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Sullivan-Stien Week 1

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Before playing, I set up the living room a little bit, changing up the walls around the kitchen and adding a fireplace for Father Winter.

Half walls for the kitchen. I think it looks better.
The fireplace

Spending some time getting to know each other. They make a cute couple.. good job, EA.

Surprise! (Or not…)

Awww.. this was completely autonomous.

.. C.mon let’s make it official? .. Nope. First try’s a fail.

Let’s go play in the new snow instead. Much more fun than getting denied.

Snow angels by their new snowpal.

Sean working on his public enemy aspiration. Ticking people off left and right. He seems to enjoy it, though.

Amber working on being funny to passing people. This poor pizza delivery chick looks awfully cold.

… The conversation wherein Amber discovers Vampires have no sense of humor. Or … at the very least.. this one doesn’t.

Sean having fun pranking another local vampire.

See? Vampire.

Sean decides to make an enemy. Things don’t look like they’re going well in this picture.

Vampire bats? .. Sean, amazingly, wins the fight, and the vampire leaves in disgrace.

Enjoying the fire inside for a change..

Second try is the charm this time! They’re engaged!

.. I love Sean’s piggie shirt. it’s really cute.

With some promotions, we can afford a computer so Sean can work on his mischief skill.

It’s Winterfest! Time to decorate the tree and put out the presents.

Sean lights the tree while Amber makes a grand Turkey meal for dinner.

After dinner, Father Winter arrives and Amber asks for her gift. (this time I remember!)

Opening presents with Father Winter.. Sean gets seeds, and Amber gets a horse statue.

Another promotion or two and Amber finally has a guitar to work on her skill for more promotions. In her bunny slippers, of course.

A sneak preview of the house I’m most looking forward to (the orphanage).. while Amber continues working on being funny to people.

… And Sean gets into another fight.

…This time, he’s got kids cheering him on. Too funny.

Amber’s practicing again.

The first (and last) thing that breaks all week. Weird that it took so long.

.. Watching the New Year’s show.

Hooray! I caught the streamers and confetti this time! Hehe.

And now.. it’s past time….

.. The last thing for their week is getting officially hitched. New Year’s seemed like a good time to do it.

See you for the next family!

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Back to playing…

Our Air Conditioning unit is finally fixed.. and my computer (which was being temperamental upon having to be moved during construction) is back to working again. I played the next family yesterday, and I should get the family after that done sometime today, whether I get it posted before tomorrow is another question though, but I’ll try. Working on Sullivan/Stien post now, should have it up in a few.. and then things will (finally) be back to normal!

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Purdue-Rosa Week 1

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This week is Ollie Purdue’s sister, and her girlfriend-to-be, Jade Rosa. The house didn’t need much in the way of changes, and they had enough in saving s I thought I could move them, but it wasn’t to be. Maybe next week.

Jade and Cassidy hit things off right away, which is a good thing, it makes it easier on me in the long run.

Jade and Cassidy spend most of the first day chatting, getting to know one another.

Cassidy makes the first move… which is, luckily, accepted. Then the two split off to work on their respective careers and skills.

Later in the day, Ollie stops by and Cassidy spends a little time chatting with her brother.

… What is mysterious weather? .. Who knows. Looking it up, it said it could be anything from a freak snowstorm to thunderstorm.. but absolutely nothing exciting happened for Jade and Cassidy. Maybe next time.

Cassidy enjoying her new guitar. Around the corner, Jade is spending time filling out her paperwork for her business career.

Welcome home, Jade! Hopefully work didn’t stress you out too much…

.. Because Cassidy has a question for you.


What on earth could Jade be waiting for?

… The mail, perhaps?

Nope! The family welcomes a new member. This is Ada. The girls thought helping out by adopting a local child would be the best direction for their new family.

Ada Purdue-Rosa

Age: Child (15 days)
Traits: Loner
Aspiration: Rambunctious Scamp
Career: Grade C Student

Jade tucks their little Ada in for the night in her new bed. Tomorrow is Harvest fest, a perfect holiday for the three of them to get to know each other.

“What do you think, Jade? Did we make the right choice?”

“Of course we did! Ada is great!” Jade replies.

The morning starts out with Ada trying to save her mothers from vengeful gnomes.

… However, the gnome has the last laugh. Poor Ada, she tried!

After moving the gnome so Cassidy could get out of bed.. Cassidy tries to placate the gnome who didn’t want the toy Ada gave it…

..Success! One gnome down.. Two to go.

And don’t forget about the decorations!

Jade discovers that the gnomes don’t like her this morning, either.

Maybe Cassidy can plead for forgiveness from this last gnome…

.. I guess her luck with gnomes has run out. Jade spends some time picking up and selling the random plant seeds the gnomes have left.. then sells the gnomes for good measure. No more zaps for this family!

Ada meets Bash from the frights family, and they spend a little time getting to know each other. (Despite the fact that little Ada is tense about meeting new people.)

.. While Jade tries to get rid of a stinky leaf pile by burning it.. and Davey Bones walks by in his normal-wear costume.

Since it’s still morning, but everyone is hungry, Jade whips up a Grand Breakfast and everyone celebrates. It looks good to me.

.. A playful Ada goes to the park to get the first part of her milestone done.. and she is relieved to find the park fairly deserted. Nobody to make her tense again.

Jade cleans everything she can, keeping the small house spic and span.

.. Until I notice that the conversation that got Ada playful.. made Jade hysterical. And she runs to the bathroom to try to calm down. It would be terrible to lose a mom so soon after gaining two!

..This is what most of the week looks like after that. Jade has logic to earn for work, Cassidy has guitar skill to earn.. and little Ada forgoes scouts to spend all her time practicing her typing.

The next morning, while Jade is at work and Ada at school, Cassidy finds a random townie to work on her mischief spirit for the holiday.

.. Then she takes advantage of the pumpkin carving station to work on her spooky spirit.

