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Ramblers House 010 Chapter 1

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First, we need to see what our new goals are:

House 010 Building Goals: 
2 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom home worth at least $50k Simoleons
*Include a pool and a designated personal workout area
House 010 Generational Goals: 
Max Wellness Skill
Max Gourmet Cooking Skill
Eat "healthy" for the whole generation
Raise the heir to Young Adult age

… Doesn’t seem too bad.

Then, Cassidy gets her makeover.

I did change her hair to be more with the healthy, fit theme. And all her clothes were changed. She also had grey eyebrows.. and it was annoying me, so I changed them to match. She’s gorgeous!

Then, we check on her inventory, sell everything, get rid of our money.. and check her stats panels.

Lastly, I roll for lot traits.

And.. with that.. we’re ready to play!

Since this is the second house in this neighborhood, things are up to harvest, which is a big help.

After harvesting, we have enough for the all-important toilet.

We find mom walking around, and she cheers on our house 10 attempts.

… Then shortly after she leaves, I get this notice. Darn. RIP Eva!

I finally decide to get Cassidy a job. I picked Military because she can work on fitness and work from home. Seems like something she’d be into.

Her first job task: go jogging. So we get that done.

Her lot contents as she heads to her first day at work. She’s not doing too bad.

Working on wellness. Going to be spending a lot of time doing this in this house. Meanwhile, I’ve been watching for Young Adult males… unsuccessfully, I might add. And starting to get a little worried I’ll have to go with an adult.

Then.. I spot two of them, at the same time. We meet both, and get started on finding out their traits. One leaves, but it’s the other I’m more interested in, anyway.

His name is Keon, and he’s got pretty good traits.. so we start the romance train.


… And yay for a full “fun” bar. Thanks, Keon!

So far, we’ve been feasting on strawberries for food.

After she heads to work, Keon wakes up and I finally get a good look at him without his hat. He’s cute!

After work, Cassidy meets up with Dad. I find it funny that I was so worried about him dying before finishing his career, and he’s now lived past his wife.

The proposal….

… is a success! So, Meet Keon Gale!

See? I told you. Perfect traits. He’s a vegetarian, too!

He’s apparently born in game, which is kinda cool. Here’s his family.

And he’s older than us, but that’s okay.

Working on fitness for work.

We have to buy a cooler for Keon, since feeding him strawberries is out.

Shortly after, I’m able to afford a kitchen of sorts and start working on her cooking skill for the house goals.

Keon finds the yoga mat.

… He seems to like it.

We get invited to the spice festival, and I take advantage of it to harvest and sell the produce from there. I keep waffling about starting a garden, but I think I’ve finally decided not to.

Such a cute screenie of them at the festival. I love this couple!

Selling all the stuff from collection runs, plus our promotions, and we have the beginnings of a living room. Both immediately start with the book reading/leaving books everywhere, which will annoy me, but I’ll deal with it.

Keon apparently decides he wants to work out in the middle of the night.

And with that, our first week is over. See you next post!

House 009 Chapter 7 < | > House 010 Chapter 2


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