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Ramblers House 004 Chapter 2

House 004 Chapter 1 | House 004 Chapter 3

Goal Check:

House 004 Building Goals: 
50,000 value home (2 bedroom, 1 bath min) - ..well at least we have a roof
House 004 Generational Goals: 
Level 10 Rocket Science skill
Level 10 Scientist career - level 6 currently
Travel to Sixam & bring back at least 6 unique items 
Befriend an alien and move them in (complete)
Young adult Heir

As you can see by the title shot… we now have a house. An actual house. It still needs paint and floor textures… and a lot of decor, but at least we have a real house.

.. I figured it was about time to start working on the Rocket Science skill… and I talked some others into helping.

.. Well, so much for harvesting the garden….

The expanded kitchen. Also, because I don’t think I’ve mentioned it.. this is the first time I’ve put that talking toilet into one of my sims’ homes. It’s slightly annoying.. not because it talked, but because my Alien friend spend half her day talking to it, tying up the bathroom. LOL. The other half the day, she reads or plays chess.

Nice uniform! .. Which means…

Another promotion! Level 7! Gotta start thinking about the heir soon. (Later, I spend nearly a half hour on pause while I debate getting her pregnant at like 7 days before adult or waiting another week. I figure the best time to do the birth is plan for it on a sunday, but WHICH sunday becomes a huge dilemma. I even bring in my hubby’s opinion on it (which about half that half hour is explaining the options.. lol) .. I KNOW I can get the goals done if I wait a week. However, will I have to watch Caitlin die and leave the heir floundering while waiting to age up?? – possibly. However, if I didn’t wait, will I have enough time to set the house up like I want and get all the goals done? .. maybe. Eventually, I decide to wait. I’ll just have to make sure to have at least one more pregnancy to give me as much time as possible for the heir to grow up. .. Which means crossing my fingers on not too many multiple births from the ley line lot trait… eeks.)

This awkward photo is what reminds me that poor Elias aged up to adult without a cake. 1, I forgot. and 2, I don’t exactly have a stove yet…

… Paying bills yet again. While Ms. Alien takes out the trash (as usual.. she cleans a LOT.)

… We now have an upstairs. No doors except to their bedroom, and very limited lighting.. but it’s an upstairs. …And if you squint hard enough at the dark photo, you can see I have the satellite and a new observatory on the roof of the home laboratory. From this point on, it’s a toss up as to whether you’ll find Adelyn or Elias up there looking at the sky. It’s definitely usually one of them!

The updated downstairs/lab. I added a study off to the side of the house, too, but can’t afford anything to go in it yet. Also.. still working on getting all the windows bought.

..What’s this?

The heir is on the way! Unfortunately, it took two tries, but at least she’s finally pregnant.

The next night, I manage to afford a rocket for at home, and have everyone out there working on it. Yep, in the middle of the night.. because harvesting took a while.. and everyone seemed to be up anyways for who knows what reason.

.. Yet another awkward photo. Yep. Adelyn grew up. Without a cake. I still don’t have a stove and I “broke the bank” on getting the rocket ship. So yeah…. poor alien.

The very next day.. I rectify the stove issue. And immediately make sure there’s enough food in the fridge so they don’t go setting the house on fire.

Oh yeah, we finally have a couch. And a TV. Elias seems to be wondering why it took me so long.

It’s the weekend… so they can work on the rocket in the sunshine.

Complete! …. Now to adjust the landing stabilizers because I can’t go to space while pregnant. Waahhh. Perhaps making sure the rocket is space worthy first is better, though. After having one sim in another game come crashing down and die, I decided no flying without landing stabilizers anymore. It may or may not help.. but it’s the principle of the matter. LOL.

So.. yeah.. I contacted the aliens. And they showed up en masse. In the middle of the night.

… and apparently scared poor Caitlin into labor.

So here goes.. wonder how many I’ll get??

Two. Thank goodness it’s not three. After the alien fiasco (they left just as she was giving birth), she just didn’t have any energy left. And yep, both of them are crying. Where are my helpers when I need them?!

… Playing chess. Again. I showed her plumbbob because 1, it’s cool looking.. and 2, I was sorta in a state of shock.

.. Because I’ve never had an “idiot” (unplayed, on AI) sim max out a skill on their own. I had no idea it was even possible. Seems waiting to get a TV paid off, eh?

The babies taken care of for now.. it’s now Caitlin’s birthday. It seems since I forgot everyone else’s birthday, they’re going to ignore Caitlin’s.

.. Or maybe not. WTG tiger-striped (from illness) alien. I’m not entirely sure what Caitlin is complaining about, but I think it’s hunger pains. I make her get some real food and toss out the fattening cake. Ever since I stopped letting my sims eat all the birthday cakes they make I stopped having fat sims. LOL… seems to work for them.. maybe I can try it for me next.

… I have twins… REALLY?!?  Right now?! … Bye Caitlin. Well, actually, this was her being dropped back off with a focused moodlet because she had a good time.

While she was gone, it appears Adelyn has a new obsession. Or maybe she just decided she’d play nanny. One way or the other, I sure appreciate it. (although arguing over who’s going to stand in front of the bassinet is obnoxious.)

.. Well hey. She needs fun skill and the babies are sleeping. To infinity and beyond!  Hehe.

.. Work never seemed so inviting. I show this picture because I think the impromptu graveyard at work is hilarious. She’s giving Masato (a coworker I briefly considered marrying) a slimify serum to test it.

Ah jeez. Not again.. It anyone else having trouble getting sims to extinguish themselves? .. The “on fire” moodlet won’t cancel.. luckily there’s always someone at the lab to put her out.

.. But she sure doesn’t seem happy about the results. HAHA.

After all the midnight shenanigans lately.. she came home with NO energy and babies to age up. I hurried up and bought her a sleep replacement. Hate spending the points like that.. but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Our heir. ANOTHER girl! What are the odds of that so many times in a row?? Meet Taylor.

And Regan in the pretty dress. Hard to tell, but I *think* they both have two different shades of red hair (I think Taylor’s is the darker.. but it’s hard to say for sure without sending them through CAS).. and I think it’s the exact same style. Thank goodness the clothes are different!!

With the age up in the middle of the night and wrestling two twins who were NOT tired into bed.. I 1, forgot to buy high chairs, and 2, somehow wasn’t able to pick “join” when Caitlin went to work. So the missing high chairs immediately became a problem because without them, nobody would feed the twins. So I put them in, and breathed a sigh of relief only when both started eating. Oh yeah.. and that elephant on the table was what Caitlin made for the Nerd Brain aspiration on the woodworking bench.

… She’s falling asleep standing up.. but she’s at level 9 of the scientist career! It may be a while before she gets 10 because of babies and toddlers to take care of.. but she’s at least there. Pretty sure I’ll have plenty of time, because the plants are really starting to make money.

