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Ramblers House 008 Chapter 5

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Checking the goals:

House 008 Building Goals: 
Have a 5 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom (minimum) house worth at least 50k
(value complete)
House 008 Generational Goals: 
Complete the Writer (Author) career with adoptions at 
the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd promotions (all adoptions done)
Have a Young Adult heir (child)
Each of the three adoptees and the biological heirs are controllable
and responsible for completing one of the child aspirations:
Social Butterfly - Reese (Bookworm, Hot-Headed)
Rambunctious Scamp - Karen (Art Lover)
Whiz Kid - Chantal (Insider, Gloomy)
Artistic Prodigy - Eva (Dog Lover)

The house is nearly complete. And there’s still a long way to go, yet. We’ll end up with a boatload of extra money. LOL. Writer career is at level 9, and that and Eva’s aspiration (and growing up) are all that there is left to do. Also, I have to apologize for the last two posts. Apparently I couldn’t remember Kayla (the mom’s) name… I kept calling her Kyla or Kyra… but all has been fixed, I went back and edited in the correct name. Sorry Kayla. So, with that being said, here we go!

The kids… all occupied. At least Reese is doing her homework.

Sister love. Awww.

Chantal tries her hand at Cooking.. Garden Salad, of course.

While everyone else (it seems) watches Eva working on her aspiration.

Damien de-lint-ifying the dryer. No fear of fire there!

Chantal gardening before bed. Can just barely see her!

Another necessary upgrade. Fireproof.

I think I forgot to post Reese’s new room. So here it is. Shortly after this photo, I notice I forgot to remove the anti-monster light and it’s now gone.

Reese doing laundry. Because the basket is full. Again.

A ghost is the first to find the new computers.

Then goes about cleaning the house.. what a good (angry) ghost.

Reese, working on her new aspiration. Not like we need more money, though…

Getting in her instrument practice.

Someone else finds the computer.. and Reese is still painting.

The other girls take a break to hang with mom for a while.

… Eva! You should know better! *facepalm* .. I make her clean it up.

On to bigger and (hopefully) better things.

DAMIEN! What?! Why?! Are you breaking the dollhouse….

Silly Hot-Headedness. Now fix it.

Working on the five pictures part of her aspiration…

Wait. What in the world kinda animal is THAT?! .. Nice one, Eva.

Reese gets a promotion at her babysitting job. YAY Reese.

While Eva continues to toil away at those five pictures. Spoiler.. she doesn’t manage to get all the way through them by bed time.

The next morning, Damien breaks the computer while writing… fixes it.. finishes the book..

… publishes it.. and..

Gets his fourth star! It’s at this point that I notice there’s someone hanging out on the front walk…

Oh, really?…. I give her an autograph…

.. Then bribe her to leave. Can’t have someone freezing to death on my watch. It’s COLD out there!

Yet again, something to fix before work.

… Errrr.. No. .. But thanks?

Our first teenage mood swing.

And: yup – it’s monday. Damien helps with Chantal’s Electricity project.

Karen works alone..

Eva miserably continues to try to finish her five pictures. While dreading her project (behind her)

Ran out of room for projects.. and it’s too cold outside.. so they’re in mom and dad’s room for Reese’s Robotics project.

Random person who was not invited wandering around the house. I think it may be the nanny from when the kids were littler… but still, she wasn’t invited…

..One project done. Good. Literally. That’s what it was on quality.

So much happening in this photo. Dad is scavenging through his earlier repair leftover parts… Chantal is going to do her homework.. and Reese.. is destroying the dollhouse while she’s supposed to be doing her project. I make Damien fix it, and send Reese back to work.

… Random person helping herself to our juice bar. (Which I got because Kayla is still struggling with a juice addiction the game says she doesn’t have. Turns out ORANGE JUICE is triggering it, and I compromise by just making her get an OJ every time she gets angry (instead of cheating to make the missing trait come back and then go away again.).. I figure it’s the lesser of two evils… since she won’t voluntarily get one or use the new juice bar.)

Kayla going to make something.. while Chantal does her homework.

I send in the cavalry to help with poor Eva’s project so she can get back to work on her aspiration.

… And since Reese still needs help, I invite random sim lady to do something helpful.

Yay! An excellent volcano!

A “good” castle…

… And a “good” robot. Poor Reese. She tried so hard.

Again, Reese???

The next day after school So much happening. Eva exercising, Reese stressed from too much school, Chantal having our second teen mood swing.. and Karen wandering into the house like nothing happened.

After calming Chantal down, everyone is back to work.

That stubborn aspiration…

… is finally done!!

.. So I get her started on the next one. Who knows what she’ll have to do next generation, and I’d like to be as prepared as possible.

I was hoping to get the next day of Winterfest and the day after that’s Birthday into this post.. but again.. it’s long enough already. We’ll see those next time.

House 008 Chapter 4 < | > House 008 Chapter 6


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