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Sullivan-Stien Week 1

Back to this family’s Introduction | Week Two coming soon

Before playing, I set up the living room a little bit, changing up the walls around the kitchen and adding a fireplace for Father Winter.

Half walls for the kitchen. I think it looks better.
The fireplace

Spending some time getting to know each other. They make a cute couple.. good job, EA.

Surprise! (Or not…)

Awww.. this was completely autonomous.

.. C.mon let’s make it official? .. Nope. First try’s a fail.

Let’s go play in the new snow instead. Much more fun than getting denied.

Snow angels by their new snowpal.

Sean working on his public enemy aspiration. Ticking people off left and right. He seems to enjoy it, though.

Amber working on being funny to passing people. This poor pizza delivery chick looks awfully cold.

… The conversation wherein Amber discovers Vampires have no sense of humor. Or … at the very least.. this one doesn’t.

Sean having fun pranking another local vampire.

See? Vampire.

Sean decides to make an enemy. Things don’t look like they’re going well in this picture.

Vampire bats? .. Sean, amazingly, wins the fight, and the vampire leaves in disgrace.

Enjoying the fire inside for a change..

Second try is the charm this time! They’re engaged!

.. I love Sean’s piggie shirt. it’s really cute.

With some promotions, we can afford a computer so Sean can work on his mischief skill.

It’s Winterfest! Time to decorate the tree and put out the presents.

Sean lights the tree while Amber makes a grand Turkey meal for dinner.

After dinner, Father Winter arrives and Amber asks for her gift. (this time I remember!)

Opening presents with Father Winter.. Sean gets seeds, and Amber gets a horse statue.

Another promotion or two and Amber finally has a guitar to work on her skill for more promotions. In her bunny slippers, of course.

A sneak preview of the house I’m most looking forward to (the orphanage).. while Amber continues working on being funny to people.

… And Sean gets into another fight.

…This time, he’s got kids cheering him on. Too funny.

Amber’s practicing again.

The first (and last) thing that breaks all week. Weird that it took so long.

.. Watching the New Year’s show.

Hooray! I caught the streamers and confetti this time! Hehe.

And now.. it’s past time….

.. The last thing for their week is getting officially hitched. New Year’s seemed like a good time to do it.

See you for the next family!

Back to this family’s Introduction | Week Two coming soon



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