.. Poor Caitlin. Another Sleep Replacement was necessary. Otherwise there was no way I could get the toddlers in bed.

..See?  They’re up watching TV.

.. And taking this picture reminded me that 1, I had some 9k in the bank and 2.. I still hadn’t painted anything. So here goes…

The upstairs… (still has work to do, but at least walls and floors are done)

…And the downstairs. (Again, still needs work. *points at the empty study*)

A quick check of goals shows that the heir is a toddler, level 9 of Scientist, level 4 rocket science, alien friend moved in, and the house is at 71.5k. Unrelated to goals… Caitlin is pregnant again and has maxed out her gardening skill.

Well, time for some family time with MY family.. and then I’ll get back to work on my simmies. I’m glad I took a break to put these post together.. that was a LOT of screenshots to sort and tag. *smiles*

House 004 Chapter 1 | House 004 Chapter 3

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Ramblers House 004 Chapter 1

House 003 Chapter 3 | House 004 Chapter 2

First thing to do: check up on our heir. Meet Caitlyn Rambler.

And we’re back to 0 simoleons. Lots to earn to get this generation done. I plan to garden for dragonfruit spliced plants (strawberry+snapdragon) to earn money on the side of her career income. I doubt very seriously I can manage to get the house done to what I want it to look like without the supplemental.

Her rolled aspiration and points to start with:

Skills gained while a teenager:

The all-important trait panel: Unfortunately, she didn’t really roll any good scientist-y traits, but at least none of them are really bad.

And lastly, our starting mood: (thank goodness it’s pretty good.. I’ve learned to wait until they’re mostly green before aging up. The only real drawback this time is she’s still got a day left on her cowplant drained moodlet, so she’ll be a little uncomfortable to start with.)

Secondly, I roll for lot traits: (On a ley line – ACK!, Gnomes – cool, never played with that one before, and Great Soil – that’ll help with our garden at least. The only one I’m really going to have to watch for is that ley line. Multiple births are such a chaotic thing to a household!)

Last thing to do is check our new goals:

House 004 Building Goals: 
50,000 value home (2 bedroom, 1 bath min)
House 004 Generational Goals: 
Level 10 Rocket Science skill
Level 10 Scientist career
Travel to Sixam & bring back at least 6 unique items (this I think 
got changed to 3, I will shoot for the six anyway)
Befriend an alien and move them in
Young adult Heir

This is the first house that job starts playing a factor… and an active career, no less. So things should be interesting. I know the last time I played this house it was quite a challenge.

Before I do anything else, I have Caitlin get a job. Scientist, of course.

And the game even gives me the level up bonuses for a change. (Historically, my game skips this step and makes things harder on me.)

Next, I set Caitlin’s aspiration to the Curator. For the beginning of this challenge, it’s not like she’s going to have access to a bookshelf or chess board to start working on her Nerd Brain (the main one I’ll be working on this generation). I might as well get some points by collecting stuff.

Now that everything is all set up finally.. I send her to do pretty much the only thing she CAN do.. fishing. As she gets some fish (since she had level 3 fishing from fishing with her mom in the last house), I notice mom strolling past. The last picture I get of her before she passes on.

By night time, this is what I’ve got for her. Food, a place to pee, and a air mattress for a bed. Better than nothing, there, Caitlin.

The next day: I get enough strawberries (from the lab) and snapdragons (from the area around her home) to plant a starter garden. She stays up half the night getting it in the ground and watered.. but that’s ok. She can nap at work tomorrow.. lol.

A shot of her working with the invention bot at work. Those sparks sure look scary!

..And her first promotion. Yay, Caitlin!

The garden is now all planted (by the third day). Now it’s just a matter of getting to level 5 gardening skill so I can cut/graft the strawberries to the snapdragons and the snapdragons to the strawberries. She basically spends all day at work, and then gardening, bed, rinse repeat. Since she got to young adult on sunday, I had the whole week to work and make money.

Home from work on friday. Now we finally have a real bathroom on the lawn… and the garden is starting to really grow.

Time to meet the locals. I found a couple of young adults at work, but I didn’t like their traits. (unflirty is hard to woo, and noncommittal is tough to marry in).. so I grab this guy as he’s walking past. His name is Elias and I LOVE his red hair.

The traits all look good… so we make our move for a first kiss.

One thing after another…

These two are just the cutest couple!

A proposal in the morning.. and it works! One of the fastest relationships I think I’ve ever done.

His stats: (yeah, I know, the insane isn’t technically a good trait, but it’s not really all that bad either. He’ll at least be able to talk to himself on all those long days home without Caitlin.)

His job. Since I doubt he’ll get Guitar skill, this is probably as far as he’ll get.

We do have him help with the gardening, though.

And to give them something to do.. I buy a chess set and pretty much the cheapest chairs possible. It’s not like I’m swimming in money yet. LOL.

Hey.. Elias.. you’re not a neat sim.. WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!? (not the only time I caught him doing that, either. He seems to really like cleaning)

The trend that started last time I did this house.. people dying at work. JUST what I needed – a sad moodlet that lasts for two days. Sigh.

We eschew the pity party watching Grimmy and do some work, instead. Somebody has to!

What?? Two in the same day?!

At least we got this for our trouble…

Paying bills on monday night when she got home. Only 189 simoleons. That’s not going to last long. LOL.

Finally. Level 5 gardening. I spend the next half the night doing the first set of graftings.

… Then let the free gardener (I got free services) do the daily work, since we already have the level 5 gardening I needed.

… What’s this? … The aftermath of a fire at work. I panicked when she got on fire and I completely forgot to take a picture. So here’s the damage it did while poor Caitlin is taking a shower to get the singe off.

… Jack of all trades at work. Something always seems to be broke.

Finally.. back to the fun stuff. Inventing. I miss sims 3 Inventing skill, that was fun.

Middle of the week.. and we finally have a “house”. Sort-of. At least they finally have a roof, at least.

The next day I get the bubble tube in the house, too.

The interior. As you can see, we’ve used the microscope at work when the tasks for the day are done (when the bar is filled up, I work on logic skill or keep her needs up.)

Ah, what the heck, let’s start working on this at work, too.

.. And this is how I keep her fun skill up. LOL. Hey, it’s the easiest way to keep it up!

The next day, I add a second bedroom. It’s immediately necessary, because I’ve found an alien to move in!

Another death at work? Really?

… And YIKES! (At least I remembered the photo this time).

I now have a home laboratory. Locked to other sims.. and not much in it yet.. but it’ll grow. Of other note: She’s now level 6 (Ufologist) in Scientist career.

.. That alien I mentioned? …. here she is.

Her stats.. (taken much later, lol.. but they’re the same except she was younger when she moved in.)

