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Master Simmer Chapter 3.1

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First, we check on our goals… Again, I rolled randomly for them.. and by what I got.. I’m wishing I hadn’t. LOL.

Set #16 – Retail Mogul (Get to Work) - Brent Ireland (heir)
Own a Retail Store worth at least 100,000 simoleons
Have 3 top level employees
Have All Retail Perks

Set #26 – Comedian - Brynn Myles (spouse-to-be)
Get to Level 10 in the Entertainer Career (Comedian)
Master the Charisma Skill
Master the Comedy Skill
Complete the Joke Star Aspiration
Have 10 Perfect Comedy Routines
Have 3 Perfect Long Comedy Routines
Perform a Perfect Comedy Routine at a Gold Level Party 2 Times

Our first task, after checking the goals.. is to make our second sim. In the hopes that said sim has time to do anything with us working on the retail career. So.. Meet Brynn.

Next task: give Brent a makeover. He’s going to be a business man, after all. Hoodie and ripped jeans just don’t cut it anymore.

Third: we load the house to one bed missing. As in, one sim doesn’t have a place to sleep. Namely Brynn. And Brock probably doesn’t want the kiddie bedroom. So things have got to be changed.

I changed the master bedroom upstairs to be used for Brent..

And built an entire downstairs with a guest suite for Brock and Aiden.

Then I started playing. Finally.

Brynn gets her job…

.. They all sit down to breakfast… I got to buy the retail lot… and then everything goes wrong.

Now, to make a long story short.. things didn’t work out as planned, and I noticed that most of our money had mysteriously disappeared. I *think* it bugged when I added a sim to the family, but I can’t be sure. So, I saved a backup of the save, saved the family to my library to make sure I didn’t “lose” Brynn.. and recovered the save to the last time before I started all this new stuff. Money still there. Okayyy… so I added the family from the bin to a lot, moved Brynn over to the one with the money.. and yep. money still there. Deleted the bin family, and .. then realized I still had to fix the house and re-do Brent’s makeover. (As I’m typing this, I kept having to change Brent’s name, because for some reason I was calling him Brock.. wtg Thrall.) So.. I got lazy on the house. And this is what I did.

Stuck Brynn’s bed in the hallway of collections..

.. And upgraded Brent’s kid room to a “master” bedroom for him. And eventually, Brynn.

Then.. Brent’s makeover. Luckily I hadn’t changed a huge amount, and I remembered most of the clothes I had picked out.. so it went pretty smoothly.. and I didn’t have to take a new picture.

So.. let’s try this again.

Family breakfast again.

Our first customer. I plopped an EA Get to Work room down, and eventually edited a bit to get the “store”.. it’ll grow as we get funds to do it.

Took Brynn out to dinner.. it looks a little awkward to start with.

But pretty soon they’re really getting along..

.. and I mean really. =)

The store gets a bathroom.. because.. well.. I forgot about one earlier.

Here’s what the outside of the store looks like.

Shelves get dirty. Who knew?

Here’s our first employee, Hollie.

… who is learning skills quickly!

Breanna got her “A” today.. so it’s time for her to see the world.

She moves in with her aunties.

I finally get around to getting Brynn and Brent Hitched.

Aiden: *side eye of disapproval* “You should have had a wedding party!!”

Yep. I should have.

But that was too much like work.

And there were skills that needed working on. That trophy on the coffee table, by the way, was the gold reward from Aiden’s Charity party. Pretty cool looking.

She’s just so pretty. I hope she makes cute babies!!

Oh, this is a Love Day date. It goes far smoother than my mermaids’ Love Day date.. lol although this is the second date in a row Brent let someone steal the food I paid for… This is the second meal he ordered.

Grimm?? (Nice shadow, by the way…)

.. Oh yeah. It is about that time, isn’t it…

We use our polite introduction, ask him to hang out, and a couple more socials…

Yay! Achievement!

Sigh.. well, while you’re here….

Don’t know why Victor Feng is so sad. We didn’t even know the guy. But oh well. Now I’m down to a family of three. And Aiden shouldn’t be too far behind these other two deaths. So this house is going to get a whole lot easier really fast. But that’s the end of the sim-week.. so time for me to move on to another save!

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