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Ramblers House 007 Part 2 Chapter 1

House 007 Part 1 Day 9 < | > Ramblers House 007 Part 2 Chapter 2

First thing.. we check on the goals for this part of house 007:

House 007 Part 2 Building Goals: 
Have a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom (minimum) house worth at least 40k
House 007 Part 2 Generational Goals: 
Complete the Soulmate Aspiration
Have a Young Adult heir

Second, we have some set up to do – we move the other Ramblers back into house 6 and move the two new ones into Springscape. Since it’s the middle of the night, the first pictures are awful, but that’s the way things go.

Third, I realize I completely forgot to turn aging off for the first part of house 007 so I feed Emmett a young again potion to make up for it. Don’t have the points for Claire, but I think she’ll be okay. Here are their starting stats: (Emmett’s original aspiration was the pets one, he may go back to it after we finish soulmate.)

Their first action: flirt in front of the only thing they have. A mailbox.

I have them become best friends.

Then, first order of business… literally.. is to get a job. Because the business investor career is high paying, I put him in that.

I change both sims into their outerwear (may be cheating, but I want them to live) and get started on the house. By the next day.. their outerwear stinks.. and I wonder why I never got rid of the sunglasses and hat for Claire. It starts to get on my nerves. LOL.

Now that the dig sites are up, and I can SEE them.. Emmett heads out collecting.

Wait: Onions are a winter plant!? Score!

The pile of dirty dishes begins. Claire is not impressed.

The second important thing. First thing was the above food cooler. Second: no more peeing themselves.

Well, I know what the third thing has to be. Poor Claire.

I let Emmett try showering in the rain. In the middle of winter. Sounds legit. But at least he’s clean for his first day of work.

Amazingly, Claire gets bored enough while Emmett is at work to continue the planting in the garden.

But obviously, some things are more fun than planting. Check out the pile of plates. LOL.

Finally. A place for poor Claire to rest. She hasn’t found a bench this entire time!

The worst Winterfest ever. Father Winter shows up by the mailbox and gives Emmett a $115 lamp. Um.. thanks!?  I guess every little bit helps, huh.

Now that they have a bathroom, the handiness skill needs working on.

Jeez, Claire.. he JUST fixed the sink. Too bad he’s at work now, you’ll have to make do.

Claire Cleaning the never-ending pile of granola and yogurt plates.

*gasp* A house!  A real house! And they managed it before Spring hit!

I saved $1000 so they could travel, and do their first date.

Having something other than granola to eat must have been amazing.

Date 2: Romance Festival. It was in town.. so why not.

We decide to ask the guru for advice, just for fun…

… Like a burning Donkey?!?!  That’s a new one to me. HAHAHAHAHA!

Everyone seems to be happy for them.

Spring starts, so I put the onions in the family inventory and plant lemons (all season) and bluebells which will last through summer. Gardening is so complicated now that seasons is out!

Oh yeah, and I bought him a bee box.

Bills #2. And we could even afford them. We’re not doing too bad!

I decide it’s past time to try for the heir now that it’s spring and they have a “house”.

The downstairs shell is done. More or less.

The back of the downstairs.

Commemorating the fact that Claire still occasionally helps in the garden.

Next date. I know, I sent them back to the restaurant. But the poor kids are still eating out of a cooler. I figure they’re hungry!

Reciting love poetry at the end of the date. The server looks unimpressed.

Welcome Damien!

Sorry, Sis Kerry. Emmett has stuff to do for work.

The upstairs starts to “take shape”

And we finally get a look at what Damien really looks like. He got mommy’s hair! Yay!  I love redheads.

Emmett just can’t handle any more. I stuff a moodlet solver down him after this shot, because he needed one.

Mommy’s sleeping. Play quietly!

Mommy takes care of Damien while Emmett works.

Emmett gets home with a promotion. Enough to finish the shell with walls and windows. No paint yet, but we’ll get there.

On that note, That’s a pretty good start for Part 2! I’m officially back up to the farthest I’ve ever gotten in drifter. Everything from this point on is new to me. So this should be exciting!

House 007 Part 1 Day 9 < | > Ramblers House 007 Part 2 Chapter 2


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