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Oasis Springs: Day Five

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Bennie’s Best Day

The morning after Benji’s party was a rush of activity. Luckily, it was a Saturday, so all the kids were able to help with the clean-up. Jaz collected laundry, then did the dishes, wondering where everyone else had gone. Marnie had started cleaning up the dishes, but left them behind. Myles was last seen emptying the toddler’s potty, then he pretty much disappeared. Phoenix took the trash out, then also seemed to go missing.

Once the house was clean, Jaz wasted some time on the Monkey bars before it was time for the club meeting. Elsa had asked that it be a little later in the evening, so there was time to kill before it started. It also certainly helped that Jaz didn’t have to ride the bus from Magnolia Promenade anymore. She could just walk down the road to the park.

Myles had decided he needed to work on his Mental skill before scouts, so that’s what he had been doing.

Phoenix, on the other hand, was brazenly watching TV in the living room after doing very little to help the clean up.

Outside, on the other hand, Bennie was having a grand time. It was Neighborhood brawl day, and he was taking full advantage of it.

One fight won! And after some practice with some of his joke material, Bennie went to find his next victim.

Fight # 2! Another win for Bennie. Some more jokes… and another target sighted.

Fight # 3! Bennie dusted off his hands, and gave the fella a hug for his participation. A few bad jokes later, and a dazed townie was walking away, nonplussed.

Fight # 4! Bennie decided that, since he’d completed part of his aspiration, and gotten gold on the holiday, he was going to quit while he was ahead, and wandered off home to watch some sports.

Myles returned from scouts, one more badge richer, and only one badge to go.

He bragged a little too much to his younger brother, though, and Phoenix decided that if Bennie could fight, so could he. Of course, Marnie saw the whole thing and then grounded the boys.

Later, at the club meeting, Jaz noticed Colin sitting sadly by himself off to the side of the playground. Worried about her friend, she headed over to find out what was wrong.

“The divorce was finalized today. Nobody has said who is moving away, but I’m sure one of them will. And I don’t want either of them to go.” he admitted miserably.

Jaz sympathized, but internally wondered if Marnie and Bennie would ever go that same path as Colin’s parents. It was no secret they didn’t exactly get along most of the time.

Jaz put those thoughts aside, and concentrated on cheering her best friend up.

By the end of the night, Colin was all smiles again… at least until he got home, Jaz supposed. She hoped she’d helped at least a little bit. Frowning, she turned and walked home in the dark, her thoughts a jumble in her head. So much had happened lately – it was hard to process everything. Suddenly realizing she was completely alone (Phoenix was grounded, remember?), she decided maybe to jog the rest of the way home.

Everyone was already getting ready for bed, so Jaz joined in. Luckily, the shower was still hot – it usually was in this house, and she felt like she actually got CLEAN for once. Putting on her old rainbow bunny-suit, she climbed into bed. While at the park, she had finished the first part of her aspiration.. now she had to practice typing. The only way she could think of to do that was to go to the library. Good thing tomorrow was a Sunday. She could say she had to research for a school project and head to the library then. Glad to have a plan, she drifted easily off to sleep.

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