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Falcon Apocalypse Chapter 2.1

Chapter 1.5 < | >

It seems like forever since mom has been gone… but it’s just been a couple days. After our mourning period was over, I decided that I should be the one to carry on her journal, even though Alton is the “heir”… because, well.. I’m the writer, and he shows no interest in it. We all have missed mom terribly. Dad won’t even sleep in his own bed, and took to sleeping in our room, leaving the master bedroom for Alton.

Alton had taken over the family cooking because someone had to do it, and he was the one with the skill to not burn the place down with. After the one fire we’ve had, we want to be more careful with that. He also finished the body builder skill challenge, and no longer is fatigued after strength workouts.


Dad got to logic skill 9, which should help him with work, and we survived some more teenage mood swings. I skilled up in writing as well, and finished my fourth book.


Today – Sunday – is Alton’s young adult birthday. We went ahead and celebrated to take our minds off mom – plus birthday cake was a nice change for dinner.


Due to Alton’s failing high school (mostly because of him not being allowed to go to high school for most of his teenage days), he picked up the neurotic trait. His first action as an adult was to get a job with the local criminals, something he’s been wanting to do since he first saw them coming to take away our money on a Monday. He’s convinced that if he becomes a master thief, he can change the employment restrictions in the area. I’m not so sure, but we’ll play along with him for now. At least he’s working instead of staying home and working on his athletic skill all the time.

On Monday, Alton spent most of the afternoon getting to be friends with his boss, trying to get on his good side. I commented that I wasn’t sure his boss HAD a good side, and Alton just laughed at me.

I learned Charisma today, and after school, met some new people out in the park after school. I’m going to need charisma and friends to get the word out about our poor town when I grow up.


We all spend a lot of time on our skills – me writing, dad playing chess, and Alton working out. It makes for spectacularly boring journal writing.

Oh! Alton has been working on building us a basement, bit by bit. We can’t buy the whole thing at once due to regulations, so a little bit at a time, it’s coming together. As of now, it’s big enough for the stairs to go down into it to be in place, but not much more. Why we need a basement, I don’t know, but Alton seems to think it’s very important.

On Wednesday, Alton got a promotion to cutpurse, and seemed very proud of himself. He also came home from work sick, and is glad to have the next couple days off. Being sick didn’t seem to slow him down much, and he finally mastered the Athletic skill. I spent the evening watching Television (during the few hours a day that programming is actually on instead of just “snow”.)

Thursday was supposed to be my prom, but somehow, it got cancelled again. Dad tells me it’s because of the local Entertainment committee that keeps vetoing things, and that there’s nothing he can do about it.

Friday, I caught Alton’s cold, but, taking a page from Alton’s book, I didn’t let it stop me from finishing my fifth book. I’m finally starting to bring in some income with my writing. I swear I felt mom wandering around the house last night, but Alton told me not to even think it. He’s been very chipper lately, and I don’t think he wants to think about her anymore. I’ve noticed him paying attention to the crib and toddler books, as if making sure they’re all in readiness… for what, I don’t know.

Saturday was Snowflake Day, and both Alton and Dad for their holiday bonuses (not that it’s going to do us very much good with losing all our money on Mondays!) Dad’s was over 11,000 simoleons, and Alton’s was around 1,500.

Sunday, Dad finally mastered logic, and was able to take a break from playing chess. He helped me out with my homework, and puttered around cleaning the house – which desperately needed it. Alton announced he was planning on getting married tomorrow, much to our surprise. He did mention he hadn’t yet talked to Allison about it, but was sure she would be okay with it. I don’t mind him marrying Allison, she and I are pretty good friends.. and I’m pretty sure Alton is right about her being okay about marrying him.

Monday was Alton’s big day, and he seemed very nervous. He has to work at night now, so he planned on inviting her over in the early afternoon, leaving enough time for a small private wedding. He already had most of the paperwork for it all filled out.


His plans went off well, and before the evening was over, Allison had brought her things over to move in. What a crazy couple of weeks it has been!

(Oh.. Allison is virtuoso, artistic, grumpy, coward, and computer whiz.)

Chapter 1.5 < | >

Argh…. Crashes….

You know, sometimes I really hate Sims 3. My Falcon save keeps getting errors… Especially that dreaded save error 12. It’ll run ok for a while but then poof. Another error. It’s really annoying, I tell you what. For some reason my castaway challenge runs fine most of the time, it’s just the poor Falcons.  I want to get on with chapter two of Falcons, but every time I try, it errors out on me. Waiting for it to load now to try again so wish me luck!