.. Jade picks a dire costume after her brush with death the day before… while Ada picks the silly-looking sausage.

.. Another pumpkin to sell..

.. And I notice a fishing tournament is apparently underway nearby in the neighborhood. Too funny.

“Happy Spooky day, Ada!”

The next day, Ollie stops over to meet his new niece.

.. Who only spends a short time with him before taking a long nap to get over her cold.

.. Luckily the nap was just the thing… and Jade feels better, too, after some Orange Juice.

Jade has some paperwork for next week’s work.

.. So Ada and Cassidy spend some quality time together.

.. “Goodnight, Ada!”

Then, the week ends on an ominous note as Cassidy nearly electrocutes herself while trying to fix the household’s computer.

… A nasty shock, to be sure, but Cassidy quickly shakes it off and heads to bed. At least the computer got fixed!

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Purdue-L’Amour Week 1

Back to this family’s Introduction | Week Two coming soon

Upon getting ready to load up this family, I am not sure why, but I was just not “feelin'” it. In an attempt to make it more “interesting”.. the first thing I did was take one of EA’s officially-made dog households and merge it into this one. So, Welcome Xena and Ginger. Also, I did virtually nothing to the house, since they couldn’t really afford it.. and I have to say, I was dreading playing through a whole week in this tiny house with two big dogs. I expected a bit of a madhouse, and I wasn’t wrong.. but again, I’m getting ahead of myself.

The two dogs, Xena and Ginger (both girls) were waiting at the front doorstep when I loaded up this family. (And for some reason, the entire week, I forgot to take down the Love Day decor that was up when I loaded the house.. I fixed it before I moved to the next family, though.

Ollie.. meet Babs. Babs.. likewise. They seem to hit it off rather easily, and I prepare myself for a simple week.

… It was SO not to be. Xena is a troublemaker.. and I was immediately preoccupied with trying to keep a handle on what she was doing at all times. .. Rolling in the trash…

.. Drinking from the toilet… Making messes in the house.. you name it, she got into it.

Ollie and Babs continued to get along well, and every once in a while, Xena gave me a little time to try to get them together.

Ginger, on the other hand, was loyal and well behaved .. so at least I didn’t have to worry about her misbehaving, too.

One evening, Babs finally decides to make her move.

.. Under the watchful eye of Ollie’s new shadow, Ginger.

Ollie seems to be taking the relationship all in stride, accepting the rose…

… and the first kiss. Things were finally progressing.

.. But then, the dogs needed my attention again, and Babs and Ollie’s new relationship got sidelined.

Xena really seemed to have taken to Babs, however, and Babs was finally able to get a better handle on Xena’s wild ways.

.. Xena seemed to soak up the training.. while Ginger simply moped around the house while Ollie was off at work.

When Ollie wasn’t at work.. he was usually found painting.. or playing with Ginger. When was I ever going to find time out for Babs and Ollie?

Cassidy Purdue (Ollie’s sister) stopped by for a visit, and Babs and her quickly started up a friendship.

.. Until Xena took all my attention again. Bad dog!

All that playing in the trash meant Xena needed baths nearly every day.

… well at least she’s not playing in the puddle. I guess sleeping in it is better?

With my custom holiday I named “Summerfest” incoming (I believe I called it “Memorial Day” last year, but this seemed like a better title), I bought them a computer and desk so they could order fireworks. And grimaced at the chunk it took out of their savings towards a bigger house.

For the BarBQue part of the holiday, the grills at the local “park” worked just fine, and they both made something tasty… Grilled Fruit for Ollie, and Sausage and Peppers (which always sounds so yummy) for Babs.

After lunch, the two got into a rousing game of water balloons.

.. Although Babs’ clumsy nature meant she only hit Ollie just that once.

.. Then.. the fireworks.

.. The dogs didn’t quite know what to think.. but I love the way they look when you zoom out!

..The little family really seemed to be coming together.

.. Even if much of my time was still centered around watching to make sure Xena was behaving.

..Finally, I take some time out for Ollie and Babs.

“Playtime?!” … no, Xena.. they’re busy.

… Maybe it was the dog that caused him to say no? Hm.. no worries, I’ll just try again the next day.

…”Don’t you love us, Ollie?” .. “I’ve got to take out the trash, Xena..”

Ginger decides to chase off the local vampiress. Thankfully. I couldn’t deal with more chaos in this family.

…Xena, however, was finally calming down. Perhaps her nightly jogs with Babs were helping curb her appetite for activity.

Ollie, again, gets lost in his painting.

.. But Babs is determined.

Maybe just chatting in the summer night on the porch will help these two see eye to eye…

“No?!  AGAIN?!” .. What is Babs doing wrong??

And now, the dogs are fighting. Ollie breaks up the argument, then heads exhaustedly to bed.

.. Luckily, neither dog was hurt, but Babs is surely wondering if the strife between Ollie and herself is causing the dogs to act aggressively towards each other.

Babs takes a long jog by herself, since Xena seems to be busy.

.. And we finally figure out what’s wrong with Ginger. She’s terrified of the bathtub. Since it seems like someone is always in the bath, it’s no wonder she’s stressed out constantly.

At least the dogs seem to have made up.. and Ollie and Babs watch them frolic together again with relief.

Finally!! Third try is the charm!  I don’t remember the last time two sims were harder to get together.

The next day.. I set another custom holiday, because summer is just needing a second holiday. I made one that involved streaking, camp fires, a party spirit, and telling stories. Sounded like a good end of summer holiday to me.

What I didn’t realize.. is that apparently “streaking” is contagious. First I laugh as I notice one of the Caliente sisters doing it…

.. Then I realize .. that the entire neighborhood is doing it.  ?!?!

.. This photo was the best, though. It’s not really streaking, is it, if you have to stop to check your phone. Doesn’t streaking, by definition, mean you’re supposed to be running fast?  *facepalm*  Never again. No more streaking holidays. I learned my lesson!