… Apparently she really likes chess. Oh.. and I had to make her quit her job at the science place. Apparently you can’t have two sims in the same active career in the same household. It would just send them to work without asking to join. And since I didn’t know that until she was already moved in.. and there’s a hard and fast rule that you can’t move a sim out once they’re moved in.. I figured the lesser evil was forcing her to lose her job. I didn’t get her a new one or anything, because that’s against the rules, too.. but To continue the challenge I had to bend the rules enough to let her at least quit. Now she’s an unemployed housekeeper, basically. LOL

We now have a kitchen of sorts. And a dining room.

.. And a bookcase. Which both of them really seem to love.

And that.. was the first two 1/2 weeks. Not too bad if I do say so. I have enough pictures for one more post, then it’s back into the game for me. (I don’t like getting too far ahead, because it gets hard to manage that many pictures and I start forgetting what I took the picture for.)

House 003 Chapter 3 | House 004 Chapter 2

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Ramblers House 003 Chapter 3

House 003 Chapter 2 | House 004 Chapter 1

Goal check:

House 003 Building Goals: 
40,000 value home (2 bedroom, 1 bath minimum) (definitely over value, still working on it though)
Build a Park (after gardening and fishing lvl 10) (complete)
House 003 Generational Goals: 
Complete the Angling Ace aspiration (complete)
Gardening skill level 10 (complete)
Fishing Skill level 10 (complete)
Grow a Cow Plant & collect at least 5 unique essences (complete)
Young Adult heir (nearly teenaged)

We start out with a reminder to work on my Wall o’ Fish.. and Mara again working on handiness.

Oh, no.

Shortly after this picture..

And then Caitlin grows up. She’s definitely going to get a makeover…. not a fan of her hair.

Time to visit the park to go open the grotto!!

What’s in here?

…More fishies!

After the first trip for the Grotto fish.. uh-oh.

Guess it’s time.

A shot of the current essences wall.

And our second trip to the grotto…

..Pays off. Finally got the wolf fish thing. Now I just have the granite falls and selvadorada fish to get.

Meanwhile, since that’s the last of the non-expansion fish.. and I get this message.

Showing the collection as it is now:

We spend the better part of the week biding our time.. and on the weekend, I send the girls off to Granite Falls.

Once there, we head straight for the Hermit’s “secret” area.

Such a lovely place to fish!

Since the girls are here, I form a group and have them fish along with Mara.

Even Kierra joins in…. eventually.

Yay! That opens up the A grade for Caitlin in high school.

And my Wall o’ Fish grows.

And look who’s visiting!

Since handiness is maxed and I won’t get the last of my fishies until the next weekend.. I have Mara help the gardener.

Caitlin has an “A”!

Now here.. the pictures get a bit mixed up. I had a glitch where my game got stuck (yet again) and I lost about two days of playtime.. I wasn’t all that sure which pictures happened the first time I played it and which were the second… so bear with the wierd ages and outfit changes for Kierra.

Apparently someone decided to use the new pool!

The other kid headed out to chat.. so I have Mara join the party.

Helping with homework.

Kierra is back in the pool.

Kierra apparently has it in for the dollhouse… I had to fix it several times over the week.

Look who’s got a bad back. 😉

Kierra ages up as she comes home from school. Yep. the second play through I forgot to age her up with a cake. Everything after this is in the correct order.

Yup. More essences.

Some family time. I just love this room.

Now that Caitlin has her “A”, I can concentrate on getting the last three fish to finish the collection completely (something I’ve never done before)

There’s crocodiles in the water??  Neat!

While getting to the fishing spot (the one with the croc).. I opened up a treasure chest.. and Mara got cursed. More curses?!? Great. Now I need to get a bone dust to cook the remedy. So I head into the marketplace and start working on her Selvadoradan Culture skill (because at 5, you can buy the bone dust you need to cook the remedy.) Before I can get her to level 5, the curse of sneezes passes to Kierra, too.. so I need the bone dust even more. Finally, after wasting two days getting her skill-ups, I buy the dust and make this noxious green goo they have to eat. I was very glad I went on vacation earlier than I had initially planned.. or that would have been the end of my Wall o’ Fish quest.

I spend the next day fishing.. and complete the fish collection. Note I also have the plaque from finishing the collection in the top right of the Wall.

Proof the collection is done.

Caitlin.. why… now you’re going to be uncomfortable for the first two days of your next house! Oh well. Keeping things interesting I guess.

Daichi is visiting again from his headstone by the Pomegranate tree. I have Mara spend some quality ghosty time with him since this house challenge is almost over.

Wait.. Kierra too? .. I guess I wasn’t watching for the cake as well as I usually do.

And with that… Caitlin grows up. Here’s what Mara’s stats looked like at the end of the challenge:

Money wasn’t quite as easy to get in this challenge, but I still had a nice bank account at the end.

Skill list… looks like I was slacking this time around.. I couldn’t have been any closer on the cooking one, though. HAHA.

Here’s her traits. That frugal saved SO much money… and getting her the Independent and Free Services made things so much easier.

Final essence count:

  • Five essences of happiness (one is not on the shelf, it got unfortunately lost in an inventory somewhere.)
  • One essence of confidence
  • One essence of sadness
  • One essence of inspiration
  • Two essences of playfulness
  • One essence of flirtation
  • One essence of Discomfort
  • One essence of focus
  • One essence of energy

Now to check on the house… WAY over value. Ended with three bedrooms and two baths.

Some house pics….

A wall-up shot of my favorite feature.. the open arches in the living areas and the bi-level family room. I love the way it turned out.

And that’s the end of it! See you in the next house!

House 003 Chapter 2 | House 004 Chapter 1

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Ramblers House 003 Chapter 2

House 003 Chapter 1 | House 003 Chapter 3

Goal check:

House 003 Building Goals: 
40,000 value home (2 bedroom, 1 bath minimum) (shell built as of now, about 20k in value)
Build a Park (after gardening and fishing lvl 10)
House 003 Generational Goals: 
Complete the Angling Ace aspiration (complete)
Gardening skill level 10 
Fishing Skill level 10 (complete)
Grow a Cow Plant & collect at least 5 unique essences (1 happiness collected)
Young Adult heir (not born yet)

The Wall o’ Fish and the house is getting better. Couldn’t quite afford a TV yet, so the cowplant is still their main source of entertainment.

Well, that and this.  HAHA. Sure is nice to have a better bed, though.

Welcome to our heir, Caitlin. Yet another girl heir. Wonder how long I’ll keep getting girls.

Aha.. an Inspiration essence. Thanks, Daichi!

Aww.. Daichi looks like he’s going to be a great dad.

Playful essence.