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Falcon Apocalypse Chapter 1.5

Chapter 1.4 < | > Chapter 2.1

Today, Tuesday, is Tiberius and I’s anniversary. We don’t plan on celebrating it, though, simply because there’s not much to celebrate in this town. If things were normal, we’d go out to eat and a movie… but regulations don’t allow frivolous travel, and the diners and movie theaters are all closed.


It’s also Andrea’s birthday, and she gained the Charismatic trait! (adding to Loves the Outdoors, Disciplined, and Loves the Cold) Today she turned into a teenager, and is excited about her first day of high school. Unfortunately for both her and Alton school was cancelled due to the weather. Perhaps tomorrow will be a better day for it.


We all pretty much stayed to ourselves today, working on our skills – Tiberius still had work and lectures all day, but the rest of us were home. Alton spend most of the day reading my old cookbook, learning how to cook. He thinks he has a pretty good idea of how to make the things we’re allowed to make with the strict rationing in place. (Hot dogs, hamburgers, and PB & J). He also got in his daily workout, of course. Andrea spent the day working on her newest book, and I cleaned house and played around with the chess set to keep myself busy.


We did celebrate Andrea’s birthday with cake this evening, however, so it was a nice change from our usual rations.

Tonight was a full moon, so the zombies were out again and we were all restricted to the house from 6pm to 6am.

Wednesday, the kids finally got to go to their first day of High School.  Both kids were up at the crack of dawn, packing their backpacks and getting ready. Luckily, the weather seemed pretty calm, and school wasn’t closed.

I also noticed that Tiberius no longer seemed to be having a midlife crisis. He seemed much more content, and spent the day at the school, even though he was off, giving lecture after lecture for anyone who could come listen. He came home in a great mood, feeling like he was really making a difference.

Thursday (today) is my birthday. I’ve noticed my mind wandering more than it should, and I fear I will be afflicted with the same disease other seniors in the area have – dementia. The local science lab and the medical community can come up with no reason it’s happening… but I think it’s related to the general conditions in the area. I wonder if I’ll even be able to keep up this journal, but I doubt it.

Here, the journal seems to end with just a small newspaper clipping tucked in between the pages…

Local Retired Astronaut and Mother Disappears
     The string of local elder disappearances continues! This past Saturday, Rebecca Falcon disappeared from her home at . This isn't the first time she has wandered away after her birthday on Thursday. It seems she had come down with the same dementia that is affecting all our elders, and was prone to just wandering away from home. She is presumed dead at this time due to the sub-zero temperatures outside.
     Again, we could get no comment from either the Science Lab or the Medical Center as to why this is happening.

(Sorry this one is so short, but it’s right at the end of Chapter One.. I’ll post the beginning of Chapter Two as soon as I get the save file error fixed…) Also, I found this screenshot hilarious.. Rebecca had just built this snowman before she aged up… kinda creepy!


Chapter 1.4 < | > Chapter 2.1

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Falcon Apocalypse Chapter 1.4

Chapter 1.3 < | > Chapter 1.5

Monday morning has Alton feeling decided better from his cold, thankfully. He works on his athletic most of the day, while Andrea plays on her own (it’s a snow day for her).

In the evening, the mafia man showed up again and took all cash we had on hand. I wonder what he’s like normally, because every time we see him he seems so angry!

Tuesday, Andrea has her first day of school.. and wouldn’t you know it, she comes home sick! She had a great time, however, and won’t stop talking about her new friends and teacher. I finally get her to stop talking long enough for her to go play, and I take the time to clean the house a bit.

Alton spent more time working out, since he couldn’t go to school with the current restrictions. I don’t know who was more upset about him not being able to go to sleep.. him or me! I feel better knowing he’ll be cared for when I’m gone. He also spent some time on the phone with his childhood friend, Allison, and I have to wonder if there might be something else going on between them now.

Tiberius came home with a promotion to Principal, and was just thrilled to be so close to his goal. I can’t believe it’s happened so fast, but I guess when you’re really driven good things can happen. He then spent some time working on his logic.

Tonight was zombie night with the full moon, so everyone had to stay inside to be safe. We had a nice family dinner, and I was able to make hamburgers. Everyone was glad to have a change from the hot dogs and peanut butter and jelly we’ve been living on.

