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Purdue-Rosa Week 1

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This week is Ollie Purdue’s sister, and her girlfriend-to-be, Jade Rosa. The house didn’t need much in the way of changes, and they had enough in saving s I thought I could move them, but it wasn’t to be. Maybe next week.

Jade and Cassidy hit things off right away, which is a good thing, it makes it easier on me in the long run.

Jade and Cassidy spend most of the first day chatting, getting to know one another.

Cassidy makes the first move… which is, luckily, accepted. Then the two split off to work on their respective careers and skills.

Later in the day, Ollie stops by and Cassidy spends a little time chatting with her brother.

… What is mysterious weather? .. Who knows. Looking it up, it said it could be anything from a freak snowstorm to thunderstorm.. but absolutely nothing exciting happened for Jade and Cassidy. Maybe next time.

Cassidy enjoying her new guitar. Around the corner, Jade is spending time filling out her paperwork for her business career.

Welcome home, Jade! Hopefully work didn’t stress you out too much…

.. Because Cassidy has a question for you.


What on earth could Jade be waiting for?

… The mail, perhaps?

Nope! The family welcomes a new member. This is Ada. The girls thought helping out by adopting a local child would be the best direction for their new family.

Ada Purdue-Rosa

Age: Child (15 days)
Traits: Loner
Aspiration: Rambunctious Scamp
Career: Grade C Student

Jade tucks their little Ada in for the night in her new bed. Tomorrow is Harvest fest, a perfect holiday for the three of them to get to know each other.

“What do you think, Jade? Did we make the right choice?”

“Of course we did! Ada is great!” Jade replies.

The morning starts out with Ada trying to save her mothers from vengeful gnomes.

… However, the gnome has the last laugh. Poor Ada, she tried!

After moving the gnome so Cassidy could get out of bed.. Cassidy tries to placate the gnome who didn’t want the toy Ada gave it…

..Success! One gnome down.. Two to go.

And don’t forget about the decorations!

Jade discovers that the gnomes don’t like her this morning, either.

Maybe Cassidy can plead for forgiveness from this last gnome…

.. I guess her luck with gnomes has run out. Jade spends some time picking up and selling the random plant seeds the gnomes have left.. then sells the gnomes for good measure. No more zaps for this family!

Ada meets Bash from the frights family, and they spend a little time getting to know each other. (Despite the fact that little Ada is tense about meeting new people.)

.. While Jade tries to get rid of a stinky leaf pile by burning it.. and Davey Bones walks by in his normal-wear costume.

Since it’s still morning, but everyone is hungry, Jade whips up a Grand Breakfast and everyone celebrates. It looks good to me.

.. A playful Ada goes to the park to get the first part of her milestone done.. and she is relieved to find the park fairly deserted. Nobody to make her tense again.

Jade cleans everything she can, keeping the small house spic and span.

.. Until I notice that the conversation that got Ada playful.. made Jade hysterical. And she runs to the bathroom to try to calm down. It would be terrible to lose a mom so soon after gaining two!

..This is what most of the week looks like after that. Jade has logic to earn for work, Cassidy has guitar skill to earn.. and little Ada forgoes scouts to spend all her time practicing her typing.

The next morning, while Jade is at work and Ada at school, Cassidy finds a random townie to work on her mischief spirit for the holiday.

.. Then she takes advantage of the pumpkin carving station to work on her spooky spirit.

.. Jade picks a dire costume after her brush with death the day before… while Ada picks the silly-looking sausage.

.. Another pumpkin to sell..

.. And I notice a fishing tournament is apparently underway nearby in the neighborhood. Too funny.

“Happy Spooky day, Ada!”

The next day, Ollie stops over to meet his new niece.

.. Who only spends a short time with him before taking a long nap to get over her cold.

.. Luckily the nap was just the thing… and Jade feels better, too, after some Orange Juice.

Jade has some paperwork for next week’s work.

.. So Ada and Cassidy spend some quality time together.

.. “Goodnight, Ada!”

Then, the week ends on an ominous note as Cassidy nearly electrocutes herself while trying to fix the household’s computer.

… A nasty shock, to be sure, but Cassidy quickly shakes it off and heads to bed. At least the computer got fixed!

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