The kitchen is finally getting better. Still wary of getting them a stove since Daichi really seems to like cooking when we have leftovers in the fridge.

Mara is pregnant again, and with a baby on the way plus a toddler… let’s just say she’s a busy mom. Barely any time to get things done, especially not fishing.. so the garden keeps her occupied while she’s a homebody.

Some fun.. and another look at my Wall o’ Fish. Gotta say I love that thing. I really hope I can get it done.

Second baby on the way. She gets named Kierra.

And finally… Mara isn’t pregnant so we can get back to work on essences. Fairly sure this was the last unique essence needed.

… Or not. Looks like I still need one. Of note: one happiness potion somehow got deleted and isn’t shown.. but I got a duplicate thanks to Daichi and his obsession with the cowplant.

Adulthood! Poor Mara’s starting to age.

Oh, no. I accidentally killed the cowplant.  😦  And I didn’t save a berry for just in case.. so I’ll have to wait until I can 1, catch one, and 2, get it to grow up.

A very unhappy Kierra. That cursed lot trait strikes again. And somehow this is one of the very few pictures I have that shows Caitlin as a toddler. Guess I was just so run off my feet that I forgot about pics.

And Caitlin grows up. She’s definitely going to need a hair change.. but I’ll wait until she’s grown up.

Picking flowers. And a reminder picture for me so I can remember…

That Mara just finished a goal: 10 fishing and 10 gardening. That means it’s about time to put in a park.

The front of the house gets some very minor landscaping.

The gardener working.. and I add a Woodworking table to the back porch.

Daichi’s birthday. And I actually remembered it this time.

… He doesn’t seem happy about it.

Another trip to Sylvan Falls… and some more money earned.

The house is finally coming along. No new wall fishies, but got the two kid’s rooms done and the kitchen has upper cupboards.

A better shot of the kid’s rooms.

Playtime with daddy.

Here I take a break to “build” a park. I use the park I designed for my Settler’s Challenge, and tweak a couple things (like the pond) to set it up as a desert park.

I think it looks pretty good.

A shot of the living room with walls up. As you can see if you look closely, I got the unique essences completed. Being brave this time around, I’m leaving the cowplant there and seeing how many I can get.

Mara is now working on handiness in the background while everyone else lives their normal life.

Finally. No more toddlers – Kierra ages up.

She apparently loves the outdoors.. and her glasses.. haha.

Kid’s room transferred from toddler to child. Of note: once again, I forget the anti monster light, so I get woken up the next night.

Caitlin pretty much ignores the cowplant.. apparently Kierra isn’t the same way.

… Haha.. Caitlin has a bear phase. Too funny.

Another essence from Daichi.

… And one from Mara.

Mara still working on handiness.

.. And yet another essence.

Just before aging up, Caitlin gets her grade school “A”.

The house value is now well over the 40k requirement.. the park is built.. our heir is a child – nearly teenager.. and the fishing aspiration is done. Oh yeah, and I have all the essences. Next goal: handiness to 10 so I can open the grotto and get those fishies… then I want the Granite Falls fish as well as the Selvadorada ones, so we have a couple of vacations in the future. I’m still hopeful I’ll be able to finish my Wall o’ Fish… but we’ll see. I’ve never finished a total collection in Sims 4, so this should be interesting.

House 003 Chapter 1 | House 003 Chapter 3

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Ramblers House 003 Chapter 1

House 002 Chapter 2 | House 003 Chapter 2

Sorry the picture is a little dark.. that just happens to be when Mara moved out. So here’s a better one:

Mara’s stats to start with: (She’ll change to Angling Ace when play starts, this is what she rolled as a teenager.)

The hunger might pose to be a problem, but everything else is okay.

And the dreaded money shot:

Two last things to do before we start: One, roll for house traits. We got Cursed, Romantic Aura, and Great Acoustics. That should be fun. Not.

And Two: Lets check our goals for this house:

House 003 Building Goals: 
40,000 value home (2 bedroom, 1 bath minimum) 
Build a Park (after gardening and fishing lvl 10)
House 003 Generational Goals: 
Complete the Angling Ace aspiration
Gardening skill level 10
Fishing Skill level 10
Grow a Cow Plant & collect at least 5 unique essences
Young Adult heir

Looks like we have our work cut out for us. This house always scares me because of the cow plant. I lost so many sims to it back in The Sims 3 that I’m especially leery of it in Sims 4.

Now, before I start posting pictures I have a little story with a moral. So I started playing, and taking pictures…. and I really got into it. After playing through most of Mara’s Young Adult stage, including building the house, getting married, massive amounts of fishing trips and hungry cowplants, and even into her first pregnancy… my game bugged out. One of those bugs/glitches that means you can’t recover from. And. I. Had. Forgotten. To. Save.  *facepalm* Luckily I had a pretty good idea of how to rebuild the house.. but everything else was gone. I restarted back from my backup save at the beginning of the house, and played at least enough to re-frame the house.. and I DID manage to find the same guy…. but he has a different job. and the joke’s on me because this job:

….turned into this job:

HAHA! Oh well. He’s still a pretty good hubby to have around (other than his singing practice at all hours).. and he should make cute kids. So.. the moral is.. save your game, kiddos. Often. (Why I wasn’t doing that already I don’t know, I’ve had this particular bug quite a bit and for a while had been saving every hour or so of game time… I guess I just got too busy building and playing to remember that tonight!) For those curious, it’s the bug that someone is “stuck” aging so you can’t save, travel.. well pretty much anything. And there’s no sim anywhere that needs resetting.. and no way that I’ve found to get the game out of that particular state other than to return to the main menu without saving… so you lose everything that’s not saved. I’ve done some research on it, and it’s a known bug, but it’s still incredibly annoying. Not as annoying as the very buggy Sims 3 .. but still annoying. Anyway.. back to our regularly scheduled post.

First order of business: lots of fishing.

A night on the bench with stinky clothes (from what, you can probably guess.. getting enough money for a toilet just from fishing is pretty tough.)

But by mid-day on the second day, she had the beginnings of a camp. With her social need really low, I set about trying to find a hubby.

And oh happy day, I find Daichi again. Too bad about the above mentioned job difference, but a romantic first kiss by the pond makes everything okay.

The next day, we invited Daichi over and had the two go out on a date to my restaurant. Before sitting down to dinner, got them to “Boyfriend-Girlfriend status”.. they seem happy about it.

After dinner, finished up a few more date goals (namely, a massage and some deep conversations).

..And got a gold date score.

Another invite over to our house… a passionate kiss that looks rather painful (haha)…

….and a Proposal. Is it accepted?

Yep! They make such a nice couple. They hurry up and get married, and I cheat away the 20k he came with (rather sad about that, because money from fishing is such a luck game.. and I rarely have the luck.)