So.. Fully clothed again, I send Babs and Ollie to the Ancient Ruins in Windenburg for a romantic bonfire. While they’re there, I have them say their vows in a simple ceremony.

… That almost ends with Babs dying. .. A quick change of clothes helps fix that.. but it definitely kills the mood of the evening. (Although I wonder if the mood was officially killed with all the nude sims earlier….)

Ollie decides to finish the night off with another painting. While Babs, wisely… heads to bed.

What a week. Never let it be said that sims can’t surprise you. Plans can ALWAYS go astray!

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Pancakes Week 1

Back to this family’s Introduction | Week Two coming soon

We start this family just as winter is ending, so the above shot in spring was taken a bit later. I didn’t, again, have too much to do to the house to make it livable – just redecorate the second bedroom/workout area/office into a room for Iggy. And, obviously, move the office desk and chair to the main bedroom. Downstairs I added a bar in a redundant seating area.

Iggy’s room
Bar in the living room
Also: high chair added in the dining room.

The new “office” in the master bedroom.Bob starts the week off right – watching cooking training videos before work.

Iggy finds his dollhouse.

While I marvel at the lovely transition EA put in from winter to spring.

Where’s Iggy? … Making a mess. Joy.

Both parents have work, so Iggy is left with the nanny.

The next day is a holiday. Easter, to be specific. Here’s Bob searching the grass for easter eggs.

Iggy searches in his bed, and finds nothing, so he heads outside to look for more.

Eliza working on the “Baking” part of the holiday.. she’s making sugar cookies.

Iggy.. on the hunt for the elusive eggys.

(I have to interject here, I had the flower bunny tradition selected, but he “never” appeared. So I looked it up and it said to check the neighborhood. Sure enough, there She was throwing confetti on wild plants. We invited her over, and went from there. So moral of the story.. look around she’s there.)

Bob meets Bunny. At a safe distance, of course. Wouldn’t want to get bunny fur everywhere.

Eliza’s Cookies are finally done. They even turned out to be edible.

The conversation with Flower Bunny continues (as in the background, Iggy keeps hunting down more eggs.)

Finally! The highlight of the holiday for any toddler.. meeting the big flower bunny!

.. Turns out the flower bunny knows how to play, too!

And play they do. Lucky Iggy!

..While Bob goes and does his baking for the day.  He’s making bread sticks.

Eliza chases down the bunny who wandered away to sprinkle more confetti on wild plants in the area.

.. Iggy, on the other hand… wisely chooses now for a nap.

Bob.. you really don’t need a drink in the middle of the day.. but.. um.. ok.

After nap, it’s bath time.. and I think Bob is getting wetter than Iggy.

Sleepy time, daddy! What a cute picture!

Last minute chores before bed. That potty always needs emptying!

Filling up the new birdfeeder in the morning.

… And watching the birds come for breakfast. (I always forget about this object.. but since they have such a nice backyard and it’s spring, I decided it was appropriate for this house.)

In the mail the next morning, is a lovely stuffed animal for Iggy, since the family managed to complete the Easter Eggs collection during their holiday yesterday. (This is the first time I’ve ever unlocked him, so I clearly had to make him blue and take a photo.)

Iggy, keeping himself occupied while mom and dad get ready for the day.

.. But that doesn’t last long.. there goes the dollhouse!

Aren’t you proud of yourself now, young man??

Mommy to the rescue!

.. Before she heads off in the rain to work.

See Iggy? It’s much more fun if you play with it than when you smash it! I love Bob and Iggy’s matching PJs.

Rindle Rose looks so cute in Love Day decor!!

Since it’s Love Day, Bob runs out to the local rose bush and picks a few.

.. Awww…

… But perhaps he should have removed the thorns before giving them to Eliza. She almost shoves the rose back in his face.

… Time to read to Iggy. Because the player (me) completely forgot to take time off for Bob to have Love Day with his wife. After visions of ticked-off Eliza dance in my head, I finally send Bob home early and invite her out on a date. I decided skipping love day was definitely the worse of two evils.

And they’re off to Chez Llama.

Ordering quickly, they set to talking.

Eliza feels the need to toss some confetti on Bob.. who tries not to mind too much.

(This is a first for me.. I’ve never noticed a Restaurant Critic at a Restaurant before… kinda cool…)

Experimental dinners are out, and they look all smokey and weird, but both seem to enjoy them with a minimum of pulling faces at it by Bob.

… Apparently Eliza really liked the date. Taking off work was definitely worth it. Being in the dog house over forgetting Love Day is not an option when you have Eliza Pancakes for a wife!

(Bonus: I didn’t even realize that was an achievement. Host with the Most, huh? Go me.)

Mommy spends some time with Iggy.

While waiting for the dinner party that Bob had planned for the evening. The couple really needs to get out more, though, since the nanny was the only one who bothered to show up to the party. Somehow, it was still a success.. one more milestone towards Bob’s aspiration.

On a side note, Eliza got another milestone done on her aspiration, to, by buying some more paintings for the house.

It’s a good time to change houses, now… because he comes summer!

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Ramblers House 006 Chapter 1

House 005 Chapter 3 | House 006 Chapter 2

First – checking on the new goals:

House 006 Building Goals: 
350,000 value home (8 beds, one of them a double @ minimum) - 
I chose the extreme challenge and am starting with 0 simoleons.
House 006 Generational Goals: 
One sim to Level Mansion Baron Aspiration
Young adult heir
Other Info: 
After Mansion Baron aspiration is achieved, build a night club 
on the blue velvet lot in willow creek.

Second – checking on our heir, Marcus, after a quick run through in CAS: (he looks SO much better!)

His rolled aspiration: (I think I’ll keep it and actually work on it. He seems like a real geek to me.

