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Ramblers House 008 Chapter 1

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Checking the goals:

House 008 Building Goals: 
Have a 5 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom (minimum) house worth at least 50k
House 008 Generational Goals: 
Complete the Writer (Author) career with adoptions at 
the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd promotions
Have a Young Adult heir (after adoptions)
Each of the three adoptees and the biological heirs are controllable
and responsible for completing one of the child aspirations:
Social Butterfly - 
Rambunctious Scamp - 
Whiz Kid - 
Artistic Prodigy -

Saying hello to the heir:

(After those goals, Damien looks as overwhelmed as I feel!)

He was originally wanting to be a Chef, so we switched him to the Author aspiration.

Poor guy has very minimal skills…

My first possible celebrity Rambler… and yes, he is “responsible” and has “emotional control” … which is a first for that combination for me.

At least he’s got a good start..

… Sorta. LOL.

The first thing we do is get him a job.

Then I buy him a couple walls to put his inspirational painting on, a desk, a chair, a cooler, and, finally, I set out his word processor. Only to discover….

…. Awww, crud. (*face-palm*)

… Ok try this again.

… He now has an outhouse. Without a toilet. HAHA. Luckily, it’s still early morning, and it’s fall. So at least he’s not going to freeze to death. Yet.

So, I have him get to work on practicing his writing. Children’s Books aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on, so I won’t write books until he can write short story books.

….. Whoa. Wait. Who’s that?!?!? A Young Adult who’s awesome looking? Too bad she’s a celebrity, but maybe I can get her anyway. I have Damien drop everything and run across town.

Ignoring the townie dropping trash in the bin, we get our first autograph. Damien seems appropriately giddy.

There. A Selfie. Aren’t they getting along fabulously?? And She’s a real cutie.

After a few more interactions, I let her go because mister Damien is getting sleepy… and then I discover the problem with celebrities. Unless you’ve actually made friends or romances with them.. you can’t call them back to your lot. So I’m left hoping beyond hope that I see her walking by sometime soon again.. and poor Damien is left to the local bench. Since, of course, his outhouse doesn’t have sleeping accommodations.

… Or a toilet.

… HEY. I bought you a cooler so you wouldn’t waste money on… well.. nevermind. Enjoy your grilled fruit.

Even the ducks are wondering what he’s doing outside looking for frogs in a thunderstorm. While stinking. … heyyyy…

….. Yup.

… In case you couldn’t see… he’s taking a shower in a thunderstorm. I keep waiting for the lightning to strike him, but it never does. Dumb luck there, I guess.

Harvestfest passes with the obligatory salable gnomes.. and a day off of work (when he hasn’t been in to work YET.) No work.. but lots of collecting. Pears are fall-winter, so I plant a few of them… and he finally has a home restroom and sleeping “cave”. And lights. So I can take screenshots of the captive writer. LOL.

Hark! I see a Kayla! Turns out flirting with celebrities works better than trying to talk to them. Until I tried giving her a kiss. That was refused.

So we spend a lot of time following her around the neighborhood. And drinking sleep replacers/mood elevators. I think I went through at least a couple of them before the kiss FINALLY worked. Which opened up a “woohoo” option.. which routefailed… but at least it opened up the normal socializations so I could let her (finally, poor girl) leave and still be able to call her back.

By the next day.. his last day off before his FIRST day of work (it’s been nearly a week off at this point).. I invite her over, do some more romancing, and marry her/move her in. Success. Now I just need to start adopting. The first day of work…

…. gets the first promotion.. and I have plenty of funds saved up for….

The first baby. Turns out Kayla is a fabulous mom.

However, being busy working (Kayla is a level 5 bodybuilder/professional trainer).. has it’s consequences.

Aww. Oh well. Didn’t see the need for all those levels of celebrity, anyway.

I manage to get another whole day of work in before he gets the second promotion…

… Wonder is Reese is a boy or a girl?  Who knows.. We’ll have to wait until later to find out, I guess.

Turns out that Chantel’s birthday is the same night.

And on top of her grandfather dying.. she’s Clingy. Yuck. This could be interesting.

In honor of the new toddler.. I re-do the house a bit with the little bit of extra funds I have.

And we’re back to parenting. Kayla continues to be a huge help, and I never have even the slightest worry that one of them will be taken away.

Kayla loses all her celebrity levels.. which is just as well…. because as soon as I publish all these books in Damien’s inventory, he’s probably going to be one, instead. I’ve been waiting because of the “publish ten books” task in the next set of his aspiration.. but that last “good” book is being particularly stubborn.

… More parenting..

… And… due to a lack of funds and another adoption looming over the horizon.. Damien is the only one who ends up with a present.. and he manages to net a 4,000 simoleon computer! I decide to keep it rather than sell it.. and I hope Father Winter actually disappears when he’s supposed to this time (and doesn’t notice the toddler paint puddles all over the yard).

Then, it’s Reese’s birthday. Turns out (per the family tree info) that Reese is a girl. so yay for sisters!

And an awesome trait!

I think that’s enough for one post. We’ll see what happens next time!

House 007 Part 2 Chapter 4 < | > House 008 Chapter 2


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2 thoughts on “Ramblers House 008 Chapter 1

  1. You had a great start! Good luck with this house! It’s going to be very busy with all the toddlers.
    Kayla is beautiful! Sounds like she gave up her celebrity status to be with Damien. Isn’t that romantic? 😉 Congrats on the first two adoptions. They looks cute.

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