On Wednesday, Andrea had another day of school, although she was upset that the field trip her teacher had planned got cancelled without notice by the district superintendent. Sometimes these restrictions are really a pain.

Alton stayed home again, and I don’t know whether it was having to stay home or something else, but he was really in a mood. Luckily working out got most of his aggression out.


I set the grill on fire when I tried to make dinner – guess I should have been keeping it cleaner. Luckily I was able to put the flames out before they spread and did too much damage.

Thursday was a pretty ho-hum day, other than the fact that it was Tiberius’ birthday to adulthood. He seemed more stressed than usual… I don’t know whether it’s working so hard all the time or a midlife crisis, but he was definitely short in the temper department.

All of us had stayed up too late last night (since dinner had been postponed due to the fire) and needed to take naps when they got home from their activities. In other words.. not much got done today.


Oh, one strange thing did happen.. there seems to be a winter gnome that keeps moving himself around the house. Today, he was by the radio and it turned on all by itself. Very weird. He never moves when you’re looking at him, but he’s definitely moving. Unless it’s Alton, playing tricks on me again… which, come to think of it, is entirely possible. He has been strangely well-behaved lately.

The school’s prom got cancelled tonight by the superintendent… can I say that I can’t wait until Tiberius replaces him?


I spoke too soon. Friday I ended up soaked again from a booby-trapped toilet, and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t Andrea. Things like that just don’t occur to her.. plus, she’s been busy playing by herself and that doll she got in the mail after she was born. I ended up mopping the floor as I left dirty puddles everywhere.


Also, Alton seemed surprisingly absent, spending most of the day outside making snow angels and snowmen. If all added up that he was probably to blame. I keep hoping he’ll start to grow up soon, but today is obviously not that day.

Tiberius came down with a cold, but still managed to get his charisma and logic both up to level 7 (since he didn’t have work today). Hopefully all this work will pay off for him soon. He’s trying so very hard to make the changes he’s sure will help forestall the apocalypse that he barely has time for the rest of us. Hopefully that will change when he’s Superintendent, but the way things have been.. I don’t know. He may be just as busy after that key promotion.

Andrea started a new hobby/obsession today – writing. She seems to want to tell everyone’s story, and she started out with one about the aliens I had told her I’d met.

On Saturday, Alton was acting suspiciously, and I was sure I saw a little pink letter get sneaked out to the mailbox addressed to Allison.

Andrea spent most of the day tying away at the computer, finishing one book and starting another. She announced at dinner she was going to be a star journalist when she grows up, and tell the world how bad things really are in Twinbrook.

On Sunday, Alton managed to get his athletic skill up to rank 7.. he’s really getting strong these days. I feel less worried that he’ll get pushed around when he joins the mob like he wants to.

Tiberius got both his logic and charisma skills up to 8, and feels sure his speech is going to be a success tomorrow at the elections for the next District Superintendent. I hope it is, because I can’t imagine how upset he’ll be if he has to wait any longer to make the changes he’s planning.

Andrea finished her second book, one on after-school clubs and sports that used to be popular before the apocalypse and how they should be reinstated. She even managed to get it to a publisher for a small income! Her writing skill is now 5, and even I can see how talented she is.. and it’s not just me being her mom!

Monday was the day of elections. School was cancelled due to the snow, and Alton was back in his teen aged mood swings. I told him to work out, hoping that would get his mind back in the right place.

Andrea was.. again.. writing. It’s a good thing that computer is basically a glorified typewriter without any connectivity, because with her new obsession, nobody could pry her away from it. Her new book is apparently a drama.. but she hasn’t said anything more than that about it.


In the afternoon, Alton invited his childhood friend, Allison Bennet over … and I have to confess, I spied on them through an upstairs window. There’s definite sparks there.. and I managed to see a kiss or two before I almost got caught!

Tiberius came home a winner! All the changes he had planned are now possible as he is now the District Superintendent and is in charge of the education in this county. He’s sure other districts will soon pick up on the changes he’s making, as well. He brought home homework for Andrea from her teacher, saying that there were more things they would be able to learn now that the teachers were allowed to actually TEACH!

Andrea immediately began her homework, thrilled to be able to learn, and had it done in record time. (Of course it’s a record, because it’s the first time she’s gotten to do homework at all!) Alton, too, seemed thrilled at the prospect of his first day of high school.. but I have a feeling that it’s more because Allison will be there than the opportunity to learn.

