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Tails of Sulani – Chapter 0.1

Prologue | Rules for this challenge | Chapter 0.2

Generation Zero: Beige - Starts with a HUMAN Sim

Appearance: Dark Blonde Hair, poor clothing style
Traits: Slob, Childish, Clumsy
Aspiration: Pick whatever you'd like. (Your goal this 
generation is only to become a Mermaid and have your heir)
Occupation: Part Time Jobs ONLY
House Goal: None 
Lot Trait: Off the Grid

A/N: This challenge is written in first person, and I started her as a teen for the purpose of the story. Also, I am ignoring the “don’t travel to other worlds” until she actually moves to Sulani. Poor Jazmin was miserable most of the chapter, as you can tell from her plumbbob in the pictures. But she kept fighting, and I’m really starting to like her.

Well, the storm never did let up last night, and I ended up eating in the pouring rain. But at least it was food. Soggy, but it filled the belly, which was important. Never have I had a better-tasting hot dog, even if the edges were a bit burnt.

I also got to meet a few of the area teens.. although I tried not to get too close to any of them, fearing that they might turn me in if they found out I was a runaway.

The morning was just as rainy, but I got to work okay, and did the best I could to learn what they needed from me. It was hard work, but nobody seemed to be asking any questions, which is just what I needed… and the paycheck, although small, helped immensely. I tucked every little bit I could save into a hidden fold in my shorts, and started counting the days until I could move to the beach.

However, it was still rainy. And after a night on the couch at Willow Creek Park, I was stiff, sore, and grumpy. For a while, it felt like things were never going to get better. Being on my own was certainly no fun at all. I finally decided to head back to the park and maybe try some fishing.. maybe I could catch something to eat other than hot dogs.

Unfortunately, the only thing I could catch were tiny fish… and all I ended up getting was dirtier. I felt like a real bum. I tried not to second-think my running away from home, but when you feel as miserable as I do.. it’s hard not to look back and wonder.

There was no way I was cooking a goldfish for dinner, so hot dogs again it was. At least the edges weren’t burnt this time. Maybe I was getting better at this.

Back to the couch – bench – whatever it was. Another uncomfortable night and an early morning of work makes for a grumpy Sim.

For something fun, I found a local teen (his name was Wolfgang.. what a weird name) and challenged him to a couple rounds of chess. I’m not very good at chess… but it turned out, neither was he. So the games were pretty evenly matched, and it ended up being a lot of fun.

When Wolfgang had to head home (which he thankfully did without asking anything about my home), I spent some more time selling frogs. It seems that I’m making more money from that than from my job, but that wasn’t going to make me quit my job.

That night, a conspiracy theorist showed up at the park and decided to share my hot dog dinner.. which I didn’t mind.. but all his paranoid talk was making me paranoid, too. What if people were starting to notice me hanging around the park a lot – and possibly turned me in? Maybe it was time to move to somewhere else.

After finishing dinner, I cleaned up best I could in the bathroom sink, and headed out for “downtown” Willow Creek. I was sure I could find an inconspicuous bench there for the night – and at least it wasn’t raining for a change.

After another few days of this, I managed to net a promotion at work. However, now they expected me to know something about Mixology. Short of trying to Moonlight at a local bar, I couldn’t figure out how I was going to get this skill. I spent some time fishing, contemplating what to do.

Later, walking around the town, I passed the Library. And then it occurred to me. Maybe the Library had a book on Mixology? So off to the Library I went.

I got distracted by the computers, though, and spent a few hours playing games and surreptitiously checking my old social media accounts. It seemed nobody knew where I’d gone. Which was a good thing. I thought about making myself some new social media accounts with my new name.. but what was I going to need with technology on the islands? .. Nothing.. that’s right. Nothing. So I didn’t make them.

Then it occurred to me that I needed to research Mixology – and the Library was almost closed! I had just enough time to find the correct section for tomorrow before it was back to the bench for me. Although I did make a pit stop at the local food booth and got some yummy popcorn shrimp. If only I had a stove of my own, I think I could make it now.

The next day after work, I did some more fishing while the other teens were at school (I didn’t want to give myself away by being at the Library during school hours!).. and then headed straight to the Mixology books in the Library. The rest of the evening was spent reading up on it, but I wasn’t sure I was making any progress. It sure didn’t feel like it.

A couple days later, I came back from work in a horrible mood. Worse than usual. I was just so angry. Why did everything have to go so wrong at home that I had to leave all my friends and family?

I spent a while calming down in front of the Library’s mirror before I felt I could face the world again.

Then, I managed to get another skill level of Mixology – finally – for work. Which meant that I could find another place to hang out so the Librarian would stop giving me the fish eye.

The next day at work, my boss was so impressed, I got my promotion, and even a bonus! More money to tuck away. I was finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. With all my work with the silly frogs and at work, I already had over 2000 simoleons! Another week of this, and I should have enough money to move by the time my birthday arrived.

Prologue | Rules for this challenge | Chapter 0.2


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