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Ramblers House 005 Chapter 1

House 004 Chapter 5 < | > House 005 Chapter 2

First – checking the new goals:

House 005 Building Goals: 
100,000 value home (3 bedroom, 2 bath min)
House 005 Generational Goals: 
One sim to Level 10 Master of the Real painter career
One sim to Level 10 Patron of the Arts painter career
One sim to level 5 Photography
Photography Treasure Hunt
Young adult heir

That should keep things interesting! If I recall, this house wasn’t too bad, but the career goals are a little harrowing.

Second – checking up on our heir: I changed her clothes but left everything else. I think she’s gorgeous!

Since the last home was so high value, she starts with at least a few points:

Skills: (obviously I didn’t try to get her to work on too much – the last house was so hectic!)

And her traits, as promised in the last house. She got virtually nothing useful.

Her starting stats: Not too shabby!

And our starting funds and mood:

Third – Making the secondary sim: Meet Tyler Delarosa. He’s mostly randomized.. just some clothes and hair changes.

And this is what he rolled. Goody. Not. He apparently wants animals, and that jealous is going to be annoying.

Fourth – Rolling the lot traits: We got Home studio (AWESOME!), Private Dwelling, and Penny Pixies (also cool!)

Lastly – getting the jobs:

Tyler’s –

And Taylor’s –

..she gets two promotions because of her “A” in high school.

.. Which means she at least gets some funds to start with.

And, finally, it begins:

With the funds that Taylor’s promotions, I buy both of them an easel and get right to work. Thank goodness for that Home studio lot trait.

A bit of work… and we have the start of a home.

By the next day after work…. they desperately need fun, so I buy them a TV.

.. Then I set about getting the two of them together to work on social skills.

A first kiss… yay!

And finally.. some real “fun”. Gotta love the fact that they just leave bowls to rot on the lawn.

After the same old same old for a while… I finally get a foundation of a house set up.

It even has a roof.

On days off.. I work on the photography treasure hunt.. and after a few mis-starts (game glitches and saves .. ect.), I finally get it done and Tyler has a good start on the photography skill, as well.

I finally try to get them together..


A house begins to become a real home.

And we add our first member that’s not controllable. Since Tyler is all about the doggie love, Marley, a Chow Chow, joins the family. Too cute. And now Tyler is much happier. I chose an adult dog because neither Taylor nor Tyler have the time to run a puppy up and down the front stairs to potty train it.

Loving the new house’s looks. The living room was designed with that floor rug in mind, not the other way around. And the Dining room and kitchen fit together well.

Adding a kid’s wing. I decided not to move the master bedroom… but the second bathroom is very nice to have.

Marley seems to be a happy pup.

The photo collection in the dining room. I think it looks nice there. Eventually, I add some lighting for it, but that’s where it stays.

Pampering Marley on the couch.

A “complete” kitchen. Finally. It always takes me a while to get to the upper cabinets, because they’re just so unnecessary for everyday life.

A makeover on the master bedroom… and adding a closet..

… or three. 🙂

What’s that smoke?

Tyler to the rescue! Granted, the original fire was his fault, but he sure rose to the occasion as my hero.

Trying for baby…

Second time’s the charm!

Decorated the kid’s wing, and added a pool for added home value. (Which is the beginning of my cleaning woes… more on this later..)

Again, they’re painting…


… times two.

It’s that time!

Finally! Our first male heir for the Ramblers. Welcome, Marcus.

See that puddle? I have a sneaking suspicion I know who’s causing the puddles that everyone wants to mop up.. but in this pic, Marley seems to be completely innocent while Taylor finds the pool while on a brief stint at free will.

.. Time to work on handiness. Somehow he hasn’t had to do much repair.

Aww.. Marcus is a blonde! And what cute glasses! ❤

Someone else finds the pool..

.. But birthday is more important. Don’t need sad sims!

I caught an interaction between Marcus and Marley. The toddler is “imitating” the dog… and is literally making woofing noises while the dog gets ? thought bubbles. SO CUTE!!

AHA! I KNEW it was you, Marley! All those puddles.. grrr.. but at least puppy loves the pool!

Another baby bump? Why not. Somehow she managed to be sick for this photo, too.

Happy toddler!

..Aww sorry your back is sore.. but…

One career maxed.. yay!

.. It’s that time again. Finally.

Welcome to a little girl, Whitney.

And.. happy birthday to Taylor.

.. And Marley. So sad when they grow up to be elders because you know your days with them around are numbers.

Marcus is independent enough to finish his own Potty Training, apparently.

… The endless puddles that I constantly find Taylor and Tyler mopping up.

Welcome to childhood, Marcus.

And Whitney is such a cutie.

.. Sorry I didn’t take many photos. There’s only so much that endless photos of them painting a lot would have done.. and I just couldn’t do it. I stopped playing just so I could get this post together. Now I can get back in game and finish out this generation. Oh, and just checking on goals.. the treasure hunt is done, one career goal is done, and the house 3 br 1 bath 100k is done.

House 004 Chapter 5 < | > House 005 Chapter 2


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