Chapter 1.3 < | > Chapter 1.5

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Falcon Apocalypse Chapter 1.3

Chapter 1.2 < | > Chapter 1.4

Alton had another snow day, and stayed home reading books. I feel sorry for him, he wants to learn so badly and the school is closed. I didn’t have time to spend with him, though, with taking care of Andrea.


She said her first word today.. ghost. I wonder what that says about her future. Hopefully nothing!

Monday. That mafia man was back again. I wish there was a way to keep our meager savings, but we give it up to keep our family safe. Tiberius got another promotion, this time to Department Head, and he really feels like he can make a difference and get his ideas out there. Between work and skilling, he barely has time to spend with us. I know why, but sometimes I’m jealous of his work!


Andrea finally potty trained today.. and walking wasn’t far behind. She seems to have taken a shine to the writing books we left laying around for her to read. I hope she will be able to use this skill as she grows up.


Alton’s friend from school came home on the bus today (he finally had school again!) – how she got the clearance for that, I’ll never know. They spent most the afternoon playing outside in the snow, and he built his first “classic” snowman. It’s good to see him socializing.


We had a small family party for Andrea as she had her birthday today. Isn’t she cute? Now she’ll have to get used to being stinky like the rest of us.

I came down with a cold, so I’m glad to take a break from toddlerhood to rest.


Alton and Andrea both had a snow day today, and spent most the day playing together. I spent the day cleaning the house and playing chess. They were so noisy in the house I finally bundled them up in their winter clothes and sent them outside.


Through the window, I watched them play tag for a while, then settle down to build a snowman.


I was surprised to see how creative Alton is getting – this snowman was a Hockey snowman. After this, they had a rousing snowball fight before they finally got too cold and came back in.


We had a family dinner of pb & j in honor of Tiberius’s promotion to Assistant Principal. After the kids’ exercise, I noticed they both had hearty appetites.

It appeared that Alton caught my cold, so over the weekend he was sick and spent much of his time resting and recovering.


Sunday was Alton’s birthday, he finally became a teenager! He is Perceptive, Athletic, Artistic, and a Workaholic. He has also been talking about wanting to join the mob when he grows up. [he rolled master thief as job] Why, I don’t know, but it makes sense with all the trouble he likes to get into.

After growing up, his first priority was his Athletic skill, despite the fact that he’s still sick. Andrea spent the day playing with her toy and taking what she called a “joyride” on our couch. She also ruled the table for a while.. she has such an imagination. Tiberius and I spent the day working on charisma. He is practicing his speech to open up the school for teens as well, although he’s not high enough in the ranks to get it done yet. Practice never hurts!

Chapter 1.2 < | > Chapter 1.4

Edited the main page and menus

Just spent some time editing the main home page and the menus to reflect what I’ve currently working on. In the next day or two, I should have another page for the castaway shores challenge up (finishing catching it up) as well as possibly another Falcon Apacalypse page (it’s already caught up, so that means more play time!) As for Spectres, I haven’t been able to get it working yet, so I’m holding off on updating it until I figure out if I can get it working again. I do have several more play days journaled that aren’t in the blog yet, so I could post them… I just haven’t yet.

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Falcon Apocalypse Chapter 1.2

Chapter 1.1 < | > Chapter 1.3

Another day, another challenge. Tiberius and I spent most of the next few days working on our skills, me on logic, him on charisma. His job quickly promoted him to Substitute Teacher, and we felt like we were actually getting somewhere in the world. After the initial nausea, my pregnancy progressed nicely, and both of us eagerly awaited our bundle of joy.


With our diligent skilling, I managed to finally achieve my lifetime wish, Perfect Body, Perfect Mind, so we had a private celebration with hot dogs I finally managed not to burn. Both of us are stinky as all get-out, but the water isn’t safe to use for washing without getting chemical burns, so we just have learned to deal with the smell. Laundry continues to pile up, and without a way to wash it, we’re forced to give the dirty stuff away to people who are worse off than we are. Every Monday, without fail, a nasty man from the local mafia comes by to take all the cash we have left after bills for “protection” money. Selfishly, I wonder why my Military connections don’t exempt me from this, but then, there isn’t much available to spend the money on anyway.

