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Thrall’s Master Simmer Chapter 1.1

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First of all, welcome to my new challenge!! I’ve been looking for a “do everything” challenge for The Sims 4, and have been working on one save with just that intention… but I’ve been increasingly disappointed that the challenges I was trying to mash together just didn’t follow what I was hoping to do. So.. when in doubt.. write a new challenge. And that’s just what I did. I could have used my old save, but for some reason, my sim didn’t trigger the achievement she should have, and the whole save in general was annoying me.. so I’m starting over. My old save wasn’t blogged, but I feel like I’ll enjoy it more if I blog it, so here we go. First thing I did was pick out the two goal sets I’ll start working on… and make sims to match them. So I’ll start off by introducing my sims and where they’re living.

Brayden Ireland – Materialistic, Ambitious, Clumsy, Bestselling Author

Set #1 - Author - Brayden
Get to Level 10 in the Writer career (Author)
Master the Writing Skill
Complete the Bestselling Author Aspiration
Write at least 2 Excellent Books in Every Genre
Write 5 Books of Life and Bind Them to Sims

Heidi Ireland – Creative, Art Lover, Cheerful, City Native

Set #19 - Art Critic - Heidi
Get to level 10 of the Critic career (Art Critic)
Complete and Display the Snow Globes and City Posters Collection
Perform as a statue for at least two hours
Complete the City Native aspiration
Win a Karaoke Contest
Have level 10 Singing skill
Travel to all festivals at least once

I moved them into the city, since the City Living aspiration seems to require it, and I figure it’s a good starting place for my challenge. The next generation can move out into the wide world.. hopefully with more money. I chose the 930 Medina Studios apartment, and upon loading, made a few changes. I moved the computer to the master bedroom, added an easel, and transformed the master closet into a second bathroom.

It’s a gloomy spring day, but they’re getting to know each other. It seems to be going well!

Skilling… I do a LOT of that this chapter, so I don’t take a huge amount of pictures of it.

The humor and Hijinks Fest. They’re joking with each other.. I think.

Making a friend to give her key to for her aspiration. Go Heidi.

Getting started on learning recipes. I know I don’t need to for this goal-set, but it’s something I’ve never done before, so I thought I’d get as close as possible.

…Writing more books.

.. Tasting new food…

… Noisy Neighbors. LOL Hm. The pitfalls of apartments.

Then, the very next day, the neighbor in quest gets mad at us for making too much noise! OOF… anooying.

I spy collectibles!!  Hurry and buy!

Oh, look who I finally found!

Cool. Now, soon as I have time, I can send her out for that busking goal of hers.

Spice fest is in town. We pick up all the harvestables, and try the challenge, but fail. A little too early on that one, Heidi.

It’s Love Day, so I send them out on a date. It doesn’t go very well. People keep interrupting their conversation, or making it awkward.. and then these Celebs kept showing up.. it was a hot mess.

The best conversation of the night… was in the bathrooms. At least nobody bothered them in there.

I stopped it at bronze.. so I have that completed.

Eating more food. Ignore the outline on the table. I’m not sure how I managed to forget to move the mouse. 😦 (Oh, she’s at the Flea Market, by the way.)

A karaoke contest starts, so I figure we’ll join it. She’s not very good at it yet.

… But a crowd shows up anyway. Not sure whether they’re cheering her on or jeering at her…

A bedroom update.. and more skilling.

Bills paid, and a few books published. I am saving way too many books to help me keep count of what he’s written. I’ll make a note at the end of this chapter with how far he’s gotten on that.

Geek Con. Heidi tried the contests, and failed.. but hey, it was fun.

… And it was even more fun when Brayden got off work….


Hehe. One achievement down.. a million to go.

Still too hot for you, huh? Better keep practicing. And why they keep eating at this desk, I have no idea. 😦

More skills..

While he’s at work, Heidi works on her writing.

Romance Fest is in town, so we get them engaged…

.. And try for a quick wedding….

… It was apparently not-to-be. 😦  One down.

And there goes the other one…!

Painting graffiti for work.

Humor and Hijinks fest comes around again… and just in time, too, Heidi needs to shoot off fireworks there for her aspiration.

Ooops. Good going, Heidi. You’re not supposed to stand THAT close!

I love the fireworks, though.

Jokesters won again! More money!

Finally. Got the last poster. Here’s the whole set, displayed. (Still working on the Snow Globes)


I’d been looking for a protestor for DAYS.. I send Heidi to work.. and a protest finally starts. They’re so rare, I bring her home from work immediately to donate for her aspiration. Now to wait for the Romance fest again.

Nope. Spicefest.

However, they both made it through!!

… And here’s a note on her progress on food stall food. Not bad.

Brayden’s book count… he’s doing well, too. I got him the Creative Visionary Trait and that seems to be helping. So far, the hardest to get done was the Sad books. It’s hard to get them sad. I had to just keep trying to ask about love on the future cube until it said no, and use that sadness to get it done.

Excellent (or above) Book Count:

2 Children’s Book
2 Sad Books
2 Short Story Books
2 Motivational(Confident) Books
2 Playful Books
2 Poetry Books
2 Romance (Flirty) Books
2 Workout Guide (Energized) Books
2 Non-Fiction Books
Fantasy Books
Science Fiction Books
Mystery Books

On that note.. this is a good place to end. Getting her took almost three days of play because there was so much to get done for both of them.. but here’s where they are now:

Funds.. are doing ok. Could be a lot better, but holding back on publishing the books for so long really set them back.

.. Still waiting on romance fest to come around again…

Heidi’s doing very well at her career, though. Despite coming home early that one day.

Just thought this was interesting. She doesn’t need them for her goals, but it was fun to get anyway.

Really low on the Royalties scale so far, but that should catch up fast now that the books in question are finally published, and he’s finally down to writing the books that make more money.

The writer career always seems to take longer than necessary, but at least he’s coming along okay.

Oh, and as for the seasons.. it’s nearly winter. I’ve played 3/4 of the year.. and still no babies. Had too much in the way of other things to do. There will be offspring next time, though. I promise that!

See you in the next post!

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Mom to an active and opinionated 20 year old. Have a wonderful husband who allows me to keep my Sims addiction. ;) Also, an avid crafter, mostly knitting and (some) crochet, but some needlepoint and cross-stitch as well. When I have time, I also enjoy reading and music.

4 thoughts on “Thrall’s Master Simmer Chapter 1.1

  1. It’s great that you’re blogging along with your challenge. It’ll be fun to see the decisions you make along the way. Your first couple had an eventful few days, with some funny highlights. Yeah, passing out isn’t the ideal response you’d like to a marriage proposal. Yay — we’re engaged! And whoops — now she’s out cold. No on-the-spot wedding for you, mister. LOL

    1. For that matter, they’re still not married. Waiting for another opportune moment, I guess. Either that or I was so busy with goals I forgot. (Probably the second one.)

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