Trying Something New!!

  • Monday, June 14th (1-5 PM EST): Testing out playing one of my blog challenges and seeing if I can get pictures and get ready for a post while streaming. Story in question: Tails of Sulani (my Mermaid Legacy)
  • Tuesday, June 15th (1-5 PM EST): Test Day 2: Tails of Sulani
  • There will be no early Wednesday stream, because I have my chiropractor appointment then.
  • Wednesday, June 16th (5-9 PM EST): Checking out any Junk House Renovations submitted, then working on my RainbowSins Challenge (Orange Gluttony Generation)
  • Thursday, June 17th (1-5 PM EST): Plum Gen 5 of my Not So Berry challenge
  • Friday, June 18th (1-5 PM EST): Plum Gen 5 of my Not So Berry challenge
  • Saturday, June 19th (1-5 PM EST): Plum Gen 5 of my Not So Berry challenge

Also coming up:

  • Celebration Stream: My Gallery Downloads are at 9350+, and creeping ever closer to 10,000. When I hit 10k I will be scheduling a celebration stream during which I will be giving away some packs. At least two stuff packs of your choice (must be a follower of mine on Twitch, and must be on PC with Origin or Steam), a game pack or two, and also one of the coming expansion pack. The stream will probably be a build-a-long (my first) where I give everyone (including me) a prompt and some specifications, and we all build. A couple weeks after that stream, I’ll do a tour stream where we can all show off our build-a-long builds!
  • SimNaNo: As I mentioned last week, this is coming up in July, and as I prepare for it, I’ll be trying to figure out how to increase my blogging for the month of July without dropping my streaming – because quite honestly, I love streaming and every one of you guys who shows up to hang out with me. I will be putting streaming my blog stories to a test this week, and see if it’s even possible (see Monday and Tuesday in the above schedule). This event will not affect shell tours or the above mentioned celebration stream and it’s later tours!
  • The new July 22nd Cottage Living expansion will be doing all sorts of fun things to my schedule, because I will be dropping pretty much anything I’m still working on to pull out my Decades challenges (both the blog ones and the stream one). If I have not finished the generations of my Drifter, Master Simmer, and Mermaid Legacy, (blogged stories) they will just have to wait until they come up in rotation again, and the same goes for my Stream Not So Berry.
  • Also: do not forget that we have two build challenges going at this time: (although the second is due wednesday!)

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