The wedding night. Luckily no one was around, so the woohoo didn’t fail without walls. And while I’m thinking about not having walls, I remembered another difference in this time playing rather than the save fail game. I don’t have to deal with mom’s (Carlie’s) gravestone. In the first attempt, Carlie had visited in the first couple days and died on the lot so I had her ghost in addition to the “fun” that the Cursed lot trait gives us.

And since I already have the 1000 simoleons for traveling, I send Mara out to Willow Creek to get some Bluebells. The flowers that are around the current lot (Tulips) have that annoying Energizing mood aura which makes getting the correct mood for the cow plant elixirs next to impossible. I remembered how much it made things a mess in my first playthrough of the Drifter challenge.

After getting the Bluebells needed for the start of a money garden, I send her off to look at the Sylvan Glade tree.

Getting through all the options.. and Mara is off to fish.

Sylvan Glade is so pretty.. and I luck out with a bunch of Sturgeons and Cowplant Berries for money. Probably one of the very best trips I’ve had to Sylvan Glade ever.

Back home, I spend what I made (except for the last 1000, of course) and start on the house shell.

… And I start in on my “Wall o’ Fish” I told myself I was going to make. I’d like to get the fish collection completed this generation, but I’m not all that sure it’ll happen being that there’s a lot of expansion fish I need to get to complete it. We’ll see, though.

… And it begins. Shortly after this fix (and the toilet breaking) I buy the unbreakable toilet to save me some work.

House shell mostly complete. Just missing the last two bedrooms and the wall for the master bath. (I’m going for a 3 bedroom 2 bath house). The green area in the front right is a split level living room to showcase the Wall ‘o Fish. For some reason, I like doing split level rooms (although it’s much harder to do so in this Sims as opposed to Sims 3.. but whatever.)

The Wall o’ Fish is growing!

Another trip to Sylvan Glade for money fish…

And apparently Daichi loves the Cow Plant… I’ll have to keep an eye on him.

.. See? First essence of Happiness acquired.

Another trip to Willow Creek.. this time to try to get the Bass fish from the river outside the tree to Sylvan Glade.

…Got it!

The beginnings of a kitchen. And if you’re looking closely, you can see I’ve got the windows in on the shell, as well.

Daichi is busy playing with Big Buford again.

While a very pregnant Mara takes care of the garden. With her aspiration points, I buy the Frugal trait and the Free Services, so I can get a gardener to take care of things on weekdays, at least.

And not have to pay him.  Yay!

.. That’ll be a big help while I work on other things.. like cowplant essences and Handiness skill (I’d like to open up the Grotto and get those two fishies for my wall). Will the heir be a boy or a girl? .. We’ll just have to wait and see!

House 002 Chapter 2 | House 003 Chapter 2

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Ramblers House 002 Chapter 2

House 002 Chapter 1 | House 003 Chapter 1

House 002 Building Goal: 40k value home (2 bedroom, 1 bath minimum) (complete)
House 002 Generational Goals: Marry in an NPC (complete), Outdoor Enthusiast 
Aspiration complete, YA aged heir

Now that Mara is a child… it’s time to work on that aspiration. So we head off to Granite Falls, and start collecting.

Fishing… and collecting some more.

Beetles to eat…

And cute animals to spy..

We even found some time out to play horseshoes with Mara.

We headed home, spent a few days working on Herbalism (which I have no pictures of because it’s just spamming making things on the grill behind the house) while Mara worked on her homework every night and got up to a “B” in school.

Our next trip out to Granite Falls the next weekend found us meeting the Hermit (who is walking away in this picture while Carlie cooks up some fruit for her and Mara.)

We managed to find all the rest of the plants for her Herbalism, and sent both back home so Mara could attend school and Carlie could work some more on her Herbalism and identifying the last plants for her aspiration.

Yay for Mara, she got her “A” in school!

Shortly after, she aged up into a gorgeous teenager. I will put her back in glasses, but keep her hair.. it looks right on her, I think.

… Why did I take this picture?

Because I forgot to take a picture of Carlie coming out of the tent on her last morning after sleeping in the tent.

Mara gets an “A” in high school. Hooray!

… And Carlie ages up to Elder.

.. But at least she does it gracefully.

Since I have everything done.. I only have a few random pictures while I wait for Mara to get to Young Adult.

I spend a lot of time having Carlie work on Handiness and upgrading things in the house.

.. Mara finds the bar and seems to love it.

… She also likes giving me heart attacks when she heads off during her picky eating phase to cook on the grill.

… See??

Then she comes home mortified and I’m left watching her in terror as she hid in her bed … leaving me hoping she makes it through the phase.

Later, she gets lonely (I guess) and heads outside to chat to random people passing by the house.

I still keep up the Herbalism garden that’s out front of the house, if nothing else, because it gives Carlie something to do.

We chat up the new gardener when Carlie’s lonely and Mara is at school.

..Then I get this message. EEKS!

So I hurry and take all my stat shots of Carlie (which are included here in a little while). I figure out that I can age Mara up with a cake that I bake ahead of time and stick candles on in the fridge. Also figure that I won’t be in trouble with bills because she’ll age up before they’re due again.

Helping Mara with homework. Her performance at school is getting rather low.. since I stopped picking on her about homework she pretty much stopped doing it.

.. Not sure why I took this picture, but it at least it shows the “new”-ish chessboard I put in upstairs.

.. It’s time!! (And yep.. Carlie even lived long enough to see her move out!)

The end bank account… (dang it’s easy to make money off archaeology .. I only ever took two trips out to Selvadorada!) – Well, and the two trips to Granite Falls.

The stats pictures I took ahead of time…

She maxed a lot of skills!

And as mentioned earlier, she finished both Outdoor Enthusiast and the Archaeology Aspirations.. although I apparently never bothered to spend any of her points… hehe.

The house final value: (I didn’t add much since the house was finished last post)

And pictures of the house: (sorry the outside pics are dark, that’s when Mara moved out so that’s when the shots were taken.)

Time for house 003!

House 002 Chapter 1 | House 003 Chapter 1

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Ramblers House 002 Chapter 1

House 001 Chapter 2 | House 002 Chapter 2

We start this post by showing off our new restaurant I built: Blue Moon Seafood. (yeah, I know, not very original)

Stats on the restaurant: (Traits: Romantic Aura, Convivial, and Chef’s Kitchen)

And getting to know our heir: Carlie Rambler. So pretty.. I can see good things coming from her already!

Her rolled want:

Her skills:


Her Traits:

I also rolled the lot traits for her: (Great Soil, Party Place, and Homey)

And… here goes nothing:

House 002 Building Goal: 40k value home (2 bedroom, 1 bath minimum)
House 002 Generational Goals: Marry in an NPC, Outdoor Enthusiast 
Aspiration complete, YA aged heir

Since she’s starting off with pretty good stats, she can get right to fishing while we wait for the plant and rock nodes to spawn…

After hours upon hours of fishing for little to no gain, and picking up all the rocks I can find… this is what I’m reduced to.