After a harrowing home birth (the hospitals can’t be bothered to deal with small things like routine births with how short staffed they are), Alton made his appearance into the world. The next couple days were a blur of trying to get enough sleep to function while taking care of a needy baby. However, I could barely wait to do it all again. Somehow through all the sleeplessness, Tiberius still got another promotion to Elementary school Teacher, and we finally feel like he’s starting to make a difference. His class is small, but the tiny faces are starting to reflect a bit of hope, inspired by his teaching.


Alton went from babyhood to toddlerhood, and was easy to potty train. Day by day, we spent time with him, watching him grow and learn. He enjoyed the toddler books I’d bought right after college, and seemed to learn from them. Tiberius was the one to finally get Alton talking, and his first word was “camera”.


While Tiberius worked, I taught Alton to walk, and I enjoyed the surprise on Tiberius’ face when Alton walked to the door to meet him one day after work. Before we were ready for it, Alton aged up to childhood and was looking forward to joining Tiberius’ class at school. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t likely to cooperate, and the first three days of school for Alton were snow days.


Alton found ways to keep busy, though, and learned some more logic off our chess table. Tiberius, also worked on his logic skill and the two of them had fun playing against each other in the evenings. I noticed a twinge of nausea, but didn’t think anything of it until my tummy started growing again. A new baby! I think Alton was as excited as Tiberius and I, and we all hoped for a baby brother for him. Alton was quite the little trouble-maker, and we kept running into booby traps – a spraying sink, an overflowing toilet, and a whoopie cushion on the couch. Somehow, to his delight, he always seemed to get away with it. (Except for the whoopie cushion – Tiberius caught him at that one and scolded him fiercely.)


Alton retreated for a while, and played quietly upstairs with the toy my parents had sent him. He seemed strangely attached to it, and carried it with him everywhere.

Things didn’t turn out quite like we all hoped, and Andrea’s birth seemed much easier than Alton’s. Alton took the fact that it was a girl better than the rest of us, and seemed to be happy to have a little sister. Once again, the days went by swiftly as we all adjusted to the baby’s schedule. Alton seemed tired of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and hot dogs, but it was all the safe rations we could do. He was a trouper through all the late night wake ups from the baby, and loved sleeping on the top bunk of his bunk beds.


Before we knew it, it seemed, Andrea aged up to toddlerhood. Where she got her beautiful blonde hair, none of us know, but she’s really a dear. All of us love her, and she seems to be thriving.

Alton finally got a day or two of school, and seems to be reading quite well now. Two field trips got cancelled due to regulations, and he wasn’t able to finish a project on the local grocery store. He seemed to be behaving himself much better, or perhaps he was just too busy helping with the new baby to get into trouble.

Tiberius is now a High School teacher, and stays after school to give lectures to any of the kids, parents, or other townies that can come listen. Finally, he’s making a real difference, although few teenagers are allowed to come to class. Hopefully, he can change the regulations soon to allow them to go to school like the younger kids.

Chapter 1.1 < | > Chapter 1.3


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Falcon Apocalypse Chapter 1.1

Introduction < | > Chapter 1.2

I finally feel like myself again. University was a blur, and then I returned to the Twinbrook.. and THIS… mess. The Apocalypse happened, just like all the doomsayers predicted. Until today, I felt so hopeless that I wouldn’t even write in this diary. I went from burning hot dogs for a daily ration and working hard at my job to suddenly feeling full of hope. What changed? I did! I got yet another promotion, and was sent into space for the first time. Seeing space really seemed to put things in perspective.. there’s no reason to stop living just because a silly Apocalypse happened, right? Upon returning home from work, I hurriedly pulled out my address book, and looked up my old boyfriend from my whirl through University. Since it was Monday and the phone lines were actually open, I quickly dialed him up. He was thrilled to hear from me, and he quickly agreed to come visit. I left the rest of my plans for the visit a secret, not wanting to overwhelm him while he was going through all the red tape of travelling in this crazy time. I had no intention of him ever going back to University (where he’s been puttering away at one degree or another with little success). I wanted to start a family as soon as possible, and change this world for the better. I believe we can be a functioning society again, and I mean to prove it to everyone that it can be done!