His skills from being an autonomous teen:

His stats: (Have I mentioned how much I’m not looking forward to my first “unflirty” sim?? .. He managed to get one of the worst combinations of traits I think I’ve ever had in a sim. Sigh. This is going to be tough.)

His starting needs:

And.. back to 0 simoleons. At least he’s happy about it. I also discover he’s got a plate of half eaten food in his inventory. LOL. I guess at least he can finish his lunch before we get started, eh?

Third – making our new random sim to go into the challenge with Marcus. Meet Carina! I couldn’t have rolled a stranger couple.

Really?? Public Enemy?! .. sigh. I haven’t tried the Criminal career on the Hacker side, so I guess I’ll go for that.

… and what a mess of traits.

Fourth – Rolling for the new Lot Traits: (Party Place .. ehh okay, I guess., Natural Light, – wouldn’t that have been nice last generation!, and Fast Internet – YES! perfect! It’ll help both of them.

And… time to go!

First up: finding jobs. I certainly took the hard way by starting Carina in the Criminal career, because they don’t do so well making money until late in the career.

Being a Tech Guru will be more helpful, though.

Here’s what we have money wise after Marcus gets his initial promotions.

Very quickly, I find a third person to add to the group… although it takes a day or so to get him to move in.

While exploring the area, I notice something I’ve never noticed before. There’s a little Hermit cabin up in the mountains that lights up at night. Kinda cool.

I quickly discover that unflirty sims like Marcus are a PAIN. *sigh* Getting Carina and Marcus together might take a while. Good thing I got nothing but time!

So.. Marcus spends a lot of time fishing.. since we can’t really afford a computer yet.

Arjun, the cat-eared fella in the above cloudgazing photo finally moves in.. here’s his stats.

This next photo is why I invited him.. he’s level 8 in his career. And Writing makes tons of money.

Finally can afford a small computer nook to go with the three lawn beds and the rudimentary bathroom.

Here’s what we have now. Lawn living at it’s best.

A couple more days of work, and I’m able to afford some more computers.. one for everyone.

Arjun aged up.. didn’t have a cake because we have no kitchen yet.

Carina working on her Public Enemy aspiration. For reference, she won the fight.

With the help of the flirty lamp… I finally get Carina and Marcus to girlfriend/boyfriend status.

And buy them a real bed.

Yay! They’re married now!

Carina still working on that aspiration. She lost this fight.. lol.

Meet Aya Chafik.

This is why she joined the family. Level 10 doctor! Nice to have her income coming in four days a week. I don’t join her at work, just send her and let her do her thing there.

A house update, since I just got the shell completed:

Also, if you’re looking closely, there’s an extra bed. I invited someone else into the family.. but apparently I didn’t bother to take pictures. I will introduce him in a little while.

Obviously, a lot of work is still needed to the house, but it’ll get there.

Railings in the front.. needs more columns. But one thing at a time.

Downstairs windows installed.

The finished kitchen / dining room. I do add a couple more paintings to the wall, but that’s about it.

The finished living room. Maybe I’ll add some decor, but it’s okay for now.

Now, I think it’s way past time to introduce our fifth sim:

I honestly picked him because I needed someone to take care of the garden and paint while everyone else works. Also thought he might be a good mate for Aya.

He had like 4 painting when he moved in.. so you can tell it took me a while to take pictures of him.

Part of the reason I moved him in was so he could paint and garden. The other reason was: Aya was lonely. She didn’t say as much.. but I felt bad for her. So Ali moves in. .. and the two of them quickly hit it off.

… and I buy them a double bed.

Let’s make this official.

I’m confident enough with the money making that I finally let Carina and Marcus try for a baby. First time success!

.. Marcus seems at least semi-excited. I still haven’t decided what to think about the “Unflirty” trait, but it’s definitely not a favorite.

That’s enough for now.. I’ll leave you wondering about the incoming heir.

Also: a note from when this was/is published. This was all played out and screenshotted before Seasons came out. I had, at the time, every intention of either finishing House 6 or just restarting my Drifters AGAIN.. but it didn’t work out that way. I got very involved with my Townie Rotation… and I made a decision that I simply don’t want to have to replay house 006 again.. so the Ramblers will just suddenly get seasons in their game in the next chapter. Hooray!

House 005 Chapter 3 | House 006 Chapter 2

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DaSilva-Kay Week 1

Back to this family’s Introduction | Week Two coming soon

Upon loading this family up.. my first thought was “Oh yay! A house I don’t have to do anything to!” I did end up adding a few things as the week went by, namely the computer for Andre and bar for June’s Mixology skill.. and the holiday decorations. .. oh yeah.. and some other stuff, but I’ll get to that later. Nothing major enough to require a decor photo, though, so I went ahead and got them their jobs and started work to get them “together”. Oh yeah, I also made sure they had only one front door (who needs two??) as well.

Andre utilizing his new computer, after having lugged the desk out to the living room from the spare bedroom. The lighting is better out here.

“I know you’re insane, but I like you anyway!” (June doesn’t look too sure about it at all.)

Finally, the conversation seems to start going Andre’s way… although June still looks like she wants to bolt at any second.

Just when things were getting good… the Welcome Wagon shows up. After some careful socializing (to avoid flirts), the event finally ends successfully.

“Now.. where were we?” (Seems a bit redundant, exchanging numbers when they live in the same house.. but whatever!)

“You want me to be your girlfriend? .. Um.. Okay.” (Wide angle on the shot to show the update to the kitchen, since they couldn’t figure out how to walk around the wall to get to the table to eat.)

.. The natural conclusion to the day.

.. Andre spends some more time programming in the morning before work.

.. While June finds out about a surprise bundle they’ll be getting soon!

“Let me make an honest woman of you!”

..Nope! Andre is devastated, while June seems to be just slightly embarrassed, and goes straight to bed.

Overnight, the magic begins. (And I can’t help but take a screenshot of the snow. Can’t tell I love snow, can you?!)