Another day of fishing/gathering, and we’ve got us a little start. As you can see, I’m thoroughly un-confident that I will actually be able to earn enough to pay for the house with just archaeology. Time to start looking for a mate.

Nope. Not starting with an elder.

Another bust. After trying a few more, I realize I’m going to have to pick an Adult.. there just aren’t any Young Adult ones that are spawned. I tried gardener, Pizza people, maids, mailpeople… sigh. Finally I settle on a possible… who you’ve seen before. He’s the guy that Brianna corralled on the street when she needed socialization. I figure mom would have approved.

By this time, I’ve made enough to afford to stay a few nights in the Jungle Adventures neighborhood, and still keep my 1000 simoleon buffer for traveling. First order of business… checking out the local market.

Since we can’t afford our own table yet, we’re using the one in the market.

Trying out the local food….

I finish the temple exploration and get all the treasure I need just before heading home to continue wooing our NPC, Alessandro. I realize he’s older than I’d like, but hopefully I can pull off earning all the money for the house before getting the heir out of him before he heads into Grimmy’s world.

Traits are good, at least. First kiss!

First woohoo.. not trying for baby until the house is closer to done, though, because she’ll need to do another vacation out to Salvadorada to work on more archaeology.

And.. the proposal. He accepts, thank goodness.


At which point, I upgrade the house a little bit (bigger bed) and get back to work on those artifacts I brought back.

In the (nearly a whole) week that it takes Carlie to go through all the loot she acquired on her trip to Selvadorada, I find a moment where Alessandro gets bored enough to go take care of the dying garden. Apparently he got tired of me ignoring it and headed out to water the plants. Shortly after this, I become confident enough in my ability to make money with artifacts and I delete the garden which ended up half dead anyway.

Shell of the house complete! Still missing windows and stuff, but those will come.

Uh oh, he’s already an elder.. and we still have so much to accomplish. I quickly finish up on her existing artifacts and plan their next trip.

Since he’s with me, I go ahead and have him help out with artifact finding, so he gets a few points in archaeology. Cue trip spam…

Oops, sorry Alessandro.

With that, I finish up the temple exploration for the trip and head home. Shortly after that, I get this message:

ACK! He’s sleeping, though, so I wait to try for baby until the morning.

Is that a baby bump? .. You bet! And one happy archaeologist as she gets her ultimate reward..


.. Finishing her aspiration.

By this point, I’m making money like crazy, so I take a moment to finish up the house exterior while Alessandro lazes on the couch on their new front porch.

The beginnings of a real kitchen!

And even a study area upstairs.

While still working on all her artifacts from the second vacation trip, Alessandro breathes his last.

Right after this photo I have her stop working on authenticating… and have her go plead for Alessandro. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work.

… And apparently the stress of losing him triggers her labor, because just minutes after Grimmy leaves, she has her daughter, Mara.

… Who is SO adorable!

Mara likes pancakes, apparently. But then who doesn’t?

Bath time!

Carlie ages up…

… Making silly faces while still working on artifacts.

Time out for Mara.. and Daddy is haunting the bathroom fixtures.

.. So cute! I just can’t stop takign pictures of her. LOL

And finally.. it’s time to grow up!

Her upgraded room:

And here she is, all growed up. Well, partially grown.

Oh.. and one last thing.. house value check reveals:

We’re done. Just in time. See you in the next chapter!

House 001 Chapter 2 | House 002 Chapter 2

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Ramblers House 001 Chapter 2

House 001 Chapter 1 < | > House 002 Chapter 1

House 001 Building Goal: 30,000 value home
House 001 Generational Goal: YA aged heir (currently toddler)

Fair warning: I had two options for this chapter. Split it or have one really long chapter. Since I was already done with the play time, and just wanted to move on to house two, I went ahead and made it a longer post. So here we go. We start from a picture of what I spent a lot of time looking at this challenge… Brianna gardening.

Toddler skilling. I have yet to figure out how to max a toddler on skills without a whole lot of pissing off the toddler, so I don’t typically bother trying anymore. I just spend some time when I have it on teaching Carlie, and leave it at that. Oh.. the other reason for this picture.. Brianna is expecting again. (if you look closely, there’s definitely a baby bump showing)

Unfortunately, burning the candle at both ends leaves poor Brianna on the floor.. again.

And the finished outside look of the house.

I think it looks pretty good. Took the floor plan from a house I found online, and was able to replicate it pretty closely.

Here’s the upstairs starting to get some color and furniture:

And the same for the downstairs:

Carlie grew up without anymore face to floor experiences for poor Brianna. She’s stinky in this picture, but it’s her choice at this age. LOL.

The new pack got me all excited to take pictures of the hamster.. SO CUTE!! Best ten bucks I’ve spent in quite a while.

Say hello to little Macy, Carlie’s sister. How she got the blonde I’ll never know.. but at least I tried, right? Getting blondes in sims is so hard to do in my opinion. Also, don’t know how I managed to miss getting a baby pic of Macy, but that’s ok. All babies in sims 4 look pretty much the same, anyway.

Shaurya is now elder.. and he really loves spending time with his girls. It was about this point that I decided two kids was enough, even though Brianna’s want is to have more.

The other new pack. They have an upstairs utility/laundry room. With the fact that I’ve had bad luck with sims 4 dryers, I stuck in a clothesline instead. I also found a place for the much-abused dollhouse. I can’t tell you how many times I repaired the thing.

Getting Carlie some skills for school. Who knows what little Macy is doing in the corner of the couch there.

There’s so much going on in this picture, I don’t even know where to start. Macy is escaping up the stairs even though her dinner is on her high chair… Carlie is playing peekaboo with daddy in the closet.. and off frame Brianna is cooking dinner for everyone other than Macy.

The above-mentioned clothes line. Turns out sims will autonomously use it, too. Which is awesome.

Brianna’s lonely birthday. I’ve made a little pact to myself to try to avoid tubby sims this game, and dutifully destroy all cakes before they get eaten. This one included.

Macy and daddy. At least she actually ate dinner this time.

… While Brianna is still hard at work outside. Gardens are so much work!

And this picture is just to prove to myself that Carlie got an A in grade school. (Spoiler, she gets an A in high school too but I forget to take a picture. Macy does too, but without me trying. Go figure.)

And this is a first… never had a Drifter abducted this early in the challenge. Poor Brianna. My son was laughing at me for this for quite a while.

Proof that sims autonomously take care of laundry:

AND they take care of the little pets too!  ❤

Helping Carlie with homework. If I influence a kid to do their homework, the least I can do is help them finish it. If I don’t, sometimes it just doesn’t get done, negating the whole point of influencing them to do homework in the first place.

