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Ramblers House 007 Part 2 Chapter 2

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Rechecking the goals:

House 007 Part 2 Building Goals: 
Have a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom (minimum) house worth at least 40k
House 007 Part 2 Generational Goals: 
Complete the Soulmate Aspiration
Have a Young Adult heir

Current house value:

And here’s what the house looks like currently…. basically a shell with the minimum amenities.

Time to try for baby!!

Working on Emmett’s skills for his business career. He seems happy there’s no baby yet, while Claire is miserable about it.

The beginnings of a kitchen.

Damien getting his bath. I almost forgot to give them a bathtub until I noticed a very stinky toddler walking around.

When he’s not wandering around naked, he’s making a mess. The Wild trait is always such a handful.

Yet another mess to clean up.

The next date towards the aspiration.. I send them to the nightclub.. and I figure they’re going to try for a baby again.

Dancing after date goals are done with. I don’t know why they always seem to dance by themselves when you send them to dance.

Finally! Nooboo on the way!

Damien getting into trouble again.

Emmett and his never ending job of fixing things.

Reading Damien to sleep.

Claire always seems to be cleaning up from something. I’ve considered getting them a free maid, but I haven’t decided on free services yet. Seems silly when their house is barely furnished.

A real kitchen!

And a table! Woot!

It’s Fall, so it’s time to switch out the plants. I’m putting in Holly which will work for fall and winter.

We finally have some time to say hi to sister Kerry.

Baby incoming!

Right after baby, it’s time for Claire to age up.

Meet Damien’s brother Kane. And Claire.. that doesn’t seem like the safest of places to be tossing your kid around. The balcony?? Really?

More streaking!

Right by the angry bees? Oh, good idea, Damien.

Much better place to play, Damien.

Time to age up!

… WHAT … are you .. wearing… and .. Vegetarian?!  Ugh. Now I have to watch everything I cook. Sigh.

See you next time!

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