Poor June. Morning sickness is the pits.

“June.. I really do love you!”

“Will you marry me?!”

“Didn’t I just ask that question? Of course I will!”

When the two lovebirds finally look out a window, they’re shocked at the transformation of their world and run outside in their outerwear to take it all in.

Snowpal time!

.. I’m not sure what this Snowpal is.. but June doesn’t seem too sure about it, either.

Snowpal looks on stoically as June and Andre make snow angels before hurrying back inside to get warm…

.. By their brand new fireplace! (Have to have something for Father Winter to come down, right?)

“Hooray!” for the new washer and dryer. (Or in this case, hooray for woohoo, but whatever.)

Another peaceful night.

June spends some time in the kitchen while Andre is at work. Whatever could she be up to?

Why is the new bar in the spare room? .. Who knows, it was just the best option for short term. She seems to enjoy it, though.

Where’s Andre? .. Back on the computer, hacking more funds into the household account. (Have to save up for toddler furniture!)

… More Grilled Cheese?

..Wait, is this some kind of craving during pregnancy?

… or could it be something else. … Congratulations, indeed. (The very first time I’ve ever unlocked this aspiration. She wants to be a chef and is a little on the crazy side.. so I figured, what the heck, let’s give this a go! Sadly enough, I had to look up how to do it. It’s not like I have my sims cook and then stuff three single servings of grilled cheese in a row all the time.)

Now that it’s Winterfest time, the tree is due for some decorating.

… Some more decorations.. and confetti for tree decoration success.

.. Andre seems to think throwing the decorations at the tree is the proper way to put them on. Well, I guess so.. but good thing they’re not fragile or anything.

…AAAHHH!! (And this is where I realize putting the tree right next to the fireplace was a bad idea. Perhaps I should have thought of that sooner.) Luckily, June runs outside, unhurt, and Andre is the hero of the day.

Let’s try this again, guys.

Finally… lighting the tree is a success!

(The outside weather effects really are amazing looking. Well done, EA, well done.)

Time for a grand meal. Why not eat it by the tree? Who needs a dinner table anyway?

.. June tried to stay awake for Father Winter’s arrival, but just couldn’t manage it.

“Please don’t leave! She didn’t mean any offense!”

“..Fine. But only if you give me Turkey dinners.”

“JUNE?! You couldn’t wait until LATER to have the baby??”

..Poor June can barely get to the bathroom at this point, nevermind having enough energy to get to the hospital.

“Sorry, Father Winter. We’ll be back in a jiffy!”

Finally. Time for presents. They got a pig statue and a bunny statue. Umm… thanks?

(.. And about here is where I realized they didn’t get credit for Father Winter arriving because they never “asked him for a gift”.. ARGH. Oh well, the holiday still counted as a success.)

.. A success indeed! Welcome baby Gregory!

.. Or maybe not. June, get into bed already, sweetie.

The above-mentioned piglet statue. And they now have a TV again. This time it’s so they can watch the New Year’s Celebration, but June is apparently more interested in the Cooking channel.

… Then again, if she’s so interested in the cooking channel, why does she keep eating the same old Grilled Cheese?

June is a good mother, and is “johnny-on-the-spot” when it comes to Gregory’s care.

.. But then, every mother needs a break every once in a while, right?

The household must be back to normal.. Andre’s back on the computer hacking away.

.. And June is doing laundry.

Awww.. what a cutie! Gregory grows up and rolls the “Clingy” trait. (Fun.)

And here’s what the spare room looks like now. You can’t see it, but I took out a wall in the kitchen and put the bar there for now. Eventually when June gets past needing Mixology skill for work, I’ll just remove the bar, but it works for now.

Fixing the sink in the kitchen. It’s always something. At least it’s not the dryer this time.

The little family. Totally adorable.

“Escape!” (This doesn’t last for long, mama comes out and rescues Gregory from the snow.)

.. And I missed the confetti from Midnight New Years by just moments.

That’s a successful year for Willow Creek! Next family goes back to spring. And I added an “Easter” holiday with the bunny and egg hunting and baking and stuff, so that’ll be fun. See you next time!

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Goths Week 1 Part 2

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(And we’re back. Time to find out what happens to the Goths in the rest of their first week! I still have two Holidays to go through, one made by the game, and Spooky Day by me.)

Now that it officially looks like Fall outside, Mortimer decides to spend his morning off (while everyone else is at work or school) decorating the house.

It takes him hours, but finally he has it looking just as festive as the neighbor’s houses.

… And done with enough time for him to relax with a book before the madness that is raising children arrives back home.

Cassandra comes in, dragging her feet. She’s furious.. at what, she won’t say, and she holes herself up in the downstairs bathroom talking to herself in the mirror. Bella has plans for a dinner party before tomorrow’s Harvestfest, and it looks like Cassandra simply wants to skip it.

The caterer arrives nearly at the same time as the guests – the Fright family from down the road.

Everyone pigs out on food, and generally has a good time.

Bella and Joanna’s unlikely friendship continues, and Cassandra’s absence goes unnoticed by her parents.

Everyone is up bright and early the next morning for Harvestfest. The first thing on everyone’s mind seems to be tracking down the gnomes that have invaded the Goth house and appeasing them.

They’re tricky little buggers, though, and like to continue teleporting around the house.

Bella takes a moment out to watch some kid’s TV (No one knows why she chooses that channel), while the repairman works and Mortimer tries to clean up the disaster that is the kitchen after last night’s party. He finally gives up and calls a maid service. If his wife is going to continue with these parties, he decides he’s not going to be the one to clean up after them.

Again.. no one seems to notice that Cassandra has snuck off again and spends hours on her phone in the upstairs bathroom.

Alexander continues to be a diligent Scout, earning badge after badge, and now he’s convinced he can finish the arts and crafts one, despite the fact that it’s clearly not his aptitude.

