpetually replay the same time and re-age the kids up…. I finally googled what was going on, and found a “solution”.. backing up completely and resetting to factory defaults for the game. SIGH. So.. I did that. And luckily, half an hour later.. it worked. No more crashing.

And… it’s that time again.

Yay! Twins again!.. and a second alien bassinet.. Finally.

Also of note.. I finally was able to afford him an appropriate bed. It seemed alien-ish enough. *grin*  .. oh, and meet Brielle and Bridget. At about this time, I also rebuilt the house to add a roof and make sure all stairs except for the “yard” ones are indoor. I got tired of the “run inside” moodlet/action all the time.

So.. I ended up with FIVE DAYS of having four toddlers due to my poor planning. !!!! .. I was clearly not thinking. Somehow, I got into a rhythm, though, and got things going more or less smoothly.

Malakai: “Please… be quiet… for two seconds??”

Aliens: “HEHEHEHE” .. Nope.

And here’s what happened to the garden. It died. Miserably. So I sell it.

The first set of twins grow up.. and this is pre-disguise.

#1… And Meet Ariel.

All kids traits and aspirations are rolled randomly.

Here’s a sad #2.. Meet Allie.

She has a thing for hats, apparently. (Oh yeah, I’m leaving their disguises alone. No makeovers except for removing some sunglasses here and there.)

Finally.. a place for everyone to eat. What an adorable family. I apologize for the lack of “growing up” pictures, but I was running around chasing toddlers like a chicken with no head, so pictures completely left my brain. I’ll try to do better in coming posts.

The second set of twins grow up. Baby #3.. Meet Brielle.

Such a cute disguise. I didn’t get a good picture of it, but these twins got pointy ears (the first set didn’t) when they’re out of disguise.

And a very annoyed baby #4.. Meet Bridget.

Still no possible heir.. but we have plenty of time. (Heir must be male.. and that’s when we’ll find out if aliens get pregnant from abductions, too….)

Happy Winterfest! We strike out on presents.. nothing that’s worth anything for anyone. But they do get some new toys.

… While Malakai is putting away the new toys.. I see the telltale glow.. here we go again!!

Rules/Chapter List | Chapter 2