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Tails of Sulani – Chapter 2.2 – Tying the Knot

Chapter 2.1 | Rules for this challenge | Chapter 2.3

Generation Two: Brown

Appearance: Brown hair, unkempt clothing style
Traits: Loves Outdoors, Loner, Child of the Island
Aspiration: Beach Life
Occupation: Conservationist
House Goal: 20,000 worth

Tying the Knot

Cleaning up the beach is a daily chore, but one that I enjoy doing. Work is going great, as well. I really enjoy the science aspect, as well as the conservation aspect – keeping my beloved islands in good shape.

After work, I spent some time playing in the waterfall. Although I did wonder where the other lady got a waterproof cell phone…?

With a promotion, I was able to afford an actual kitchen – or, at least the start of one. I decided to host another Kava party.

First task: making the Kava.

My new niece, Kacy, was one of the guests, as well as my parents and the rest of the family. Kaci is – quite simply – adorable. I can’t wait to have one of my own. I also had invited Aleki so he would have a chance to meet my family before our big day.

Grayson (Rarahu and Kaleb’s son) was in a mood, and his mother tried her best to calm him down. She had no luck, though, and she sent him outside to play in the sand on his own.

Aleki seemed to get along with everyone well enough, which made me really glad.

Meilani had left her newborn, Barry, at home with a sitter, which was probably for the best, because with the crowd in my tiny house, I think the poor thing would have been very overwhelmed.

I’ve started doing a lot of work from home, and they have me out surveying local flora and fauna.

Neighborhood brawl day was a good way to get out some aggression and I had a good time with it. I won most of my fights, but winning wasn’t exactly the point of the holiday.

Work required more logic skill, so I bought myself a chess set, and have been busy learning whenever I can. I love my open air windows, too, because I can be inside and still feel like I’m outside.

For one of my promotions, they gave me a conservationist’s canoe, and it now is moored proudly out by my fish traps – which, by the way, are a huge source of income. They’re always bringing in nice hauls.

Finally, I had a day off of work – and it was a gorgeous day. So I invited everyone out to Sand Simoleon Seafood to celebrate Aleki and I’s marriage. I’m particularly proud of the fact that I’d saved up enough money that I was able to have a “real” wedding, unlike my parent’s getting married by eloping.

Yay! Finally, my days alone are over with. These last few days have been so lonely while I waited for a day off to get married.. but all that is over now.

Barry, once again, was left at home, but Kaci was there again (making a mess, of course.. gotta love toddlers!) … and Meilani had to spend some time with her to keep her out of more trouble.

The restaurant made a gorgeous cake, and everyone enjoyed watching Aleki and I make the first cuts to it.

Then, the traditional sharing of the cake…. and the evening was a huge success. Everyone hung out for a while at the bar and around the bonfire. Aleki and I stayed for a while, then headed home for our first official night as a married couple.

Eating breakfast on the bed reminded me that a dining room table needed to be on my priority list, and we discussed possibilities for Aleki’s career, since he was unemployed. He wanted to do something that would allow him freedom to be outside like my job did for me.. and something that didn’t require punching a time clock. That was definitely going to take some research.

I found some invasive species that needed spraying on some local coconut trees, and I quickly took care of that, all the time wondering what Aleki was deciding. I had also given him his all-important mermadic kelp as I left to do some work around the island, so I was hoping he would take the plunge, as it were, and be a merman by the time I got home.

Aleki was as dedicated as I was to the island, and vowed to help me keep our beaches trash-free.

Finally, Aleki braved the kelp. Later, he told me that the taste of it was definitely not desirable… but the other results were.

He can now swim just like me! And what a beautiful tail he has!

By the time I got home, Aleki had decided on a career. He was a Freelance Digital Artist, so he could be his own boss… and so work when the money was needed. … Which it was. So, in other words, he was working on his first commission when I got home. My paycheck and another promotion allowed us the ability to buy him a computer and tablet that he would need for work.. and a slight upgrade to the home.

That night, we decided it was time…

… And our first try was successful. We have our first nooboo on the way!! Both of us are so excited to start a family, neither of us wanted to wait for very long. Being able to work from home for both of us was going to be so nice so that we can watch our baby grow up without the need for nannies. ….But that’s a little ahead of the game. First I have to HAVE the baby…. and that requires more waiting than I really want… but such is life, right?

Chapter 2.1 | Rules for this challenge | Chapter 2.3


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