… And the gnomes continue long into the night, leaving seed packets everywhere for Bella to pick up and sell. Finally, she decides she’s had enough and simply sells the gnomes to the next person walking down the street.

Overnight.. the first hints of winter start to become visible. (And I squeal so loudly in joy that my husband thought something bad had happened and called to me worriedly from the kitchen.)

Everyone loves Spooky Day. Pumpkins to carve and put outside…

…Costumes, and Trick or Treaters and Spirits of both Mischief and Spookiness… and..

.. wait. That’s not a trick-or-treater!

Cassandra finally manages to get her Dad’s attention again – and not in a good way. Malcolm and Mortimer quickly square off, neither one wanting to give an inch in this feud.

“I said I wouldn’t have any of it! My daughter is not for you!” yells Mortimer.

“She won’t be your little girl forever! She can make her own decisions!” Malcolm yells back, just as angrily as Mortimer had.

For a moment, it looked like Mortimer might even back down.

“NO! Just.. no! I’ll call the authorities if I ever see you on my property again, young man!” Mortimer makes sure he gets the last word again, and Malcolm hurries out the front door, hiding his eyes. A tearful Cassandra watches from the upstairs bathroom window, before storming off to her room.

Alexander, on the other hand, tries to make like he hasn’t heard the whole argument and munches on leftover ham dinner from Harvestfest yesterday. He was pretty sure a fresh dinner wasn’t going to be had tonight, so he’d better scrounge for whatever he could find.

Out of nowhere, Cassandra runs downstairs and hugs her Dad. “I’m so sorry, Dad. I promise I’ll be good from now on!” she cried. (Seriously, I have no idea where she came from.. this was completely her own action.)

Alexander finishes his evening out with some more crafts while Mrotimer grudgingly helps Cassandra with her homework.

Riding on a feeling of satisfaction and contentment, Bella and Mortimer snap a picture and congratulate themselves on two wonderful children.

Before bed, Alexander checks his scouting board.. he’s officially a Pegasus Scout now! Hooray!

He celebrates by playing most of the night with his best friend, the monster under his bed.

It’s Saturday morning, and everyone has the day off, so Bella and Alexander run a marathon of chess matches. Alexander even manages to win a couple of them.

Bella has a House Party planned for the evening, though, and she’s “hired” Cassandra to entertain. A caterer and mixologist arrive, just moments before the guests. Everyone is so busy socializing that nobody notices when the “Entertainer” slips out the front door to make a phone call.

“I missed you so much!” Cassandra cries, embracing Malcolm as he runs up the front steps. “Hurry, up to my room!” she finishes, pointing out that it’s FREEZING outside.

Changing quickly into something more comfortable, Malcolm and Cassandra talk seriously, not a dry eye in the room.

One thing, of course, leads to another… and…

.. Once again, nobody notices. The party rages on downstairs, involving much flirting, drinking and eating, and, for some unknown reason.. a cake with candles?

After a short nap, Cassandra wakes up in a panic. “Hurry, you have to leave before they see you!”

… And Malcolm expertly makes his getaway without being spotted.

.. Unless you count the Zombie movie playing to itself in the living room.

Cassandra pulls back on her fancy dress, and plays concertos and requests well into the night. The party seems to have gone off without a hitch, and Mortimer and Bella are ecstatic.

…Perhaps a little too much so. Bella has to spend an hour or two calming herself down in front of the mirror. The party was hysterical, but maybe only to her?…

After the night ends, Cassandra quietly slips into bed with a smile. Nobody noticed. Again. Perhaps it was better that they hadn’t… but something was going to have to change. The only question was.. what..?

… I wonder what the Landgraabs will think of all this?

(See you in Week 2 whenever I get back around to the Goths. I know I’ll be waiting on the edge of my seat!)

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Goths Week 1 Part 1

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Again, before starting I had some redecorating to do. Not much.. but I end up doing a bit more as the week goes by. Bella got her babysitting job, and Alexander joined the scouts, but other than that things were fine in the career department. Again, photos seem very dark in this house, so I’ll apologize ahead of time. It’s that dark wallpaper again and poor lighting.

Added a bar into the dining room, moving some of the other furnishings around to make room for it.
Added a TV and moved a painting to allow for it.
Alexander’s room got the biggest update of all of them. Somehow, I forgot something, though. More on that later…

Oh… And I’m proud to say.. I got so caught up in the story this week that I plumb forgot to make Mortimer write books. He wrote ONE in that entire week… so this expansion getting me into the game is a resounding success. Usually I get so caught up in making perfect sims I completely ignore any social possibilities and drama. Completely out of character for me, I ended up getting swept along in my sim’s little stories, and I’m afraid I took far too many screenshots.. necessitating a two part week. But.. you’ll see why as we go. Enough talking from me.. let’s get to the story!

The week begins on a happy little family all helping in a homework party. Cassandra and Alexander seem to be racing to see who can get done first.

But then a chance meeting happens.. and a forbidden friendship begins. Maybe that’s the lure.. maybe it’s a tiny rebellion from Cassandra and the “perfect family”.. maybe Malcolm Landgraab was just in the right place at the right time.

Shortly after the sidewalk meeting, the “Welcome Wagon” shows up, and Bella finally gets to meet the strange family from across the street.

Everyone finds something to do. Alexander and Davey Bones bond over some chess while Cassandra and Gourdan watch .. of all things.. a zombie movie. Aghostus, being the loner sort, elects to stay home.. and babysit the twins. Joanna and Bella are soon the best of friends, though, and the event ends with a resounding success.

Cassandra heads off for her first night of babysitting.. in the strangest outfits the agency could apparently come up with.

While Cassandra is gone, Bella takes some time out to read to Alexander. He may be growing up, but he still likes that sort of story time he had as a little tyke.

