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Plumbobbing Through Time – Chapter 1.1

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Before I go any farther, I need to introduce our founders:

They are simply housemates at this point. However, that will change.

Anyway: a little bit about this challenge. It’s a modification of the “Through the Ages” challenge by erica180 (linked on the welcome page above). I will be posting the full rules as I get them completely ready, but for today, I’m just posting the first few generations (linked above). The others are in process, but I don’t feel they’re 100% ready to publish yet. Anyway, before I get going, here’s the goals/rules for generation 1:

Gen 1: The Beginning (Stone Age)

You and your partner are the first sims created. You live in the wilderness and have to build your own shelter. You live off the land and care the the plentiful children you have produced. Life is hard and difficult but there is a sort of peace to it. You live day to day, saving the profits you have made from fishing, scavenging and gardening. Your goal is to set the foundation for your children and their children.

Town: Sulani (Mua Pel’am District)

Lot traits: Off-the Grid, Great Soil, Creepy Crawlies (or) Volcanic Activity – depending on which lot you choose.

Traits for male sim: Child of the Islands, Self-assured, Loves the outdoors

Aspiration: Angling Ace

Career: None

Traits for female sim: Cheerful, Family-Oriented, Jealous

Aspiration: Freelance Botanist

Career: None

Holidays: None (except for the minor ones that pop up)

Gen 1 Goals:

  • Skills that must be maxed out: Fishing, Gardening, and Parenting. This does not have to be all on one sim, the skills can be divided up between the two sims.
  • Save as much money as possible from your skills.
  • Build a small “hut” as your home base with the money you earn – pick one of the three lots available. Alternately, download one of the three houses I link below, and start your family there.
  • Have as many children as possible. The goal is to populate the world.
  • No marriage – not a thing yet.
  • Complete each sims’ aspirations.
  • No School for children or teens – you must cancel out this interaction to keep them at home.
  • Teens are old enough to move out to another lot in your home district if you wish – build them a small hut to live in there.
  • The founding sims must die when the heir is a teenager, and the next generation starts then. Which child is heir, however, is your choice – so you can wait as long as you want, saving money for the next home before moving.
  • Must always “Try for Baby” instead of Woohoo.
  • If you have built a pool (hot springs) and/or a beach in Sulani for this generation, these are the only places your sims can visit. Remember, they can be built either in the commercial district in Sulani, or in the District you start with.
  • You should be able to catch all 20 fish types while staying in Sulani. However, if you need to get the plants for the cowplant, and haven’t caught a berry, you are allowed to visit Magnolia Blossom lot (should be empty) to acquire the plants necessary – but only for that. (Remember, this must be done during springtime to get the plants if you have seasons)

With all that being said.. I sat down to get to playing. When I started this challenge, I downloaded a neat looking lot, and plopped my new Stone Age sims onto it… never knowing that I had just stepped into a virtual minefield.

To be fair, though, how would I have known that when things started out so normally. A little planting for our garden…

… And Paku starts his “career” as a fisherman. He quickly catches a cowplant berry – which I regret losing. You’ll see why in a moment.

Here’s where things started going horribly wrong. First Utali catches herself on fire…. okay. No worries, she’s just a little singed.

Then, she catches the entire firepit.. on fire. And not just once. As soon as this fire is out, I try to cook again. Only to have the other end table sitting there catch fire and burn to a crisp.

At this point, I’m thoroughly frustrated, and they’re starving and filthy. You can see the evidence of the fires on the ground behind their new stump-chairs.

I send Utali to go clean up, because she needs it…

And have Paku make dinner. Which instantly sets himself, and the campsite on fire.. again. On top of these fires.. they keep having routing failures.. or simply happily clipping their way through oversized rocks. I’ve had enough. I had a save from before I started playing, and I deleted this save and went back to that one. An hour later, calmed down, and with a new, plain ol’ hut I built for them – we get back to playing.

The first thing we do.. is get Utali planting again.

… While Paku.. you guessed it… goes fishing. Spoiler: he doesn’t get a cowplant berry. This time, or the next.. or the next… you get my point.

Originally, I was using the “original” rules, which required one of my sims to learn Wellness. Which made no sense, but I started in on the yoga anyway. Before long, I change up the rules… and no more yoga for prehistoric sims. I delete the Wellness stuff.

Utali cooks a nice…. SAFE… meal. And look, ma, no fires!

They stand around eating it – because – no tables. Stone age. And I’m somehow determined to try to do this without using handiness as a skill. (I wouldn’t recommend it..)

And here’s where the REAL fun starts. Trying for the first nooboo. They get pregnant pretty much right away, although, with no pregnancy tests, I have to wait to find out.

The next few days pass by peacefully. No fires, no mishaps.. and nothing fun to take pictures of, either. I need toddlers, darn-it-all!

Okay.. so a baby will work. Or at least, an incoming one. Ryorg the Wild Child is born. And is, as usual for sims 4.. pretty much a blob stuck in a bassinet. Exciting.

… More exciting.. there’s another nooboo on the way! Paku seems a little worried.

Ryorg ages himself up.. because somehow I completely missed his birthday notice. It’s not the first “forgotten birthday” he’ll have – without ovens, we can’t bake a cake.. so we’ll be waiting for birthdays.

Ryorg playing with blocks with a very pregnant Utali watching over him. Has anyone else noticed that parents no longer actually keep watching?! Oh my gosh, it’s so annoying to me!

This is when I find out that this kiddie pool… does next to nothing for hygiene rating. But I’m still determined to tough it out.

I know THAT face. Nooboo incoming!

… Er…. make that two nooboos. Welcome Arjuna the Quiet (spoiler: she may have been named wrong… ) and her little brother, Yusu the Stoic. I wasn’t expecting twins.. and in complete consternation, I decide this is a good place to take yet another break from these guys. Instead, I go work on the rules some more. And the four generations I originally added… turns into far more. *face in hands* .. Well, if you’re going to do something, I suppose you should do it right, huh?

Welcome/Links | Rules| Chapter 1.2


I am a 43 year old American demi-gender wife, mother, and gamer. My pronouns are she/they. I've lived in the Midwest most of my life, and enjoy it for the changing seasons. My favorite movie is Labyrinth, my favorite game is Sims 4, and I have tattoos related to both. My favorite colors are purple, red, and green. When I'm not playing games (which is rare) I also enjoy music, reading, crafting, and coloring. My newest obsession is streaming Sims 4 on Twitch. I'm also an animal lover, and have had many types of pets over the years. Currently, I have a dog named Cassie who is a Jack Russel / Beagle mix and a trio of pet rats that we adopted from a local rescue.

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