Cuddle time!

The family watching the kids network (why oh why!? I’m so tired of that tune!) on their bigger TV.

Coincidentally, it turned out to be the last time they were all together. Grim shows up whether I was ready or not.

And, just because I can, I pled for him. Didn’t work. But I did try!

Grim apparently likes watching the news….?

Turns out even kids will autonomously take care of their pets. Sweet.

Time to grow up!

… Not too bad. She’ll be run through create a sim before she takes over as heir in House 002, so it’s nice to know she’ll look so much better. I don’t change looks other than hairstyle and the clothes.

Getting the skills for Carlie’s school grades. Macy is cheering them on, too.

With both kids at school and nothing but the garden to work on, Brianna makes some friends. This guy is apparently a mail carrier, but he worked for what I needed.. which was socializing.

Awww.. darn I wish Macy was the heir.. she’s adorable!

And apparently I didn’t see any other noteworthy pictures until the very end.. so here’s Carlie’s birthday.

Proof of the house value:

And finished house shots:

Brianna’s ending stats:

And now on to the next house…. yay! I’m going to try something a little bit differently, I think.. and try to make my money by archaeology. Definitely going to save before attempting it, but it should be fun.

House 001 Chapter 1 < | > House 002 Chapter 1

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Ramblers House 001 Chapter 1

Introduction < | > House 001 Chapter 2

House 001 Building Goal: 30,000 value home
House 001 Generational Goal: YA aged heir

So.. here we go again. Meet Brianna Rambler.

She wants to have a big happy family (not going to happen, since it requires things with grandkids). But that’s what she rolled randomly, so that’s what she has.

As for the lot, it rolled Romantic Aura, Great Acoustics, and Homey. At least the Homey part will help!

And since we start out with nothing, we’re off to start earning money.

First order of business: Fishing.

And lucky Brianna already caught her first fish.

Followed closely by catching a cowplant berry… which means she has enough to buy some essentials.

And by this time.. they were definitely essential!

The rocks and frogs are finally up, so we made our first day rounds, and started her in on frog breeding.

After all that hard work, a snack of granola before bed. This is by far the farthest along I’ve ever been in just one day of Drifter play.. Brianna just seems to be lucky!

Day two: time to start looking for a mate. Perhaps the mail man?

He doesn’t look too bad in his everyday wear, either.

Then we discovered he’s Mean. So much for that one. We meet several other eligible bachelors, but nobody seems to be just right.

At least the plants are finally harvestable. Now we can start our flower garden to really start making money.

After looking and looking, the best trait set I could come up with is on this fella, Shaurya.

So we move to the next logical step. A sleepover! .. I’m not sure that’s logical, but it seems to work that way on Sims.

The next morning, they get married and he moves in. He moves in with 20k which immediately gets removed. Poor Brianna must work for her cash!

With what little we have, we build a bathroom, and buy a TV so Shaurya has something to do other than just stand around.

The next day, we build the “rest” of a small house, because they won’t woohoo on an open lot with people walking past.

And the breaking of the bathroom fixtures commences. Homey sure helps on handiness skill, though! (No idea who was standing at our door in this screenie.. I never bothered greeting him. LOL)

The beginnings of a kitchen. For some reason, despite being lazy, Shaurya doesn’t like sleeping at night. So here he is keeping watch over the bed again.

Might as well get started on the heir. Here is Brianna telling Shaurya the good news. He seems happy about it.. if a little shell shocked that it’s happening already.

About this time, I start thinking about what the final house will look like. So I go look up some house plans, find one that strikes my fancy.. and spend their meager bank account on building the shell. Windows will have to come later.

The downstairs to start with. Note Brianna spending all her time on the garden. Pretty much her typical day is outside in the back yard.

And little Carlie has arrived. Saving up some money to build her toddler bedroom (which will be upstairs) so the house is still pretty bare.. although I bought them their closet because that little room looked ridiculous without the closet part.

Carlie finally grow s up. At least partially. And she rolled fussy. Great. Just what I needed!

The beginnings of a kitchen and dining room…

And Carlie’s room upstairs with random bathtub for bathing a dirty toddler.

Poor Brianna.. I worked her too hard. Toddlers with a full garden is hard work!

This seems like as good a place as any to stop .. and let Brianna get some rest.

Introduction < | > House 001 Chapter 2

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Settlers Challenge Generation 3

And here we go with the next generation! I am thinking it removed the two families because they weren’t set on played, so I put everyone back in the “played” category.. and so far so good. Early on in this third generation, I had some glitches where my game got stuck and said there was a sim aging up when there wasn’t one.. so I had to play the same three or four days over and over again. I almost got so frustrated I didn’t want to keep going.. but then I pulled an all-nighter building new lots for my vampire-y sims and the community lot.. and that got me right back into this challenge. For the rest of the generation, I was obsessively saving each sim day so I wouldn’t have to replay much if it glitched again…. haha.

Generation 3

First, the proper vampire house (since I never bothered to take screens of the starter home.. the oil strike happened so early I just upgraded the home right away):

Shot of the kitchen I added:

And the family:

Heir: Alec Newcrest (Loves outdoors, Mean, Active, Vampire Family, Responsible)
Partner: Aanya Srinivasan (Good, Goofball, Perfectionist, Party Animal) – I also turned her into a vampire

I rolled a 2 for their kids, and a 1 for the first kid being the heir.

  • Heir: Ashlyn (Perfectionist, Dog Lover, Music Lover, Bestselling Author)
  • Sibling: Dylan (Dog Lover, Glutton)

Events that happened during this generation:

