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DaSilva-Kay Week 1

Back to this family’s Introduction | Week Two coming soon

Upon loading this family up.. my first thought was “Oh yay! A house I don’t have to do anything to!” I did end up adding a few things as the week went by, namely the computer for Andre and bar for June’s Mixology skill.. and the holiday decorations. .. oh yeah.. and some other stuff, but I’ll get to that later. Nothing major enough to require a decor photo, though, so I went ahead and got them their jobs and started work to get them “together”. Oh yeah, I also made sure they had only one front door (who needs two??) as well.

Andre utilizing his new computer, after having lugged the desk out to the living room from the spare bedroom. The lighting is better out here.

“I know you’re insane, but I like you anyway!” (June doesn’t look too sure about it at all.)

Finally, the conversation seems to start going Andre’s way… although June still looks like she wants to bolt at any second.

Just when things were getting good… the Welcome Wagon shows up. After some careful socializing (to avoid flirts), the event finally ends successfully.

“Now.. where were we?” (Seems a bit redundant, exchanging numbers when they live in the same house.. but whatever!)

“You want me to be your girlfriend? .. Um.. Okay.” (Wide angle on the shot to show the update to the kitchen, since they couldn’t figure out how to walk around the wall to get to the table to eat.)

.. The natural conclusion to the day.

.. Andre spends some more time programming in the morning before work.

.. While June finds out about a surprise bundle they’ll be getting soon!

“Let me make an honest woman of you!”

..Nope! Andre is devastated, while June seems to be just slightly embarrassed, and goes straight to bed.

Overnight, the magic begins. (And I can’t help but take a screenshot of the snow. Can’t tell I love snow, can you?!)

Poor June. Morning sickness is the pits.

“June.. I really do love you!”

“Will you marry me?!”

“Didn’t I just ask that question? Of course I will!”

When the two lovebirds finally look out a window, they’re shocked at the transformation of their world and run outside in their outerwear to take it all in.

Snowpal time!

.. I’m not sure what this Snowpal is.. but June doesn’t seem too sure about it, either.

Snowpal looks on stoically as June and Andre make snow angels before hurrying back inside to get warm…

.. By their brand new fireplace! (Have to have something for Father Winter to come down, right?)

“Hooray!” for the new washer and dryer. (Or in this case, hooray for woohoo, but whatever.)

Another peaceful night.

June spends some time in the kitchen while Andre is at work. Whatever could she be up to?

Why is the new bar in the spare room? .. Who knows, it was just the best option for short term. She seems to enjoy it, though.

Where’s Andre? .. Back on the computer, hacking more funds into the household account. (Have to save up for toddler furniture!)

… More Grilled Cheese?

..Wait, is this some kind of craving during pregnancy?

… or could it be something else. … Congratulations, indeed. (The very first time I’ve ever unlocked this aspiration. She wants to be a chef and is a little on the crazy side.. so I figured, what the heck, let’s give this a go! Sadly enough, I had to look up how to do it. It’s not like I have my sims cook and then stuff three single servings of grilled cheese in a row all the time.)

Now that it’s Winterfest time, the tree is due for some decorating.

… Some more decorations.. and confetti for tree decoration success.

.. Andre seems to think throwing the decorations at the tree is the proper way to put them on. Well, I guess so.. but good thing they’re not fragile or anything.

…AAAHHH!! (And this is where I realize putting the tree right next to the fireplace was a bad idea. Perhaps I should have thought of that sooner.) Luckily, June runs outside, unhurt, and Andre is the hero of the day.

Let’s try this again, guys.

Finally… lighting the tree is a success!

(The outside weather effects really are amazing looking. Well done, EA, well done.)

Time for a grand meal. Why not eat it by the tree? Who needs a dinner table anyway?

.. June tried to stay awake for Father Winter’s arrival, but just couldn’t manage it.

“Please don’t leave! She didn’t mean any offense!”

“..Fine. But only if you give me Turkey dinners.”

“JUNE?! You couldn’t wait until LATER to have the baby??”

..Poor June can barely get to the bathroom at this point, nevermind having enough energy to get to the hospital.

“Sorry, Father Winter. We’ll be back in a jiffy!”

Finally. Time for presents. They got a pig statue and a bunny statue. Umm… thanks?

(.. And about here is where I realized they didn’t get credit for Father Winter arriving because they never “asked him for a gift”.. ARGH. Oh well, the holiday still counted as a success.)

.. A success indeed! Welcome baby Gregory!

.. Or maybe not. June, get into bed already, sweetie.

The above-mentioned piglet statue. And they now have a TV again. This time it’s so they can watch the New Year’s Celebration, but June is apparently more interested in the Cooking channel.

… Then again, if she’s so interested in the cooking channel, why does she keep eating the same old Grilled Cheese?

June is a good mother, and is “johnny-on-the-spot” when it comes to Gregory’s care.

.. But then, every mother needs a break every once in a while, right?

The household must be back to normal.. Andre’s back on the computer hacking away.

.. And June is doing laundry.

Awww.. what a cutie! Gregory grows up and rolls the “Clingy” trait. (Fun.)

And here’s what the spare room looks like now. You can’t see it, but I took out a wall in the kitchen and put the bar there for now. Eventually when June gets past needing Mixology skill for work, I’ll just remove the bar, but it works for now.

Fixing the sink in the kitchen. It’s always something. At least it’s not the dryer this time.

The little family. Totally adorable.

“Escape!” (This doesn’t last for long, mama comes out and rescues Gregory from the snow.)

.. And I missed the confetti from Midnight New Years by just moments.

That’s a successful year for Willow Creek! Next family goes back to spring. And I added an “Easter” holiday with the bunny and egg hunting and baking and stuff, so that’ll be fun. See you next time!

Back to this family’s Introduction | Week Two coming soon



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