Tonight was shell tours for Humpty Dumpty, and I have to say, you all really rose to the occasion. This was NOT an easy shell, so feel very proud of yourself if you even attempted it. I am absolutely blown away with all the amazing builds you did!!

For those who are curious, I do have the nightmare of a shell that this challenge came from on the gallery (search #itshellchallenge1). Feel free to download it and try your hand at the original shell! Anyone who completes a build on ANY of my shells after the “due date” can stop by my stream anytime and I will gladly tour your build for free live on stream. (So If you’ve been looking at any of my old challenges, or didn’t get done in time, feel free to give them a try!)

One last note on Humpty Dumpty: I also uploaded what I did with the original shell as a furnished house. It’s such a cool house, feel free to download! (under #thrallshell3)

And now for something completely new: I also uploaded the next shell challenge tonight: Moving Walls.

I hope this one isn’t as tough, but I still wanted it to stretch creative muscles. This is more of a build puzzle than a “put the pieces together” puzzle, so this is a great time to practice your building skills. Even better – there is no wrong way to put this one together. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me!

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