  • Oil struck +50k (used to build a proper vampire home, hence the no pictures of his starter home)
  • Spring fest add a baby. Rolled 1-5 for eligible families (the master vamp is not eligible, imo) got a 2, so added a little girl Mackenzie to the Callaway family
  • Fire! 5000 paid to recover the community lot.
  • Alec completed Vampire Family aspiration (..that was a lot easier than I expected. Their heir is still only a toddler!)
  • Built the third community lot (the Museum), thereby lifting the medicine restriction.. no more unexpected woohoo accidents! YAY!
  • Our first Casanova moves in! (Yay! Finally!) There are seven eligible females (oops eight.. forgot the heir’s wife.. yikes!) … I rolled a seven, which means the single newly vampired Laila Ashton gets a new man. I decided he’ll stay with her. Let’s see.. heads he’s a vampire, tails he’s human… tails wins. (gee, I wonder whether the baby will be human or vampire?!) The Casanova’s name is Kyle Sears and he rolled Clumsy, Materialistic, Romantic (oh… nice one.) and Computer Whiz. The best part? He moves in just in time to see her transform into a vampire… haha! A few socials, some romancing, and voila… baby on the way! (I cheated a bit and let them be boyfriend and girlfriend… since the game won’t do it on it’s own.) .. update.. baby is a boy named King.. and yep, he’s a vampire (and SO glad it’s not me playing him because he rolled Clingy!)
  • Family moves in (Valentine). Rolled a 3 for number of members. Going to put them in one of the empty homes from Gen one and two. (ended up putting them in the Frantz house with a makeover.)
  • Alec ranked up to Grand Master Vampire. Woot! My first one ever! And just to make sure he sticks around, he’s immune to sunlight. haha!
  • And here.. is where I went a bit off the rails. I got so bored I sent Ashlyn (the heir) and Alec off to the lounge I edited to add in a bowling alley in the basement. I hadn’t tested it yet, and I figured why not send them out to a night of bowling. Turns out I am so woefully lax on actually playing with the new features the game and stuff packs bring… I didn’t even know there was a bowling skill! 0.o EEK! I guess you can say I wasn’t bored anymore. I even took it off of fast speed to watch their epic fails and gutter balls. And so now I bring you some shots I couldn’t help but take before we get back to the challenge as a whole. Oh, and for the record. Alec unashamedly won with a score of 58…. poor guy (then a 90.. I guess that’s better… lol) Anyway, excuse the pic spam. Back to our regularly scheduled challenge in a moment.. the last pic is of some really cool flaming ball action that some other sims were doing.. I will definitely be doing more bowling!

  • Building permits fail, have to gain two points in logic. .. Done.
  • Ashlyn becomes an “A” student in grade school! First Newcrest to do that!
  • Ashlyn rolls Dog Lover! Yay! Next generation will unlock pets. Also, just to make things easier, Alec and I went ahead and cured her vampirism since she won’t need it next generation.
  • Oh, no…!! The next event roll was for a family to leave town. I can’t tell you how tempted I was to pretend I hadn’t seen it and reroll. Rolled a five, which made Vampire Lestat de Lioncourt be the one chosen. I guess that’s no so bad, since Alec can be the town master vampire now. I deleted his house, too, since I hadn’t built it. At this point, I also decided that since his house was gone and Alec was taking over, I would build them a new house. I had a ton of money sitting around (some 70k) from Alec’s gardening and painting, so I decided that the clunky house I built was going to be deleted. I moved them out to the lot where I used to have the master vampire in (up on the hill) and started building. Built the entire shell and had about 20k leftover for painting and such. Because it’s such a BIG house, I have a bunch of empty rooms, so Alec is going to be back to painting non-stop to furnish the rest of the rooms in the 12 days I have left before Ashlyn grows up and is ready to move out. Anyway, here’s the house as it is now… more pics when it’s “finished” at the end of the generation.

  • Ashlyn gets another “A” in high school. Another first!
  • Another first… Ashlyn and her mother, Aanya got into a knock down drag out fight in the living room. Ashlyn won, if you’ll believe that.. why the fight got started? Who knows. Aanya was in a mean mood swing, though, so that definitely brought the fight about.. but I’ve certainly never had a free will sim get into a fight. Took me completely off guard.
  • And the last event for the generation… adding a baby. Rolled for the 7 eligible female sims in town… got a four, and the Valentines got a little boy named Korbin.

Lots Built/ Families Moved in:

  • Lioncourt family (master vampire downloaded from gallery since I deleted all the town’s vampires before starting the challenge.) – Genius Bookworm, Neat, and it looks like he has practically the whole powers list learned.. Someone put some time into this guy. LOL. His house is downloaded from the gallery, I explored it a little bit, but not much more. It sure looks cool at the top of that hill though.

  • Ashton family (from Charisma 6) – Laila (Genius, Creative, Mean, and wants to be a Good Vampire) – somehow she rolled a vampire want when I already planned to turn her into a vampire with my heir. Since I rolled a lousy one she’ll be moving into town all by her lonesome. I built her a fabulous mansion with a big hedge maze in the back yard in Forgotten Hollow.

  • Valentine family (event roll.. got a 3, and moving them into the old Frantz house since it’s empty.) – Maritza (Materialistic, Jelous, Snob, Big Happy Family), Diego (I admit, I rerolled his traits twice because of his look. The traits he initially rolled totally were alien to this man.) (Outgoing, Music Lover, Bro, Fabulously Wealthy), and Child Billy (Rambunctious Scamp, Glutton). Since somehow the furnishings got erased, I went ahead and custom designed the shell of the Franz house to fit with this family. So the house will look familiar, but with completely different furnishings.

  • The Royal Museum – (Natural Light, Sunny Aspect, and Home Studio) This is built off a shell I got from the Gallery. I took one look at the big lot for the Willow Creek Museum and hit a big blank wall. So I ended up downloading one called Royal-Shell that was a big, rangy-looking house with a lot of charm (read: it’s all colored and decorated and landscaped outside, I only had to figure out what to do with the insides). I spent hours on it. Literally. (and when taking screenshots I still noticed four little things I overlooked. Oh well. It’s still awesome. And, yes, I uploaded it.

Town Stats: Three community lots (park, lounge, and museum), 7 families and 19 sims total.

Oh, and an update on the two community lots from Gen 1 and 2 – both now have lot traits. I’m not using lot traits on my sims’ homes, but since I rarely go to community lots, I made them more enticing in the hopes that I’d actually use the lots. The jury is out on whether or not that will work, though. (It hasn’t yet…)  Anyway, the park is Party Place, Bracing Breezes, and Sunny Aspect. The Lounge is Convivial, Great Acoustics, and Party Place.

And, as promised – pics of the finished house. (they ended up with some 60k unspent after the 20k for move out, so Alec was definitely on a roll with his painting!) The main floor – where all of their rooms are, and where they spend almost all of their time:

The upstairs has two virtually identical suites designed for a human servant and or butler, left locked to the household:

And the downstairs Master Vampire lair (since Alec needs a coffin to sleep in), and the home bowling alley that I think they used all of twice:

Ashlyn, The heir for next generation:

Oh, and I have decided to start doing the event roll twice a week. Wednesday and Sunday. I’m just finding the population hard to keep up, and getting all lots filled will be really tough as it is now. Also, changing one event that just isn’t feasible MOST of the time and adding three more events to the 12 to make raising the population a little easier.

  • 3 – another Casanova (female, this time) moves in
  • 13 – add baby to a MALE sim household
  • 14 – add a family (4 sims)
  • 15 – the second female Casanova to round out the total

I am currently working on the fourth generation with a Vet Clinic (which keeps things interesting, I will say!) and the next heir is a child, so I’m moving right along. It took me a bit longer than I expected to get all of the screenshots for this post in order, hence the delay getting this published.