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Ramblers House 004 Chapter 3

House 004 Chapter 2 | House 004 Chapter 4

Goal Check:

House 004 Building Goals: 
50,000 value home (2 bedroom, 1 bath min) complete, but still some 
decor to do-71.5k value 
House 004 Generational Goals: 
Level 10 Rocket Science skill - level 4 currently
Level 10 Scientist career - level 9 currently
Travel to Sixam & bring back at least 6 unique items 
Befriend an alien and move them in (complete)
Young adult Heir (toddler)

Above photo is Caitlin giving away a serum at work. She gets such pleasure out of torturing her coworkers with serums and the simray.

A nice calm night. everyone is sleeping.. shhh.

Toddler training for Taylor. I don’t get much of this done, but I sure try.

Well… um.. thanks for helping, Elias?

… Whew. they’re asleep.

Adelyn is helping clean. I moved the high chairs upstairs so people didn’t have to carry the toddlers all over the house. Was a definite time-saver.

One clean toddler coming up.

It’s time… wonder how many I get?

.. Two. Again. TWO! About here is when I realize they’re a little two close.. and I’m going to have one day of four toddlers.  Oops. Anyway, meet Kaley, a baby girl, and Clinton, a baby boy (first boy in a while).

All four sleeping? (note the broken dollhouse in the top left corner of the screenshot)

… It’s a weekend, so the garden is Caitlin’s responsibility. So much to do and not enough energy.

This is what happens when you have a wild toddler. Fun.

Grand central station: Rambler house.

Toddler aging up… Taylor…

..She doesn’t look impressed. And thanks, Caitlin.. now I have to bake another cake for Regan.

.. Goofball AGAIN?!

By the time I get to Regan’s birthday, the toddler is dirty as all heck and so is mom and dad. Lots of green clouds in the house.

Regan is NOT a happy camper.

I managed to wait until just after midnight for the babies aging up, thereby avoiding the aforementioned issue with four toddlers at once. Here’s Ms. Kaley.

And Mr. Clinton. Both got black hair from their mom. Cute!

Somehow, work seems like an escape from that crazy family. A time to work on poor Caitlin’s needs in between tasks at work.

Taylor being a good little girl. (I forgot to hire a maid, so all the cleaning here is done by family members. I do eventually remember it, though.)

.. Ooops. So much for breakfast.

OMG. They’re all asleep for a change. Whew.

Okay. Almost all asleep. Elias.. you’re supposed to be in bed, goofy!

Finally, I get a few moments to get back to work on Rocket Science.

… A desperately needed sleep replacer potion.

Why show this picture? One, it proves these guys still are close and can work on fun the “easy” way… and two… because I figure I only have one spot left in the house.. might as well fill it with another nooboo!

Third try’s the charm?? …Yep.

.. Oops. Poor Caitlin is just run right off her feet.

Baby bump! (And here’s Caitlin cooking again. She spends a lot of time keeping the fridge stocked, it seems.)

Adelyn sound asleep on the couch.. shh guys!

.. Another sleep replacer. Poor Caitlin always has so much to do!

Shhhh… it’s always such a miracle when everyone’s in bed, I keep taking screenshots of it. LOL.


It’s time! .. While Adelyn takes care of Kaley, who is always into trouble.

Meet Caleb. Good. now the two boys can share a room while the girls share the other one.

More rocket science skill. We definitely need it!

Ooops. Poor Elias. Toddler is sleeping, too.. the other one is filthy.. and if you look real closely you can see the broken, dirty toilet past the workbench. Always things to do in the house.. and it’s so rare that everyone’s asleep at night so the gnomes from lot traits rarely get to do their job.

… Oops again. Trying to get all the kids to bed.. the crying baby keeps preventing poor Elias from sleeping.

.. Well, at least the baby is asleep??

Toddler birthday!

Aww. Kaley is adorable!

Twin birthday.. (and yay no-one stole the cake so I was able to reuse it this time.)

Clinton doesn’t look particularly happy to be a kid now.

And that’s all for this post. I made negligible progress on goals.. but that’s ok. I was busy with toddlers and babies pretty much constantly.

House 004 Chapter 2 | House 004 Chapter 4


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