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Thrall’s Master Simmer Chapter 2.1 Part 1

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Welcome back! This is the first post of a new generation, so I started everything out with moving them out of the city into their own mansion. I waffled a bit about choosing and upgrading an EA house, but in the end, I decided to grab one of the shells I’ve got built and start decorating. It’s FAR from done, but I’ll show off some pictures of it currently as soon as we establish our goal sets.

… Our new goal list…

Set #46 – Stylist - Aiden Ireland (heir)
Get to level 10 of the Style Influencer career (Stylist)
Make over 15 sims

Now since the rules state any adults working on goal sets (other than the heir) need to be sims created by me, so off I went into CAS. I spent a lot of time dithering over whether Aiden is straight or not. His clothing choices when I ran through CAS just pointed to not. But I wasn’t sure I wanted to go the whole gay/adoption thing. In the end, however, I did make a guy for Aiden. Meet Brock Savage.

Foodie, Creative, and Family oriented.

Set #21 – Chef - Brock Savage (spouse to be)
Get to Level 10 of the Culinary Career (Chef)
Master the Cooking Skill
Master the Gourmet Cooking Skill
Complete the Master Chef Aspiration
Cook All Base Game Recipes in Excellent Quality

Just to give myself something else to do/challenge myself, I also made an extra sim, Maren Brink, who rolled for a set of her own. She will basically be a roommate, and live in the basement apartment.

Art Lover, Perfectionist, Neat

Set #4 – Master of the Real - Maren Brink (roommate)
Get to Level 10 in the Painting Career (Master of the Real)
Master the Painting Skill
Master the Photography Skill
Take and display 25 Perfect Quality Photos

Here’s some pictures of me attempting to edit Umbrage Manor for them… as I said earlier.. I gave up.

I was going to move the two left hand bedrooms over, add another bedroom upstairs, and make a bigger living room/study on the bottom floor, but I just didn’t like the way it was turning out. So, I spent a while going through some of my bigger builds (especially the ones that are still just shells and haven’t been uploaded) trying to pick the perfect house. I picked one that is HUGE so I can have fun continuing to decorate as the challenge goes.

And here’s the house: (It’s in Willow Creek where Umbrage Manor used to be. I got so mad at the house I just bulldozed it. Luckily, this house fit where it was! Barely, but it did fit…)

Indoor starting out picture spam: (As you can tell, there’s really only the bare minimum in furnishings… I have a LOT of work to do.)

The kids rooms With separate bathrooms.
The Master bedroom suite. Behind the bed will be a walk in closet, to the left of that will be a nursery.
Teenager’s room, and the “mother-in-law” suite, added in instead of an upstairs rec room just so Heidi has a place of her own.
The most decorated rooms in the house so far.. Dining room and Kitchen. The bottom area of the kitchen will be a seating area in front of the fireplace.
The current collections wall. These are the ones I have complete from last generation. Also, partial shot of the living room.
Studio and bar area. The bar and the study (next pic) are the only things I had furnished when I placed this house, hence the Journalism desk that’s in the study.
The above-mentioned study. There will be a desk in the lower left for programming, but it’s blank there at the moment because I moved the Journalism desk to the “inspiration” room/studio.
The basement. The rooms to the top right are the downstairs apartment for Maren, it’s just not really furnished yet. There will be a bowling alley by the pool windows, and there’s a storage area just to the bottom of the picture that’s off-camera. Note that I have the workout area and sauna already placed. Priorities.

Aiden gets his first job. Stylist career here we go!

Sibling love. I will be moving Aiden’s sisters out as soon as they come “of age” so they can explore the world on their own (also, because I can’t use them for adult goal sets per the rules.)

Oh, I forgot already:

Here’s the starting funds and household.

The starting house value…

And I’m going to re-roll lot traits for every generation, so this is Generation 2’s lot traits. Interesting mix.

And now.. back to the last two things I need to do to get set up.

Maren gets her job as a Painter…

Brock gets his job in the Culinary track. And with that, we’re set to go. Finally.

Angelina is making herself right at home already.

Brock starts his day out by working to start filling the fridge for everyone.

Maren gets started on her aspiration with some inspired painting.

By the time I think to send Ashlie out collecting for her aspiration.. she’d already found the sauna. LOL.

It feels weird collecting when the house is this big, but she wants to be a collector.. so off we go.

Heidi playing with Angelina for the aspiration. I’m not pushing to get Angelina’s aspirations done, because I have enough on my plate with the three adults I have working on their goal sets, but when I get a chance, I do at least some of the stuff she needs done.

Being that I have to make the recipes on the outdoor grill with Brock as well as in the kitchen, I elect to decorate the patio/pool/playground area. … and then it promptly starts storming. *facepalm* Oh well, it’ll be there later.

Getting to know each other after some skilling.

This is when I knew I made the right choice for Aiden. He’s super into Brock already.

Awww… ❤


Heidi tucking her youngest in for their first night at the new place. And yes, I remembered monster lights. Barely.

Least I know they’ll eat in the kitchen, right?

Ashlie decides to set the table.. thanks?

I buy Aiden a handiness table. He’ll need it if he wants to finish that TV/radio channel achievement.

Ashlie comes home in a mood again.

School project time.

I need three skills for the next Stylist promotion? .. Weird.

They use the dining room, too. Which is always nice.

Angelina watching TV.

Heidi painting on her own again.

Strange place for homework.. but okay..

Aww.. sorry Aiden. Pushed too hard for skills, I guess.

This post was too long.. so I split it… See you in the next post!

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2 thoughts on “Thrall’s Master Simmer Chapter 2.1 Part 1

  1. This will be a busy generation with 3 goal sets to complete. That house is huge! With everything the family has available to them, they may never have to leave home. 😉

    1. Yes, it’s really a huge house. It’ll be interesting to see how it turns out. Because it’s certainly just starting out now. And it definitely will be a busy generation.

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