Tiberius finally arrived Tuesday morning. and I wasted no time. He was surprised, but not resistant to my plans. Apparently he’d been thinking about me quite a lot since I graduated a couple short weeks ago. Hearing from me again had been like a jolt to his senses, he claimed. Start a family right away? You bet! … then he paused, and thought hard for a moment. What about the kids? What would life hold for them in this crazy world? .. Right then and there, he decided he was going to get the school systems operational again. He was going to have to start at the bottom, but a little hope goes a long way… and he was as ready to change the world as I was. We had a small wedding ceremony at home, filled out all the paperwork for his moving in and the marriage, then spent a lazy afternoon in bed.

First thing the next day, he and I took a trip to the local school and filled out his job application. They seemed surprised to see anyone actually out and about without a military escort, but with my clearances, we could get away with it. They were in desperate need of entry-level playground monitors, since most people were too depressed and hopeless to even come into work anymore. The elementary school was still up and running – barely – and now Tiberius was a part of it. Trekking home through the snow in my.. I mean OUR little car was an adventure in itself. The snow drifts practically reach the windows on all the buildings we pass, and I see many curious faces peeking out through the windows. A car on the road isn’t exactly a common occurrence anymore. I wonder just how many children are in those houses, hoping for a better tomorrow, just like we were.

By the time we got home, my stomach was roiling inside, clear evidence that our afternoon in bed had had it’s logical conclusion. Excited, but feeling terribly sick, we put together an old but sturdy crib, and set out the potty chair I was sure we’d be needing soon. I also let my boss know I couldn’t work anymore because I was needed to take care of the kids at home. Luckily, he was understanding, and we agreed to keep in touch. After our lunch of peanut butter jelly sandwiches, our one ration of the day, I felt better, so we went outside and built snowmen!


I hadn’t built one since I was a child, but it came right back to me.. and seeing the curious faces of the neighbors watching made me realize that everyone else needed hope, too. Hopefully getting the school system up and working again will help.

Introduction < | > Chapter 1.2

New To-Do List:

  • Catch up on Spectres before I let myself play it – 7 of 26 days played blogged currently.
  • Catch up on the ISBI Challenge blogging – week 4 day 5 played currently, and barely any blogged. Yikes!.
  • Catch up on Castaway Shores blogging – 3 of 13 days played blogged currently.
  • Post Introduction to fave saves, and pages/pictures for Fox, Bunnies, Costas, Hills, Ravel, and Futurama.
  • Post funny and fave photos page.
  • Introduce and blog Falcon Apocalypse.
  • Post some on my Gardener, Supernatural Orphanage, and Gnomely challenges.
  • Finally finish posting wave 1 lots for Sunset Valley Remodel. (2 of 7 complete)
  • Sims 3 Achievements! 137 left to get…
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Time to get organised…

Just for the sake of my OCD, I sat down and took a long look at the way this blog is shaping up.. now that it is actually getting some  content, and starting to at least go somewhere. Last September (2012) I posted a brief outline of the challenges I was working on or planning to work on. Things are the same on some of them, but way different on others. So, for the sake of .. continuity..? .. perhaps, I’m going to run through a list of what I’m still working on, or getting started on. (some of these have been scattered through other blog posts on here, not just that September one.)

Beyond all that, my current goal is to make sure to post a chapter section in each challenge at least once a week. That being said, that goal will have to include “catching up” on the stories I already have started – because for most of them, I’ve kept playing even though I slacked off on blogging. I made sure to keep what I call “play journals” – notes of what was going on each day/week so I know where the story went, and can find the pictures in order through my memories and screenshots. The challenges not currently linked below… will be soon. All part of my “reorganizing sims” campaign I started on a couple days ago.. hehe. Meantime.. at least the few people who follow my blog will know where things are going!


