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Ramblers House 009 Chapter 1

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Welcome to house 9! I am SOOO excited to start a new house, it’s crazy. The last house took so long. By the end I wanted to just tear my hair out. *smile* – kidding.. kind of. Anyway. So here we are.

First thing I do is move out Eva, send her on a trip through CAS.. because the pearls in the hair thing is just not going to fly with me. And some of her outfits are just bad. As a reminder, she’s a Dog Lover, Art Lover, and Self-Absorbed… and her aspiration is Freelance Botanist.

Then, we make our “Secondary Sim” ..

… What a weird mix of traits. Clearly, since they’re both Self-Absorbed, they were meant to be together.

Third, we check on our goals:

House 009 Building Goals: 
Build a disguised underground lair with no ground floor walls
House 009 Generational Goals: 
Level 10 Diamond Agent branch of the Secret Agent career on 
The Drifter
Level 11 of the Villain branch of the Secret Agent Career on 
The Secondary Sim
At Level 4 Field Agent, add a Gym to Burners and Builders in 
Oasis Springs
Raise the heir to Young Adult age (must take Vegetarian trait)

They shouldn’t be too bad. Although that Level 11 of Villain career scares me a little bit. Only the two main sims are controllable, which is not a surprise, but it will be weird to go back to that after this last house. It’ll be nice to add a new commercial lot to the world, though.

Fourth, We check on the current status of Eva:

Back to $0… sigh.

Her traits are amazing! .. Except for that little Self-Absorbed.

I brought this with her. it’s $22.

Skills.. not too bad. Not great, either… but it’ll work.

And lastly: we give both of them their secret agent careers.. which gives Eva some money for her two instant promotions.. so I immediately deduct 22 for her journal I’m keeping from when she was a kid.

This is what they were left with.

And now.. it’s time, finally, to play. Let’s let these two get to know each other a little bit, then I’ll send one of them out to gather in the area, because, let’s be fair, they need money. Badly. Because winter is coming (and that’s not a Game of Thrones reference!) .. and I don’t want them to freeze with no place to live.

Getting to know you…

Planting the stuff she got from her first gathering trip.

While Karson takes his athletic self off for a couple jogs.

And then finds a bench for the night.

Later, so does Eva.

It’s prank day, and just for the sake of aspiration points, I have both participate with random sims.

Yeah! A cooler! Can’t see it in the photo, but we have a toilet, a shower, and a trash can as well.

A rose? Sure!

Will you be my boyfriend?? “Yes!”

A successful first kiss…

… And their first woohoo.. for fun. Because they both needed it!

Breakfast before work. In the rain.

A long rainy day for the bills to show up.

They finally have something for fun other than woohoo and their phones. He needed logic for work.

Finally. A pretty day for gathering. It’s Karson’s turn this time.

Karson.. we DO have a shower.

…Must be Winterfest.

Logic and fun. Two birds with one stone and all that.

Karson gets a Microscope. Yay!

But poor Eva gets a My Sim doll. Sigh.

Is it me.. or does this “Santa” seem awfully skinny? Oh yeah, and if you look closely… there’s been some changes for Winterfest.

They have a tiny bunker now!

Our first vampire visit.

And this is what their home “disguise” looks like. The stairs are under the plane.

Their first bunker upgrade.

All thanks to promotions and this garden.

And now, even though I played two weeks worth, I’ll just post the one week. Tomorrow: pictures of the gym I built and a new addition for the family.

House 008 Chapter 9 < | > House 009 Chapter 2


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