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Ramblers House 006 Chapter 1

House 005 Chapter 3 | House 006 Chapter 2

First – checking on the new goals:

House 006 Building Goals: 
350,000 value home (8 beds, one of them a double @ minimum) - 
I chose the extreme challenge and am starting with 0 simoleons.
House 006 Generational Goals: 
One sim to Level Mansion Baron Aspiration
Young adult heir
Other Info: 
After Mansion Baron aspiration is achieved, build a night club 
on the blue velvet lot in willow creek.

Second – checking on our heir, Marcus, after a quick run through in CAS: (he looks SO much better!)

His rolled aspiration: (I think I’ll keep it and actually work on it. He seems like a real geek to me.

His skills from being an autonomous teen:

His stats: (Have I mentioned how much I’m not looking forward to my first “unflirty” sim?? .. He managed to get one of the worst combinations of traits I think I’ve ever had in a sim. Sigh. This is going to be tough.)

His starting needs:

And.. back to 0 simoleons. At least he’s happy about it. I also discover he’s got a plate of half eaten food in his inventory. LOL. I guess at least he can finish his lunch before we get started, eh?

Third – making our new random sim to go into the challenge with Marcus. Meet Carina! I couldn’t have rolled a stranger couple.

Really?? Public Enemy?! .. sigh. I haven’t tried the Criminal career on the Hacker side, so I guess I’ll go for that.

… and what a mess of traits.

Fourth – Rolling for the new Lot Traits: (Party Place .. ehh okay, I guess., Natural Light, – wouldn’t that have been nice last generation!, and Fast Internet – YES! perfect! It’ll help both of them.

And… time to go!

First up: finding jobs. I certainly took the hard way by starting Carina in the Criminal career, because they don’t do so well making money until late in the career.

Being a Tech Guru will be more helpful, though.

Here’s what we have money wise after Marcus gets his initial promotions.

Very quickly, I find a third person to add to the group… although it takes a day or so to get him to move in.

While exploring the area, I notice something I’ve never noticed before. There’s a little Hermit cabin up in the mountains that lights up at night. Kinda cool.

I quickly discover that unflirty sims like Marcus are a PAIN. *sigh* Getting Carina and Marcus together might take a while. Good thing I got nothing but time!

So.. Marcus spends a lot of time fishing.. since we can’t really afford a computer yet.

Arjun, the cat-eared fella in the above cloudgazing photo finally moves in.. here’s his stats.

This next photo is why I invited him.. he’s level 8 in his career. And Writing makes tons of money.

Finally can afford a small computer nook to go with the three lawn beds and the rudimentary bathroom.

Here’s what we have now. Lawn living at it’s best.

A couple more days of work, and I’m able to afford some more computers.. one for everyone.

Arjun aged up.. didn’t have a cake because we have no kitchen yet.

Carina working on her Public Enemy aspiration. For reference, she won the fight.

With the help of the flirty lamp… I finally get Carina and Marcus to girlfriend/boyfriend status.

And buy them a real bed.

Yay! They’re married now!

Carina still working on that aspiration. She lost this fight.. lol.

Meet Aya Chafik.

This is why she joined the family. Level 10 doctor! Nice to have her income coming in four days a week. I don’t join her at work, just send her and let her do her thing there.

A house update, since I just got the shell completed:

Also, if you’re looking closely, there’s an extra bed. I invited someone else into the family.. but apparently I didn’t bother to take pictures. I will introduce him in a little while.

Obviously, a lot of work is still needed to the house, but it’ll get there.

Railings in the front.. needs more columns. But one thing at a time.

Downstairs windows installed.

The finished kitchen / dining room. I do add a couple more paintings to the wall, but that’s about it.

The finished living room. Maybe I’ll add some decor, but it’s okay for now.

Now, I think it’s way past time to introduce our fifth sim:

I honestly picked him because I needed someone to take care of the garden and paint while everyone else works. Also thought he might be a good mate for Aya.

He had like 4 painting when he moved in.. so you can tell it took me a while to take pictures of him.

Part of the reason I moved him in was so he could paint and garden. The other reason was: Aya was lonely. She didn’t say as much.. but I felt bad for her. So Ali moves in. .. and the two of them quickly hit it off.

… and I buy them a double bed.

Let’s make this official.

I’m confident enough with the money making that I finally let Carina and Marcus try for a baby. First time success!

.. Marcus seems at least semi-excited. I still haven’t decided what to think about the “Unflirty” trait, but it’s definitely not a favorite.

That’s enough for now.. I’ll leave you wondering about the incoming heir.

Also: a note from when this was/is published. This was all played out and screenshotted before Seasons came out. I had, at the time, every intention of either finishing House 6 or just restarting my Drifters AGAIN.. but it didn’t work out that way. I got very involved with my Townie Rotation… and I made a decision that I simply don’t want to have to replay house 006 again.. so the Ramblers will just suddenly get seasons in their game in the next chapter. Hooray!

House 005 Chapter 3 | House 006 Chapter 2


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