Later that night.. way up in his third floor apartment.. I notice Alexander’s not sleeping. Zooming in to see what’s going on… I find Alexander chatting with something that should terrify any child without a care in the world. Instead of going running to his parents from the scary monster under his attic bed.. he decides to try to befriend it. After much careful cajoling, yet another strange friendship begins in this house.

It may be a school night.. but what his parents don’t know can’t hurt them, right? .. Alexander is understandably too excited to sleep and pulls out a doll to play with his new monster friend.

The next morning, Mortimer is up bright and early.. and apparently cheerful enough to dance at the new stereo in his PJs and robe. Good thing neither of the kids caught him, or much mocking might very well have taken place.

After school, Malcolm rides the bus home with Cassandra, and they spend the entire ride talking.

By the time they get to the Goth home, Cassandra has convinced herself that her parents won’t mind her friendship with their arch-enemies’ son.

So.. with a devious look, she invites Malcolm out on a date. A friend-date, perhaps? Of course, her father has to come along as a chaperone.. but Malcolm doesn’t seem to mind.

They spend the rest of the afternoon and evening chatting at the Cafe in Windenburg, complely oblivious to Mortimer, who finally ends up dozing off with a newspaper. Spotting her opportunity, Cassandra quickly moves in “for the kill”.

While surprised, Malcolm doesn’t seem opposed to the idea, and he even flirts back.

Noticing her dad waking up, Cassandra quickly buys a snack, and plays at being just-friends with Malcolm, while Mortimer obliviously chats to a neighbor.

(Bonus: Malcolm and Cassandra’s illicit love affair isn’t the only strange thing happening at this cafe tonight. Who is the guy in the suit… and why is the barista a Prime Vampire?  …)

Mortimer is, again, lost in his own thoughts as Cassandra coyly tells Malcolm goodnight.

Dad didn’t spot anything.. right??

… “Cassandra, we have to talk.” The five words she’d been dreading.

“Dad, I can explain everything. I didn’t mean for it to happen! But he’s way more than a friend to me now, I can’t let him go!”


Mortimer looks on blandly as his daughter proceeds to put on hysterics about how she loves Malcolm and he’s the only one she’ll ever want.

“No.” he reiterates, frustrated at her inability to see reason.

“Fine.” says Cassandra and storms off.

Sighing deeply, Mortimer follows her inside.

Life goes on for the rest of the night. Alexander has homework that he needs help for…

… And Mortimer wisely let’s Bella take on the “problem” of Cassandra’s school Robotry project.

After the kids are in bed, Bella stays up long into the night, working on her logic skill… ostensibly for work. But what could she possibly be doing at her office job that needs so much logic skill?

The next morning, the family gathers for breakfast. Bella has already left for work, so Mortimer has no idea when she found time for sleep. Cassandra is understandably subdued.. so Alexander and Mortimer carry the breakfast conversation.

Bella has yet to chime in on the argument between Cassandra and Mortimer – in fact, Cassandra thinks she doesn’t even know about it. But Bella knows far more than she lets on.. and wonders how this whole feud will end.

There’s more homework to do …

… and school projects to work on… so things seem almost peaceful again.

Cassandra whiles away her time mostly on her own.. or pouring her heart out to the piano.

Mortimer, wisely, chooses this time to make himself scarce, and he sits down to write a Playful book.

(And here, my friends, is where I leave you. The next post is written and ready for publishing tomorrow. Will Cassandra listen to her dad? Or do young hearts rule the day?)

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Frights Family Week 1

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Time for our second family! This family is the officially released Spooky Stuff family, so I stuffed them into the house that was also released on the gallery for the same pack. Before starting this post, I took a couple pictures of how I decorated this house. (For some reason, even though it’s an “official” house for the Spooky Stuff pack, it wasn’t furnished. The other problem with the house was it was just too small to be livable. I fixed that before moving the family in, expanding all of the rooms while keeping the look of the house. This is also where I apologize for the pictures often looking dark in this house – the candle-type lighting and dark wallpaper makes it always look too dark.)

Upstairs. The upper right room is for Aghostus and Davey, and you can tell who’s got the other two rooms.
Downstairs. It’s hard to see, but the dining room and kitchen are at the very top of the screen.

Also, everyone got put into their careers.. except I didn’t decide right away whether the two Evil children were going to terrorize a scout master, too. Aghostus is a Secret Agent, Davey a Criminal, Joanna aa Entertainer and Gourdon a Painter (just as a reminder).  I did end up putting Bash and Smash into scouts, but it wasn’t until around Tuesday.) Also, I had to start out with working on Joanna and Gourdon’s relationship, since everyone in the house is technically “room-mates”. I did plan a custom Holiday for this week, since Summer doesn’t have a default holiday – it was for Water Fun, BarBQues, Fireworks, and Sports TV. I called it “Memorial Day”, and set it for that first Monday. I ended up being really happy that you can plan ahead with weather in the calendar, because there were some major storms that could have ruined the holiday.. but I am getting ahead of myself here. … Welcome to the Frights Family!

After making the decision to raise Bash and Smash together, Joanna and Gourdan spend some more time getting to know each other. Being that Summer just started, it’s still cool outside, and the porch seemed like the perfect place to start this conversation.

Upstairs, the twins settled into their new room under the not-so-watchful resident ghosts’ eyes. (Being that both of the twins share the “Evil” trait, it’s not a surprise that this may be one of the only times you see the dollhouse intact, despite the fact that I always seemed to have the adults in there fixing it..)

Joanna is Good, and Gourdan is Evil. If ever there was an “opposites attract” – this relationship embodies it. (Without me constantly watching and cancelling naughty interactions, Gourdan would have quickly sunk the entire relationship idea rather quickly.)

And there goes the dollhouse…

Aghostus quickly rounds up his charges and herds them into his dollhouse-less room and sets them both to doing their homework. Perhaps that will keep them out of trouble?

Finally, Gourdan and Joanna manage to get a strong enough footing in their relationship to be considered friends.. maybe there could be more there?