  • “Project One” – Cataloging and organizing all my items in Sims 3. I’ve finally gotten a fairly comprehensive set of “Collections” set up for these, and they’re about half full. It really does save me a lot of time when doing theme builds (which tends to be most of my builds)… so I do want to get this done. However, it’s extremely boring and time consuming, so I tend to work on it in little spurts when I get annoyed over not finding something or other. And the Sims Store keeps complicating matters by adding new content all the time.. 0.o .. so I keep having to add more stuff. This is not a project I have any intention of publishing or blogging about, just a little personal mission of mine.
  • “Project Two” – Sunset Valley Remodel – This is a fun one, but again, it’s been very time consuming, so I tend to work on it in bits and pieces. I’ve put hours upon hours of work into it, however, so I have no intention of stopping until it’s done. I’m finally starting to get some of the finished product up onto the exchange, though, and expect to see more soon. I really like the look of what I’ve got done, and all the pending ideas for builds I haven’t finished or started are really exciting. (the not started ones are very few in number.. the town is mostly built up, I’m just doing a lot of testing and refining now…)
  • “Shady Oaks Trailerhood” Project – this is a new project for me, and one I’m more or less just dabbling in at the moment. Whether it actually ends up in a publishable custom world.. well, we’ll see. Being a perfectionist has it’s downsides.. and if it doesn’t turn out well, it will likely just get scrapped. However, I figure I’d mention it, and as it’s being worked on, post some pictures and such.. just because I can.
  • “Mystery” Project – This was mentioned last September too. I just have had it “shelved” for quite a while. That’s not to say I haven’t still been thinking of it.. I’ve got half a small notebook and a few computer files of lists of ideas for this, and I’m still working on it. Suffice it to say.. I’m dabbling with creating my own Sims 3 Challenge.. in the form of a story. And it involves Gnomes. Those are the only clues you get. 😉 I have recently resurrected the affiliated game-save file, though, and there’s a good possibility I’ll start blogging about it soon. (I just really want to get some other stuff caught up on here first.)
  • More projects?? Nooo.. I have too many things going already!! However, I will mention that I am also still working on collecting achievements/badges. Have some 170ish badges left to go (I’ll update this with an exact number when I get back in game here in a few..)


  • Spectres of the Past” (NiF/Apocalypse) – My most important/story driven challenge to date. It’s long overdue for me catching up on the story, since my game save is WAY ahead of what I have blogged (but never fear, I have it journal’ed and lots of screenshots taken to write with!)
  • Falcon Apocalypse” Challenge – Yeah, I know, this one should probably have a better name.. but I never came up with one, and have been calling it this for long enough that it just stuck. The family name is “Falcon”, and it’s a straight-up Apocalypse challenge, so that’s where the name came from. I’ve been playing it for quite a while now on and off, and have a nice daily journal on it in my sims notebook, so it shouldn’t be too hard to set up a mini blog following what’s going on with some pictures. Not going to write a story about it, but a gameplay journal with pictures is easy enough to do, and fun to look back on.
  • Castaway Shores” NiF Challenge – This is the newest of all of these challenges.. and one I’m really looking forward to. I’ve been missing the “NiF” challenges for such a long time, and the whole idea of doing one in the Island Paradise world as a castaway was too much to resist. I have the very beginnings of the story published now, and plan to continue with it as time allows.
  • Those Crazy Irish” MacRae ISBI Challenge – This is the oldest of all the challenges I still have running. Or, well, recently unearthed. ISBI stands for “I’m Surrounded By Idiots” and it’s a fun little exercise in being as “hands off” micromanaging my sims as I think I could possibly stand. Easy to play (except for always wanting to fix things going wrong when I can’t because the rules forbid it!!), it’s a good break from other challenges and daily life stresses, so I finally pulled the save out of my backup file and am busily updating it. Overall, it’s by far the funniest game I play, so it makes for a fun story with silly pictures.
  • All My UN-Natural Children” Supernatural Orphanage Challenge – the premise of this one hasn’t changed much in the last year. It’s a victorian-themed “Supernatural Orphanage” challenge – to be blogged in commentary style. Daughter picked this challenge out for me to do and helped make the characters – I wanted to really get to know the new supernaturals. Major goal is to survive generation one and get all the munchkins married off with an heir – but I may extend it to a 5 generation challenge just for fun. I keep having trouble getting my game to not crash with mods in the last few weeks (months) and since it’s an over-stuffed household, it’s sort-of on “hold”. Fairly sure I’ve still got all the old pictures and such laying around, though, so I’ll see if I can’t get them posted here soon.
  • “Gardner LTW” Challenge – This one I’m working on side-by-side with my daughter’s Sims 2 LTW Challenge, and scoring against each other, so I don’t work on this one all that much, just when we’re both playing together. I may end up posting a “little” scorecard for this, but it won’t be really blogged about. We’ve complete the first generation, and are just getting started on the second generation, so there’s a long way to go yet.
  • Random Legacy Challenge – completely un-started, I have too much going on already. Since I plan to put it in Sunset Valley, this will not get started until my “Sunset Valley Remodel” project is fully complete (see above for more info on that).
  • 50 Foals Challenge – This will be the next challenge I start when I have a slot open up for it. I keep myself to only five challenges actively running at a time (plus the one with my daughter).