A first kiss is accepted – although Joanna seems to be thoroughly surprised by it.

Finally. A proposal.

… Accepted!

The next morning dawns bright and sunny for the planned family holiday, and everyone has off of work and school so they can spend all day celebrating. Smash and Bash start the whole thing out by using the water balloon bucket out by the “park” area in the neighborhood to start a rousing game of water balloon tag. This shot missed!

.. But this one certainly didn’t. It left a mark and a moodlet for getting smacked in the face with a water balloon. Ow!

The kids were “called” home with some fireworks being set off behind the house. (…and it wasn’t until I took the screenshot that I noticed this one is a plumbob!)

What a fun way to celebrate the day!

The kids each got a few sparklers, since they’re too young to set off fireworks on their own, and the family ghost watches while they play with them.

…Perhaps Bash is trying to be a fairy?

After all the fun with fireworks, the kids leave Gourdan to clean up, and quickly change into swimsuits to check out the new yard slide. Davey soon joins in on the fun, after finding that Gourdan hits too hard with water balloons for that activity to be fun.

Oops. A little more slip than slide that time, Bash.

Even Aghostus gets in on the fun after doing his research for work the next day. He’s always so careful to have things done ahead of time, and is always seen picking up things around the house.

A family BarBQue meal. Peppers and Sausages.. sounds tasty. Aghostus is embarrassed because he messed up his trick slide outside. HAHA. Poor guy.

Davey tries his hand at the grill, and gets his Tradition Completed for the holiday. (I decide after this that perhaps having ALL the adults make their own grilled food may be tempting the SimGods too much .. I don’t want anyone on fire in only their second day!)

To keep Davey occupied, and start working on his Public Enemy aspiration, we find him someone to argue with. Turns out she’s an alien. (Looks close – she’s glowing) He not only gets angry at her for deceiving him with her disguise….

… But then he also loses the fight. Poor Davey. 😦

The twins keep out of trouble for a while doing their homework, but before long, a call comes in from the principal.

… And poor Bash is in trouble. Despite the fact he did his homework diligently.

No matter what Davey does he can’t get this alien chick to despise him. I guess We’ll have to find another one to pester.

Gourdan works diligently on his painting skill. The outside upstairs deck becomes the perfect place to paint. Nobody even to bother him out there.

Bash’s first Scouting badge. Hooray!

And there’s the Cheer that I missed on Bash. Smash got her badge, too. (I just happened to be a better photographer the second time around.)

…. Maybe that back deck for painting isn’t such a good idea.

Lightning strike! (I’ll have you know it took me four times to get this shot just right. But it sure turned out spectacular! Also Of Note.. here is when I had to switch to playing sims on headset. The dog thought the thunder was real and started having her usual storm panic attack. She calmed back down when I put the headset on, but, still, it was kinda funny. Poor baby hates storms and thought sims ones were real!)

This is what the ground looks like after a lightning strike.

In her hurry to get in from the rain, Joanna falls unceremoniously into the mud by a park bench. It’s gotta be those heels, girl. Can’t you wear anything more appropriate for a thunderstorm?

Oh no! Run, you’ll get wet! (She did)

The whole house is surrounded by puddles.. and Evil kids love puddles… but with all this storming I made them stay inside and do other things. I need no crispy sims.

Aghostus watches the weather channel. More storms for tomorrow. Then two days of heat wave. Fun week.

He gives up on going outside, buys a thermostat for the house, and carves a new pumpkin for outside the front door.

Meeee-Yow. 🙂 Well done, Aghostus!

Gourdan is now working on getting three emotional paintings done.. and keeps getting out of the mood before he can paint the next one.

The comforting light of a pumpkin to welcome you home, there, Bash.

Our solution to the mood problem… make him drink a flirty potion for his last emotional painting. Hey, it worked.

Bash has taken over the computer to work on his typing program.

But soon gives up and joins the family for the premier of “Peach is The New Orange” (I did not make this up… this is a random holiday and this is what it gave them to do…) So as to avoid spoilers, all family members set aside some time that day to watch the premiere.. and the conversations even revolve around what everyone thought about it. The pumpkin looks like it’s having the most fun, in my opinion.

There’s so much going on in this picture I’m not sure where to start.. haha. Aghostus is heading to get tricked by the trick or treat bucket. Davey is carving another new jack-o-lantern for the front door, and the twins are discussing scouts the next day. Lastly, the twin on the left has spots.. and needs to go drink some orange juice STAT!

Aghostus bemoaning the broken appliances. He swears they’re not him, that he only haunts things nicely… but the family is starting to wonder with the amount of things broken on a daily basis.

… Ok so he broke this one, but Joanna asked him to. She needed to repair an object for her nerd brain aspiration, so Aghostus broke a toilet. ONE toilet.

The new Monkey Bars are coming in handy for the twins working on their Rambunctious scamp aspiration.

… While Aghostus feels so bad about breaking that one toilet that he starts obsessively cleaning everything in sight.

Joanna is working on the brand new woodworking bench, and the twins are back on the Monkey Bars. Hey, it keeps them mostly out of trouble.

Another toilet to fix. Wonder how that happened.

Aghostus is livid… He swears this bathroom was NOT his fault. But it’s hard to believe, isn’t it?  *wink*

… OK.. so one is making a mess, the other cleaning it up. I guess that’s one way to work on a badge, kids.

And… BEST FRIENDS! .. and part of a badge floating away there in the wind.

And we leave you with this… more plumbing repair. Poor Joanna. She’ll be at this forever in this house!

Saturday night passes by uneventfully and soon it’s 6 AM.. Time to save, write up a post and go to bed. The Goths family starts tomorrow!

Bonus: Apparrently Lightning strikes can leave behind elemental collection boxes. (Circled below in red – in the aftermath of a lightning strike). This one netted the family 175 simoloens! You just have to be the first sim to go up and “Claim” it.

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